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  Rice and Straw arrive
Pressure mounts on PM to go

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Apr.1   Baghdad  
  Figures within Shia alliance have for the first time urged Jaafari to stand down to help a unity government form
  US Secretary of State and British Foreign Secretary made the unannounced trip in Baghdad
  Baghdad U.S. helicopter crashes near Baghdad Apr.2   Baghdad     Rice, Straw to Iraqis: 'The time has come'  Secretary of State and Foreign Secretary visit to jump-start the process of forming a national unity government Apr.4   Baghdad     Hussein charged with genocide
  Former Iraqi dictator has been charged for the first time with genocide, chief judge Ra'id Juhi announced
  Baghdad   PM Jaafari rejects calls to resign  Prime Minister has rejected growing pressure, saying Iraqis must be allowed to choose their leader democratically Apr.5   Baghdad     Hussein grins during cross-examination
  Saddam is saying he approved death sentences against Shiites because they were trying to assassinate him
Apr.6   Baghdad   Hussein aide quizzed on killings  Awad Bandar, who sentenced 148 Shiites to death insisted the suspects confessed and received a fair trial   Iraq     Bombing near Najaf shrine kills 10  A car bomb detonated near the Imam Ali shrine, killing 10 people and wounding 39 others,   Iraq US 'in talks with militants' Apr.7   Baghdad     80 killed in mosque attack
  3 suicide bombers struck a mosque affiliated with a major Shiite political party. Another 136 were wounded
 Friday's blasts went off 3 hours after noon prayers at Buratha mosque affiliated with the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq, part of the Shiite-led United Iraqi Alliance. The mosque's imam is member of parliament Sheikh Jalaluddin al-Saghir
Apr.8   Iraq     Fresh bomb targets Shias  A car bomb has killed at least 6 people, most pilgrims, in a mainly Shia town of Musayyib, south of Baghdad   Baghdad Death toll from mosque attack rises to 81 Apr.9   Baghdad   Iraq angered by civil war warning  Iraqi leaders have strongly criticised Egypt's president Mubarak after he said Iraq was on the verge of a civil war   Baghdad Bombs kill 4 on Iraq's 'Freedom Day'   Iraq New video shows German hostages Apr.11   Baghdad Iraqis debate leadership amid bombings   Baghdad Minister denies terror link Apr.12   Iraq Attacks kill 11, including 2 U.S. soldiers   Australia Howard denies Iraq bribe warnings Apr.13   Iraq Fighting displaces tens of thousands Apr.14   Iraq Baquba mosque bombings kill 4 Apr.16   Iraq     Bombs kill at least 34 amid deadlock  A car bomb in Mahmoudiya killed at least 8 people. A session of parliament is delayed amid political paralysis   Washington   New Iraqi envoy: Political progress near  Samir Sumaidaie: A compromise would replace the interim prime minister with a member of his own party   Baghdad PM impasse sparks new delay Apr.17   Baghdad     Hussein's signature on crackdown  Experts confirmed the authenticity of the signature on documents connected to a crackdown on Shiites in the 1980s   Sunni Triangle Marines fire on mosque to repel attacks Apr.18   Baghdad Sectarian clashes rack Baghdad district Apr.19   Baghdad     Saddam 'did sign death warrants'  Handwriting experts have concluded that Saddam signed documents ordering the killing of 148 Shia villagers Apr.20   Baghdad   Iraqis signal PM breakthrough  Lawmakers decided to postpone a parliament session amid a possible breakthrough Apr.21   Baghdad     Shia bloc names PM choice  UIA, Iraq's largest parliamentary bloc, has nominated Jawad al-Maliki as its choice for the post of prime minister Apr.22   Baghdad   Parliament elects new leaders  Jawad al-Maliki, a Shiite, asked by Jalal Talabani to be prime minister-designate and form a new government   Turkey Hostage Bigley 'burial site' claim   Baghdad Six dead in bomb attacks Apr.23   Baghdad   3 U.S. troops killed by roadside bomb  8 soldiers have been killed over the weekend Apr.24   Baghdad   Tape 'links' Hussein to attacks  An audiotape said to be a phone call between Hussein and one of his co-defendants discussing the destruction of farmlands   Baghdad al-Maliki: U.S. to start pullout in 18 months Apr.25   Iraq     Defiant al-Zarqawi shows face on video  Al Qaeda in Iraq leader is defending the insurgent fight, exhorting followers to keep the faith and mocking the U.S.   Baghdad Rumsfeld in Baghdad on surprise visit Apr.26   Baghdad     Rice joins Rumsfeld on Iraq trip  US Secretary of State has arrived from Turkey on an unheralded visit   Baghdad Vice-president sister killed Apr.28   Washington     Abu Ghraib interrogation chief charged  The Army charged Lt. Col. Steven L. Jordan with cruelty, maltreatment, dereliction of duty and other offenses Apr.29   Iraq Six killed; 12 bodies found tortured


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