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9/11 Attack, 2006   Cockpit (23)   Washington Justice (100)   Moussaoui (25)   Rumsfeld, 2006   Bush, 2006
Moussaoui trial hears his defence  Defense lawyers for 9/11 conspirator will try to persuade a jury to spare their client's life Moussaoui: 'No remorse' for 9/11
Giant C-5 military jet crashes in Delaware Moussaoui can face death penalty  The jury in the trial of confessed al-Qaeda plotter has decided he is eligible to face the death penalty   Rice defends India nuclear deal  Secretary of State has urged Congress to ratify a deal to give India civil nuclear technology Court to hear 9/11 cockpit tape   Bush 'ordered intelligence leak'  Lewis 'Libby' Scooter saying he was told to tell a reporter Iraq was 'vigorously trying to procure' uranium U.S. redirecting Palestinian aid  The U.S. will increase humanitarian aid but will cut off all assistance for building projects in the territories Iran 'nuclear option' criticised US condemns Iran nuclear advance  The United States: Iran is 'moving in the wrong direction' after its announcement that it has enriched uranium Jurors hear Flight 93 cockpit tape

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  Jurors at the Moussaoui death penalty trial heard the first public playing of the cockpit voice recorder
Apr.13   Washington  
  Al Qaeda terrorist told a jury that he is willing to kill Americans 'any time, anywhere'
  Washington US in warning to 'defiant' Iran   Washington General joins ranks opposing Rumsfeld Apr.14   Washington     Bush rebuffs attack on Rumsfeld  US President has assured Defence Secretary of his 'full support' in the wake of criticism by retired generals Apr.15   Washington     Rumsfeld resignation row simmers
  Ex-Nato commander Gen Clark who ran for the Democrat presidential nomination, backed calls to resign
Apr.16   Washington   New Iraqi envoy: Political progress near  Samir Sumaidaie: A compromise would replace the interim prime minister with a member of his own party   U.S. Senate   US nuclear talks with Iran urged  Senators have said the administration should hold direct talks with Iran on its nuclear program Apr.17   Washington     US warns Hamas over Israel blast  The US has warned the Palestinian government against defending 'terrorist acts' after a suicide bomber killed 9 Apr.19   Washington   White House spokesman steps down  Scott McClellan has announced his resignation, amid a shake-up of President Bush's senior advisers Apr.20   Washington     Bush welcomes Chinese president Map of White House USA
  President Bush welcomed Hu Jintao to the White House for talks expected to focus on trade, human rights
  Washington     Bush apologizes to Hu for protester  Bush and Chinese President stressed the importance of the ties after a ceremony, disrupted by a lone heckler   Washington     Bush presses China over currency  President Bush has urged the Chinese president to do more to close the US-China trade gap Apr.24   Washington   Jury urged to execute Moussaoui  Prosecutors in the trial of al-Qaeda conspirator have urged the jury to condemn him to death Apr.27   U.S. Senate   Katrina agency faces closure call  Senate inquiry panel has recommended that FEMA should be abolished and replaced with a new agency Apr.28   Washington     Abu Ghraib interrogation chief charged
  The Army charged Lt. Col. Steven L. Jordan with cruelty, maltreatment, dereliction of duty and other offenses
Apr.29   Washington   U.S. rejects Iran inspection offer  Iran will allow snap inspections of its nuclear facilities if the Security Council does not get involved Apr.30   Washington     Rice: Tehran is 'playing games'  U.S. Secretary of State stopped short of saying whether economic sanctions are inevitable   Washington     Powell wanted more troops in Iraq  Former U.S. Secretary of State said he had made a case to send more troops to deal with the war's aftermath

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U.S. Congress
Rice defends India nuclear deal
US nuclear talks with Iran urged
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US nuclear talks with Iran urged
U.S. Senate
US nuclear talks with Iran urged
Katrina agency faces closure call
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US nuclear talks with Iran urged

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