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Iraqi leaders play down U.S. study report  The Iraqi government said that a report was in line with its own plans to stop the rampant violence in the country   Bush and Blair held White House talks  Bush told reporters that 'an Iraq that can govern itself is a noble goal'   Bush says Iraq policy will change  Bush and Blair have said that the US and UK must adopt a new approach to Iraq House backs India nuclear bill  The House of Representatives has voted, 330 to 59, in favour of allowing the export of civilian nuclear fuel to India   Bush sees US consensus over Iraq  The President is confident Americans can move beyond political differences and agree a new direction leading to victory   Talabani rejects Baker-Hamilton report  Iraqi President is calling Iraq Study Group's report 'very dangerous' to Iraq's sovereignty and constitution   Bush delays fresh Iraq strategy  The President will delay his announcement of possible changes to US policy until after the new year US 'troop boost in Iraq likely'
  Rumsfeld 'had doubts' over Iraq  Former US Defence Secretary voiced doubts about the Bush administration's strategy 2 days before his resignation   Bush meets with Shiite leader   President Bush told Abdul Aziz Hakim that the U. S. was not satisfied with the progress of efforts to stop the violence   R. Gates: US not winning conflict in Iraq  Defence Secretary nominee has told a Senate committee that the US is not winning the war Iraq Study Group: Situation grave

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Dec.6   Washington  
  The report given to President Bush says the U.S. needs to change its strategy to tackle the deteriorating situation
 Report calls for a diplomatic offensive, end U.S. combat role by 2008. U.S. mission should evolve to role of supporting Iraqi Army. Bush, Congress must cooperate. Iraqi government needs to show progress or risk cuts in aid
Dec.7   Washington  
Dec.8   House of Representatives  
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Dec.10   Baghdad  
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Dec.15   Washington  
  Bush is likely to boost troop levels in 2007, up to 25,000 more troops, an administration official has said
Dec.16   Washington   US welcomes Palestinian poll call  The administration has hailed a call by Abbas for fresh elections, hoping it could help end violence in the region Dec.18   Washington     Defence secretary Robert Gates sworn in   Gates, 63, has been sworn in a private event at the White House. A public swearing-in ceremony will be held later Dec.19   Washington     Pentagon: Militia 'has replaced al Qaeda'  al-Sadr's Mehdi Army has replaced al Qaeda in Iraq as the most dangerous accelerant of the violence   Washington   Bush considers US force expansion  The President is considering a short-term increase in the size of the force in Iraq Dec.20   Washington   Bush: Army need to increase in size
  President said he thinks the US needs to increase the permanent size of the Army and the Marines
  Washington   Hard Iraq choices loom, says Bush   Bush said he had not yet decided whether to boost troop numbers in Iraq Dec.21   Washington   Marines charged in Haditha killings
  4 Marines have been charged with murder in the killings of 24 Iraqi civilians, and 4 officers are accused of failing to investigate
 Marine Corps: An investigation into the killings found initial reports were 'inaccurate and untimely'. If found guilty of 2nd-degree murder, the marines could face life imprisonment
Dec.22   Washington     Judge: Iran responsible for terror attack  A federal judge: Iran is partly to blame for a 1996 attack at the Khobar Towers that killed 19 Americans in Saudi Arabia Dec.23   Washington   Gates returns to brief Bush on Iraq  Defense Secretary was briefing the President after Gates back from Iraq where he met with military and political leaders Dec.27   Washington   US accepts threat to polar bears  The US has proposed listing the bears as a threatened species because of declining ice levels Dec.28   Washington   US body backs sale of cloned food
  The Food and Drug Administration: Meat and milk from cloned animals is safe for human consumption

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1. 12-04 Bush meets with Shiite leader Washington
12-06 Iraq Study Group: Situation grave Washington
D. 12-06 Iraqi leaders play down U.S. study report Baghdad
4. 12-07 Bush and Blair held White House talks Washington
F. 12-07 Bush says Iraq policy will change Washington
G. 12-08 House backs India nuclear bill House of Representatives
H. 12-09 Bush sees US consensus over Iraq Washington
I. 12-10 Talabani rejects Baker-Hamilton report Baghdad
J. 12-12 Bush delays fresh Iraq strategy Washington

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R. Gates: US not winning conflict in Iraq
House backs India nuclear bill
R. Gates: US not winning conflict in Iraq
R. Gates: US not winning conflict in Iraq
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Iraqi leaders play down U.S. study report
Talabani rejects Baker-Hamilton report
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