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Sharon, 2001   Israel Election, Vote (60)   Israel Opposition Win   Bus Attack (21)   Likud (25)
  Sharon looking to unite Israel  He needs to attract Labor Party to his cabinet to avoid relying on a government made up of extreme right   Car bomb injures 2  Bomb exploded in a Jewish suburb of western Jerusalem No peace talks Sharon offers Barak top spot UN launches abuse inquiry Violence flares  An Israeli civilian was killedt and 4 Palestinians were wounded. Barak said Sharon won't be bound by peace offers Coalition talks amid clashes  Sharon is set to meet Barak. Troops shot and killed 2 Palestinians Likud, Labor head for agreement Car hit by helicopter rockets  Israeli official defended mission as a defensive act but Palestinians said that the attack was unnecessary Bus attack kill 8
Barak, Sharon square off Barak aims at undecided voters Gunfire during campaign break  3 Palestinians wounded in the West Bank during clashes. Both Barak and Sharon each says he will bring peace Barak tries to coax Israeli Arabs  Trailing badly before elections, Prime Minister tried to keep Israeli Arabs from sitting out the vote Palestinians vow to fight Sharon Palestinians declared day of rage   Mild turnout at election  43 percent had cast ballotspolls and lower-than-normal turnout apparently favor Sharon   Sharon wins by landslide

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Feb.1   Israel
Feb.2   Israel
Feb.3   West Bank  
Feb.4   Israel  
Feb.5   Israel
Feb.6   Israel  
  Sharon led Barak, 62.6% to 37.2%. Barak will leave politics. Sharon spoke about a new path of security and true peace
Feb.7   Israel  
Feb.8   Jerusalem  
Feb.9   Israel
Feb.10   Israel
Feb.11   Israel  
Feb.12   Israel  
Feb.13   Israel  
  Tel Aviv  
  Bus drove into a queue of military and civilians in Tel Aviv
Feb.15   Israel     To stop cooperation with Arafat  Israel's President called for a non-cooperation with Palestinian leader. 8 Israelis killed by a bus driver were laid to rest   Israel     Barak accepts Sharon's offer
  Prime Minister has conditionally accepted an offer for Labor Party to join a unity government
Feb.17   Israel   Israel supports attack on Iraq  Israel worry about Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction. Palestinians denounce air attacks Feb.19   Israel   Official Inquiry Into Arab Deaths  Tribunal was appointed by Barak ordered an investigation into the killing of 13 Israeli Arabs by police in October.   Israel   Israelis to get gas masks  Iraqi threats prompt 10,200 people came to the country's 27 gas mask distribution Feb.20   Israel   Labor delays unity Cabinet  Labor in-fighting is thwarting efforts by Prime Minister-elect Ariel Sharon to form a coalition government   Israel   Barak Quits
  He will not serve in Sharon government, steps down as leader of the Labor Party and resigns from the Knesset
Feb.21   Israel   Sharon offers Peres defense post  Prime Minister-elect has offered Labor Party patriarch the post of defense minister in a unity government Feb.23   Gaza   Palestinian shot dead  Another critically wounded in Gaza. Israel splits Gaza in half to limit travel Feb.24   Israel     Powell visits Middle East  Powell met with Mubarak, Barak and Russian Foreign Minister Ivanov and is preparing for meetings with Sharon and Arafat Feb.26   Israel   Labor Party in disarray  Nomination of Peres as leader postponed   Israel   Labor Party to join Likud coalition
  Party voted to join with Sharon to form a unity government. Peres to be foreign minister
Feb.28   Israel   Palestinian girls latest victims  Palestinian gunfire wounded a young girl traveling in a car bearing Israeli license plates

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1. 02-03 Gunfire during campaign break West Bank
2. 02-04 Barak tries to coax Israeli Arabs Israel
3. 02-06 Mild turnout at election Israel
02-06 Sharon wins by landslide Israel
F. 02-07 Sharon looking to unite Israel Israel
G. 02-08 Car bomb injures 2 Jerusalem
H. 02-11 Violence flares Israel
I. 02-12 Coalition talks amid clashes Israel
J. 02-13 Bus attack kill 8 Tel Aviv

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Middle East
Gunfire during campaign break
Gunfire during campaign break
Palestinian shot dead
Car bomb injures 2
Bus attack kill 8
Gunfire during campaign break
Palestinian shot dead
Gunfire during campaign break
Gunfire during campaign break
Gunfire during campaign break
Palestinian shot dead
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Gunfire during campaign break
Palestinian shot dead
Gunfire during campaign break

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