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B. 02-02 U.S. shifts stance on military aid to Ukraine Washington
C. 02-04 John Kerry to hold talks in Ukraine Kiev
3. 02-05 Hollande and Merkel in key truce talks in Moscow Moscow
02-06 Ukraine crisis: Leaders upbeat after Moscow talks Moscow
5. 02-07 Ukraine crisis: 'Last chance' for peace says Hollande Paris
6. 02-08 Ukraine crisis: Leaders plan new Minsk peace talks Minsk, Belarus
H. 02-09 Obama 'may supply arms to Ukraine' Washington
I. 02-10 US warns Putin before Ukraine talks Washington
9. 02-11 Ukraine talks last through the night Minsk, Belarus

  Ukraine crisis: 'Last chance' for peace says Hollande   A peace plan drawn up by France and Germany is 'one of the last chances' to end the conflict in east Ukraine, French leader says Ukraine crisis: Putin to confer with leaders by phone   Ukraine crisis: Leaders plan new Minsk peace talks   The leaders of Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France aim to meet in Belarus's capital Minsk on Wednesday to discuss a peace plan for eastern U... Merkel takes Ukraine plan to Obama   Obama 'may supply arms to Ukraine'   US is studying the option of supplying lethal defensive arms to Ukraine if diplomacy fails to end the crisis in the east Rebels claim to encircle Ukraine troops in Debaltseve   US warns Putin before Ukraine talks   US President Barack Obama has warned President Putin that Russia will face greater costs if it continues its 'aggressive actions' in Ukraine Russian military jet crashes in southern Russia   Ukraine talks last through the night Map of Minsk Belarus  The Russian and Ukrainian presidents have been meeting all night in Belarus to try to secure a peace deal   Ukraine ceasefire deal reached Map of Minsk Belarus
  U.S. shifts stance on military aid to Ukraine  The United States is now considering sending lethal aid to help the Ukrainian government fend off attacks from pro-Russian rebels John Kerry to hold talks in Ukraine Hollande and Merkel in key truce talks in Moscow   Ukraine crisis: Leaders upbeat after Moscow talks

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Feb.2   Washington  
Feb.4   Kiev
Feb.5   Moscow
Feb.6   Moscow  
  The leaders of Russia, France and Germany have held 'constructive and substantive' talks on ending the conflict in Ukraine.    Russian President Vladimir Putin, France's Francois Hollande ...
Feb.7   Paris  
Feb.8   Belarus  
Feb.9   Washington  
Feb.10   Washington  
Feb.11   Volga Region
Feb.12   Belarus  
  Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a cease-fire agreement for eastern Ukraine had been reached, bringing an end to marathon talks
 Russia will face fresh sanctions from the EU if a deal to end the Ukraine war is not fully implemented, Chancellor Merkel has warned
  Donbass     Shelling follows Minsk peace summit   New shelling has been reported in the rebel-held east Ukrainian cities of Donetsk and Luhansk, shortly after the peace deal reached in Minsk Feb.13   Donbass   25 dead as Ukraine battles persist before cease-fire deadline   Russian-backed separatists mounted a major offensive to capture a strategic railway hub ahead of a weekend cease-fire deadline Feb.14   Donbass   Battles rage ahead of Ukraine truce Map of Debaltseve Ukraine
  Fierce fighting is continuing in eastern Ukraine, hours before a ceasefire is due to come into force at midnight (22:00 GMT)
  Kiev     President Poroshenko orders ceasefire   Ukraine's president has said a truce agreed with pro-Russian rebels in the east must be honoured, as he ordered the army to stop fighting Feb.15   Donbass   Minsk ceasefire 'generally holding'   France and Germany believe the ceasefire in Ukraine is 'generally' being observed, a statement from the French presidency says   Donbass Monitors to try to reach Debaltseve Feb.16   Donbass   Army and rebels stall heavy arms pullout Map of Debaltseve Ukraine  Ukraine's government and separatist rebels have failed to begin withdrawing heavy weapons from the front line, despite a Monday deadline Feb.17   Washington   US warns Russia as UN backs ceasefire deal   The US has accused Russia of violating the Minsk agreement, as the UN Security Council voted unanimously to approve the ceasefire deal Feb.18   Donbass   Ukraine troops pull back from a key town as truce falters Map of Debaltseve Ukraine
  Ukraine's military said Wednesday that 80% of Ukrainian armed forces have now pulled out of a strategic railroad hub Debaltseve
  Kiev Poroshenko calls for UN peacekeepers Feb.19   Moscow Putin critic Alexei Navalny jailed Feb.20   Moscow     Russians to rally in Moscow to mark 'coup'   Russian government supporters are to rally in the capital Moscow to mark the first anniversary of what they view as a 'coup' in neighbouring... Feb.21   London     US and UK discuss Russia sanctions   The US and UK are considering deeper sanctions against Russia following the recent events in the eastern Ukraine conflict, John Kerry has sa...   Donbass   Ukraine prisoner swap boosts truce   Ukrainian government and rebel forces have exchanged dozens of prisoners, a week after a ceasefire came into effect in the east of the count...   Donbass   Rebels 'agree' weapon pullout dates   Rebels in eastern Ukraine have agreed to begin to pull back heavy weapons from the frontline, a Russian general involved in implementing a truce... Feb.22   Eastern Ukraine Bomb explodes at rally in Ukraine Feb.23   Moscow Russia's Vladimir Putin says war 'unlikely' Feb.27   Moscow   Russia opposition politician Boris Nemtsov shot dead Map of Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge Moscow Russia
  An unidentified attacker in a car shot former Deputy Prime Minister four times in the back as he crossed a bridge in view of the Kremlin
 He died hours after appealing for support for a march on Sunday against the war in Ukraine
Feb.28   Moscow     Putin pledge on Nemtsov murder   Russian President has said he will do everything possible to bring to justice those who committed the 'vile and cynical' murder   Moscow   Boris Nemtsov murder: Thousands pay tribute Map of Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge Moscow Russia  Thousands of people have paid tribute with candles and flowers at the site in Moscow where leading Russian opposition politician was shot dead

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