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  Bush warns Iraq 'faces reckoning'  US President has warned Saddam Hussein that his 'day of reckoning' is coming 25,000 more troops heading to Gulf Three-way talks held over North Korea  The United States, South Korea and Japan opened talks. U.S. officials played down the possibility of a breakthrough Powell meets leading Cuban dissident   Bush unveils tax cutting package  The package is worth $674bn over 10 years and aimed at invigorating the sluggish US economy U.S. agrees to talk with North Korea  United States said it wouldn't compromise with the communist country according to a statement after trilateral talks   U.S. orders 35,000 more troops to Gulf
Officials consider cost of war with Iraq U.S. to host talks on N. Korea

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Jan.1   Washington
Jan.2   Washington  
  The U.S., Japan and South Korea will have a trilateral coordination group meeting to discuss the nuclear situation
Jan.6   Washington
Jan.7   Washington  
Jan.10   Washington  
  Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld signed the largest deployment order since a buildup of forces last month
Jan.13   Washington   Pyongyang must move first: U.S  North Korea first must take 'verifiable' and 'irreversible' steps to meet international commitments, Washington says Jan.15   U.S. Supreme Court Bush on attack over affirmative action Jan.16   Washington Judge: Try Malvo as an adult Jan.17   Washington Justice Dept. defends alien registration   Washington   White House: Iraqi warheads 'troubling'  President Bush found it 'troubling and serious' that UN inspectors found 11 empty chemical warheads   Washington     Powell: 'a persuasive case' against Iraq  Secretary of State said that the United States will have 'a persuasive case' by the end of the month Jan.18   Washington U.S. reviews Korea military options Jan.19   Washington Rumsfeld: Saddam exile could avoid war Jan.20   Washington Powell: 'Time is running out' for Iraq Jan.21   Washington     Bush: Iraq isn't disarming  President again warned Saddam Hussein that 'time is running out' Jan.22   Washington     Rumsfeld dismisses Europe opposition  Defense Secretary dismissed French and German insistence that 'everything must be done to avoid war' with Iraq Jan.24   Washington   White House rejects lengthy inspections  United States have not set a cutoff date for U.N. weapons inspections in Iraq   Washington   Department of Homeland Security starts  Tom Ridge was sworn in as secretary of the department charged with coordinating the work of security and intelligence agencies   Washington     US seeks last-minute support on Iraq  Colin Powell has embarked on a last mission to drum up support for action against Iraq Jan.25   Switzerland     Powell: U.S. has 12 allies on Iraq  Secretary of State says the United States is counting on the support of a dozen countries with or without another resolution   Washington   U.S. willing to wait on Iraq  Powell: United States would wait until after inspectors submitted their report before making any decision Jan.26   Switzerland     Powell: U.S. prepared to act alone  U.S. Secretary of State told European doubters that 'multilateralism cannot become an excuse for inaction' Jan.27   Washington   U.S. be ready for war by mid-February  If Iraq were to make an aggressive move before then, the U.S. could respond instantly   Washington   U.S. prepares to present evidence on Iraq  The administration is to declassify intelligence that it shows that senior Iraqi officials are working to conceal weapons Jan.28   Washington     Bush made State of the Union address
  President is promising 'focus and clarity and courage'
Jan.29   Washington   Fed Keeps Rates Low  The Federal Reserve is expressing hopes the recovery will pick up once Iraq war fears lift Jan.31   Washington     Bush, Blair: Time running out for Saddam
  President and Prime Minister met to talk about Iraq
  Washington   Bush Gives Diplomacy Weeks
  Blix complained Baghdad had failed to increase its cooperation despite his stinging report


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