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Jordan willing to send Iraq troops Saddam trial head vows justice Iraq considers Jordan troop offer Insurgent fire rockets at Baghdad hotels Troops raid 'bomb factory' Prime Minister Demands Militias Disarm PM backs strike on Falluja Group threatens death for al-Zarqawi   Iraq adopts emergency powers law  A national security law gives the interim government the power to declare martial law and detain suspects 6 killed in mortar attack in Samarra 1,000th coalition death in Iraq Bush defends stance on WMDs Fate of Filipino hostage unclear Iraq appeals for health funding Philippines refuses hostage-takers demand Iraq and Syria 'to seal frontier'   Tape sets Filipino hostage deadline  A militant is saying Angelo de la Cruz will be spared if the Philippines withdraws its humanitarian forces within 11 days Source: Filipino hostage to be released Philippines troop offer in Iraq Iraq: Do not negotiate on hostages Police swoop on 'criminals'   Bulgarian hostage killed  Al-Jazeera reported had received tw2o videotapes, one showing the killing of the hostage   Manila begins troop pullout
  Defiant Saddam in court

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Jul.1   Baghdad  
  Saddam Hussein is hearing preliminary charges against him that included the gassing of Kurds and the invasion of Kuwait
Jul.2   Iraq
 Libya  Gadhafi's daughter joins Saddam defense
Jul.4   Iraq
Jul.5   Sunni Triangle
 Iraq  Militant group: U.S. Marine is safe
Jul.6  Iraq  Brother: Captors have released Marine
 Iraq  US reveals Iraq nuclear operation
Jul.7   Iraq  
Jul.8   Sunni Triangle
Jul.9   Iraq
  U.S. Congress
Jul.10   Iraq
Jul.11   Philippines
Jul.12   Iraq  
Jul.13   Iraq
  A move is being made to satisfy demands by kidnappers of a Filipino hostage
  Iraq     Car bomb kills at least 9 in Baghdad  A suicide bomber detonated in a parking lot near the former Green Zone Jul.14   London   'Serious flaws' in Iraq intelligence  Butler Report: Intelligence used to justify war with Iraq has now been shown to be unreliable   Iraq Bulgaria hostages 'alive in Iraq' Jul.15   Baghdad   Iraq to form new security force
  Attacks by insurgents continued as the government is establishing an intelligence service to 'annihilate' terrorist groups
  Iraq   Egyptian hostage in Iraq faces deadline  The abductors of Muhammad al-Gharabawi have given his Saudi employer 48 hours to prove the company has left Iraq Jul.16   Iraq   Philippines begins Iraq pullout  The Philippines is recalling the chief of its humanitarian force and 10 other to comply with the demands of kidnappers   Iraq Car bomb targets minister Jul.17   Iraq 6 dead in explosions Jul.18   Sunni Triangle   U.S. launches Fallujah air strikes  Airstrikes, an Iraqi official said, left 14 people dead and three wounded Jul.19   Iraq   Baghdad truck bomb kills 9  3 separate attacks left 11 people dead and 62 others wounded. 9 were killed in a suicide truck bombing near a police station Jul.20   England     Blair defends Iraq war decision  Blair said errors in pre-war intelligence do not mean the Iraq conflict was unjustified   Iraq     Group warns Islamic governments  A Web site purportedly from a group linked to al-Zarqawi warned Muslims and Arab countries against sending troops to Iraq Jul.22   Iraq   Beheaded body found  The decapitated body was discovered in the Tigris River, 112 miles north of Baghdad   Kenya Kenya citizens 'must leave Iraq' Jul.23   Iraq   Militants take Egyptian diplomat hostage
  Militants displayed on videotape 8 hostages -- 7 truck drivers and the third-highest Egyptian diplomat in Iraq
  Cairo   Kidnap sparks Cairo troop denial  Cairo will not send troops to Iraq after a group kidnapped an Egyptian diplomat in Iraq Jul.24   Iraq   PM rejects kidnapping deal  Iyad Allawi has called on Egypt not to bow to kidnappers who seized an Egyptian diplomat in Baghdad   Iraq Kidnapping, attempted killing in Baghdad   Syria Syria-Iraq tackle border security   Iraq     Militant threat to Australia and Italy  Australia and Italy have received terror warnings that demanded those countries withdraw troops from Iraq Jul.25   Iraq 13 insurgents killed Jul.26   Iraq     Iraqi official among 8 killed  Insurgents have killed a top Interior Ministry official. 7 others died in a series of car bombs and shootings   Iraq   Egyptian diplomat released  Captors released Momdoh Kotb after declining a large ransom and citing his polite and spiritual personality Jul.28   Iraq   Day of violence leaves at least 115 dead Map of Baquba Iraq
  68 killed in a Baquba suicide bombing and 42 in fighting in south-central Iraq. Militants claim to kill 2 Pakistanis
  Saudi Arabia   Saudis propose Muslim Iraq force  A new international military force will be drawn exclusively from Muslim countries Jul.30   Iraq Powell in unannounced visit to Baghdad

Crime Main Event: Defiant Saddam in court
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07-01 Defiant Saddam in court Baghdad
2. 07-01 Saddam trial head vows justice Iraq
D. 07-02 Iraq considers Jordan troop offer Iraq
E. 07-02 Insurgent fire rockets at Baghdad hotels Iraq
5. 07-02 Troops raid 'bomb factory' Iraq
G. 07-04 Prime Minister Demands Militias Disarm Iraq
H. 07-05 PM backs strike on Falluja Sunni Triangle
8. 07-06 Group threatens death for al-Zarqawi Iraq

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Middle East
Defiant Saddam in court
6 killed in mortar attack in Samarra
Iraq to form new security force
U.S. launches Fallujah air strikes
Kidnap sparks Cairo troop denial
Jordan willing to send Iraq troops
PM backs strike on Falluja
Iraq and Syria 'to seal frontier'
Iraq to form new security force
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Sunni Triangle Your ad is here
6 killed in mortar attack in Samarra
U.S. launches Fallujah air strikes
PM backs strike on Falluja
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