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Tenet (12)   USA Political Resignation   CIA, 2004   U.S. President, 2004   9/11 Attack, 2004   Washington Political Probe (64)
  Bush slams Howard opponent on Iraq  U.S. President has expressed strong support for Australian Prime Minister and criticized the Iraq policy of the challenger   Second top official to quit CIA  James Pavitt, deputy director for operations, was in charge of the agency's spies   Rumsfeld warns of more Iraq attacks  Defense Secretary thinks al Qaeda may step up attacks in Iraq in the next few weeks Reagan's body lies in state  In a cross-country journey, the body of former President was brought to the Rotunda of the Capitol US U-turn on upbeat terror report  Global terror attacks are on the rise, says the State Department, admitting an earlier report was wrong World bids farewell to Reagan
  Bush praises new Iraqi government  President Bush is saying it brings Iraq closer to 'a fully sovereign nation'   Tenet resigns as CIA director

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Jun.1   Washington  
Jun.3   CIA  
  George Tenet is citing personal reasons, President Bush said. Deputy Director McLaughlin will become the acting chief
Jun.4   Washington  
Jun.9   U.S. Congress  
Jun.10   Washington  
Jun.11   U.S. Congress  
  Flag-draped coffin began the journey from the U.S. Capitol to Washington National Cathedral
Jun.14   Washington     Karzai tips worsening violence  Afghan President has predicted that his nation will have 'more of a security problem' up to the long awaited elections   Washington     Bush foreign policy under attack  A group of senior former US officials will release a statement condemning President's foreign policy Jun.16   Washington   Probe rules out Iraq-9/11 links
  The panel investigating the 9/11 attacks found that there was 'no credible evidence that Iraq and al Qaeda cooperated'
  U.S. Congress   Al-Qaeda 'targeted 10 US sites'  A report said the White House, the Capitol, CIA and FBI headquarters and sites in California were the targets Jun.17   Washington   9/11 probe: Air defense ill-prepared  The federal panel: Aviation and military officials were 'unsuited in every respect for what was about to happen'   Washington     Bush disputes 9/11-Iraq findings  President has disputed findings by a commission that there was no link between al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein Jun.22   Washington   US releases 'torture' documents  Previously secret documents show permission was never given to torture prisoners Jun.24   Washington     Powell confronts Iraq escalation
  The US Secretary of State has admitted that it faces a serious problem with the insurgency in Iraq
  Iraq     U.S. could send more troops to Iraq  Military planners are preparing to send possibly as many as 15,000 additional ground troops if violence increases Jun.25   Ireland     Bush: Iraq war not inciting terrorists
  In an interview with Irish TV ahead of a U.S.-EU summit, U.S. President defended his stance on Iraq
Jun.28   U.S. Supreme Court   Terror suspects get court access  The Supreme Court has ruled that suspects held at Guantanamo can use the US legal system to challenge the detention Jun.29   Washington   Pentagon appoints Gitmo tribunal   The Pentagon is naming the officers who will decide the fate of the only 3 prisoners so far charged by the United States Jun.30   Washington   Fed raises a quarter  The Federal Reserve raised its target for a key short-term interest rate by 0.25, the first increase in nearly 4 years

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B. 06-01 Bush praises new Iraqi government Washington
C. 06-03 Bush slams Howard opponent on Iraq Washington
D. 06-04 Rumsfeld warns of more Iraq attacks Washington
E. 06-09 Reagan's body lies in state U.S. Congress
5. 06-10 US U-turn on upbeat terror report Washington
06-11 World bids farewell to Reagan U.S. Congress
H. 06-16 Probe rules out Iraq-9/11 links Washington
8. 06-16 Al-Qaeda 'targeted 10 US sites' U.S. Congress

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06/03 Tenet resigns as CIA director
06/09 Reagan's body lies in state
06/11 World bids farewell to Reagan
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06/16 Al-Qaeda 'targeted 10 US sites'
06/28 Terror suspects get court access
U.S. Congress
06/09 Reagan's body lies in state
06/11 World bids farewell to Reagan
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06/16 Al-Qaeda 'targeted 10 US sites'

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