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US Senate to begin immigration votes US spy data 'prevented attacks'  In a US Senate hearing, National Security Agency (NSA) Director Keith Alexander defended the internet and telephone data snooping programmes NSA chief in rare Senate briefing   Keith Alexander has promised to give the entire Senate a classified briefing later about dozens of terror plots he says were thwarted by surveillance US Supreme Court bans DNA patents   White House: Syria crosses 'red line'
U.S. to send jets, Patriot missiles to Jordan Obama warns Republicans on nominees Susan Rice 'to get US security role'   US condemns Syrian siege of Qusair   The US has condemned the Syrian military's attack on Qusair, a strategic town over which it gained control after a bloody siege US clarifies internet tapping policy  Spy chief James Clapper has admitted the government collects communications from internet firms, but says the policy only targets 'non-US pe... US economy adds 175,000 jobs in May   US employment rose by slightly more than economists had predicted during May. But the unemployment rate increased slightly to 7.6%   US spy leaker Edward Snowden 'missing' in Hong Kong

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Jun.3   Washington
Jun.4   Washington
Jun.5   Washington
Jun.6   Washington  
Jun.7   Washington  
Jun.10   Hong Kong  
  Edward Snowden, 29, who leaked details of US top-secret phone and internet surveillance has disappeared from his hotel in Hong Kong
  U.S. Senate
Jun.12   U.S. Senate  
Jun.13   U.S. Senate  
  U.S. Supreme Court
  Syria used sarin gas, against rebels, a move that is prompting the U.S. to increase the 'scale and scope' of its support for the opposition
 Syrian forces under President Bashar al-Assad have used chemical weapons 'on a small scale' against the opposition rebels
  U.S. Congress Leaks caused US 'significant harm' Jun.16   Washington US 'probed fewer than 300 calls' Jun.18   U.S. Congress US surveillance 'foiled 50 plots'   House of Representatives US House passes abortion-limits bill Jun.19   U.S. Senate   FBI uses surveillance drones in US  The FBI has used drones for surveillance in limited cases over US soil, FBI Director Robert Mueller has told a US Senate committee Jun.20   New York   Global markets fall on Fed comments   Global markets have fallen sharply after the Federal Reserve signalled it may begin to scale back its stimulus of the US economy later this ... Jun.21   Washington     US charges Snowden with espionage  The US justice department has filed criminal charges against a fugitive ex-intelligence analyst who leaked details of a secret surveillance ... Jun.24   Washington     Kerry warns of Snowden consequences   US Secretary of State has said it would be 'disappointing' if Russia and China had helped US fugitive Snowden evade US attempts to extradite him   U.S. Supreme Court   US affirmative action case sent back  The US Supreme Court has sent a landmark case on the consideration of a student's race in university admissions policies back to a lower cou...   Washington     Washington voices anger over Snowden
  The US has criticised Russia and China after fugitive Edward Snowden left Hong Kong for Moscow
Jun.25   U.S. Supreme Court   US court quashes voting law clause   The US Supreme Court has overturned a key part of a landmark civil rights-era electoral law designed to protect minority voters   Washington     Obama to limit power plant emissions  US President is preparing to lay out a package of measures aimed at curbing climate change, including limits on emissions from power plants   Washington   US commits to Afghan Taliban talks   US and Afghan officials say they are committed to talks with the Taliban, despite an assault on a CIA station and government buildings in Kabul   Massachusetts     Democrats hold Kerry's Senate seat  Democratic Representative Edward Markey has won election to Secretary of State John Kerry's former Senate seat Jun.26   U.S. Supreme Court   Historic US rulings for gay marriage
  The US Supreme Court has struck down a law denying federal benefits to gay couples and cleared the way for same-sex marriage in California
Jun.27   U.S. Senate   US Senate passes immigration reform
  The http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-23092179Senate has passed a broad immigration reform bill that includes a path to citizenship for an estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants
  Washington   US downgrades Bangladesh trade ties  The US has suspended trade privileges for Bangladesh until it improves workers' safety conditions in the clothing industry Jun.28   Washington   Iran leak probe 'targets US general'  Retired Marine General James 'Hoss' Cartwright is under investigation for allegedly leaking classified information about a covert cyber att...   Washington   US travel warning over Egypt clashes   The US has warned Americans not to travel to Egypt and has told non-emergency diplomatic staff to leave, as clashes continued in the country Jun.29   Germany     Washington 'bugged key EU offices'   Der Spiegel magazine says it has seen a secret document showing the US has bugged EU offices in Washington and at UN headquarters

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1. 06-05 US condemns Syrian siege of Qusair Washington
C. 06-06 US clarifies internet tapping policy Washington
D. 06-07 US economy adds 175,000 jobs in May Washington
E. 06-12 US spy data 'prevented attacks' U.S. Senate
F. 06-13 NSA chief in rare Senate briefing U.S. Senate
06-13 White House: Syria crosses 'red line' Washington
H. 06-24 Kerry warns of Snowden consequences Washington
I. 06-24 Washington voices anger over Snowden Washington


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