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9/11 Attack, 2006   Washington Weapons of Mass Destruction Politics (87)   Washington Anniversary (21)   Iraq Anniversary (12)   USA & Iraq (83)
South Dakota tightens abortion laws Final approval for Patriot Act U.S.: Iran remarks 'provocative'
U.S. to boost arms sales to India  India will be able to buy more sophisticated fighter aircraft as part of a closer defense relationship Pentagon releases Gitmo prisoners' names Map of Pentagon USA  After 4 years of secrecy, the Pentagon handed over documents that contain the names of detainees Prosecutor: He lied, 3,000 people died

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Mar.2   New Delhi  
Mar.3   Washington  
Mar.6   Washington  
  Prosecutors in the sentencing trial of Moussaoui seek the death penalty for his role in the 9/11 attacks
  U.S. Supreme Court
Mar.7   House of Representatives
Mar.8   Washington  
  The U.S. has dismissed Iran's comments that it can inflict 'harm and pain' on Washington
  Washington   US seeks further pressure on Iran  UN Ambassador John Bolton has called for continued international pressure on Iran to halt its nuclear program   House of Representatives Setback for Bush' ports plan Mar.9   Washington   US warns of challenge from Iran  US refused to rule out any option including military Mar.10   Washington Bush concerned about failed port deal   Washington     Bush: Iran grave security threat  U.S. President said he wanted a diplomatic solution to the Islamic republic's nuclear ambitions Mar.11   Washington Bush adviser charged with thefts Mar.13   Washington   Moussaoui judge interrupts trial  Leonie Brinkema is considering whether to rule out the possibility of executing because of government misconduct Mar.17   Washington   US warns over Iran talks tactic   The White House has expressed scepticism over an offer to hold talks with the US on Iraq Mar.18   Washington     Bush: Iraqi factions know urgency of unity  President braced Americans for more bloodshed in Iraq but said civil strife has motivated warring factions Mar.19   Washington     Bush upbeat on Iraq anniversary  US President has given an upbeat assessment of Iraq on the 3rd anniversary of the invasion   Washington   Debate over Iraq strong as ever
  On the 3rd anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion, Iraqi and US officials differed on whether there is a civil war
Mar.20   Belarus   US rejects Belarus poll results  The US and EU have condemned elections which international monitors say were severely flawed   Washington   FBI agent 'warned of hijack risk'  Harry Samit has said that his attempts to warn of a hijack plan were obstructed by his superiors Mar.21   Washington     Bush denies Iraq is in civil war  US President urged the nation's leaders to confront sectarian violence Mar.22   Washington   Bush presses on jailed Christian  President Bush defended an Afghan who could face the death penalty for converting to Christianity Mar.23   Washington     Lebanese media outlets' assets blocked  The U.S. government is alleging that 2 Lebanon-based media outlets have facilitated the activities of Hezbollah Mar.24   Washington     Russia 'gave Iraq intelligence' Map of Pentagon USA
  Pentagon: Russia provided Saddam with intelligence on US military in the opening days of the US-led invasion
Mar.27   Washington   Moussaoui: White House was 9/11 target
  Al Qaeda conspirator told a courtroom that he and a shoe bomber were supposed to hijack a fifth plane
  Washington   Bush urges calm over immigration  US President has called for the debate over a controversial new bill to be conducted in a 'civil and dignified way' Mar.28   Washington   Top White House aide Card resigns   White House chief of staff has resigned and will be replaced by budget director Joshua Bolten   Washington   Caspar Weinberger dies at 88  Ronald Reagan's defense secretary oversaw a massive U.S. military buildup   Washington     US warning over missing Taylor  Talks between the US and Nigeria may not go ahead after Liberia's ex-leader disappeared


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