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US approves more troops for Iraq  Defence Secretary has approved a request for an extra 2,200 military police to support the security drive in Baghdad   Bush begins trip to Latin America   The President began a weeklong trip to a region where he said the United States does not get much credit for its generosity U.S. readies Sudan sanctions  The administration is preparing to impose new economic sanctions because of Sudan's refusal to allow U.N. peacekeepers to Darfur U.S.: Civil war in some of Iraq Map of Pentagon USA
U.S. charges Australian aiding Taliban  The United States filed charges against David Hicks suspected of aiding the Taliban Panel blames army over scandal  Substandard conditions found at the main army medical center were not an isolated incident, a congressman has said White House official Libby guilty   A former key White House official has been found guilty of obstruction of justice and perjury King Abdullah urges US peace push

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Mar.7   U.S. Congress  
  King has told the Congress that America must throw its weight behind an urgent drive to make peace in the Middle East
Mar.14   Washington  
Mar.15   Washington  
  A new Pentagon report said the term 'does not adequately capture the complexity of the conflict'
Mar.16   Washington   Ex-CIA agent blasts White House   Valerie Plame Wilson has accused Bush administration officials of 'carelessly and recklessly' revealing her identity Mar.18   Washington   US 'ready' for non-Hamas contacts  The US has decided that it will have contact with some of the new ministers in the Palestinian unity government Mar.19   Washington     Bush calls for patience on Iraq
  President has said the US-led security push in Baghdad, will take 'months, not days or weeks' to show results
Mar.20   Washington     Bush rejects Senate 'show trials'  President says he will not allow his advisers to take part in 'show trials' in the escalating row over the firing of federal prosecutors Mar.21   U.S. Congress   Bush advisers ordered to testify  A committee has voted to order key Bush aides to testify under oath about the controversial firing of 8 federal prosecutors Mar.22   U.S. Congress     Democrats struggle on Iraq pullout  Believing they have been given a mandate from voters, Democrats are trying to challenge Bush on the Iraq war   Washington     U.S. blasts Italy's hostage exchange  The United States is criticizing the deal to free 5 Taliban prisoners in exchange for the release of a journalist Mar.24   Washington     Rice heads to Mideast for talks  U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezz hoped to persuade Israelis and Palestinians to agree on a common set of issues to discuss Mar.27   U.S. Senate   Senate votes for Iraq deadline
  The Senate has endorsed a deadline of March 2008 for the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq
 The Senate rejected an amendment that would have removed the troop withdrawal clause from a bill on military funding
  Washington     Rumsfeld torture suit dropped  A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit against former Defense Secretary and 3 high-ranking U.S. military officials Mar.30   Washington     US rejects Iran captives exchange  US officials have ruled out an exchange 15 UK personnel captured in the Gulf for 5 Iranians seized by American forces Mar.31   Washington     Bush attacks Iran over captives
  President has condemned Iran's nexcusable behaviour after its capture of 15 Royal Navy personnel

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U.S. Congress
King Abdullah urges US peace push
Bush advisers ordered to testify
Senate votes for Iraq deadline
Senate votes for Iraq deadline
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Senate votes for Iraq deadline
King Abdullah urges US peace push
U.S. Senate
Senate votes for Iraq deadline
Senate votes for Iraq deadline
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Senate votes for Iraq deadline
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