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  Source: Bush unhappy with defense chief  President told Rumsfeld that he was 'not satisfied' at the way he received information about Iraqi prisoners abuse White House apologises for abuses  Spokesman has apologised for the abuses committed by US prison guards in Iraq   Rumsfeld to form abuse probe panel   Secretary of Defense plans to form an independent panel to review how the Pentagon handled investigations   Rumsfeld apologizes
  US diplomats launch Bush attack  50 retired diplomats have written to the President to complain about policy towards the Middle East   Bush appeal to Arabs in abuse row

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May.3   Washington  
May.4   Washington  
  US President is to appear on Arab TV channels to regain trust after US forces were caught in an abuse scandal
May.5   Washington  
May.6   Washington  
May.7   Washington  
  Defense Secretary offered his deepest apology for the abuse of Iraqi prisoners by their U.S. captors
May.8   Washington     Bush: Delay for Palestinian state  US President has said the deadline has slipped due to violence and a change of Palestinian leaders   Iraq     Coalition plays down Iraq abuse  The coalition administrator Bremer has insisted Iraq is benefiting from the occupation May.9   Washington     Bush fights to shore up Rumsfeld   President is to visit the Pentagon to try to secure the position of his embattled defence secretary May.10   Washington     Bush 'disgust' over new photos  US President has reacted with 'disgust and disbelief' to more images of prisoner abuse by US guards in Iraq May.11   U.S. Senate   Commanders blamed for Iraq abuse  The author of a report critical of the abuse of some Iraqi prisoners told a Senate committee about 'a failure of leadership'   Washington   US pledges to catch Berg killers  The administration has vowed to catch the killers of American hostage who filmed themselves cutting off his head   Washington   US slaps trade sanctions on Syria  The US are accusing the Arab state of supporting terror and failing to stop militants entering Iraq May.12   Washington   New abuse photos are 'even worse'
  The lawmakers have been viewing yet more photographs and videos of alleged abuse of Iraqi prisoners
May.15   Washington   Bush pledges to end prison abuse  In his weekly radio address US President has said he will not allow any further abuses by US troops in Iraq   Washington     Report: Rumsfeld policy allowed abuse  The New Yorker: The prison scandal was the result of a decision by to expand an operation against al Qaeda May.17   Washington     US reaffirms Iraq handover plans  The killing of the head of Governing Council will not affect plans, Condoleezza Rice says May.20   House of Representatives   Bush rallies Republican support  The US president has paid a visit to Congress for talks with Republicans to try allay concern over Iraq   CIA   CIA investigates death of 3 detainees  The CIA is investigating cases of prisoner deaths during interrogations in Iraq and Afghanistan May.25   Washington     US firm on control of Iraq troops  Colin Powell has insisted that US forces will remain under American control after the 30 June handover May.26   Washington   US warns al-Qaeda set to attack
  Attorney General Ashcroft: Multiple sources indicates al-Qaeda is planning an attack on US in the coming months
May.27   London   U.S. indict British Muslim cleric
  Abu Hamza al-Masri linked to Zacarias Moussaoui and shoe bomber Richard Reid was arrested in London
May.28   Washington   US distances itself from Iraqi PM  Colin Powell has insisted that the decision on who will lead Iraq rests with the United Nations

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05/11 Commanders blamed for Iraq abuse
05/20 Bush rallies Republican support
05/20 CIA investigates death of 3 detainees
05/20 CIA investigates death of 3 detainees
U.S. Congress
05/11 Commanders blamed for Iraq abuse
05/20 Bush rallies Republican support
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