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  Anthrax scare at US mail centre  The US Postal Service has shut down a government mail handling office for anthrax testing 120,000 jobs were created in October  The number was twice what economists had predicted, bringing the jobless rate to 6% from 6.1% in September US backs Saudis after Riyadh bomb  Bush has reassured Saudi Arabia of US support in ending terrorism after a deadly attack Guantanamo cases go to top court  The Supreme Court is to hear appeals by 16 Afghan war detainees, who claim that they are being held illegally U.S.: Enemy attacks escalate in Iraq
U.S. vows to finish job in Iraq Congress passes Iraq budget  The Senate has given final approval to Bush's huge emergency funding package for Iraq and Afghanistan Senate, House Pass $87 Billion for Iraq US vows to improve Iraq security  Paul Wolfowitz admitted that continuing attacks threaten American-led efforts to rebuild the country after the war Critics challenge US abortion ban  Opponents mounted a series of legal challenges to a ban on 'partial birth' abortions after Bush signed it Bush demands Mid-East democracy

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Nov.3   Washington
  U.S. Senate  
Nov.4   U.S. Senate
Nov.5   Washington  
Nov.6   Washington  
  President has deplored the ''freedom deficit' in the Middle East and said the US must remain focused on the region
Nov.7   Washington  
Nov.9   Washington  
Nov.10   U.S. Supreme Court  
Nov.11   Washington  
  Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez said that the tempo of enemy attacks has increased dramatically
  U.S. Senate   Senate backs Syria sanctions  The Senate has overwhelmingly backed a bill to slap sanctions if Syria fails to address long-standing security issues   Washington   Urgent Iraq talks Map of White House USA
  The US administrator, Paul Bremer, has held talks at the White House after arriving on a surprise visit
Nov.13   Washington     Bush to speed up Iraqi handover  President has said the US is taking steps to speed up the transfer of power Nov.14   U.S. Senate     Democrats defy Bush over judges  Using a tactic called filibuster, the Democrats delayed the votes in the Senate by talking non-stop for nearly 40 hours   Baghdad   Iraqis 'to govern by next summer'
  Paul Bremer had talked to Iraqi representatives about speeding up the handover
Nov.17   Washington     Guilty verdict in sniper trial  John Allen Muhammad was found guilty of capital murder. Attorneys, prosecutors argue over sniper's life   Washington     Copter defense review ordered  A review is under way of protective measures on all 620 Army helicopters in Iraq and Afghanistan Nov.18   England     Bush arrives for state visit  Prince Charles met US president and his wife at Heathrow, before they travelled via helicopter to Buckingham Palace   England     Bush to tell UK 'Iraq war right'
  US President is to defend the invasion on the first day of his historic state visit
Nov.21   Washington   US issues fresh al-Qaeda warning  The State Department said there were growing indications that militants were preparing to strike American interests abroad Nov.24   Washington     Sniper to be executed  A jury has decided convicted 42-year-old Army veteran John Muhammed should get the death sentence   Washington   Bush approves $400bn defence bill  Bush said the armed forces were engaged in a historic task to confront terrorism Nov.26   Washington   Reports Brighten Economy's Outlook  A new unemployment benefit claims decreased to a 3-year low and durable goods orders posted a strong jump Nov.30   Washington   US climbdown on steel 'imminent'  Bush is heading for the steel town of Pittsburgh to raise election funds ahead of ditching the tariffs to avoid a trade war

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B. 11-03 Congress passes Iraq budget U.S. Senate
2. 11-04 US vows to improve Iraq security Washington
D. 11-05 Critics challenge US abortion ban Washington
11-06 Bush demands Mid-East democracy Washington
F. 11-09 US backs Saudis after Riyadh bomb Washington
G. 11-10 Guantanamo cases go to top court U.S. Supreme Court
7. 11-11 U.S.: Enemy attacks escalate in Iraq Washington
I. 11-11 Senate backs Syria sanctions U.S. Senate
J. 11-11 Urgent Iraq talks White House, Washington

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Congress passes Iraq budget
Senate, House Pass $87 Billion for Iraq
Senate backs Syria sanctions
Guantanamo cases go to top court
Congress passes Iraq budget
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Congress passes Iraq budget
Senate, House Pass $87 Billion for Iraq
Senate backs Syria sanctions
United Kingdom
Bush to tell UK 'Iraq war right'
Bush arrives for state visit
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