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  Sharon agrees to early Israel vote  Prime Minister and Amir Peretz have agreed to hold elections between the end of February and the end of March   Sharon to quit Likud party
Israel approves EU inspectors  Security Cabinet approved the deployment of European inspectors on the Gaza-Egypt border Israel marks 10 years since Rabin killed  Yigal Amir, the young Jewish ultranationalist who shot the 73-year-old leader, has still shown no remorse   Peres ousted as Labor Party chief  A fiery union leader Amir Peretz won a stunning victory over Shimon Peres in the leadership contest Decade after murder, Israel mourn Rabin  Tens of thousands of Israelis packed the square where former prime minister was assassinated 10 years ago   Rice pushes for Middle East peace  US Secretary of State has begun a visit to Israel by urging to advance peace efforts after the Gaza pullout   Rice: Gaza border deal 'in sight'  Israeli and Palestinian leaders neared an agreement on border crossings Israelis, Palestinians reach deal on Gaza

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Nov.1   Jerusalem  
Nov.4   Jerusalem  
Nov.9   Jerusalem  
Nov.12   Tel Aviv  
Nov.13   Jerusalem  
Nov.14   West Bank  
Nov.15   Jerusalem  
  Israel and the Palestinian Authority agreed on a detailed arrangement for opening the borders of Gaza
Nov.17   Jerusalem  
Nov.20   Jerusalem  
  Prime Minister is set to quit his ruling party and run separately in next year's elections
  Jerusalem     Labor pulls out of Sharon government  Labor Party voted to withdraw from ruling coalition to force the dissolution of Israel's parliament Nov.21   Jerusalem     New Sharon party 'aims for peace'
  PM aims to 'lay the foundations for a peace settlement' with the Palestinians via his new political party
Nov.22   Jerusalem   Sharon to knock dust off 'road map'  A well-known hawk appeared to spread dovish wings as Prime Minister is saying Likud is unable to lead the country Nov.24   Jerusalem   Sharon names new party 'Forward'  The party registered under the name Kadima after rejecting 'National Responsibility' and 'Hatikva' Nov.25   Gaza   Palestinians take over key border
  Abbas has presided over a ceremony marking the official re-opening of the border between the Strip and Egypt
Nov.28   Jerusalem   Kadima Party lays out principles  The new party will support the creation of a peaceful Palestinian state, giving up some land to ensure Jewish majority Nov.29   Jerusalem     Peres to quit Labor, back Sharon
  Israeli Channel 10: Former Israeli Prime Minister will resign from the Labor Party

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B. 11-01 Israel approves EU inspectors Jerusalem
2. 11-09 Peres ousted as Labor Party chief Jerusalem
D. 11-12 Decade after murder, Israel mourn Rabin Tel Aviv
E. 11-13 Rice pushes for Middle East peace Jerusalem
F. 11-15 Israelis, Palestinians reach deal on Gaza Jerusalem
G. 11-17 Sharon agrees to early Israel vote Jerusalem
11-20 Sharon to quit Likud party Jerusalem
I. 11-20 Labor pulls out of Sharon government Jerusalem


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