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War & Army Main Event: Syria crisis: Nato to...
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B. 10-01 Hajj stampede: Iran death toll rises to 464 Mecca
2. 10-02 Russia air strikes 'strengthen IS' Northern Syria
D. 10-04 Assad warns of Mid-East destruction Damascus
E. 10-04 Islamic State 'blows up Palmyra arch' Palmyra, Syria
5. 10-06 EU launches operation to seize migrant smugglers' boats Mediterranean Sea, Libya
10-07 Syria crisis: Nato to discuss Russia air campaign Syria
H. 10-08 Libya crisis: UN proposes unity government Libya
8. 10-09 Nobel Peace Prize for Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet Norway
J. 10-10 Lake Chad's Baga Sola town hit by suicide bombers Baga Sola, Chad

  Libya crisis: UN proposes unity government  The United Nations envoy for Libya has proposed the formation of a national unity government after months of difficult talks   Nobel Peace Prize for Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet  The Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to Tunisia's National Dialogue Quartet for helping the country's transition to democracy   Lake Chad's Baga Sola town hit by suicide bombers   Suicide bombers have attacked a fish market and refugee camp in the town of Baga Sola in western Chad, killing more than 30 people Israeli jets hit targets in Gaza Strip Iraq IS: Military claims al-Baghdadi convoy hit Syria conflict: Assad forces make 'significant gains' Turkish air strikes on PKK rebels as country mourns Map of Metina Iraq  The Turkish air force has pounded Kurdish militants a day after a deadly bomb attack on a rally for peace in the capital Ankara   Syria conflict: Putin defends Russia's air strikes   Vladimir Putin has defended Russia's military operations in Syria, saying the aim is to 'stabilise the legitimate authority' of Syrian President...   US air drop for anti-IS forces in Hassakeh   The US military has delivered more than 45 tonnes of ammunition to rebels fighting the jihadist group Islamic State (IS) in north-eastern Sy... Syrian Kurds 'razing entire villages captured from IS' Syria conflict: US-Russia air safety talks after 'near miss' 1,500 Iranian fighters enter Syria under Russia's cover Two new Lockerbie bombing suspects identified Palestinian rioters torch Jewish holy site Joseph's Tomb Map of Joseph%27s Tomb Nablus Israel
Hajj stampede: Iran death toll rises to 464 Firefighters tackle blaze at high-rise tower in UAE Israeli couple shot dead in West Bank Russia air strikes 'strengthen IS' Syrian crisis: Russia vows to intensify air strikes   Assad warns of Mid-East destruction   Syrian President has said a coalition between Syria, Russia, Iran and Iraq must succeed 'or else the whole region will be destroyed'   Islamic State 'blows up Palmyra arch'   Islamic State militants in northern Syria have blown up The Arch of Triumph, another monument in the ancient city of Palmyra, officials say   EU launches operation to seize migrant smugglers' boats   The EU is beginning Operation Sophia, a new operation to intercept boats smuggling migrants across the southern Mediterranean   Syria crisis: Nato to discuss Russia air campaign

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Oct.1   Mecca
  United Arab Emirates
  West Bank
Oct.2   Northern Syria
Oct.3   Moscow
Oct.4   Damascus  
Oct.6   Libya  
Oct.7   Syria  
  Russia's growing military involvement in the Syria conflict is expected to be high on the agenda as Nato defence ministers meet in Brussels
Oct.8   Libya  
Oct.9   Norway  
Oct.10   Chad  
Oct.11   Western Iraq
  Northern Syria
  Northern Iraq  
Oct.12   Northern Syria  
  Northern Syria
Oct.13   Syria
Oct.14   Syria
Oct.15   Scotland
Oct.16   West Bank  
  Palestinians have torched a Jewish holy site in the West Bank city of Nablus, amid soaring tensions with Israel
  Turkey     Turkey shot down Russian drone near Syrian border  A Turkish jet shot down a Russian drone that entered its airspace near the Syrian border Friday, a senior defense official confirms   Aleppo Army launches new Aleppo offensive   West Bank   Israel-Palestinian violence flares in West Bank and Gaza   Fresh violence has erupted between Israel and Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, with three Palestinians killed in clashes, Palestinians... Oct.17   West Bank Israel-Palestinian violence: Knife attackers shot dead Oct.18   Northern Syria Khorasan Group leader killed in strike, US says Oct.20   Canada     Canada to withdraw fighter jets from Syria and Iraq   Prime Minister-designate Justin Trudeau has confirmed he will withdraw Canadian fighter jets from the air strikes against Islamic State Oct.22   Northern Iraq     Kurdish hostages freed but US soldier killed   A US-Iraqi military operation has freed 70 Kurdish hostages held by Islamic State (IS) in Iraq, but one US soldier was killed, US media reports... Oct.24   Jordan     Israel and Jordan strike deal on Jerusalem holy site   Israel and Jordan have agreed on moves aimed at reducing tensions surrounding a prominent holy site in Jerusalem, US Secretary of State says   Libya Bodies of 40 migrants found washed ashore in Libya Oct.25   London US-led invasion of Iraq played role in rise of ISIS, Tony Blair says   Northern Israel 'Israeli Arab paraglider' sparks Syria border operation Oct.27   Syria     IS 'blows up Palmyra columns to kill three captives' Map of Palmyra Syria
  Islamic State militants have killed three captives in Syria's ancient city of Palmyra by tying them to columns and blowing them up, activists say
  Washington     Syria conflict: Iran to be invited to key talks, US says  Iran is likely to be invited for the first time to international talks with the US and Russia over the Syrian conflict   Yemen Yemen conflict: MSF hospital destroyed by air strikes Oct.28   Washington Syria conflict: John Kerry seeks end to civil war 'hell' Oct.29   Austria     UN's Ban Ki-moon urges 'flexibility' in Vienna Syria talks   UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has called for 'flexibility' at talks in Vienna between the countries backing rival sides in the Syrian civil... Oct.30   Washington     Obama to send special forces to fight IS
  The US is sending special forces to Syria to assist anti-government rebels in fighting the so-called Islamic State (IS), officials have said
  Syria Syria conflict: Russia warns US of 'proxy war risk'
Oct.31   Sinai     No survivors on Russian airliner KGL9268 Map of Hasna Egypt
  Airbus A-321 has crashed in central Sinai killing all 224 people on board. It left the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, bound for St Petersburg
 Wreckage was found in the Hasana area and bodies removed, along with the 'black box'. The bodies of victims still strapped to seats. Russian President Putin has declared Sunday a day of mourning
  Sinai     Sinai plane crash: 'No SOS call' before disaster   A Russian aircraft did not lodge an SOS call before crashing in Sinai, killing all 224 people on board, Egypt's civil aviation minister says   Sinai     Sinai plane crash: Egypt dismisses IS claim   Egypt's prime minister said a technical fault was the most likely cause, dismissing claims from Islamic State militants that they were respo...   Somalia Mogadishu hotel attacked by gunmen

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