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2014 Pro Russian Conflict in Ukraine, 2014   NATO War & Army (137)   NATO War Management (71)   Minsk (17)   Donbass, 2014

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B. 09-01 NATO to create 'high-readiness force,' secretary-general says NATO
C. 09-01 Ukraine crisis: Troops abandon Luhansk airport Luhansk airport, Donbass
D. 09-02 Russian military forces in major rebel cities Donetsk, Donbass
4. 09-03 France halts Russia warship delivery Paris
5. 09-03 Nato leaders to meet Ukraine's Poroshenko ahead of summit Wales
6. 09-04 Nato summit: Russia criticised over Ukraine crisis Newport, Wales
7. 09-04 West signals more Russia sanctions European Union
I. 09-04 Hopes rise for peace deal in the east Ukraine
09-05 Ukraine and pro-Russia rebels sign ceasefire deal Minsk, Belarus

  Ukraine crisis: Troops abandon Luhansk airport Map of Luhansk airport Ukraine  Ukrainian forces have withdrawn from the airport of the eastern city of Luhansk after all-night clashes with pro-Russian rebels, the military says Ukraine crisis: 'Russia has launched a great war'   Russian military forces in major rebel cities   Russian forces have been spotted in both major rebel-held cities in eastern Ukraine, prompting Ukraine to declare it now has to fight the Russian... Ukraine crisis: Obama in Estonia ahead of Nato summit   France halts Russia warship delivery   France has said conditions are 'not right' for delivery of the first of two Mistral navy assault ships to Russia   Nato leaders to meet Ukraine's Poroshenko ahead of summit   World leaders are due to meet Ukraine's president before the Nato summit gets under way in Wales   Nato summit: Russia criticised over Ukraine crisis Map of Newport United Kingdom  Western leaders have criticised Russia for its 'destabilising' influence on the crisis in eastern Ukraine, as they opened a Nato summit in Wales Russia: Ukraine's desire to join NATO threatens peace talks West signals more Russia sanctions   Western countries are preparing to tighten sanctions on Russia over its action in Ukraine, US and British officials say Ukraine, rebels are prepared to make a cease-fire deal Hopes rise for peace deal in the east   Ukrainian President Poroshenko has expressed careful optimism that a deal could be struck with Russia to end fighting in the east of his country Ukraine and pro-Russia rebels sign ceasefire deal Map of Minsk Belarus
  NATO to create 'high-readiness force,' secretary-general says

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Sep.1   NATO  
  NATO members meeting this week in Wales are expected to create 'a very high-readiness force' to deal with Russian aggression in Ukraine
Sep.2   Donbass  
Sep.3   Paris  
Sep.4   Wales  
  European Union  
Sep.5   Belarus  
  The two sides agreed to stop firing and the truce appeared to be holding. But the rebels had not changed their policy of splitting from Ukraine
 More than 2,600 people have died since rebels stormed several eastern cities. The rebels made new advances in recent days
  New York Serena Williams defeats Ekaterina Makarova in semifinal   Donbass   Ukraine ceasefire with rebels holds   A ceasefire agreed by the Ukrainian government and pro-Russia rebels in the east appears to be holding Sep.6   Donbass   Shelling near Mariupol threatens tense truce Map of Mariupol Ukraine
  Explosions have been heard near the south-eastern Ukrainian city of Mariupol, a day after the government and rebels agreed a ceasefire
Sep.7   Donbass   Blasts roar near Donetsk airport in Ukraine   Strong explosions were raising new fears that a cease-fire signed two days ago is on the verge of collapse Sep.8   European Union EU adopts fresh sanctions on Russia Sep.10   Kiev Ukraine president promises greater autonomy to pro-Russian east Sep.12   Washington   Ukraine crisis: US strengthens sanctions on Russia
  The US government has imposed new sanctions on major Russian banks, defence and energy companies
Sep.13   Donbass   Ukraine forces 'repel rebels in Donetsk airport'   Ukrainian government troops say they have repelled an attack by pro-Russian rebels on Donetsk airport   Donbass Russian convoy enters nation unchecked
Sep.14   Kiev Nato members 'start arms deliveries to Ukraine' Sep.15   Donbass   Pro-Russian rebels release captive Ukrainian troops   Pro-Russian rebels released dozens of captive Ukrainian troops Sunday as part of a ceasefire deal Sep.16   Kiev   Ukraine rebels to get self-rule  Ukrainian MPs have granted self-rule to parts of two eastern regions, and an amnesty to pro-Russian rebels there Sep.17   Canada   Ukraine's president addresses Canadian Parliament   Petro Poroshenko says his country has 'crossed the Rubicon' to a new westward-looking future that leaves behind the darkness of its Russian ... Sep.18   Washington     Obama praises 'excellent' Poroshenko  President Barack Obama has given his support to Petro Poroshenko, describing himself as a 'strong friend' to Ukraine's leader Sep.19   Belarus   Ukraine deal with pro-Russian rebels at Minsk talks Map of Minsk Belarus
  Ukraine's government and pro-Russia rebels have agreed a memorandum on a peace plan for the eastern conflict
  Alaska     Russian planes intercepted near U.S., Canadian airspace  2 U.S. jets intercepted 6 Russian planes that neared U.S. airspace and Canadian planes intercepted two Russian bombers Sep.20   NATO   Nato: Ukraine truce 'in name only'   Nato's most senior military commander has said the ceasefire between Ukraine and pro-Russian separatists currently exists 'in name only Sep.21   Moscow   Thousands march in Moscow anti-war rally   Tens of thousands of people are marching in Moscow in protest against Russia's involvement in the Ukraine conflict Sep.24   UN Gen. Assembly     Ukraine warns West against lifting Russia sanctions  Prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has urged the West not to lift sanctions on Russia until his country regains control of all its territory

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