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08-02 Annan resigns as UN Syria envoy UN
C. 07-13 Syria 'atrocities' shock Annan Annan
D. 06-27 Russia 'backs Annan's Syria plan' Russia
E. 05-29 Syria at 'tipping point', says UN envoy Annan Syria
5. 05-27 Annan to visit Syria Houla, Syria
G. 04-24 Kofi Annan denounces violence in Syria UN Security Council
7. 03-30 Syria 'must begin ceasefire now' Annan
8. 03-25 Annan is 'last chance' for Syria Moscow
9. 03-10 Annan to renew talks with Assad Syria

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05/27 Annan to visit Syria
03/10 Assad issues 'terrorism' vow to Annan
07/13 Syria 'atrocities' shock Annan
05/27 Annan to visit Syria
03/25 Annan is 'last chance' for Syria
2009 2009
War & Army
2009 2009
War & Army
11/22 Government rejects Carter and Annan
01/29 Annan calls for end to violent spiral
01/26 Annan hits out at Kenya 'abuses'
War & Army
2008 2008
War & Army
09/13 Annan: Mideast view Iraq war as disaster
08/30 Annan visits Olmert
08/29 Annan tours devastated south Lebanon
08/29 Annan urges Israel to end siege
08/27 Annan to follow up Lebanese truce
09/13 Annan: Mideast view Iraq war as disaster
11/12 Annan calls for Iraq reconciliation
08/24 UN chief promises aid
05/28 UN chief visits Darfur refugees
01/08 Politics limits Annan's trip
05/02 Annan urges anti-nuclear effort
2004 2004
War & Army
2004 2004
War & Army
2002 2002
War & Army
2002 2002
War & Army
2001 2001
10/12 U.N., Annan receive Nobel Prize

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  Annan resigns as UN Syria envoy

year 2012 Top ^

  The UN-Arab League joint special envoy to Syria, Kofi Annan, is leaving his post, the UN has announced
Jul.13   Annan Syria 'atrocities' shock Annan Jun.27  Russia  Russia 'backs Annan's Syria plan' May.29  Syria  Syria at 'tipping point', says UN envoy Annan May.27   Syria   Annan to visit Syria   Special envoy Kofi Annan is to visit Damascus the day after the UN condemned Syria for its use of heavy weaponry in the town of Houla Apr.24   UN Security Council Kofi Annan denounces violence in Syria Mar.30  Annan  Syria 'must begin ceasefire now' Mar.25   Moscow   Annan is 'last chance' for Syria   Russian President Dmitri Medvedev has offered full support for envoy Kofi Annan's peace mission in Syria, saying it may be the last chance Mar.10  Syria  Annan to renew talks with Assad   Syria   Assad issues 'terrorism' vow to Annan
  President al-Assad has told visiting UN-Arab League envoy that no political dialogue can succeed while 'armed terrorist groups' are operating
Mar.9   Syria Envoy Annan to hold Syria talks

year 2009 Top ^

Jan.28  Switzerland  Annan: World faces 'crisis of governance'

year 2008 Top ^

Nov.22   Zimbabwe   Government rejects Carter and Annan
  A group including former UN chief and former U.S. President postponed a visit to Zimbabwe meant to highlight the country's humanitarian crisis
May.29   Zambia Annan: Rivals must work with Zanu-PF Apr.19   Zimbabwe   Annan demands action on Zimbabwe  The former UN Secretary General has urged African leaders to do more to address the crisis in Zimbabwe Mar.21    Annan: 'Hypocrisy' in response to Darfur Feb.25   Kenya   Annan threatens to leave talks  Former U.N. chief has threatened to leave as mediator in the tense power-sharing talks if a quick agreement is not reached Jan.29   Kenya   Annan calls for end to violent spiral  Former United Nations chief called on Kenya's government to take extraordinary measures to protect civilians from ethnic violence Jan.26   Kenya   Annan hits out at Kenya 'abuses'   Former UN head has condemned 'gross and systematic abuses of human rights' after a visit to violence-hit parts of the country

year 2006 Top ^

Dec.11  USA  Annan to chide US in final speech Dec.8    Annan to press world on 'horror' of Sudan Dec.3    UN chief tells of Iraq war sorrow Oct.5    Darfur in grave danger, says Annan Sep.18    Annan: Iraq in 'grave danger' of civil war Sep.13  Baghdad  Annan: Mideast view Iraq war as disaster Sep.2  Tehran  Annan to press Iran on UN demands Sep.1  Syria  Annan: Syria to curb Hezbollah arms flow Aug.30   Jerusalem Annan visits Olmert
Aug.29  Jerusalem  Annan urges Israel to end siege   Southern Lebanon Annan tours devastated south Lebanon  U.N. Secretary-General warned that all sides must fully implement Security Council resolution 1701 Aug.27  Lebanon  Annan to follow up Lebanese truce Aug.23    Annan plans Mideast trip to push cease-fire Jul.8    Annan warning on Gaza 'disaster' May.5    Annan presses Sudan over UN force Mar.9   Staff rebel against Annan Feb.16    Annan backs UN Guantanamo demand Jan.26  Switzerland  Davos: Annan lauds U.N.'s 'new mindset' Jan.24   Annan's son to repay duty on Mercedes

year 2005 Top ^

Nov.12   Baghdad Annan calls for Iraq reconciliation
Nov.4    Annan delays Iran trip after row Nov.3   Bird flu: Act now, urges Annan Oct.27    Annan 'dismayed' by Iran remarks Oct.19   Annan pleads for more quake aid  Secretary-General called for a greater world response to the quake victims in Pakistan Oct.17    Annan warns Eritrea of possible pullout Sep.17   UN Gen. Assembly Annan warns of nuclear spread  Secretary General has warned of the spread of nuclear weapons and terrorism at the opening of the General Assembly Sep.15   Annan: Power 'to come from below' Sep.14   Kofi Annan urges bold UN reform  Secretary General has urged world leaders to implement UN reforms and take bolder steps to fight poverty Sep.7   Oil probe faults Annan over son
  The report reiterates a finding that Secretary-General did not personally engage in unethical behavior Sep.5   Annan ready for oil-for-food flak Aug.24   Niger UN chief promises aid Jul.13  UN Security Council  Annan urges U.N. expansion, reform Jun.14   Annan in new oil-for-food probe Jun.9   Annan pushes war on poverty Jun.2   Annan: HIV/AIDS efforts 'insufficient'
  Secretary-General told a conference on HIV/AIDS that the global response to the disease was insufficient May.28   Darfur UN chief visits Darfur refugees May.2   Annan urges anti-nuclear effort  Secretary General has called on world leaders to reinforce their commitment to a treaty aimed at reducing the threat Mar.29   Report: Annan didn't influence contract
  Secretary-General said he feels vindicated after an independent inquiry found no evidence he exerted influence
Mar.20   Annan seeks thorough UN overhaul
  Secretary General has urged governments to endorse sweeping reforms of the organisation
Mar.10    Annan proposes treaty on terrorism Feb.3   Annan vows action on corruption Jan.25    Panel questions Annan, delays report Jan.8   Sri Lanka   Politics limits Annan's trip  Secretary-General agreed to a government request not to visit disaster-stricken areas controlled by Tamil Tigers Jan.7  Sri Lanka  UN chief visiting tense Sri Lanka Jan.6  Aceh  Toll jumps by 7,000, Annan in Aceh Jan.5  Indonesia  Annan appealed for $977 million in relief

year 2004 Top ^

Dec.3    Britain, France, Germany Back Annan Nov.29    Annan 'disappointed' son didn't tell all Nov.26   Firm's Checks to Annan's Son for Years
  The son of Secretary-General got monthly payments more than 4 years longer than was previously known Oct.3    Annan condemns Gaza offensive Sep.15     Iraq war illegal, says Annan  The Secretary-General says the US-led invasion was an act that contravened the UN charter Jul.11   Thailand Annan urges action against Aids
Jul.2  Darfur  Annan wins Sudan pledge on Darfur Jun.12    Annan: World has become 'more unequal' May.7   Annan to carry on despite Osama threat Mar.31   Cyprus Annan announces Cyprus plan Mar.29    Annan fires security chief Mar.26   Annan apologizes for Rwanda genocide Feb.19  Iraq  Annan backs June 30 Iraq handover date   Iraq UN rules out June Iraq elections Jan.18   US envoy seeks new UN Iraq role Jan.6    Annan issues Afghanistan warning

year 2003 Top ^

Dec.16   Kofi Annan chief demands clear Iraq role
Nov.28    Annan condemns Israeli barrier Nov.27   World leaders 'neglecting Aids' Oct.10    Annan condemns Gaza deaths Sep.22   Annan: Force won't beat terror Jul.18    Annan chief 'seeks Iraqi handover' Feb.8    Annan: U.S. should seek consensus

year 2002 Top ^

Dec.31    Annan: Iraq is cooperating Apr.30   UN 'likely to shelve' Jenin mission
  Kofi Annan is minded to disband the fact-finding team after more than a week of wrangling and delays Jan.26  Iran  Annan thanks Iran for Afghan support Jan.24  Kabul  Annan arrives to back Afghan leaders

year 2001 Top ^

Oct.12   U.N., Annan receive Nobel Prize  Norwegian Nobel Committee gave the centenary award to the U.N. and Kofi Annan, 63, for building peace Aug.31   South Africa Conference on racism starts
Aug.17  Afghanistan  U.N. warns Taliban Jun.25   UN AIDS Conference Mar.22    Annan expected to ask to stay