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08-02 Annan resigns as UN Syria envoy UN
C. 07-13 Syria 'atrocities' shock Annan Annan
D. 06-27 Russia 'backs Annan's Syria plan' Russia
E. 05-29 Syria at 'tipping point', says UN envoy Annan Syria
5. 05-27 Annan to visit Syria Houla, Syria
G. 04-24 Kofi Annan denounces violence in Syria UN Security Council
7. 03-30 Syria 'must begin ceasefire now' Annan
8. 03-25 Annan is 'last chance' for Syria Moscow
9. 03-10 Annan to renew talks with Assad Syria

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05/27 Annan to visit Syria
03/10 Assad issues 'terrorism' vow to Annan
07/13 Syria 'atrocities' shock Annan
05/27 Annan to visit Syria
03/25 Annan is 'last chance' for Syria
2009 2009
War & Army
2009 2009
War & Army
11/22 Government rejects Carter and Annan
01/29 Annan calls for end to violent spiral
01/26 Annan hits out at Kenya 'abuses'
War & Army
2008 2008
War & Army
09/13 Annan: Mideast view Iraq war as disaster
08/30 Annan visits Olmert
08/29 Annan tours devastated south Lebanon
08/29 Annan urges Israel to end siege
08/27 Annan to follow up Lebanese truce
09/13 Annan: Mideast view Iraq war as disaster
11/12 Annan calls for Iraq reconciliation
08/24 UN chief promises aid
05/28 UN chief visits Darfur refugees
01/08 Politics limits Annan's trip
05/02 Annan urges anti-nuclear effort
2004 2004
War & Army
2004 2004
War & Army
2002 2002
War & Army
2002 2002
War & Army
2001 2001
10/12 U.N., Annan receive Nobel Prize

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  Annan resigns as UN Syria envoy

year 2012 Top ^

2012 Aug.2  
  The UN-Arab League joint special envoy to Syria, Kofi Annan, is leaving his post, the UN has announced
2012 Jul.13   Syria 'atrocities' shock Annan  UN and Arab League envoy for Syria Kofi Annan has said he is 'shocked and appalled' at reports of mass killings in the Syrian village of Tremseh 2012 Jun.27   Russia 'backs Annan's Syria plan'  Russia and other big powers have agreed to back a proposal by UN envoy for a national unity government to lead political change in Syria 2012 May.29   Syria at 'tipping point', says UN envoy Annan  UN-Arab League envoy to Syria Kofi Annan has said the country has reached a 'tipping point' after more than a year of conflict 2012 May.27     Annan to visit Syria   Special envoy Kofi Annan is to visit Damascus the day after the UN condemned Syria for its use of heavy weaponry in the town of Houla 2012 Apr.24   Kofi Annan denounces violence in Syria  UN special envoy Kofi Annan has told the Security Council that Syria is still witnessing unacceptable levels of violence 2012 Mar.30   Syria 'must begin ceasefire now'  The UN and Arab League envoy to Syria, Kofi Annan, expects the government to implement his peace plan immediately 2012 Mar.25     Annan is 'last chance' for Syria   Russian President Dmitri Medvedev has offered full support for envoy Kofi Annan's peace mission in Syria, saying it may be the last chance 2012 Mar.10   Annan to renew talks with Assad  UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan, on a peace mission to Damascus, is due to hold a second round of talks with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad     Assad issues 'terrorism' vow to Annan
  President al-Assad has told visiting UN-Arab League envoy that no political dialogue can succeed while 'armed terrorist groups' are operating
2012 Mar.9   Envoy Annan to hold Syria talks  UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan is due to hold talks with Syria's President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus, in a fresh diplomatic bid to end the violence

year 2009 Top ^

2009 Jan.28   Annan: World faces 'crisis of governance'  Former UN Secretary-General: The worldwide economic recession has exposed a crisis that can only be addressed by the radical reform of the UN

year 2008 Top ^

2008 Nov.22     Government rejects Carter and Annan
  A group including former UN chief and former U.S. President postponed a visit to Zimbabwe meant to highlight the country's humanitarian crisis
2008 May.29   Annan: Rivals must work with Zanu-PF  Ex-U.N. chief: Zimbabwe opposition leaders must be willing to work alongside Robert Mugabe's party 2008 Apr.19     Annan demands action on Zimbabwe  The former UN Secretary General has urged African leaders to do more to address the crisis in Zimbabwe 2008 Mar.21   Annan: 'Hypocrisy' in response to Darfur  Former U.N. Secretary-General questioned whether all countries on the Sec. Council have lived up to their responsibility to protect civilians 2008 Feb.25     Annan threatens to leave talks  Former U.N. chief has threatened to leave as mediator in the tense power-sharing talks if a quick agreement is not reached 2008 Jan.29     Annan calls for end to violent spiral  Former United Nations chief called on Kenya's government to take extraordinary measures to protect civilians from ethnic violence
 Annan opened talks with President Mwai Kibaki and opposition leader Raila Odinga
2008 Jan.26     Annan hits out at Kenya 'abuses'   Former UN head has condemned 'gross and systematic abuses of human rights' after a visit to violence-hit parts of the country

year 2006 Top ^

2006 Dec.11   Annan to chide US in final speech  Kofi Annan is to make his final speech as Secretary General shortly, urging the US to work with other nations 2006 Dec.8   Annan to press world on 'horror' of Sudan  Secretary General says there is more than enough blame to shared all around 2006 Dec.3   UN chief tells of Iraq war sorrow  Secretary General Kofi Annan: The situation in Iraq has become 'much worse' than a civil war 2006 Oct.5   Darfur in grave danger, says Annan  Secretary-General said Darfur was close to a catastrophe 2006 Sep.18   Annan: Iraq in 'grave danger' of civil war  At least 17 people were wounded when a bomber detonated an explosive vest near a line of Iraqis 2006 Sep.13   Annan: Mideast view Iraq war as disaster  U.N. Secretary-General has said leaders of Mideast believe the war has 'been a real disaster' for the region 2006 Sep.2   Annan to press Iran on UN demands  UN Secretary General is in Tehran for key talks with Iranian leaders on strengthening the truce in south Lebanon 2006 Sep.1   Annan: Syria to curb Hezbollah arms flow  U.N. Secretary-General said Friday Syria has pledged to step up border patrols and work with the Lebanese army 2006 Aug.30   Annan visits Olmert  Secretary-General has joined prime minister in calling for the unconditional release. Olmert firm on Lebanon blockade 2006 Aug.29   Annan urges Israel to end siege  UN chief has used talks to demand an end to Israel's air and sea blockade of Lebanon   Annan tours devastated south Lebanon  U.N. Secretary-General warned that all sides must fully implement Security Council resolution 1701 2006 Aug.27   Annan to follow up Lebanese truce  United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan visits at the start of a tour aimed at underpinning the UN-brokered truce 2006 Aug.23   Annan plans Mideast trip to push cease-fire  Secretary-General will head for the Middle East to push for the cease-fire agreement between Israel and Hezbollah 2006 Jul.8   Annan warning on Gaza 'disaster'  Secretary General has demanded that Israel take urgent action to prevent a humanitarian disaster 2006 May.5   Annan presses Sudan over UN force  Secretary General has called on the Sudanese government to allow a assessment team into the region of Darfur 2006 Mar.9   Staff rebel against Annan  The Staff Union voted no confidence in Secretary-General over proposal to radically overhaul U.N. operations 2006 Feb.16   Annan backs UN Guantanamo demand  The Secretary General has said the U.S. must shut down the prison camp 'as soon as is possible' 2006 Jan.26   Davos: Annan lauds U.N.'s 'new mindset'  Secretary-General told world business leaders the U.N. had initiated a 'new mindset' on human rights 2006 Jan.24   Annan's son to repay duty on Mercedes  Kojo Annans ays he is sorry he misused his father's name to save more than $20,000 on a Mercedes SUV

year 2005 Top ^

2005 Nov.12   Annan calls for Iraq reconciliation  United Nations Secretary-General made a surprise visit to Iraq, his first since the March 2003 U.S.-led invasion 2005 Nov.4   Annan delays Iran trip after row  Secretary General has postponed the trip, after the Iranian president called for Israel to be 'wiped off the map' 2005 Nov.3   Bird flu: Act now, urges Annan  Secretary-General has called on the international community to make immediate preparations for a possible pandemic 2005 Oct.27   Annan 'dismayed' by Iran remarks  Secretary General has voiced his 'dismay' over remarks by president Ahmadinejad 2005 Oct.19   Annan pleads for more quake aid  Secretary-General called for a greater world response to the quake victims in Pakistan 2005 Oct.17   Annan warns Eritrea of possible pullout  Secretary-General warned that if Eritrea continues to impede peacekeeping operations the UN may pull its troops out 2005 Sep.17   Annan warns of nuclear spread  Secretary General has warned of the spread of nuclear weapons and terrorism at the opening of the General Assembly 2005 Sep.15   Annan: Power 'to come from below'  UN chief: Power in the world will emanate more and more from the bottom up than from above 2005 Sep.14   Kofi Annan urges bold UN reform
  Secretary General has urged world leaders to implement UN reforms and take bolder steps to fight poverty 2005 Sep.7   Oil probe faults Annan over son
  The report reiterates a finding that Secretary-General did not personally engage in unethical behavior 2005 Sep.5   Annan ready for oil-for-food flak  Secretary General is braced for more criticism when the final report on the program is published on Wednesday 2005 Aug.24   UN chief promises aid  Secretary General after meeting President Tandja has promised all the aid to cope with the food crisis 2005 Aug.22   UN chief to see Niger food crisis  The Secretary General Kofi Annan is due to meet President Tandja 2005 Jul.13   Annan urges U.N. expansion, reform  Secretary-General said the 15-member Security Council needed to be expanded because it was no longer democratic 2005 Jun.14   Annan in new oil-for-food probe  The inquiry is reviewing new information about the secretary-general's links with a firm hired to monitor the program 2005 Jun.9   Annan pushes war on poverty  Secretary-General called 2005 'a make-or-break moment' for the world's poor 2005 Jun.2   Annan: HIV/AIDS efforts 'insufficient'
  Secretary-General told a conference on HIV/AIDS that the global response to the disease was insufficient 2005 May.28   UN chief visits Darfur refugees  Tens of thousands of people have greeted Kofi Annan at the largest refugee camp in the state 2005 May.2   Annan urges anti-nuclear effort
  Secretary General has called on world leaders to reinforce their commitment to a treaty aimed at reducing the threat 2005 Mar.29   Report: Annan didn't influence contract
  Secretary-General said he feels vindicated after an independent inquiry found no evidence he exerted influence
2005 Mar.20   Annan seeks thorough UN overhaul
  Secretary General has urged governments to endorse sweeping reforms of the organisation
2005 Mar.13   UN chief discussed with PM Sharon  The Secretary General Kofi Annan discussed hopes for peace 2005 Mar.10   Annan proposes treaty on terrorism  Secretary-General has proposed the creation of a treaty outlawing terrorism, denouncing attacks targeting civilians 2005 Feb.3   Annan vows action on corruption  Secretary-General has ordered disciplinary proceedings against the head of the oil-for-food programme Benon Sevan 2005 Jan.25   Panel questions Annan, delays report  Secretary-General was formally questioned for the third time by a panel he appointed to probe the oil-for-food program 2005 Jan.8     Politics limits Annan's trip  Secretary-General agreed to a government request not to visit disaster-stricken areas controlled by Tamil Tigers 2005 Jan.7   UN chief visiting tense Sri Lanka  Secretary General is in Sri Lanka amid tension between the government and rebels that threatens to undermine relief 2005 Jan.6   Toll jumps by 7,000, Annan in Aceh  United Nations Secretary General has arrived in the devastated province as Indonesia's death toll rose to over 100,000 2005 Jan.5   Annan appealed for $977 million in relief  U.N. Secretary General spoke at the opening of a regional summit aimed at helping Indian Ocean nations rebuild

year 2004 Top ^

2004 Dec.3   Britain, France, Germany Back Annan  President Bush refused to explicitly endorse the U.N. chief over suspected corruption in an Iraqi-oil sales program 2004 Nov.29   Annan 'disappointed' son didn't tell all  Secretary-General was 'disappointed and surprised' to learn that his son, Kojo, was on the payroll of the company 2004 Nov.26   Firm's Checks to Annan's Son for Years
  The son of Secretary-General got monthly payments more than 4 years longer than was previously known 2004 Nov.3   Annan: Stop Sudan's war crimes now  There are indications that crimes have been committed 'on a large and systematic scale' in Darfur region 2004 Oct.3   Annan condemns Gaza offensive  U.N. Secretary-General condemned Israeli military operations, which have killed dozens of Palestinians in recent days 2004 Sep.15     Iraq war illegal, says Annan  The Secretary-General says the US-led invasion was an act that contravened the UN charter 2004 Jul.21   UN chief warns Sudan over Darfur  Kofi Annan has said Sudan is not doing enough to protect people, where widespread atrocities have been alleged 2004 Jul.11   Annan urges action against Aids  At the Aids conference the Secretary General has warned the international community it is not doing enough 2004 Jul.2   Annan wins Sudan pledge on Darfur  UN Secretary-General says the government has promised to 'remove all obstacles' to easing the humanitarian crisis 2004 Jun.12   Annan: World has become 'more unequal'  U.N. Secretary-General lamented new struggles that developing countries face in a speech to the Group of 77 2004 May.7   Annan to carry on despite Osama threat  Secretary-General said that he is taking the latest threat from Osama bin Laden seriously 2004 Apr.14   UN chief cool over Israeli plan  Annan has voiced reservations about an Israeli template for the future of the Middle East 2004 Mar.31   Annan announces Cyprus plan  U.N. Secretary-General presented a final plan for the reunification of Cyprus and urged to 'seize this chance for peace' 2004 Mar.29   Annan fires security chief  Secretary-General fired one senior official and demoted another for failing to protect U.N. staff ahead of the bombing in Iraq 2004 Mar.26   Annan apologizes for Rwanda genocide  Secretary-General opened a memorial conference on the 1994 genocide by accepting institutional and personal blame 2004 Feb.19   Annan backs June 30 Iraq handover date  UN Secretary-General has said direct elections for a transitional legislature cannot be held by the June 30 transfer of power   UN rules out June Iraq elections  The Secretary General Annan has said that direct elections in Iraq are not feasible before 30 June 2004 Jan.18   US envoy seeks new UN Iraq role  Bremer is seeking a return of the UN to Iraq, in talks with Secretary General Annan 2004 Jan.6   Annan issues Afghanistan warning  The secretary-general has warned that peace process is at a critical juncture

year 2003 Top ^

2003 Dec.16   Kofi Annan chief demands clear Iraq role  Secretary-General: the capture of Saddam was an opportunity for a new beginning for Iraqis 2003 Nov.28   Annan condemns Israeli barrier  Secretary General has described decision to construct the West Bank security fence as 'deeply counter-productive 2003 Nov.27   World leaders 'neglecting Aids'  The world is losing the war against Aids, Secretary General Annan has warned. 40 million people are infected with the HIV 2003 Oct.10   Annan condemns Gaza deaths  Secretary General has condemned the killing of Palestinian civilians during an incursion by Israelis into the Rafah camp 2003 Sep.22   Annan: Force won't beat terror  Secretary-General has said that nations delude themselves if they think military force alone can defeat terrorism 2003 Jul.18   Annan chief 'seeks Iraqi handover'  Secretary General is set to call for a swift handover of sovereignty to the Iraqi people 2003 Mar.26   Annan seeks UN role in Iraq  The UN Secretary-General has urged the Security Council to heal the 'deep divisions' 2003 Feb.28   Annan issues Cyprus deal deadline  Secretary-General has told Greek and Turkish Cypriot leaders to settle on a peace deal by March 10 2003 Feb.8   Annan: U.S. should seek consensus  Secretary-General said that the issue of Iraqi disarmament is 'not for any one state but for the international community'

year 2002 Top ^

2002 Dec.31   Annan: Iraq is cooperating  Secretary-General does not think the U.S. will launch a military strike on Iraq before inspectors present their report 2002 Oct.29   Annan sure of consensus on Iraq  Diplomats reported intense U.S.-French discussions. Washington: Time 'running out' for U.N. to act 2002 Apr.30   Annan to decide fate of Jenin inquiry  The United Nations appears poised to scrap plans for sending a fact-finding mission to the Palestinian refugee camp   UN 'likely to shelve' Jenin mission
  Kofi Annan is minded to disband the fact-finding team after more than a week of wrangling and delays 2002 Apr.18   Annan calls for Mid-East peacekeepers  Secretary General told the Security Council that a multinational force was essential to end the deadly cycle of attacks 2002 Feb.4   Annan plea to help world's poor  The World Economic Forum has concluded its annual meeting with a plea from UN Secretary General 2002 Jan.26   Annan thanks Iran for Afghan support  Secretary General was holding talks with President Mohammad Khatami 2002 Jan.25   Annan for Afghan talks  Secretary General visit will attempt to navigate the Iran's role in Afghanistan 2002 Jan.24   Annan arrives to back Afghan leaders  UN Secretary General has arrived to show his support for Hamid Karzai's interim government

year 2001 Top ^

2001 Oct.12   U.N., Annan receive Nobel Prize  Norwegian Nobel Committee gave the centenary award to the U.N. and Kofi Annan, 63, for building peace 2001 Oct.6   Donors pledged $608m to Afghans  Annan had appealed for $584m to help millions of starved 2001 Sep.27   UN launches Afghan aid appeal  Kofi Annan has launched appeal for $584m to aid Afghans facing starvation 2001 Sep.25   UN plea for open Afghan borders  Annan has urged Afghanistan's neighbours to open borders to allow in refugees fleeing the conflict 2001 Aug.31   Conference on racism starts  U.N. Secretary-General Annan urging to set aside their differences 2001 Aug.17   U.N. warns Taliban  Annan has warned Afghanistan's rulers they violated international law for denying access to arrested aid workers 2001 Jul.5   Annan condemns 'assassinations'  United Nations Secretary-General called to stop targeted assassinations of Palestinian militants 2001 Jun.25   UN AIDS Conference  Annan urged world leaders to show solidarity 2001 Jun.8   U.N. chief to travel to Mideast  Kofi Annan will travel to the Middle East for diplomatic talks. CIA Director met separately with Israelis and Palestinians 2001 May.16   Russia backs Annan 2nd term  Country has become the last of the 5 permanent members of the U.N. Security Council to support re-election 2001 May.11   Annan condemns Mideast violence  U.N. Secretary-General said that both sides need to step back and start discussions. Tanks and bulldozers entered Gaza 2001 Mar.27   Arab leaders urged to find peace  U.N. Annan told at Arab League summit that there was no solution in violence 2001 Mar.22   Annan expected to ask to stay  Annan will ask for a second five-year term as secretary-general of the United Nations 2001 Mar.21   Sharon talks peace with Annan  In a meeting with U.N. Secretary-General, Sharon reiterated opposition to an observer force in the West Bank or Gaza

year 2000 Top ^

2000 Dec.2   U.N.'s Annan starts mini-Africa tour  Annan visit the United Nations' largest peacekeeping operation 2000 Nov.27   Commission examines clashes  U.N. leader Kofi Annan meets with members of fact-finding commission