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Yasser Arafat Timeline Tuesday, May 26
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Crime Main Event: Arafat 'may have been pois...
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1. 2013-11-07 Arafat polonium findings confirmed Switzerland
2. 2013-11-07 Arafat's widow calls his death a 'political assassination' Qatar
2013-11-06 Arafat 'may have been poisoned' Switzerland
E. 2012-11-26 Yasser Arafat's remains exhumed Ramallah, West Bank
F. 2012-11-13 Workers begin exhuming Arafat's body Ramallah, West Bank
6. 2012-08-28 French prosecutors launch murder inquiry in Arafat's death Paris
7. 2007-11-12 Deadly clash at Arafat rally Gaza
I. 2005-09-08 Report deepens Arafat death mystery Paris
J. 2004-11-22 Arafat nephew: No poison found Paris

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Arafat, 21st Century, Time by Topic
Time War & Army Crime Leader Health Problem
War & Army
2013 2013
War & Army
11/06 Arafat 'may have been poisoned'
Leader Health Problem
2013 2013
Leader Health Problem
War & Army
2012 2012
War & Army
08/28 French prosecutors launch murder inquiry in Ar...
Leader Health Problem
2012 2012
Leader Health Problem
War & Army
2007 2007
War & Army
11/12 Deadly clash at Arafat rally
Leader Health Problem
2007 2007
Leader Health Problem
War & Army
2005 2005
War & Army
2005 2005
Leader Health Problem
2005 2005
Leader Health Problem
War & Army
2004 2004
War & Army
2004 2004
11/05 Arafat 'stable' - French doctors
11/05 Arafat on life support
11/05 Arafat remains in critical state
11/04 Arafat 'in critical condition'
11/04 Arafat 'alive but gravely ill'
11/03 Arafat's health 'suffers setback'
10/30 Questions swirl around Arafat's health
10/28 Arafat to get treatment in France
10/27 Officials deny Arafat's condition critical
War & Army
2003 2003
War & Army
2003 2003
Leader Health Problem
2003 2003
Leader Health Problem
09/29 Israel leaves Arafat compound
09/21 Evacuation order for Arafat compound
09/20 Israel army wrecks Arafat compound
06/21 Report: Arafat to accept Clinton plan
06/05 Israel attacks Arafat's HQ
05/02 Middle East conference to be convened
05/01 Israeli army leaves Ramallah
03/29 Israelis storm Arafat HQ
01/31 Sharon regrets sparing Arafat
Leader Health Problem
2002 2002
Leader Health Problem
12/16 Arafat calls for halt to all violence
09/26 Arafat, Peres agreed on truce
08/21 Arafat, Peres agree to meet
04/01 6 Arafat's elite soldiers arrested
04/01 6 Arafat's elite soldiers arrested
Leader Health Problem
2001 2001
Leader Health Problem

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Arafat polonium findings confirmed   Arafat 'may have been poisoned'

year 2013 Top ^

Nov.7   Switzerland
 Qatar  Arafat's widow calls his death a 'political assassination'
Nov.6   Switzerland
  Former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat may have been poisoned with radioactive polonium, says a Swiss forensic report obtained by al-Jazeera

year 2012 Top ^

Nov.26   West Bank   Yasser Arafat's remains exhumed Map of Ramallah Israel
  The remains of Yasser Arafat have been exhumed, Palestinian officials say, as part of an investigation into how the Palestinian leader died
Nov.13   West Bank Workers begin exhuming Arafat's body Aug.28  Paris  French prosecutors launch murder inquiry in Arafat's death

year 2007 Top ^

Nov.12   Gaza   Deadly clash at Arafat rally  At least 6 people have been killed in gunfire at a rally organised by Fatah to mark 3 years since the death of Yasser Arafat

year 2005 Top ^

Sep.8  Paris  Report deepens Arafat death mystery

year 2004 Top ^

Nov.22  Paris  Arafat nephew: No poison found Nov.18  France  Paris set to release Arafat file to nephew Nov.13  West Bank  Somber mood over Arafat grave Nov.12   West Bank   Chaos as Arafat is buried
Map of Ramallah Israel
  Amid chaotic and highly emotional scenes, Palestinian leader has been buried at the Ramallah compound
Nov.11   Cairo Leaders gather for Arafat's funeral  A military funeral is scheduled to take place near Cairo's airport, amid 3 days of official mourning in Egypt   Cairo Arafat's body arrives in Egypt  Paris  Arafat's body begins final return Nov.10   Paris Arafat died
  The veteran Palestinian leader has died in a Paris hospital. There is no clear line of succession
 Yasser Arafat led Palestinian struggle for more than 40 years. He had been in a coma since November 3 and suffered a brain hemorrhage
 Paris  Palestinians plan Arafat funeral Nov.9   West Bank Aide: Arafat suffers brain hemorrhage   Al-Tayyeb Abdel Raheem said that Palestinian officials in Ramallah are in close contact with colleagues in Paris  Paris  Palestinian PM visits Arafat Nov.8  Paris  Palestinian leaders in Paris to visit Arafat  West Bank  Arafat visit to go ahead Nov.5  Paris  Arafat remains in critical state  Paris  Arafat 'stable' - French doctors  Paris  Arafat on life support Nov.4  Paris  Arafat 'alive but gravely ill'   Paris Arafat 'in critical condition'  Palestinian leader is at a Paris military hospital after drifting in and out of consciousness throughout the night Nov.3  Paris  Arafat's health 'suffers setback' Oct.30  Paris  Questions swirl around Arafat's health Oct.29   Paris Ailing Arafat arrives in Paris
  A helicopter carrying Palestinian leader landed after leaving his West Bank compound for the first time in 3 years Oct.28  West Bank  Arafat to get treatment in France   West Bank Ailing Arafat gets Israel pledge Oct.27   West Bank Doctors watch over Yasser Arafat  Palestinian leader has spent the night watched over by medical teams and aides after serious concerns for his health   West Bank Officials deny Arafat's condition critical Jul.17  West Bank  Arafat rejected government resignation May.16  Jordan  Powell chides Arafat's terror talk May.3  West Bank  Israelis surround Arafat compound Apr.24  West Bank  Arafat unbowed in face of Sharon's threat Apr.23  Jerusalem  Sharon: Arafat pledge is off

year 2003 Top ^

Nov.9  West Bank  Arafat, Qorei agree on new Cabinet Oct.28  West Bank  Arafat asks prime minister to stay on Oct.5   West Bank Arafat installs emergency cabinet
Sep.19  UN  U.N. vote backs Arafat Sep.17  West Bank  Arafat: Cease-fire is near Sep.16    Arab world condemns US Arafat veto   UN Security Council U.S. vetoes Arafat vote Sep.11   West Bank Palestinians rally for defiant Arafat Sep.8   West Bank Arafat nominee seeks assurances Sep.2   West Bank Arafat: 'The road map is dead' Aug.27   West Bank Arafat urges cease-fire Jul.1   West Bank Arafat 'could leave Ramallah' Apr.23   West Bank Compromise in Arafat Cabinet standoff Mar.6   West Bank   Arafat chooses prime minister  Palestinian leader has chosen Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian Liberation Organization's second-in-command Jan.20  West Bank  Arafat backs new leaders in his party

year 2002 Top ^

Dec.9  West Bank  Arafat facing challenge from Barghouti  Jerusalem  Sharon adviser against Arafat trip Nov.12  Jerusalem  Netanyahu vows to expel Arafat Oct.22  West Bank  Arafat settles on smaller Cabinet Sep.29   West Bank Israel leaves Arafat compound  Israel's top security officials agreed to ease the military's grip on the Palestinian leader's headquarters Sep.23  West Bank  Palestinian official meets Arafat Sep.22   West Bank Aide says Arafat siege 'dreadful'
Sep.21   West Bank Evacuation order for Arafat compound  With Israeli troops surrounding compound poised for an assault, several hundred Palestinians took to the streets   West Bank Israel presses siege of Arafat office Sep.20   West Bank Arafat office under fire   West Bank Israel army wrecks Arafat compound   Israeli forces have destroyed all buildings in Ramallah compound that immediately surround the Palestinian leader's main office Sep.19   West Bank Tanks advance on Arafat's compound Sep.11   West Bank Arafat to form new government  The Palestinian Cabinet resigned to head off a revolt in the Palestinian Legislative Council. The PLC adjourned Sep.9  West Bank  Arafat: Palestinians on verge of statehood Jul.29  West Bank  Arafat: Cease-fire talks with groups Jul.12  Washington  Arafat sent letter to Powell Jul.11   West Bank Arafat remained defiant Jul.3   West Bank Arafat reshuffles security officials   Security chief Rajoub was dismissed and replaced by Zuhair Manasra, the governor of Jenin Jun.26   West Bank Palestinians plan elections in January Jun.25   West Bank Arafat defiant after Bush speech Jun.24   Washington   Bush calls for end to Arafat's rule  President has urged the Palestinian people to replace Arafat, with a leader 'not compromised by terror'  West Bank  Arafat denounces Israeli siege Jun.21   West Bank Report: Arafat to accept Clinton plan  Palestinian leader told a newspaper he was ready to accept a proposal by Clinton as a framework for a peace settlement Jun.10  West Bank  Israeli tanks surround Arafat Jun.9  West Bank  Arafat overhauls Palestinian cabinet Jun.6  West Bank  Arafat defiant after HQ raid Jun.5  West Bank  Israelis pull out of Arafat compound   West Bank Israel attacks Arafat's HQ   Gunfire has broken out near the headquarters of Palestinian leader in the city of Ramallah May.17  West Bank  Arafat casts doubt on elections May.15  West Bank  Arafat commits to Palestinian reform May.8  West Bank  Arafat orders end to 'terrorist' attacks May.2   Washington Middle East conference to be convened  Washington  Bush 'not ready' to meet Arafat May.1   West Bank Israeli army leaves Ramallah Apr.29  West Bank  Moves to end Arafat siege Apr.28   West Bank Arafat accepted plan to lift siege  Israeli forces to let him travel once men wanted are moved to a Palestinian prison to be held by US and British guards Apr.25  West Bank  Palestinians 'jailed' for minister's killing Apr.24  West Bank  EU holding talks with Arafat Apr.14  West Bank  Powell talks peace with Arafat Apr.13  USA  US approves Arafat-Powell meeting Apr.2   Jerusalem Arafat extradition considered Mar.29  West Bank  Israeli onslaught corners Arafat   West Bank Israelis storm Arafat HQ
  The troops were fighting room-to-room. 60 people from inside the compound had been arrested. Suicide bombing killed 3
Mar.28   West Bank Israel attacks Arafat compound
Mar.22  Washington  Bush renews call on Arafat Mar.9  Gaza  Arafat headquarters destroyed Feb.25  West Bank  Arafat backs new security talks Feb.24  Israel  Palestinians cancelled security meetings Feb.19  West Bank  Israel attacks Arafat headquarters Feb.13  West Bank  Arafat takes arms shipment blame Feb.2  West Bank  PFLP shuns Arafat Jan.31   Jerusalem Sharon regrets sparing Arafat Jan.26  West Bank  Palestinians rally for Arafat

year 2001 Top ^

Dec.16  West Bank  Arafat calls for halt to all violence Dec.12   Jerusalem Israel cuts off contact with Arafat  Israeli Cabinet holds him directly responsible for an ambush of a bus Dec.3  Jerusalem  Israel: Arafat supports terrorists Nov.3  Spain  Arafat and Peres hold meeting Oct.17  Jerusalem  Sharon fury over minister's killing Sep.26   Gaza Arafat, Peres agreed on truce
  Palestinian leader and Israeli Foreign Minister have agreed on measures to make the ceasefire permanent Aug.21   Israel Arafat, Peres agree to meet
Apr.16  Gaza  Israelis strike Arafat's guard HQ Apr.1   West Bank 6 Arafat's elite soldiers arrested Mar.10  Israel  Arafat calls for new talks Jan.18  Israel  Arafat ready for marathon talks Jan.11  Israel  High-level talks concluded Jan.4  Egypt  Arafat meets with Mubarak Jan.2  Washington  Clinton-Arafat talks end