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Cheney attends parliament ceremony  U.S. Vice President celebrated a milestone in Afghanistan's transition; National assembly took its first oath Cheney visits officials, troops Cheney: Terrorists win if we leave Iraq Ex-CIA boss: Cheney 'VP for torture' Dick Cheney lambasts Iraq critics   Vice-President has launched a vitriolic attack on politicians who accuse the White House of misusing intelligence Lewis Libby quits Cheney office
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B. 2009-07-12 Cheney 'ordered CIA to hide plan' CIA
C. 2009-06-01 Cheney: No link between Saddam, 9/11 Washington
D. 2009-05-29 Senator: Cheney's lying about CIA memos U.S. Senate
E. 2009-04-23 Report: Rice, Cheney OK'd waterboarding U.S. Senate
F. 2009-03-15 Cheney defends Bush: 'Stuff happens' Washington
6. 2008-09-06 Cheney accuses Russia of 'brutality' Italy
7. 2008-09-05 U.S. risks Russia row with Ukraine backing Ukraine
2008-09-04 Cheney: Georgia will be in our alliance Georgia
9. 2008-03-23 Cheney meets Palestinian leaders West Bank

Cheney: No link between Saddam, 9/11 Senator: Cheney's lying about CIA memos   Report: Rice, Cheney OK'd waterboarding  Top Bush officials gave the CIA approval to use waterboarding, as early as 2002, a Senate intelligence report shows   Cheney defends Bush: 'Stuff happens'  Former Vice President: Obama administration has endangered U.S. and opened the country to further attack by reversing anti-terrorism policie... Cheney accuses Russia of 'brutality'   U.S. risks Russia row with Ukraine backing  U.S. Vice-President Cheney met with Ukraine's pro-Western president Yushchenko in the capital of Kiev   Cheney: Georgia will be in our alliance   U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney said the U.S. firmly backs NATO membership for Georgia Cheney meets Palestinian leaders   Cheney backs Israel over security   Speaking in a press conference US Vice-President has given strong backing to Israel ahead of talks with Palestinian leaders Cheney: unshakable commitment to Israel Cheney visits unannounced Cheney warns on Chinese build-up Cheney: Talk of blunders is 'hogwash' US warns Iran on Iraq 'meddling'   Bush enters Cheney 'torture row'  Bush has reiterated his position that the administration does not condone torture, following comments by Vice President Cheney sued in CIA identity case Cheney talks about accident  Vice President took responsibility for shooting a friend during a weekend hunting trip Man Cheney shot has heart attack  Harry Whittington, 78, suffered a heartbeat irregularity caused by a pellet lodged in his heart Cheney shoots man in hunt error
  Cheney 'ordered CIA to hide plan'

year 2009 Top ^

Jul.12   CIA
  The head of the CIA has accused former US Vice-President of concealing an intelligence program from Congress
May.29   U.S. Senate
Apr.23   U.S. Senate

year 2008 Top ^

Sep.6   Italy
Sep.5   Ukraine
Sep.4   Georgia
Mar.23   West Bank
Mar.22   Jerusalem

year 2007 Top ^

May.9   Baghdad
Feb.23   Sydney

year 2006 Top ^

Feb.14   Texas
Feb.12   Texas
  The Vice-President has accidentally shot and injured a man during a quail hunting trip

year 2005 Top ^

Dec.19   Kabul
Dec.18   Baghdad
Dec.6   New York
Nov.18   England
  chief-of-staff to Vice President has resigned after being charged with perjury over an investigation
  Prosecutor to seek Libby indictment
  The special prosecutor in the CIA leak probe, plans to ask to indict Vice President Dick Cheney's chief of staff
Sep.8   New Orleans Cheney embarks on hurricane tour  Vice-President has arrived on the country's Gulf coast for a tour of the areas worst affected by Katrina Jul.18   Cheney aide 'confirmed CIA agent'

year 2004 Top ^

Nov.13   Cheney taken to hospital for tests
  Vice President underwent tests at a hospital after experiencing shortness of breath Sep.7   Iowa   Cheney: Kerry win risks terror attack  Vice President: A win by Democratic candidate would put the US at risk of another 'devastating' terrorist attack Sep.1   New York   Cheney unleashes attack on Kerry  Vice-President has lashed out at Democratic candidate on the third day of the Republican convention Apr.14   China Cheney links HK stance to Taiwan
Apr.10   Japan Hostages overshadow Cheney's visit Jan.24   Switzerland Cheney adrresses European nations

year 2003 Top ^

Apr.8   Democrats call Halliburton probe  2 congres members called for an investigation into whether the company Cheney once headed has received special treatment

year 2002 Top ^

Aug.26   New Cheney warning on Iraq
Mar.24   Cheney: Arafat 'still not doing enough' Mar.19   Israel Cheney prepared to meet Arafat

year 2001 Top ^

Jun.30   Cheney get heart implant  Vice President had a heart monitor device to keep track of his heart rhythm and slow it down Jun.29   Cheney to have defibrillator implanted  Vice President will likely have a small device implanted to monitor and slow abnormal heart rhythms Mar.5   Cheney had heart surgery  Doctors reopen artery in Vice President's heart

year 2000 Top ^

Aug.2   Philadelphia   Republicans pick Bush, Cheney
  Republican convention picks Texas governor as presidential candidate; Dick Cheney for VP spot


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