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Politics Main Event: Iran executes woman who...
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1. 2015-03-21 Iran upbeat on nuclear talks progress Tehran
C. 2015-02-25 Rev. Guard conducts military drill against replica US carrier Strait of Hormuz, Southern Iran
D. 2015-01-29 Iran calls for assassination of Netanyahu's children Iran
4. 2014-12-06 US reporter charged by Iran court Tehran
2014-10-25 Iran executes woman who killed her alleged rapist Iran
G. 2014-10-11 Iranian police airplane crashes in country's southeast Zahedan, Southern Iran
7. 2014-10-06 British-Iranian woman held at prison goes on hunger strike Evin Prison, Iran
I. 2014-10-06 Explosion at nuclear complex in Iran kills two workers Parchin, Tehran
9. 2014-08-30 Iran anger over new US sanctions Tehran

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Iran upbeat on nuclear talks progress  Iran's President Hassan Rouhani says that progress made in nuclear talks means a final deal can be reached   Netanyahu warns US over Iran deal  In a speech to US Congress the prime minister has warned that a deal under discussion on Iran's nuclear program could 'pave its way to the bomb' Iran talks: Diplomats ponder extending deadline  Foreign ministers trying to reach an agreement on nuclear program are considering extending negotiations, as Monday's deadline for a deal looms Iran plane crash near Tehran kills 38  At least 38 people were killed when a small passenger plane crashed near the Iranian capital Tehran, state media reports
  Iran nuclear talks: World powers seek deal Map of Lausanne Switzerland
2015 Mar. 29  
  Representatives of six world powers are intensifying talks with Iran on its nuclear programme, ahead of a 31 March deadline for a deal
2015 Mar. 21  
2015 Mar. 3  

year 2014
... more >
2014 Nov.23  
2014 Aug.10  

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Iran talks: Diplomats ponder extending deadl...
UN invites Iran to Syria peace talks
War & Army
2014 2014
War & Army
2014 2014
Iran plane crash near Tehran kills 38
Iran talks: Diplomats ponder extending deadl...
Iran nuclear deal agreed at talks
Obama and Rouhani speak by phone
Hassan Rouhani wins Iran election
War & Army
2013 2013
War & Army
2013 2013
Strong earthquake rocks Iran, Pakistan
Iran nuclear deal agreed at talks
'No deal' at Iran nuclear talks
Obama and Rouhani speak by phone
2012 2012
UN nuclear inspectors visit Iran
Iran fires missiles in Strait of Hormuz
Bangkok Iran plot 'targeted Israelis'
Car explosion 'kills nuclear scientist'
2012 2012
Car explosion 'kills nuclear scientist'
Iranian students storm UK embassy
U.S. hikers in Iran freed
U.S. hikers get eight years in prison
Iran shoots down American drone
Two Iranian warships 'enter Suez Canal'
US disrupts 'Iranian terror plot'
2011 2011
Weapons of Mass Destruction Politics
2011 2011
Weapons of Mass Destruction Politics
Freed US hiker vows to help friends
Iran's first nuclear plant begins fueling
War & Army
2010 2010
War & Army
2010 2010
2010 2010
Iran's first nuclear plant begins fueling
Several killed, 300 arrested in protests
Dissident Grand Ayatollah Montazeri dies
Iran authorizes 10 new nuke plants
UN team 'visit Iran nuclear site'
Iran 'hiding underground nuclear facility'
Defence minister-designate on Interpol list
UK, French embassy employees on trial
Election protests turn violent
Ahmadinejad has large lead in election
Walkout at Iran leader's speech
Iran makes first satellite launch
Iran authorizes 10 new nuke plants
UN team 'visit Iran nuclear site'
Commanders assassinated
Defence minister-designate on Interpol list
Commanders assassinated
Defence minister-designate on Interpol list
Iran jails journalist as US spy
168 feared dead as plane crashes
Iran authorizes 10 new nuke plants
UN team 'visit Iran nuclear site'
Iran 'hiding underground nuclear facility'
2008 2008
Iran tests new long-range missile
Iran boats threatened US ships
2008 2008
2008 2008
Weapons of Mass Destruction Politics
2008 2008
Weapons of Mass Destruction Politics
U.S.: Iran's nuclear weapons work halted
U.S.: Iran's nuclear weapons work halted
Iran seizes 15 British sailors
2007 2007
2007 2007
U.S.: Iran's nuclear weapons work halted
Security Council approves Iran sanctions
Iran 'fails to heed nuclear call'
Iran 'advances uranium program'
Iran restarts uranium work
2006 2006
2006 2006
Security Council approves Iran sanctions
Iran 'fails to heed nuclear call'
Israel 'must be wiped from map'
Ahmadinejad elected as president
War & Army
2005 2005
War & Army
2005 2005
110 killed in plane crash
Weapons of Mass Destruction Politics
2005 2005
Weapons of Mass Destruction Politics
Protest as reformists blocked
War & Army
2004 2004
War & Army
2004 2004
2004 2004
Weapons of Mass Destruction Politics
2004 2004
Weapons of Mass Destruction Politics
2003 2003
Military plane crash kills 302
2003 2003
28,000 dead after earthquake
Twins dead after separation
Weapons of Mass Destruction Politics
2003 2003
Weapons of Mass Destruction Politics

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  Iran nuclear talks: World powers seek deal Map of Lausanne Switzerland

March 2015 ... more > Top ^
2015 Mar. 29    
  Representatives of six world powers are intensifying talks with Iran on its nuclear programme, ahead of a 31 March deadline for a deal
2015 Mar. 21   'No bad deal' with Iran, powers vow  Western powers negotiating an agreement with Iran on its nuclear activity will not accept 'a bad deal', UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond says     Iran upbeat on nuclear talks progress   Iran's President Hassan Rouhani says that progress made in nuclear talks means a final deal can be reached 2015 Mar. 19   Obama tells Iran of 'historic' opportunity  US President has told the Iranian people that a deal to transform the relationship between the two countries could be within reach 2015 Mar. 3       Netanyahu warns US over Iran deal
  In a speech to US Congress the prime minister has warned that a deal under discussion on Iran's nuclear program could 'pave its way to the bomb'

February 2015 ... more > Top ^
2015 Feb.25   Rev. Guard conducts military drill against replica US carrier  Dozens of Iranian speedboats swarmed a replica of a U.S. aircraft carrier in a strategic Gulf waterway, blasting it with missiles in large-scale drills

year 2014 ... more > Top ^

December 2014 ... more > Top ^
2014 Dec.2   Iran 'conducts air strikes' in Iraq  American-made F4 Phantom jets conducted air strikes against Islamic State (IS) targets in eastern Iraq during recent days

November 2014 ... more > Top ^
2014 Nov.23     Iran talks: Diplomats ponder extending deadline   Foreign ministers trying to reach an agreement on nuclear program are considering extending negotiations, as Monday's deadline for a deal looms

October 2014 ... more > Top ^
2014 Oct.25   Iran executes woman who killed her alleged rapist  Reyhaneh Jabbari, 26, convicted of murder -- in a killing that human rights groups called self-defense against a rapist -- was hanged

August 2014 ... more > Top ^
2014 Aug.10     Iran plane crash near Tehran kills 38
Map of Mehrabad Iran  At least 38 people were killed when a small passenger plane crashed near the Iranian capital Tehran, state media reports

June 2014 ... more > Top ^
2014 Jun.13   Iran sends forces to Iraq as militants press forward  About 500 Revolutionary Guards entered Iraq as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria started making its advance toward the south 2014 Jun.1   Iran executed dissident for 'enmity against God'  Gholamreza Khosravi Savajani has been executed by hanging despite protests by human rights groups who claimed that the man received an unfair trial

April 2014 ... more > Top ^
2014 Apr.11   US refuses visa for Iran's UN choice  The White House has refused to issue a US visa to Hamid Aboutalebi, who was involved in seizure of the US embassy in 1979

January 2014 ... more > Top ^
2014 Jan.20   UN withdraws Iran invitation to Geneva talks  The UN has withdrawn its invitation to Iran to join this week's peace conference on the Syria crisis 2014 Jan.19   UN invites Iran to Syria peace talks  UN chief Ban Ki-moon has invited Iran to take part in preliminary Syrian peace talks this week in Switzerland, an offer Tehran has accepted

year 2013 ... more > Top ^

November 2013 ... more > Top ^
2013 Nov.23     Iran nuclear deal agreed at talks
  Iran and six world powers meeting in Geneva have reached a deal on Tehran's nuclear programme, foreign ministers say
 Iran agrees to halt some of its work on uranium enrichment for six months. Negotiators from the UK, US, Russia, China, France and Germany want Iran to stop enriching uranium in return for a loosening of sanctions
2013 Nov.19   Twin blasts hit Iran Beirut embassy  At least 22 people have been killed and more than 140 injured in a double suicide bombing outside the Iranian embassy in the Lebanese capita 2013 Nov.9   'No deal' at Iran nuclear talks  Talks between world powers and Iran have failed to reach an agreement on Tehran's nuclear program

October 2013 ... more > Top ^
2013 Oct.26   Iran 'hangs 16 rebels' in reprisal  Sixteen rebels have been hanged in Iran in retaliation for the deaths of at least 14 border guards in an ambush, say Iranian news agencies 2013 Oct.16   Iran, P5+1 release first joint statement  Talks between Iran and six world powers over Tehran's nuclear ambitions endedin, suggesting Iranian officials appear willing to negotiate

September 2013 ... more > Top ^
2013 Sep.28   Rivals rally as Rouhani returns  President Hassan Rouhani has been met by hardline protesters chanting 'Death to America' on his return from the UN forum in New York 2013 Sep.27       Obama and Rouhani speak by phone   U.S. President Barack Obama spoke by phone with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, the first communication between U.S. and Iranian leaders since 1979 2013 Sep.18   Iran 'will never build nuclear arms'  Iran's new President Hassan Rouhani has said that his country would never build nuclear weapons   Nasrin Sotoudeh 'among freed political prisoners'  Iran is reported to have freed at least 11 political prisoners, including noted human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh

August 2013 ... more > Top ^
2013 Aug.4   Rouhani takes over as Iran's president  Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has urged the West to drop sanctions and treat Tehran with respect, during his inauguration speech to parliament

June 2013 ... more > Top ^
2013 Jun.15     Hassan Rouhani wins Iran election
  Reformist-backed cleric Hassan Rouhani has won Iran's presidential election, securing just over 50% of the vote and so avoiding the need for a run-off
 Tehran Mayor Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf was well behind in second place. Turnout was at 72.2% among the 50 million who were eligible to vote to choose a successor to Ahmadinejad
2013 Jun.14   Early vote count in Iran gives Rowhani wide lead  Reformist-backed presidential candidate surged to a wide lead in early vote counting, suggesting late support could have swayed a race   Iran's leader jabs US as presidential vote begins  The balloting kicked off with Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei delivering a rebuke to U.S. questions over the openness of the presidential contest

April 2013 ... more > Top ^
2013 Apr.16   Strong earthquake rocks Iran, Pakistan  At least 40 people are feared dead in Iran and seven more in Pakistan after a powerful 7.8 earthquake near the countries' shared border 2013 Apr.9   Quake strikes Iran, near nuclear site  A 6.3 earthquake hits Iran's Bushehr province, killing more than 30 but leaving a nuclear power plant unaffected

year 2012 ... more > Top ^

October 2012 ... more > Top ^
2012 Oct.2   'Enemies caused Iran rial's fall'  Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has blamed the 'enemies' of his country for the sharp falls in its currency, the rial

August 2012 ... more > Top ^
2012 Aug.12   Rescue operations end after Iran quakes kill 250  Another 1,800 people were injured in the 2 strong earthquakes that shook East Azarbaijan province in northwest Iran

February 2012 ... more > Top ^
2012 Feb.16   Bangkok Iran plot 'targeted Israelis'  A group of Iranians detained after explosions in Thailand's capital Bangkok were intending to target two Israeli diplomats, Thai police say

January 2012 ... more > Top ^
2012 Jan.28   UN nuclear inspectors visit Iran  Inspectors from IAEA have begun a three-day visit to Iran, to try to determine the purpose of the country's nuclear program 2012 Jan.10     Car explosion 'kills nuclear scientist'
Map of Tehran Iran  Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan, a university lecturer and nuclear scientist, has been killed in a car explosion in north Tehran
 Academic also worked at the Natanz uranium enrichment facility, and the driver of the car were killed in the attack
2012 Jan.9   Iran 'enriching uranium' at mountain site  Iran has begun enriching uranium at a heavily fortified underground site, the UN's nuclear watchdog has confirmed 2012 Jan.2   Iran fires missiles in Strait of Hormuz  Iran test-fired two missiles, the final day of its naval exercises. The Qader missile, a long-range sea-to-shore missile, was fired during the maneuvers

year 2011 ... more > Top ^

December 2011 ... more > Top ^
2011 Dec.4   Iran shoots down American drone  A U.S. drone was shot down in eastern Iran, state media reported, citing a military source

November 2011 ... more > Top ^
2011 Nov.29   Iranian students storm UK embassy  Iranian students are breaking down the door, throwing around papers and replacing the British flag with an Iranian one
 Protesters in Tehran enter the UK embassy compound during an anti-British demonstration

October 2011 ... more > Top ^
2011 Oct.11   US disrupts 'Iranian terror plot'  The US says it has broken up a plot by agents linked to Iran to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to Washington using explosives

September 2011 ... more > Top ^
2011 Sep.21   U.S. hikers in Iran freed  American hikers Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer were released from an Iranian prison into the care of an Omani official
 Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal were released on bail of $500,000 each and their sentences were commuted. Diplomatic cars sent to collect them from the notorious Evin Prison

August 2011 ... more > Top ^
2011 Aug.20   U.S. hikers get eight years in prison  The two U.S. hikers detained for two grueling years in Iran on spying charges have been sentenced to eight years in prison
 Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer

February 2011 ... more > Top ^
2011 Feb.21   Two Iranian warships 'enter Suez Canal'  Two Iranian warships have entered the Suez Canal to make a passage to the Mediterranean Sea. The warships are headed to Syria 2011 Feb.20   Security forces push back Iran protesters  Witnesses say security agents on motorcycles are riding onto sidewalks to disperse opposition protests

January 2011 ... more > Top ^
2011 Jan.9   Plane with 105 aboard crashes in Iran  The crash happened near Orumiyeh in the Azarbaijan province of northwestern Iran near Lake Orumiyeh. The Boeing 727 took off from Tehran

year 2010 ... more > Top ^

September 2010 ... more > Top ^
2010 Sep.14   Freed US hiker vows to help friends  A jubilant American Sarah Shourd reunited with her mother, after authorities released her from a Tehran prison where she had been held for 14 months

August 2010 ... more > Top ^
2010 Aug.21     Iran's first nuclear plant begins fueling   Iran began fueling its first nuclear energy plant. Western nations have questioned whether the fuel will be used solely for electricity
 The transfer of nuclear fuel was being watched by the International Atomic Energy Agency and senior officials from Iran and Russia

July 2010 ... more > Top ^
2010 Jul.15   2 blasts kill at least 20 in southeast Iran  Two alleged suicide bombers were responsible for a pair of explosions in the southeastern Iranian city in front of the city's Grand Mosque 2010 Jul.8   Woman won't be stoned to death  The government is denying that a woman will be executed by stoning, though her death sentence may still be carried out by some other method

June 2010 ... more > Top ^
2010 Jun.16   Iran says it's working on new reactor  Iran is starting design work on a new nuclear reactor, the head of the country's Atomic Energy Organization said

February 2010 ... more > Top ^
2010 Feb.2   Ahmadinejad accepts nuclear deal terms  The president has said it is ready to send its enriched uranium abroad for further enrichment under a deal to ease concerns about its nuclear program

year 2009 ... more > Top ^

December 2009 ... more > Top ^
2009 Dec.27   Several killed, 300 arrested in protests  The clashes broke out between demonstrators and security forces as large crowds gathered for Ashura, a major religious observance
 The nephew of former presidential candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi was among those killed when police opened fire. Opposition websites reported four deaths in Tabriz
2009 Dec.23   Clashes at Montazeri ceremony  Iranian security forces used tear gas and batons to disperse people gathering to commemorate Grand Ayatollah Hoseyn Ali Montazeri 2009 Dec.19   Dissident Grand Ayatollah Montazeri dies  87-year-old theologian was based in the holy city Qom. He was a moving spirit in the 1979 revolution and a critic of President Ahmadinejad
 Grand Ayatollah Montazeri issued a fatwa condemning Ahmadinejad's government after June's disputed election

November 2009 ... more > Top ^
2009 Nov.29   Iran authorizes 10 new nuke plants  Iran's Cabinet has authorized the construction of another 10 uranium enrichment plants, further defying international calls
 MPs urge reduced IAEA ties

October 2009 ... more > Top ^
2009 Oct.25   UN team 'visit Iran nuclear site'  A team from the nuclear watchdog has inspected a previously secret uranium enrichment plant in Iran, near the holy city of Qom 2009 Oct.21   Iran nuclear fuel deal 'agreed'  Iran and 3 world powers have been handed a draft agreement aimed at reducing international concerns over Tehran's nuclear program 2009 Oct.18   Commanders assassinated  Several top commanders in Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards have been killed in a suicide bombing in the south-east of the country
 31 people died in the attack, in the Pishin region; and more than 25 were injured. Shia and Sunni leaders were also killed. Jundullah, a Sunni group, said they carried it out

September 2009 ... more > Top ^
2009 Sep.28   Iran test-fires long-range missiles  Days before a key meeting with Western leaders, Iran tested two types of long-range missiles in part of what Iran called routine military exercises 2009 Sep.25   Iran 'hiding underground nuclear facility'  US President: Iran concealed a partially-built second uranium enrichment plant in defiance of calls for transparency over its nuclear plans
 The US, UK and France said the UN had to be given immediate access and urged tough new sanctions. Russia also said it was 'seriously concerned'. Ahmadinejad denied that the facility was in breach of IAEA rules.
2009 Sep.18   Protesters chant 'death to dictator'  Large crowds gathered in the capital to march in an annual pro-Palestinian rally, among them thousands of green-clad supporters of the opposition

August 2009 ... more > Top ^
2009 Aug.21   Defence minister-designate on Interpol list  Iran's defence minister-designate Vahidi is on an Interpol 'wanted' list over the 1994 bombing of a Jewish centre in Argentina 2009 Aug.8   UK, French embassy employees on trial  A mass trial of Iranians and others arrested in post-election demonstrations resumed, with about 100 defendants in Tehran's Revolutionary Court 2009 Aug.5   Ahmadinejad sworn in  With hundreds of protesters gathering and riot police out in force on the streets, hardline President took the oath of office
 He's beginning a second term in a bitterly divided Iran
2009 Aug.3   Protests in Iran as Ahmadinejad endorsed  Hundreds of Iranians took to the streets, hours after the country's supreme leader endorsed President Ahmadinejad for a second term in office
 Ssupreme leader formally endorses Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as winner of the presidential poll, but key figures stay away

July 2009 ... more > Top ^
2009 Jul.24   17 die as plane skids, bursts into flames  Passenger Aryan Airlines Flight 1625 skidded off an airport runway and burst into flames in the northeastern Iranian city 2009 Jul.15     168 feared dead as plane crashes   An Iranian airliner en route to Armenia crashed killing all passengers and crew plunged into the ground and disintegrated on impact
 10 members of the country's youth judo team were aboard the Caspian Airlines plane. A smoldering crater was scattered with charred pieces of the plane and tattered passports

June 2009 ... more > Top ^
2009 Jun.29   Council: Partial recount validates vote  Guardian Council is saying it had completed an investigation into alleged voter irregularities 2009 Jun.22   Hundreds protest, despite warning  Hundreds of demonstrators angry over recent presidential election results gathered in a public square, despite a stern warning by Revolutionary Guard 2009 Jun.21   Iran silences street protesters  Iranian authorities have deployed thousands of security officers on the streets, after a week of mass protests over a disputed election 2009 Jun.20   Security forces use tear gas on protesters  Security forces made a large show of force in midtown and southeastern Tehran, using tear gas and clubs to beat back protesters 2009 Jun.19   Ayatollah demands end to protests  Ali Khamenei, Iran's supreme leader, has issued a warning that protests against the country's disputed presidential election results must end 2009 Jun.18   Iranians take to streets in mourning march  The massive opposition rally proceeded peacefully. Iranians took to the streets to grieve for those who died in post-election violence 2009 Jun.16   Mass opposition rally  Supporters of defeated presidential candidate Hossein Mousavi have again staged a mass rally. Mousavi's urging his backers not to march 2009 Jun.14   Hatred, chaos and savage beatings  Moussavi's backers are calling President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's landslide victory a sham. The government's response has been a ruthless crackdown 2009 Jun.13     Election protests turn violent
Map of Tehran Iran
  Ahmadinejad declaration as the winner of presidential election brought thousands of supporters of the rival Moussavi onto the streets
 Moussavi supporters are crying foul as street clashes have erupted in the aftermath of the polls Protesters and riot police engaged in running battles, with stones thrown, and people shouting 'death to the dictatorship'
2009 Jun.12       Ahmadinejad has large lead in election  Defying many predictions, Iranian President held a commanding lead in the presidential vote. With 70% of votes counted, Ahmadinejad has 66% 2009 Jun.10   Iran row fires campaign's end  Final campaigning for presidential poll has been overshadowed by a row over accusations made by President Ahmadinejad

May 2009 ... more > Top ^
2009 May.28   Many die in Zahedan mosque bombing  A bomb south-east Iran in a mainly Sunni Muslim city has killed at least 19 people and injured 60 at the time of evening prayer 2009 May.20   Iran announces new missile test  Iran announced that it successfully tested another 'Sajil', a surface-to-surface missile with a range that makes it capable of reaching Europe

April 2009 ... more > Top ^
2009 Apr.20   Walkout at Iran leader's speech  Diplomats have walked out of a speech by Ahmadinejad at a UN anti-racism conference after he described Israel as a 'racist government'

February 2009 ... more > Top ^
2009 Feb.25   Iran tests its first nuclear power plant  Tests were carried out at the Bushehr nuclear power plant using dummy fuel rods, loaded with lead in place of enriched uranium 2009 Feb.2     Iran makes first satellite launch
  Iran has launched its first domestically made satellite into orbit from a Safir-2 rocket. Iran is subject to UN sanctions
 President Ahmadinejad said that with it Iran had 'officially achieved a presence in space'. A US state department said the launch was of 'great concern' and could lead to ballistic missile development

year 2008 ... more > Top ^

July 2008 ... more > Top ^
2008 Jul.27   29 convicts executed  29 people convicted of murder, drug trafficking, rape, armed robbery and other criminal charges have been hanged in Evin prison
 The hangings were carried out after the death verdicts were approved by Iran's Supreme Court. The hangings bring to more than 100 the number of people executed in Iran so far in 2008
2008 Jul.8   Iran tests new long-range missile  The Iranian Revolutionary Guards have successfully test-fired a Shahab-3, whose range puts it within reach of Israel
 9 missiles were tested in total, including a new Shahab-3, with a range of 2,000km. 2 other types of missile with shorter ranges were also fired as part of the Great Prophet III war games being staged by military. Washington and Tel Aviv condemn Iran

March 2008 ... more > Top ^
2008 Mar.15   Hardliners surge ahead in vote  Hardliners allied with President Ahmadinejad took the lead in parliamentary elections, but reformists showed strength in some cities
 Results early Saturday showed the hard-liners winning 19 seats, reformists 6 and moderate conservatives 5. Reformist pushed for Iranians to vote, hoping to prevent a sweep by Ahmadinejad allies after the clerics threw many liberal candidates out of the race

January 2008 ... more > Top ^
2008 Jan.7   Iran boats threatened US ships  5 speedboats harassed 3 US navy ships, approaching them and radioing a threat to blow them up
 The video and audio recordings shot from one of the three US ships, shows several small boats approaching at high speed. Iran has dismissed the incident as a 'routine' encounter

year 2007 ... more > Top ^

December 2007 ... more > Top ^
2007 Dec.3   U.S.: Iran's nuclear weapons work halted  A U.S. intelligence report: Iran halted work toward a nuclear weapon under international scrutiny in 2003
 Iran is not likely to have enough highly enriched uranium to build a bomb until 2010-2015

October 2007 ... more > Top ^
2007 Oct.20   Iran's nuclear negotiator resigns  A move seen as a victory for President Ahmadinejad that could bring about an even tougher stance in ongoing talks
 A deputy foreign minister, Saeed Jalili, would replace Ali Larijani

June 2007 ... more > Top ^
2007 Jun.26   Protests fuel rationing  At least one petrol station has been set on fire in Tehran, after the government announced fuel rationing for private motorists

April 2007 ... more > Top ^
2007 Apr.18   Iran nuclear operations confirmed  IAEA: Iran has assembled 1,300 centrifuges at its Natanz plant and has begun the process of enriching uranium 2007 Apr.9   Nuclear program stepped up  Ahmadinejad: nuclear fuel production program has reached 'industrial' levels
 Iran had begun injecting gas into many of the centrifuges. Iran maintains its nuclear program is peaceful but the West fears it wants to build atomic bombs. The European Union renewed calls for Iran to suspend uranium enrichment
2007 Apr.5   Blair welcomes sailors from Iran  Prime Minister reiterated that no diplomatic deals were done to secure their release
 Blair: 15 Royal Navy crew members were released 'without any deal, without any negotiation, without any side agreement of any nature'. The 15 navy personnel are being reunited with their families at the barracks in Devon

March 2007 ... more > Top ^
2007 Mar.23       Iran seizes 15 British sailors
Map of Persian Gulf Iran  The naval patrol seized sailors who had boarded a vessel suspected of smuggling cars off the coast of Iraq
 The Royal Marines and naval officers were have been apprehended by up to 6 ships from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy. The British government demanded the safe return of its troops and summoned Tehran's ambassador to explain the incident. Iran had asked Britain's ambassador to explain why the personnel had crossed into Iranian territory

February 2007 ... more > Top ^
2007 Feb.13   Bomb kills 18 on military bus  The bus belonged to the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps. City of Zahedan is located along the Pakistan border

year 2006 ... more > Top ^

December 2006 ... more > Top ^
2006 Dec.23     Security Council approves Iran sanctions   The Council voted unanimously to impose sanctions for refusing to suspend uranium enrichment
 The resolution orders countries to stop supplying Iran with materials and technology contributed to nuclear and missile programs. It freezes Iranian assets of related to those programs. The resolution increases pressure on the Iran government to prove that it is not trying to make nuclear weapons. Iran rejected the resolution. The US urges even tougher action against Iran
2006 Dec.17   Reformist Rafsanjani regains influence  Moderate former president has won election to powerful clerical body, the Assembly of Experts

October 2006 ... more > Top ^
2006 Oct.27   Iran 'fires up nuclear processors'  Iran is building a second cascade of centrifuges and injecting gas into the system

June 2006 ... more > Top ^
2006 Jun.16   Incentives a 'step forward'  President Ahmadinejad said that the 6-nation package to halt uranium enrichment was a step forward

April 2006 ... more > Top ^
2006 Apr.28   Iran 'fails to heed nuclear call'  Mohammed ElBaradei told the UN Security Council that Iran has failed to co-operate with UN inspectors
 The report said that Iran had done little to answer questions over its nuclear intentions. President Ahmadinejad has said Iran does not give a damn about UN resolutions. The UN wants the research halted amid Western fears that Tehran might develop nuclear weapons.
2006 Apr.11       Iran 'advances uranium program'  Ex-President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani: Iran has advanced its uranium enrichment program
 In a televised speech in the h oly city of Mashhad president Ahmadinejad insisted it did not want nuclear weapons West fears Iran is developing a nuclear bomb

February 2006 ... more > Top ^
2006 Feb.13       Iran restarts uranium work  Iran has resumed uranium-enrichment work at its Natanz nuclear plant

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2006 Jan.9   Nuclear research resumed  As expected, Iran said it would resume the program

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December 2005 ... more > Top ^
2005 Dec.6     110 killed in plane crash   The air force C-130 -- carrying more than 90 people has crashed near Tehran after hitting a 10-story apartment building

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2005 Oct.26   Israel 'must be wiped from map'  President Ahmadinejad is insisting that a new series of attacks will destroy the Jewish state

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2005 Sep.5   Nuclear weapons 'years away'  The International Institute for Strategic Studies says a diplomatic showdown with the EU and US could be inevitable

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2005 Aug.8   Iran resumes uranium conversion  Tehran is saying the process at the Isfahan facility is for producing nuclear fuel

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2005 Jun.24       Ahmadinejad elected as president
Map of Tehran  The ultra-conservative mayor of Tehran has won 61% of votes of the run-off ahead of Rafsanjani on 35% 2005 Jun.18   Hardline mayor to contest run-off  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the mayor of Tehran is to face a veteran ex-president Rafsanjani in a run-off for presidency 2005 Jun.12   Bombs kill 8  4 bombs in Ahvaz where most of oil reserves lie, targeted government buildings, killing 7 people

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2005 Feb.22   500 killed in quake  Some 30,000 people in about 40 villages have been affected in southern Iran

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2004 Feb.21   'Landslide' for hard-liners  Conservative religious hardliners, running virtually unopposed, are set to gain control of parliament 2004 Feb.18   Train blast destroys villages, 300 killed  A runaway train cars filled with fuel and chemicals derailed and exploded, destroying 5 nearby villages 2004 Jan.11       Protest as reformists blocked  Reformists walked out of parliament and staged a sit-in to protest over the conservatives' rejection of election candidates

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2003 Dec.25     28,000 dead after earthquake
Map of Bam Iran  The earthquake is destroying most of the ancient city of Bam. More than 30,000 were injured
 Aid workers caring for 100,000 survivors are calling for more help. Iran's president welcomed the US. 80% of Bam's mud-brick buildings were flattened. President Khatami pledged to rebuild Bam's 2,000-year-old citadel ''whatever the cost'
2003 Jul.8   Twins dead after separation  2 conjoined Iranian women underwent 50 hours of continuous surgery 2003 Jun.13   Militia attack Tehran protesters  Security forces and hardliners have clashed with large crowds who were protesting against clerical rule 2003 Feb.19     Military plane crash kills 302  The plane was carrying 284 members of Islamic Revolutionary Guard and 18 crew members

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2001 Jun.9   Khatami re-elected by landslide  Reformist President receiving 77.4% of the votes to push forward to the controls of conservative clerics

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2000 Feb.26   Reformists win control of parliament  Khatami has warned the West that the reformist victory in election does not mean the country will abandon its principles