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Crime Main Event: Lebanon tightens flow of S...
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1. 2015-02-14 Rafik Hariri: Lebanon marks 10th anniversary of death Martyrs Square, Beirut
C. 2015-01-10 4 Bangladeshi citizens suffocate in Lebanon amid storm Dinniyeh, Northern Lebanon
2015-01-04 Lebanon tightens flow of Syrians Lebanon
4. 2014-12-02 ISIS leader's wife, son have been detained Lebanon
F. 2014-10-26 Lebanon army steps up Tripoli battle Tripoli, Northern Lebanon
G. 2014-08-03 Troops killed in Lebanon border raid Arsal, Lebanon
7. 2014-06-23 Suicide bomb rocks Lebanese capital Beirut
I. 2014-05-20 Syrian refugees in Lebanon face health care crisis Lebanon
9. 2014-03-29 Soldiers killed by Lebanon car bomb Arsal, Northern Lebanon

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Three killed as Israel and Hezbollah clash on border  Two Israeli soldiers and a Spanish UN peacekeeper have been killed as militants traded fire with Israeli forces on the Lebanese border
2015 Jan.28  

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Time War & Army Crime Politics Assassination
Three killed as Israel and Hezbollah clash on...
2015 2015
2015 2015
2015 2015
Hezbollah fighters 'invading' Syria
Israeli jets strike convoy along Syrian bor...
U.S. friend, Hezbollah foe killed in blast
Twin bombings rock mosques in Tripoli, Lebanon
2013 2013
U.S. friend, Hezbollah foe killed in blast
War & Army
2012 2012
War & Army
Beirut blast kills top official
2012 2012
Beirut blast kills top official
Israeli, Lebanese soldiers exchange fire
2010 2010
2010 2010
2010 2010
War & Army
2009 2009
War & Army
2009 2009
Pro-West bloc retains control
2009 2009
Israel swaps prisoners for bodies
Hezbollah takes over west Beirut
Blast kills top Hezbollah commander
2008 2008
Blast kills top Hezbollah commander
Army 'in control' of camp
Fighting kills at least 14
Islamic militants, security forces battle
Clash on Israel-Lebanese border
Anti-Syrian lawmaker dies in blast
Lebanese lawmaker killed in blast
UN approves Hariri assassination tribunal
Lahoud steps down; no successor
Lebanon wins $7.6B aid package
Protesters barricade roads
Anti-Syrian lawmaker dies in blast
Lebanese lawmaker killed in blast
UN approves Hariri assassination tribunal
Last Israeli soldier withdraws
Israelis carried out raid in Bekaa Valley
Lebanese troops deploy
Israel-Hezbollah cease-fire in effect
U.N. adopts Mideast deal
Troops, tanks moved across border
Israel's bombs cut off Beirut
Hezbollah launches rocket onslaught
Israeli air attack kills 28 civilians
Israeli airstrike hits U.N. observer post
Thousands flee southern Lebanon
Israeli troops enter southern Lebanon
Hezbollah kidnapping prompts war
Israeli jets strike Beirut airport
Christian politician Gemayel killed
Hezbollah kidnapping prompts war
Huge rally demands PM quit
U.N. adopts Mideast deal
Christian politician Gemayel killed
Last Syrian soldiers left Lebanon
Beirut blast kills anti-Syria MP
U.N. probe links Syria to Hariri killing
Hariri killing suspects charged
Huge blast kills ex-PM
Ex-VP: Assad threatened Lebanese PM
New Hariri report 'blames Syria'
U.N. probe links Syria to Hariri killing
Hariri camp secured majority in parliament
Beirut blast kills anti-Syria MP
Huge blast kills ex-PM
Israel retreat complete
2000 2000
2000 2000
2000 2000

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Rafik Hariri: Lebanon marks 10th anniversary of death  Ceremonies and prayers of remembrance are being held in Lebanon on the 10th anniversary of the assassination of the former Prime Minister   Three killed as Israel and Hezbollah clash on border   Two Israeli soldiers and a Spanish UN peacekeeper have been killed as militants traded fire with Israeli forces on the Lebanese border 'Israel strike' kills Hezbollah men in Syria's Golan Heights  An Israeli air strike has killed several Hezbollah fighters in the Syrian sector of the Golan Heights, the Lebanese militant movement says Lebanon tightens flow of Syrians  New restrictions on Syrians entering Lebanon come into force on Monday, further tightening the flow of asylum seekers trying to escape the war ISIS leader's wife, son have been detained  The two were detained 10 days ago using fake identification cards. Woman who is believed to be one of the wives of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Rocket fired into northern Israel from Lebanon  Israel faced attack from a second front Friday. The rocket launched from Lebanon landed near the northern Israeli town of Metula Lebanon gets cabinet after 10 months  Prime Minister Tammam Salam, is to head a cabinet split equally between the Hezbollah-led group and the Western-leaning March 14th movement Al-Qaeda's chief in Lebanon dies  Majid al-Majid, the Saudi, al-Qaeda's commander in Lebanon, has died in custody in a Beirut hospital, Lebanon's army says   'Five killed' in Beirut car bomb   At least five people have been killed and 20 hurt in a car bomb which hit a southern suburb of the Lebanese capital Beirut, media and officials say U.S. friend, Hezbollah foe killed in blast  Mohamad Chatah, a former Lebanese finance minister and ambassador to the U.S., died when a car bomb struck his convoy in downtown Beirut Hezbollah senior commander killed  Hassan Lakkis was killed near his home in Hadath - 7km (4.3 miles) south-east of the Lebanese capital. He has been buried in the town of Baalbek Twin blasts hit Iran Beirut embassy  At least 22 people have been killed and more than 140 injured in a double suicide bombing outside the Iranian embassy in the Lebanese capita Lebanese hostages in Syria 'freed'  Nine Lebanese Shia pilgrims held hostage in Syria have been freed, Lebanon's interior minster has said Twin bombings rock mosques in Tripoli, Lebanon Map of Tripoli Lebanon  Two powerful explosions ripped through neighborhoods near mosques. At least 29 people died and more than 500 were wounded Blasts heard in northern Israel  Explosions have been heard in northern Israel, near the border with Lebanon. Ar raid sirens were heard, but no casualties were reported Car bomb rocks Hezbollah stronghold  A car bomb rocked a southern suburb of Lebanon's capital -- an area known as a stronghold of the Lebanese Shiite militant group Hezbollah EU to discuss Hezbollah militant ban  EU foreign ministers are due to meet to discuss calls to list the military wing of Lebanese militant group Hezbollah as a terrorist organisation Hezbollah fighters 'invading' Syria  The military chief of the main umbrella group of Syrian rebels, the Free Syrian Army, has accused Hezbollah fighters of 'invading' Syria 2 rockets hit Lebanese Hezbollah stronghold  Lebanese security officials say two rockets have slammed into a Beirut neighborhood that is a Hezbollah stronghold, wounding 3 people   Israeli jets strike convoy along Syrian border   Fighter jets struck overnight a suspected Syrian convoy along the Lebanese-Syrian border believed to have been moving weapons to Hezbollah

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 Syria 'confirms' Israeli strike

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2012 Oct.20   Anger erupts as Lebanon mourns  A day of national mourning is being held in Lebanon amid opposition protests over a massive car bombing a day earlier in Beirut 2012 Oct.19       Beirut blast kills top official
  Wissam al-Hassan, Lebanon's head of internal intelligence, has been killed in a massive car bomb attack in central Beirut
 A huge car bomb has killed at least eight people and injured dozens in the centre of the Lebanese capital, Beirut

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2012 Sep.17   Lebanon's Hezbollah in anti-film rally  The leader of Shia movement has appeared in public to denounce the amateur anti-Islam film which has sparked worldwide protests

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2011 Jul.2   Hezbollah reject Hariri warrants  Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah has rejected indictments of four of its members over the 2005 assassination of Lebanon's former PM 2011 Jan.12   Lebanon's unity government collapses  Members of the Hezbollah and its allies brought down unity government Wednesday after resigning from Prime Minister Saad Hariri's Cabinet

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2010 Aug.3   Israeli, Lebanese soldiers exchange fire  Israeli patrol tried to install cameras. Clashes along their volatile shared border left at least one person dead 2010 Jul.29   Syria and Saudi leaders in Beirut  President Bashar al-Assad and King Abdullah are set to pay a joint visit to Lebanon. UN to indicts members of the Hezbollah for Hariri's assassination 2010 Jul.4   Hezbollah 'mentor' Fadlallah dies  Grand Ayatollah Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah, seen as a key figure in the founding of militant group Hezbollah, has died at the age of 7 2010 Jan.25   Bodies found after plane crash  British, French and Cypriot aircraft and a U.S. warship joined rescue crews searching the Mediterranean Sea off Lebanon's coast 2010 Jan.24   Ethiopian airliner crashes; 90 on board  The Boeing 737-800 was thought to have gone down after takeoff from Rafik Hariri International Airport in Beirut at 2:27 a.m.
 Eyewitnesses say they saw a ball of fire in the sky before Addis Ababa-bound Flight ET409 fell into the sea

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2009 Jun.7     Pro-West bloc retains control  Saad Hariri, the leader of Sunni-dominated 'March 14 coalition,' claimed victory hours after the polls closed in Sunday's crucial election
 A key Christian ally of the Hezbollah-led alliance, which is supported by Syria and Iran, admitted defeat in the elections

year 2008 ... more > Top ^

2008 Sep.10   Lawmaker killed in blast  Saleh Aridi, a member of the pro-Syrian opposition, has been killed in a car bombing south-east of the capital
 He was Druze Lebanese sheikh associated with Lebanon's pro-Syrian Socialist Democratic Party
2008 Jul.16       Israel swaps prisoners for bodies
  Israel identified the bodies it received from Hezbollah in a prisoner swap as those of two Israeli soldiers abducted in 2006
 Israel has handed over 5 Lebanese prisoners and is releasing the remains of 200 Lebanese and other fighters. Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser were seized in 2006 but until now there had been no confirmation of their deaths.
2008 Jun.29   Israel OKs Hezbollah prisoner deal  The Israeli Cabinet approved the measure 22-3 a deal with Hezbollah to exchange prisoners for 2 kidnapped Israeli soldiers 2008 May.25   MPs elect new president  Lebanon's parliament has elected army commander General Michel Suleiman as president, ending deadlock which has left the post vacant
 He had won 118 votes out of 127.. Suleiman, who was standing unopposed, is seen as neutral by Lebanon's rival factions
2008 May.11   Hezbollah forces take revolt to mountains  The Hezbollah-led revolt to topple U.S.-backed government triggered new fighting in mountains overlooking the capital 2008 May.9       Hezbollah takes over west Beirut  Gunmen from the Shia militant group have seized most of western Beirut, driving out supporters of the Western-backed government 2008 Feb.13     Blast kills top Hezbollah commander   Imad Mughniyeh, suspected in some of the deadliest terrorist attacks of the last 25 years, has been killed in Syria
 Hezbollah blamed Israel for assassinating him. Mughniyeh had been in hiding for years and was high on US and Israeli wanted lists

year 2007 ... more > Top ^

2007 Dec.11   Blast kills army general  At least 4 people, including Gen Francois al-Hajj, have died in an explosion near the presidential palace 2007 Nov.23   Lahoud steps down; no successor  Lebanese President has left the presidential palace after not naming a successor, and is calling on the army to preserve the nation's security
 A honor guard troops lined the walk in front of the palace for a farewell ceremony as Emil Lahoud departed. Pro-Western PM Siniora rejected the move and says that under the constitution his cabinet are in temporary power
  MPs fail to elect president  The pro-Syrian opposition did not allow the session to achieve the quorum. The term of the incumbent, Emile Lahoud, expires 2007 Sep.20   Assassination spurs calls for strike  Phalange Party called for a two-day strike, a day after a powerful bomb blast killed an anti-Syrian lawmaker and 4 other people
 Banks, schools and offices close
2007 Sep.19     Anti-Syrian lawmaker dies in blast
  A massive bombing killed parliamentarian Antoine Ghanem and at least 4 others. He was a Christian Maronite and a member of Phalange Party
 The blast will reduce the parliamentary majority from 69 to 68, preventing them from electing a free president. World leaders and Lebanese politicians have condemned the attack that killed a MP in a mainly Christian suburb Sin al-Fil
2007 Sep.2   Army 'in control' of camp  Lebanon's army has taken full control of a Palestinian refugee camp where its troops have been battling Fatah al-Islam militants 2007 Aug.5   Opposition wins key Lebanese poll  An opposition candidate Michel Aoun has defeated a government-backed rival in a tense by-election near Beirut
 Aoun acclaimed victory for his candidate over rival Amin Gemayel
2007 Jun.23   Booby trap in camp kills Lebanese soldiers  3 soldiers were killed while dismantling a bomb placed by al Qaeda-inspired Islamic militants in a Palestinian refugee camp 2007 Jun.13   Lebanese lawmaker killed in blast  Walid Eido, an anti-Syrian member of the Lebanese parliament died in a bomb blast. 6 other people died and 11 were wounded in the explosion 2007 Jun.1   Fighting kills at least 14  Lebanese soldiers, backed by gunboats, artillery and tanks, entered a Palestinian camp that has hosted days of fierce fighting north of Tripoli 2007 May.31   Fresh fighting hits camp  Heavy fighting has resumed in northern Lebanon between the Lebanese army and Islamic militants entrenched in a Palestinian refugee camp 2007 May.30   UN approves Hariri assassination tribunal  In a challenge to Syria, the Security Council voted to set up a court to prosecute the murder of former Lebanese Prime Minister
 The resolution was adopted by 10 votes to 0, with abstentions from Russia, China, South Africa, Indonesia and Qatar. UN investigation implicated Syria and Lebanese security forces
2007 May.25   Hezbollah leader warns Lebanese army  Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah has warned the army not to enter the Palestinian camp north of Tripoli where it has been confronting Islamic militants 2007 May.24   PM vows to uproot militants  Fouad Siniora is blaming Fatah al-Islam militants for using Palestinian refugees as a prop for trying to destabilize the country
 There has been renewed fighting between Lebanese army troops and Islamist militants holed up in a Palestinian refugee camp
2007 May.22   Thousands flee refugee battle  Some 2,000 Palestinians have fled a refugee camp near Tripoli amid a lull in the clashes between militants of the Fatah al-Islam
 Residents of the Nahr al-Bared camp have been trapped as troops exchanged fire with Islamist militants holed up in the camp. Vehicles crammed with up to 10 people were flying white flags as they left
2007 May.21   Fighting enters third day  Fighting between troops and Islamic militants at a Palestinian refugee camp has continued despite some talk of a ceasefire   Explosion rocks Beirut  An explosion filled the sky with plumes of black smoke as fighting also continued in the north of the country between soldiers and militants
 The blast went off in the Verdun district near the Russian Cultural Center, and set vehicles and buildings on fire
2007 May.20     Islamic militants, security forces battle
Map of Tripoli Lebanon  Tanks pounded a militant group's headquarters in a Palestinian camp near Tripoli after the city's worst clashes killed 37 people
 14 fighters from the radical Fatah Islam group, linked to al-Qaeda, and 22 Lebanese soldiers died in intense battles
2007 Feb.7   Clash on Israel-Lebanese border  Israeli and Lebanese forces have exchanged fire on the border between the 2 countries 2007 Jan.25   City lockdown after rivals battle in streets  Lebanese officials imposed an overnight curfew after deadly clashes between pro-government and opposition supporters
 Students from rival factions clash, leaving 4 people dead
  Lebanon wins $7.6B aid package  Some donors hope it'sto help its government weather a growing threat from Hezbollah-led opponents
 The biggest pledges came from Saudi Arabia, the US, France and the EU. Lebanon is currently $41bn in debt
2007 Jan.23   Opposition halts strike  Opposition protesters burned tires and cars and clashed with government supporters 2007 Jan.22   Protesters barricade roads  Hundreds have blocked major roads in and around the capital at the start of a general strike called by Hezbollah-led opposition

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2006 Dec.10   Huge protest pressures government  Hundreds of thousands flooded central Beirut after a call by the Hezbollah-led opposition to topple the government 2006 Dec.1     Huge rally demands PM quit
  200,000 people packed the streets, as Christian opposition leader called for Fouad Siniora to step down
 Demonstrators pitched tents outside the office of Siniora. Soldiers cordoned off the office complex with barbed wire
2006 Nov.21     Christian politician Gemayel killed   Cabinet minister Pierre Gemayel has been shot dead. He was a member of the Christian Phalange party
 A gunman ran up to the car he was riding in and opened fire. Gemayel was supporter of the anti-Syrian parliamentary majority. Saad Hariri is saying Damascus wanted to stop the Lebanese government from backing an international tribunal. Syria 'strongly' condemned Gemayel's assassination
2006 Nov.13   Lebanon approves court amid crisis  Depleted government has approved a draft setting up an international tribunal to try suspects in the assassination of Hariri 2006 Nov.11   Ministers throw government into turmoil  5 Shiite ministers resigned from Cabinet after talks about giving the Hezbollah party more power collapsed 2006 Sep.30   Last Israeli soldier withdraws  The last Israeli soldier left Lebanon, more than a month after a U.N. resolution ended the 34-day war 2006 Sep.22   Hezbollah leader reappears at victory rally  Thousands of Hezbollah supporters gathered in a 'victory rally' in the southern Beirut suburbs 2006 Aug.19   Israelis carried out raid in Bekaa Valley  Commandos carried out a raid by an elite unit; IDF clashed with Hezbollah
 Lebanon warns over Israeli raid
2006 Aug.16   Lebanese troops deploy  The troops have begun deploying south of the Litani River as part of the U.N.-brokered cease-fire 2006 Aug.14   Fragile truce holding  The truce between Israel and Hezbollah remains intact despite sporadic violence   Refugees stream back  Hours after a U.N.-brokered cease-fire took effect, thousands of refugees poured back into southern Lebanon     Israel-Hezbollah cease-fire in effect  A U.N.-brokered cease-fire took effect on the 34th day of fighting, although both sides launched final attacks
 4 mortar rounds were fired inside Lebanon after the cease-fire; none of them hit Israeli territory, Lebanese forces are to move into southern Lebanon to prevent a return of the violence
2006 Aug.12   Hezbollah leader agrees to cease-fire  Hassan Nasrallah said that Hezbollah will agree to a U.N. resolution to stop hostilities once a deal on timing is reached 2006 Aug.11   U.N. adopts Mideast deal  The Security Council unanimously approved a proposal aimed at ending the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah
 Israeli Security Cabinet was likely to sign off on the 1701 resolution on Sunday. Hezbollah has not responded. Annan said welcomed the resolution. The Resolution calls for increasing the number of U.N. troops in the area to 15,000, joined by 15,000 Lebanese troops to ensure Hezbollah could not operate between the Israel border and the Litani River. TheResolution calls for the unconditional release of 2Israeli soldiers.
2006 Aug.9   Israel seizes town of Marjayoun  Troops entered the Christian town as well as nearby villages overlooking the Litani river   Troops, tanks moved across border  Israel lobbed artillery rounds into southern Lebanon. A vicious battle broke out in Khiyam 2006 Aug.4   Israel's bombs cut off Beirut  Israel is saying the attacks were designed to thwart Syrian attempts to arm Hezbollah 2006 Aug.2   Hezbollah launches rocket onslaught  Hezbollah sent190 rockets killing one civilian and wounding more than a dozen others 2006 Jul.30   Israeli air attack kills 28 civilians  Israel mistakenly destroyed a building near a Hezbollah rocket-launching site in Qana. Initial claim: 60 died
 The airstrikes hit a residential building that housed refugees, which was near Hezbollah rocket launching sites It was the deadliest attack in 19 days of fighting between Hezbollah and Israel. The IDF said that residents of the town had been warned to leave by radio and by air-leaflets because it was a combat area. Annan again called for an end to the fighting.
2006 Jul.26   Nine Israeli soldiers killed  8 troops died near the town of Bint Jbeil 2006 Jul.25   Israeli airstrike hits U.N. observer post  The strike is killing at least two of the agency's observers, according to the U.N. Interim Force in Lebanon
 The observers were Austrian, Finnish, Canadian and Chinese UNIFIL said there had been 14 incidents of fire close to the post at Khiyam U.N. Secretary-General Annan said he was deeply distressed by the 'apparently deliberate' strike
2006 Jul.24   Israel takes aim at Hezbollah stronghold  Israeli forces and militants were locked in fierce fighting in southern Lebanon around he Bint Jubeil area 2006 Jul.22     Thousands flee southern Lebanon  Israel issued a specific warning to civilians in 14 villages, telling them to leave   Israeli military seizes Maroun al-Ras  The military entered the southern Lebanese village to establish its 'first foothold' in a security buffer along the border 2006 Jul.19   PM: Lebanon 'has been torn to shreds'  Fouad Siniora has called for an immediate ceasefire between Israel and Hezbollah militants 2006 Jul.18   Israeli troops enter southern Lebanon  The ground troops have entered Lebanon on a mission to destroy outposts of the militant group Hezbollah   Westerners flee Lebanon  The governments moved to get their citizens to safety by land, sea and air 2006 Jul.16   Israel pounds Beirut after Haifa hit  Airstrikes pounded the southern suburbs of Beirut where Hezbollah members lived and worked 2006 Jul.14   4 Israelis missing after naval raid  4 servicemen are missing after one of its vessels was struck by a missile fired by Hezbollah militants 2006 Jul.13   Israel imposes Lebanon blockade  The warships have blocked ports, and Lebanon international airport was closed after Israeli bombing 2006 Jul.12   Israeli jets strike Beirut airport  Israeli fighter jets are expanding military campaign against Hezbollah holding two Israeli soldiers captive     Hezbollah kidnapping prompts war
  Guerrillas killed 3 Israeli soldiers and captured 2 more, prompting airstrikes and military raids inside southern Lebanon
 Israel has launched air strikes on bridges and roads in southern Lebanon to stop Hezbollah moving the soldiers. Israeli cabinet endorsed a strong response against the militants

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2005 Dec.30   Ex-VP: Assad threatened Lebanese PM  Former Syrian Vice President Abdul-Halim Khaddam said that Rafik Hariri was threatened by Syria 2005 Dec.12   Beirut blast kills anti-Syria MP  Gebran Tueni, a journalist, was killed when a massive car bomb exploded in an eastern Beirut suburb 2005 Dec.11   New Hariri report 'blames Syria'  UN Secretary General has received the second report into the killing of former Lebanese Prime Minister 2005 Oct.22   Hariri's son calls for justice  The son of slain former Prime Minister said his father was a 'martyr' and called for an international court 2005 Oct.20   U.N. probe links Syria to Hariri killing  The investigators have found 'converging evidence' of Lebanese and Syrian involvement in the killing of ex-Prime Minister 2005 Sep.1   Hariri killing suspects charged  The prosecutor has charged four pro-Syrian generals in connection with the murder of former Prime Minister 2005 Jun.30   Anti-Syrian Saniora appointed PM  President Lahoud has appointed the former finance minister as prime minister 2005 Jun.20       Hariri camp secured majority in parliament  The anti-Syrian opposition is breaking Damascus' long political hold on its tiny neighbor 2005 Jun.19   Pro-Syrian leader defeat in North  Suleiman Franjieh acknowledged a major defeat for his candidates in parliamentary elections in Northern Lebanon 2005 Jun.12   Anti-Syrians suffered losses in elections  Michel Aoun, who broke opposition, was winning in contested constituencies 2005 Jun.5   Hezbollah set to win south Lebanon vote  Syria's allies Hezbollah and Amal were set to sweep Shiite Muslim heartland's poll 2005 Jun.4   Hundreds mourn Beirut journalist  Hundreds of mourners lined the streets of central Beirut for the funeral procession of Samir Kassir 2005 Jun.2   Blast kills journalist  A car bomb exploded in a Christian area of Beirut, killing Samir Kassir, a journalist known for his opposition to Syria 2005 May.29   Opposition claims Beirut election  A leading opposition bloc has won all the seats in the capital in a landmark parliamentary election 2005 Apr.26     Last Syrian soldiers left Lebanon  Syria is surrendering to demands and ending its 29-year military presence in its smaller neighbor 2005 Mar.26   Bomb hits Beirut's Christian area  The blast in the city's industrial eastern suburb tore through several buildings, killing 2 and injuring 8 2005 Mar.22   Port blast kills three  An explosion near the Christian port of Jounieh has killed 3 people and injured several more 2005 Mar.14   Massive protest marks Hariri death  Hundreds of thousands of people gathered in Beirut for an opposition rally 4 weeks since Hariri was assassinated 2005 Mar.11   Syrian troops quit north Lebanon  Opposition repeats refusal to join pro-Syrian Prime Minister Omar Karami unity government 2005 Feb.28   Lebanon's pro-Syrian PM resigns  The government abruptly resigned during a stormy parliamentary debate, prompting a roar from protesters 2005 Feb.16   Hariri buried amid chaotic scenes  The body of the assassinated former prime minister has been buried amid a passionate crush of mourners 2005 Feb.14   Army 'on alert' after Beirut bomb  An army statement had ordered a general mobilisation of all army units       Huge blast kills ex-PM
  Former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri has been killed in a large-scale bomb attack on his motorcade in Beirut
 Hariri and at 9 others were killed when a massive bomb ripped through chic seafront boulevard. Members of the opposition hold Syria and the pro-Damascus Lebanese government responsible for the death of the businessman. The government held an emergency Cabinet meeting

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2004 Jan.29   Israel and Hezbollah swap prisoners  Israel released 35 prisoners. Hezbollah released an abducted Israeli businessman and the bodies of 3 Israel soldiers

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2000 May.24     Israel retreat complete  Troops withdraw from Lebanese security zone after 22 years of occupation. Many of the posts were blown up
 Convoys ferried hundred of soldiers across the border into Israel. In the wake of the retreat, Hezbollah swept south by car and on foot following the almost total collapse of the South Lebanon Army (SLA)

before year 2000
Oct. 23, 1983       Beirut barracks bombing
Map of Beirut%96Rafic Hariri International Airport Lebanon
  During the Lebanese Civil War 2 truck bombs struck separate buildings housing U.S. and French military forces killing 299 American and French servicemen
Jun. 6, 1982     1982 Lebanon War
  Operation Peace for Galilee began when the Israel Defense Forces invaded southern Lebanon, after repeated attacks PLO