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B. 2008-10-19 Powell endorses Barack Obama USA
2. 2006-04-30 Powell wanted more troops in Iraq Washington
D. 2005-12-17 Powell raps Europe on CIA flights Washington
E. 2005-09-09 Powell criticises storm response Washington
F. 2005-01-09 Powell looks to tsunami long haul Washington
2005-01-05 Tsunami carnage shocks Powell Aceh
H. 2005-01-04 Powell: U.S. values in action Indonesia
I. 2005-01-03 Powell, U.S. team arrive in Thailand Thailand
9. 2005-01-02 Powell warns of more Iraq attacks Washington

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Powell, 21st Century, Location by Topic
Location Visit War & Army
04/17 Powell plans visit to Syria
09/26 Powell: Insurgency in Iraq 'intensifying'
09/24 US stands firm on ousting Saddam
09/03 Powell rejects Iraq inspections offer
09/01 Powell: New Iraq arms probe needed
04/05 Israel given new pullout warning
04/04 Powell to be sent to Mid-East
Arab Countries
06/29 Powell warns Sudan to end attacks
09/14 Powell visits Iraqi gas attack town
05/02 Powell begins 'candid' Syria talks
War & Army
Arab Countries Arab Countries
War & Army
11/21 Powell on fresh Mid-East mission
05/11 Powell meets Sharon and Abbas
04/12 Powell postpones Arafat talks
04/11 Powell in Israel as campaign continues
War & Army
Israel Israel
War & Army
Jordan Jordan
War & Army
Jordan Jordan
War & Army
Southeast Asia
01/04 Powell: U.S. values in action
07/28 Powell arrived
War & Army
Southeast Asia Southeast Asia
War & Army
War & Army
War & Army

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Powell endorses Barack Obama Powell wanted more troops in Iraq   Powell criticises storm response

year 2008 Top ^


year 2006 Top ^

Apr.30   Washington

year 2005 Top ^

Dec.17  Washington  Powell raps Europe on CIA flights
Sep.9   Washington
  Former US Secretary of State fails to understand why better preparations were not made before the hurricane
Jan.9   Washington Powell looks to tsunami long haul Jan.5   Aceh   Tsunami carnage shocks Powell  U.S. Secretary of State has taken a firsthand look at the tsunami-ravaged province by helicopter Jan.4   Indonesia   Powell: U.S. values in action  U.S. is throwing its financial and military weight into southern relief efforts not to gain favor in the Islamic world Jan.3  Thailand  Powell, U.S. team arrive in Thailand Jan.2  Washington  Powell warns of more Iraq attacks

year 2004 Top ^

Dec.30    Powell, Jeb Bush to lead U.S. team Nov.21   Israel Powell on fresh Mid-East mission
Nov.15   Washington   Rice to replace Colin Powell
  Stephen Hadley will be promoted to national security adviser
  Washington Colin Powell resigns Oct.26  Taiwan  China, Taiwan rebuff Powell effort Sep.26   Washington Powell: Insurgency in Iraq 'intensifying' Sep.23  New York  Powell in historic meet with Libya Sep.9   Washington   Powell declares genocide in Sudan
  The Secretary of State has said the killings in Darfur region constitute genocide
Jul.30  Iraq  Powell in unannounced visit to Baghdad Jul.6  Washington  Powell: Israel too slow on outposts Jul.1  Indonesia  Powell meets N Korean minister Jun.29   Sudan   Powell warns Sudan to end attacks  US Secretary of State has warned to end attacks by Arab militia in Darfur which have exacerbated a humanitarian crisis Jun.24   Washington Powell confronts Iraq escalation May.25  Washington  US firm on control of Iraq troops May.16   Jordan Powell chides Arafat's terror talk Apr.3   Washington   Powell admits Iraq evidence mistake  US Secretary of State has admitted that evidence he submitted to the UN to justify war on Iraq may have been wrong Mar.16   Afghanistan Powell on trip amid offensive Jan.26  Moscow  Powell presses Putin on democracy Jan.24   Powell casts doubt on Iraq WMDs  US Secretary of State has conceded that Iraq may not have possessed any stocks of WMDs before the war Jan.8   Washington Powell responds to WMD report

year 2003 Top ^

Dec.15   Washington Colin Powell has cancer operation
  Secretary of State has been admitted to hospital for prostate cancer surgery
Sep.29   Detroit Powell: 'Build a new Middle East' Sep.26   New York Powell: Iraqi constitution in 6 months Sep.14   Iraq Powell visits Iraqi gas attack town Sep.13   Geneva Powell in Geneva for Iraq talks Aug.4   Washington Report: Powell would not serve 2nd term Jul.10   Washington Powell: Bush to make Liberia decision soon Jun.23   Jordan Powell: U.S. 'committed to Mideast' Jun.22   Jordan US criticises Israel strike Jun.8   Washington Mid-East killings prompt US appeal May.11   Jerusalem   Powell meets Sharon and Abbas  U.S. Secretary of State: Leaders agree on enough points of the road map to move forward with its implementation May.10   Jerusalem Powell urges action on Mid-East plan May.2   Syria Powell begins 'candid' Syria talks Apr.28  Washington  Powell, Jordanian minister laud 'road map' Apr.22   Washington US signals action against France Apr.17   Washington Powell plans visit to Syria  Secretary of State expects to travel to Syria to have discussions with President Bashar Assad Mar.9   Washington Powell: 'Progress' on deadline Mar.5   UN Powell urges UN to confront Saddam Feb.25  South Korea  No N. Korea sanctions: Powell  South Korea  Powell: Missile test 'no surprise' Feb.5   UN Security Council Powell made evidence presentation
  Britain and France were at opposite ends of Security Council reaction after presentation of Iraq's noncooperation
Feb.4  New York  Powell to Iraq: 'Prove it' Feb.3  Washington  Powell will offer no 'smoking gun' on Iraq Jan.17   Washington Powell: 'a persuasive case' against Iraq
  Secretary of State said that the United States will have 'a persuasive case' by the end of the month

year 2002 Top ^

Dec.19   Washington Powell: Declaration 'fails totally'  U.S. Secretary of State laid out the path for the United States as it continues to increase pressure on Iraq to disarm Dec.16  Washington  Powell: Iraq declaration has 'problems' Dec.12   Washington Mideast aid plan aims to bridge gap Oct.4   Washington Powell: Blix talks termed very constructive
  U.N. chief weapons inspector welcomed the passage of a new Security Council resolution to strengthen his authority Sep.24  Washington  US stands firm on ousting Saddam Sep.13  UN  Bush, Powell push for Iraq resolution Sep.4  South Africa  Powell heckled at Earth Summit Sep.3  Washington  Powell rejects Iraq inspections offer Sep.1  Washington  Powell: New Iraq arms probe needed Aug.8  Washington  U.S., Palestinian leaders call talks 'good' Jul.28  Thailand  Powell arrived Jul.12  Washington  Arafat sent letter to Powell Apr.15  Beirut  Powell held talks in Lebanon and Syria Apr.14   West Bank   Powell talks peace with Arafat  US Secretary of State has spent 3 hours in talks with Palestinian leader to try to secure a ceasefire Apr.13    US approves Arafat-Powell meeting Apr.12  Israel  Powell postpones Arafat talks Apr.11  Israel  Powell in Israel as campaign continues Apr.5   Washington Israel given new pullout warning  Colin Powell, has told Israel it should stop its military operations without delay Apr.4   Washington Powell to be sent to Mid-East  Bush demanded that Israel withdraw its troops from the Palestinian cities, while accusing Arafat of betraying the hopes Feb.5   Washington   US softens line on 'evil axis'  Secretary of State Powell has said America is willing to talk to states which Bush described as an 'axis of evil Jan.16  Kabul  Powell boost for new Afghan leader Jan.15  Pakistan  Powell on South Asia peace tour

year 2001 Top ^

Dec.3   Romania Europe anti-terror summit
Nov.20    Powell pledges U.S. commitment Nov.7  Washington  U.S. will deal with Iraq eventually Oct.21  Afghanistan  Campaign may end by winter's start Oct.16  New Delhi  Powell arrives in India Oct.15  Pakistan  Powell arrived in Pakistan Sep.23   Washington   US to produce Bin Laden evidence  Colin Powell said the in the next few days evidence will be put before the world Sep.21  Washington  US have enough evidence Aug.2   Beijing China denies Powell TV deal Jul.28   Beijing Powell visit 'very productive'  U.S. Secretary of State discussed with President Zemin and Premier Rongji human rights and exporting ballistic missiles Jul.27  Beijing  Powell arrives in China Jun.3   Israel Israel considers cease-fire response  Powell urges caution in suicide bombing response May.29  Hungary  NATO foreign ministers meeting May.2  Washington  Powell, Peres talks Apr.4  Washington  Powell sends letter to China Apr.2  Washington  U.S. approves aid to Yugoslavia Feb.24  Israel  Powell visits Middle East Feb.10  Washington  USA apologies after sub hits boat

year 2000 Top ^

Dec.16   Washington Powell named as secretary of state
  Bush named former U.S. Joint Chiefs Chairman as first African-American secretary of state