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B. 2014-01-13 Burial service held for Ariel Sharon Sycamore ranch, Negev, Southern Israel
C. 2014-01-12 Tight security for Sharon funeral Jerusalem
D. 2014-01-12 Israelis line up to pay last respects to Ariel Sharon Jerusalem
E. 2014-01-11 Israelis mourn ex-leader Sharon Israel
2014-01-11 Israel's former PM Ariel Sharon dies
6. 2014-01-03 Former Israeli Prime Minister Sharon's condition worsens Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv
7. 2014-01-02 Israel ex-PM Sharon 'critically ill' Tel Aviv
8. 2014-01-01 Ariel Sharon's health deteriorates Tel Aviv
9. 2006-11-03 Hospital: Sharon taken to intensive care Tel Aviv

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Time Crime War & Army Leader Health Problem
2014 2014
War & Army
2014 2014
War & Army
01/02 Israel ex-PM Sharon 'critically ill'
2006 2006
War & Army
2006 2006
War & Army
11/03 Hospital: Sharon taken to intensive care
07/26 Sharon taken to intensive care
02/11 Sharon is 'critical but stable'
01/07 Sharon's condition critical but stable
01/05 Sharon to remain sedated after stroke
01/05 Critical Sharon remains in coma
01/04 Sharon fights for life after stroke
2005 2005
10/27 Sharon OKs campaign against targets
12/18 Sharon hospitalized after mild stroke
06/15 Sharon won't face bribery charges
03/27 Sharon may face bribery charges
01/21 Sharon may face corruption charge
02/02 Sharon orders Gaza pullout plan
Leader Health Problem
2004 2004
Leader Health Problem
01/08 Sharon rejects corruption charge
War & Army
2003 2003
War & Army
Leader Health Problem
2003 2003
Leader Health Problem
01/31 Sharon regrets sparing Arafat
04/06 Israel to 'speed up' military offensive
Leader Health Problem
2002 2002
Leader Health Problem
2001 2001
05/22 Israel orders army to stop attacks
Leader Health Problem
2001 2001
Leader Health Problem
2000 2000
09/30 Intifada started by Sharon visit
Leader Health Problem
2000 2000
Leader Health Problem

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  Burial service held for Ariel Sharon Map of Sycamore ranch Negev Israel  Israel is holding the burial service of former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon at his family ranch in the Negev desert Tight security for Sharon funeral   Israelis line up to pay last respects to Ariel Sharon   Hundreds lined up outside parliament building to pay their last respects to the former general and Prime Minister, whose body is lying in state there   Israelis mourn ex-leader Sharon   The public will pay their respects when his body lies in state on Sunday before a private burial on Monday   Israel's former PM Ariel Sharon dies Map of Tel Hashomer hospital Tel Aviv Israel

year 2014 Top ^

Jan.13   Southern Israel
Jan.12   Jerusalem
  Tel Aviv
  Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has died aged 85 after spending eight years in a coma following a stroke
 The storied general was at the height of his power when he suffered a stroke in 2006. Sharon died at Tel Hashomer hospital, where his family had gathered at his bedside over the past several days
Jan.3   Tel Aviv Former Israeli Prime Minister Sharon's condition worsens Jan.2   Tel Aviv Israel ex-PM Sharon 'critically ill'
  The condition of Israel's former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon - who has been in a coma since 2006 - is now critical, 'with some danger to life'
Jan.1   Tel Aviv Ariel Sharon's health deteriorates

year 2006 Top ^

Nov.3   Tel Aviv Hospital: Sharon taken to intensive care
Aug.16  Tel Aviv  Sharon 'stable' after new lung infection Jul.26   Tel Aviv Sharon taken to intensive care Jul.23  Jerusalem  Hospital: Sharon's condition worsens Apr.11  Jerusalem  Israeli Cabinet: Sharon rule over Feb.22  Jerusalem  Comatose Sharon has stomach drained Feb.11   Jerusalem Sharon is 'critical but stable'  Prime Minister's condition remained critical but stable after he underwent emergency abdominal surgery   Jerusalem Sharon survives emergency surgery  Prime Minister's life is in 'no immediate danger' after emergency surgery for alarming damage in his intestinal tract Jan.14   Jerusalem Sharon's tests show brain activity Jan.13  Jerusalem  Doctors concerned Sharon not awake Jan.11  Jerusalem  Sharon slightly improved Jan.10   Jerusalem Sharon moves left hand Jan.9  Jerusalem  Sharon prospects 'still unclear'   Jerusalem Sharon able to breathe alone Jan.8   Jerusalem Doctors decide to awaken Sharon Jan.7   Jerusalem Doctors plan next step for Sharon   Jerusalem Sharon's condition critical but stable Jan.6  Jerusalem  Sharon has third brain operation Jan.5  Jerusalem  Critical Sharon remains in coma   Jerusalem Sharon to remain sedated after stroke Jan.4  Jerusalem  Sharon 'out of surgery'   Jerusalem Sharon fights for life after stroke
  Prime Minister was suffering what his doctor called a 'significant' stroke. His powers were transferred to Ehud Olmert.    Doctors diagnosed a cerebral hemorrhage, or bleeding from a blood vessel in the brain. Sharon underwent 6 hours of...

year 2005 Top ^

Dec.20  Jerusalem  Sharon leaves hospital Dec.19  Jerusalem  Doctor: Sharon to make full recovery Dec.18   Jerusalem Sharon hospitalized after mild stroke
  Israeli Prime Minister was expected to remain in the hospital briefly for observation. He had difficulty speaking Nov.28  Jerusalem  Kadima Party lays out principles Nov.22  Jerusalem  Sharon to knock dust off 'road map' Nov.21   Jerusalem New Sharon party 'aims for peace'
  PM aims to 'lay the foundations for a peace settlement' with the Palestinians via his new political party Nov.20  Jerusalem  Labor pulls out of Sharon government   Jerusalem Sharon to quit Likud party
  Prime Minister is set to quit his ruling party and run separately in next year's elections
Nov.17  Jerusalem  Sharon agrees to early Israel vote Oct.27   Sharon OKs campaign against targets Sep.26   Jerusalem Sharon fends off leadership poll  Israeli Prime Minister has narrowly defeated a move to challenge of the Likud by holding an early election Sep.25  Jerusalem  Sharon orders 'no let up' on Gaza Aug.28  Jerusalem  PM's son indicted on corruption charges Jun.21   Jerusalem   Gloom at end of Sharon-Abbas summit  Israeli Prime Minister and Palestinian leader appear to have made little significant progress  Jerusalem  Sharon and Abbas met for talks Apr.10  Washington  Sharon seeks backing on US visit Apr.4  Jerusalem  Sharon pledges settlement growth Mar.26  Jerusalem  Sharon wins opponent's support Jan.27  Jerusalem  Sharon: Conditions ripe for 'breakthrough' Jan.25  Jerusalem  Sharon 'lifts talks freeze' Jan.10  Jerusalem  Parliament backs Sharon's new coalition

year 2004 Top ^

Dec.30  Jerusalem  Sharon seals new Israel coalition Dec.17   Jerusalem Sharon strikes coalition deal with Labor
Oct.26   Jerusalem Parliament OKs Sharon's withdrawal plan  Knesset has backed the plan to pull troops and settlements out of Gaza and part of the West Bank by 67 for, 45 against Oct.25  Jerusalem  Sharon puts Gaza case to Knesset Oct.17  Jerusalem  Sharon refused to bow settlers' demands Oct.3  Jerusalem  Sharon vows to end rocket strikes Aug.18  Jerusalem  Sharon bid for coalition fails Jul.19   Paris Sharon 'not welcome' in France Jul.18  France  France angered over Sharon's call Jul.12  Jerusalem  Sharon invites Labor to join coalition Jun.15   Jerusalem Sharon won't face bribery charges  Attorney general will not seek an indictment against Prime Minister on bribery charges in the so-called Greek Island affair Jun.13  Jerusalem  Sharon bribery charges 'dropped' May.9  Jerusalem  Sharon cancels U.S. visit May.2  Jerusalem  Sharon defiant after Gaza defeat   Jerusalem Likud voted against withdrawal from Gaza Apr.30  Jerusalem  Sharon: Elections if disengagement fails Apr.23  Jerusalem  Sharon: Arafat pledge is off Apr.14   Washington   Bush praises Sharon's pullout proposal  President endorsed an Israeli plan, but denied the United States was taking sides in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict Apr.12  Jerusalem  Sharon to retain West Bank grip Mar.29  Jerusalem  Sharon's son ordered to hand over files Mar.27   Jerusalem Sharon may face bribery charges Feb.2   Jerusalem Sharon orders Gaza pullout plan Jan.21   Jerusalem Sharon may face corruption charge  Prosecutors are considering charging Prime Minister and his deputy in connection with a bribery scandal

year 2003 Top ^

Jul.29  Washington  Bush, Sharon focus on terror groups Jul.13  Jerusalem  Sharon urging to cut ties with Arafat Jun.9    Sharon, Abbas criticize attacks Jun.8  Jerusalem  Sharon warns Palestinians on terror Jun.4   Jordan   Summit with Sharon, Abbas, Bush  Sharon is backing the Palestinian state and says Israel will remove outposts, Abbas calls for end to intifada May.29  Jerusalem  Sharon-Abbas meeting candid, beneficial May.26  Jerusalem  Sharon signals 'occupation' end  Jerusalem  Sharon, Abbas to meet on 'road map' May.23   Jerusalem Israel ready to accept steps in 'road map'  Sharon will present the plan to his Cabinet May.18  Jerusalem  Sharon delays U.S. trip after attacks May.17  Jerusalem  Abbas, Sharon agree only to meet again May.11  Jerusalem  Sharon, Abbas plan to meet on 'road map' Feb.27  Jerusalem  Sharon presents 4-party government Jan.28   Jerusalem Sharon wins election, calls for unity  Prime Minister has hailed Likud Party's triumph as 'historic' and said he will seek to create a broad-based government  Jerusalem  Sharon tipped to win poll Jan.10  Jerusalem  Sharon speech blackout Jan.8   Jerusalem Sharon rejects corruption charge

year 2002 Top ^

Dec.31  Jerusalem  Minister fired in vote-buying scandal Nov.28   Jerusalem Sharon wins Likud Leadership Vote
Nov.4  Jerusalem  Sharon discusses early election  Jerusalem  Sharon survives no-confidence votes  Jerusalem  Sharon rejects Netanyahu's terms Oct.31  Jerusalem  Sharon taps new defense minister Oct.30  Jerusalem  Sharon remains in power despite crisis   Jerusalem Sharon's government collapses Oct.8  Jerusalem  Sharon defies Gaza attack critics May.20   Jerusalem Sharon sacks four ministers May.12  Jerusalem  Sharon loses Likud vote Apr.14  Jerusalem  Sharon proposes peace conference Apr.8  Jerusalem  Sharon unmoved by US pressure Apr.6   West Bank Israel to 'speed up' military offensive Mar.8  Jerusalem  Sharon ready to talk under fire Feb.7  Washington  Sharon visits Bush Jan.31   Jerusalem Sharon regrets sparing Arafat

year 2001 Top ^

Oct.17  Jerusalem  Sharon fury over minister's killing Oct.5    Sharon moves to appease US Sep.16    Sharon calls off truce talks May.22   Israel orders army to stop attacks
Mar.11    Sharon faults Arafat in TV Mar.7   Jerusalem Sharon sworn in  Sharon becomes new prime minister, 5th in 6 years. He pledged that Israel's hand is extended in peace to the Palestinians Feb.20   Barak Quits Feb.15   Barak accepts Sharon's offer Feb.7    Sharon looking to unite Israel Feb.6   Sharon wins by landslide  Sharon led Barak, 62.6% to 37.2%. Barak will leave politics. Sharon spoke about a new path of security and true peace    Mild turnout at election

year 2000 Top ^

Sep.30   Jerusalem Intifada started by Sharon visit
  Palestinians and Israelis clash, spurred by visit of right-wing Israeli leader to a joint Jewish/Muslim holy site
 Al-Aqsa intifada is named after the Jerusalem mosque complex where the violence began. Ariel Sharon's visit to the Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount and the failure of the peace process provides the sparks