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Al Qaeda offers 'condolences' for innocent
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B. 2017-03-02 US launches first military action in Yemen since Navy SEAL killed Abyan, Yemen
2. 2017-02-08 US airstrike in Syria kills Al Qaeda leader with ties to bin Laden Idlib, Northern Syria
D. 2017-01-20 Over 100 Al Qaeda fighters killed in 'major' US air strike in Syria Aleppo
4. 2014-05-29 US citizen reportedly carries out suicide attack in Syria Northern Syria
F. 2014-05-11 Report claims Yemenis killed by US officers had Al Qaeda links Sanaa, Yemen
6. 2014-04-23 Top Al Qaeda commander relocates to Syria Syria
H. 2014-04-21 New drone strike in Yemen kills 55 Al Qaeda militants Abyan, Yemen
2014-02-02 Al Qaeda fighters in Syria kill rival rebel leader Aleppo
9. 2013-12-26 Al Qaeda-held American pleads for help Pakistan

'Most' hostages freed after forces launch attack on Al Qaeda-linked militants   Hostages have been holed up at an upscale shopping mall in Kenya's capital after it was attacked by members of an Al Qaeda-linked group   Al Qaeda-linked rebels gain control of Christian village  Rebels including Al Qaeda-linked fighters gained control of a Christian village northeast of the capital Damascus, Syrian activists said 3 US drone strikes kill 12 militants in Yemen  The U.S. has sharply escalated its drone war in Yemen, with 34 suspected Al Qaeda militants killed in less than two weeks Al Qaeda threat 'spreading' in northern Africa Al Qaeda sends jihadists to Libya Al Qaeda: We caused Iraq carnage Al Qaeda's No. 2 has been killed Al Qaeda confirms bin Laden's death  Al Qaeda released a statement on jihadist forums confirming the death of its leader, Osama bin Laden, according to SITE Intelligence Group Al Qaeda two mid-level leaders killed Al Qaeda considered poisoning food Al Qaeda says No. 3 man has died  Mustafa Abu Yazid, commander of Al Qaeda operations in Afghanistan, has died, according to a group that monitors Islamist Web sites Al Qaeda confirms death of 2 top leaders
  US launches first military action in Yemen since Navy SEAL killed   The early-morning airstrikes -- more than 20 in all -- targeted Al Qaeda fighters three south-central provinces   US airstrike in Syria kills Al Qaeda leader with ties to bin Laden   The Pentagon said Wednesday that two U.S. airstrikes conducted in Syria last week killed 11 Al Qaeda operatives, including Abu Hani al-Masri Over 100 Al Qaeda fighters killed in 'major' US air strike in Syria  The U.S. Air Force conducted a second 'major strike' in consecutive days killing over 100 Al Qaeda fighters at a training camp US citizen reportedly carries out suicide attack in Syria Report claims Yemenis killed by US officers had Al Qaeda links Top Al Qaeda commander relocates to Syria   New drone strike in Yemen kills 55 Al Qaeda militants   An operation targeting al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is under way in Abyan and Shabwa, Yemen   Al Qaeda fighters in Syria kill rival rebel leader Map of Aleppo Syria  Fighters killed the leader of Islamic brigade in a twin car bombing near Aleppo, an attack likely to further exacerbate rebel infighting   Al Qaeda-held American pleads for help  Captured American Warren Weinstein looks tired and pale and speaks in steady monotone in pleading for his freedom to President Barack Obama Al Qaeda in Yemen apologizes for hospital attack US forces seize Al Qaeda leader behind 1998 embassy bombings Map of Tripoli Libya

year 2017 Top ^

Mar.2   Yemen  
Feb.8   Northern Syria
Jan.20   Aleppo  

year 2014 Top ^

May.29   Northern Syria
May.11   Yemen
Apr.23   Syria
Apr.21   Yemen
Feb.2   Aleppo

year 2013 Top ^

Dec.26   Pakistan  
Dec.22   Yemen
Oct.5   Libya
  In Libya, US commandos captured Al-Libi, an al-Qaeda leader accused of the 1998 bombings of the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania
Sep.22   Kenya
Sep.8   Damascus  
Aug.9   Yemen  

year 2012 Top ^

Oct.4   North Africa

year 2011 Top ^

Dec.30   Libya
Dec.27   Iraq
Aug.27   Pakistan
May.6   Osama bin Laden  
May.5   Yemen

year 2010 Top ^

Dec.21   Washington
May.31   Afghanistan  
Apr.25   Iraq  
  Al Qaeda in Iraq has confirmed online that Abu Ayyub al-Masri and Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, two of its two most senior leaders, have been killed

year 2009 Top ^

Dec.12   Global  
  An al Qaeda spokesman appeared to be trying to improve the group's image in the region with a new audio message in English
Dec.8   Mauritania Al Qaeda claims aid worker kidnappings Nov.12   Peshawar Al Qaeda blames Blackwater in for blasts Aug.30   Saudi Arabia Al Qaeda claims responsibility for attack
  In a statement, Al Qaeda claimed responsibility for an assassination attempt in which Prince Mohammed bin Nayef was injured
Aug.12   Nigeria   Clinton: Al Qaeda seeks foothold in Nigeria
  U.S. Secretary of State visited Nigeria, warning it could be a target for al Qaeda
Jul.29   Jakarta Al Qaeda group claims Jakarta bombings
  A group claiming to be the Indonesian arm of the al Qaeda is purportedly taking responsibility for a pair of deadly hotel bombs

year 2008 Top ^

Sep.17   Yemen Al Qaeda blamed for U.S. Embassy attack
Map of Sanaa Yemen  Suspected Al Qaeda disguised as security forces launched an explosive assault on the embassy in capital, Sanaa. The attack involved 2 car bombs Sep.9   West Pakistan   Guard: Al Qaeda chief in Pakistan killed
  The newly appointed al Qaeda chief, Abu Haris, has died of his wounds after a missile attack in northwestern Pakistan
Aug.3   West Pakistan Al Qaeda: Weapons expert among dead
  Al Qaeda is confirming that one of its chemical weapons experts was killed last week along with three other 'heroes'
Jul.28   Tribal Areas   Al-Qaeda chemical expert 'killed' Map of South Waziristan Pakistan
  A leading al-Qaeda chemical weapons expert, Midhat Mursi al-Sayid Umar, has been killed in a missile strike
Jul.27   Yemen Al Qaeda claims responsibility for attack
  Al Qaeda's branch in Yemen has claimed responsibility for suicide bombing attack on a building housing Yemeni security forces
Jun.11   London   Al Qaeda assessment left on train
  Top-secret British intelligence documents came to be left on a commuter train by a senior civil servant in the Cabinet Office
Apr.18   Baghdad U.S.: Al Qaeda plotting Baghdad attacks
  U.S. military: Al Qaeda in Iraq is planning suicide attacks against Iraqis 'in the near future'
Apr.17   Tribal Areas   Al Qaeda still in tribal areas
  U.S. government study: Al Qaeda is still operating within Pakistan's mountainous tribal region bordering Afghanistan
Mar.12   Lahore Al Qaeda probed over blasts Feb.18   Iraq Al Qaeda in Iraq killing former allies Feb.14   Baghdad Women patients recruited as bombers Feb.9   Sunni Triangle   Al Qaeda captain, 5 U.S. soldiers killed Map of Samarra Iraq
  Iraqi police said they killed Mahmoud al-Douri, an al Qaeda in Iraq leader in Samarra. 4 U.S. soldiers killed when their vehicle struck a roadside bomb

year 2007 Top ^

Dec.21   Belgium Al Qaeda jail break thwarted
  Police arrested 14 Muslim extremists after uncovering a plot to free an al Qaeda suspect from prison using weapons and explosives
Sep.20   Pakistan Al Qaeda declares war on Musharraf
Sep.15   Iraq Al Qaeda threatens Sunni leaders  An al Qaeda group threatened to assassinate Sunni leaders who 'stained the reputations' of their people by supporting the Americans Sep.14   Iraq   Al Qaeda claims sheik killing Map of Anbar Iraq  Al Qaeda in Iraq claimed responsibility for the assassination of Abu Reesha who had united with U.S. forces to fight the terrorists in Anbar province Aug.5   Global   Al Qaeda member: U.S. embassies targets
  Adam Yahiye Gadahn said in a video that U.S. Embassies and U.S interests 'at home and abroad' are prime targets for terrorist attacks
Jul.12   Washington   Al Qaeda strongest since September 11
  U.S. government analysis: Al Qaeda is the strongest it has been since the aftermath of the 2001 terrorist attacks
Apr.13   Baghdad Al Qaeda claims parliament bombing

year 2006 Top ^

Nov.7   London Al-Qaeda plotter jailed for life
Oct.30   Tribal Areas   'Al Qaeda school' attack: 80 dead
  Pakistani troops backed by helicopters were destroying an al Qaeda-linked training facility
 The madrassa in the tribal area of Bajaur was destroyed by helicopter gunships. 70-80 students were inside
Sep.18   Arab Countries Al Qaeda threat over pope speech Sep.12   Syria U.S. Embassy attack foiled
  Syrian security forces killed 4 attackers outside the U.S. Embassy in Damascus after a car exploded
Sep.10   Arab Countries     Al Qaeda releases 9/11 anniversary msg
  A lengthy video statement from al-Zawahiri calls on Muslims to step up their resistance to the United States
Jul.27   Arab Countries     Al-Qaeda 'to avenge Israel deeds'
  Ayman al-Zawahiri has said the militant network will respond to attacks on Muslims in Lebanon and Gaza
Jul.8   Germany   Al Qaeda suspect held
  Federal office arrested a German of Moroccan descent on charges that he recruited suicide bombers for Iraq
Jul.3   London   Al-Qaeda 'bid to infiltrate MI5'
  Al-Qaeda sympathisers have been trying to infiltrate the British security service
Jun.19   Iraq Al Qaeda group claims soldiers kidnapping Jun.11   Iraq Al Qaeda in Iraq vows to shake the enemy Jan.18   Pakistan U.S.: Al Qaeda expert near attack

year 2005 Top ^

Dec.29   Iraq     Al Qaeda claims Israel attack link
  Al Qaeda in Iraq has posted on Web sites a statement claiming responsibility for firing missiles from Lebanon
Nov.11   Jordan   Al Qaeda claims 4 Iraqis behind attacks
  Dozens of people have been arrested
Oct.16   Iraq   Al Qaeda 'propagandist caught'
  A propaganda cell leader was captured in a raid on a terrorist safe house in Karabilah last month
Sep.27   Iraq Al Qaeda to residents: 'Leave or die'
  The sign warning Iraqi citizens not to cooperate with the US have been reported near the Syrian border
Sep.26   Iraq Al Qaeda's No. 2 in Iraq killed
  Abu Azzam was a 'significant' figure in the network in Iraq
Sep.7   Iraq   Al Qaeda 'safe house' hit
  A coalition air strike has demolished a terrorist safe house in the western city of al-Jaramil
Aug.19   Jordan   Al Qaeda claim for Red Sea attacks
  The Martyr Abdallah Azzam Brigades has claimed rocket attacks that targeted but missed 2 U.S. military ships Aug.18   Saudi Arabia   Al Qaeda leader killed Map of Medina Saudi Arabia
  In Medina Saudi security forces have killed the leader of al Qaeda on the Arab Peninsula
Jul.5  Iraq  Web site: Al Qaeda holding envoy Jun.16   Mosul Al Qaeda leader in Mosul captured
  The U.S. military on reported the capture of Abu Talha, one of al-Zarqawi's most trusted agents
May.31   Pakistan     Al Qaeda suspect bound for U.S.
  Musharraf: Pakistan will send Abu Farraj al-Libbi, captured on May 2, to the United States
May.6   Pakistan   'Al Qaeda hit squad' arrested
  Pakistan authorities have arrested 18 people, part of the terrorist network of Abu Faraj al-Libbi

year 2004 Top ^

Sep.26   Pakistan   Al Qaeda leader reportedly killed  Paramilitary forces killed Amjad Hussain Farooqi, one of the most wanted militants, in Nawab Shah, southern Pakistan Aug.9   England   Al Qaeda arrests yield 1,000 disks
  Both British and US are analyzing the information in the disks for any potential clues to possible attack plans
Aug.5   England Al Qaeda 'threat to blow up ships'
  Intelligence shows al Qaeda has plans to disrupt world trade, Britain's top Naval officer has said
Jun.28   Saudi Arabia   Al Qaeda member surrenders
  Othman Al-Omari, the most senior member of al Qaeda so far, has turned himself in to Saudi authorities
Jun.20   Saudi Arabia   Al Qaeda alleges Saudi aid
  Militants who killed American Johnson said that sympathetic Saudi security forces aided their kidnapping operation
Jun.19   Saudi Arabia   Saudis: Al Qaeda chief dead
  Top leader Abdel Aziz al-Muqrin among 4 killed, Saudi security forces say
Apr.8   Washington     Rice: Al Qaeda not flagged as threat
  National security adviser testified that there was 'no silver bullet' that could have stopped 9/11 Mar.28   Pakistan     Musharraf: Al Qaeda is taunting me
  President has accused bin Laden's top deputy of taunting him and vowed to press on with an offensive against al Qaeda
Feb.24   United Arab Emirates     'Al Qaeda tapes' warn of attacks
  Tapes attributed to al-Zawahiri, have warned that more attacks are coming and criticized France's ban on head scarves
Feb.14   Japan   Al Qaeda 'eyed 2002 Japan attack'
  A senior member of the terror network told U.S. the group had plans to attack during the World Cup tournament

year 2003 Top ^

Nov.8   Saudi Arabia   Al Qaeda suspected in Riyadh attack
  Terrorists stormed past security guards into a heavily secured residential neighborhood and set off 3 explosions
Aug.13   Saudi Arabia   Al Qaeda plot to target BA
  The threat to the British Airways was uncovered during recent raids on suspected al Qaeda terrorists
Aug.11   Indonesia   Al Qaeda claims Marriott blast
  The terrorist network is promising more attacks
Aug.9   Jakarta   Al Qaeda 'trained' Jakarta bombers
  The perpetrators behind the deadly car bomb attack on Marriott hotel received training in Pakistan and Afghanistan Jul.31   Indonesia     Al Qaeda 'funded Indonesia terror'
  Terror group may have financed attacks on the island of Bali, an imprisoned Muslim radical said at the trial
Jun.18   Pakistan   Al Qaeda suspects held
  Police have arrested 5 suspects, including Adil al Jazzeri, a confidant of terror mastermind Osama bin Laden
Mar.10   Pakistan     Al Qaeda chiefs 'met in December'
  Khalid Shaikh Mohammed met with Osama bin Laden, Pakistani intelligence officials say
Mar.4   Pakistan Al Qaeda paymaster in custody
  A dozen names discovered at the house where Khalid Shaikh Mohammed was arrested match those under U.S. surveillance
Jan.19   England   Al Qaeda at large in UK: police
  Police chief Stevens has warned several terrorists linked to al-Qaeda are operating in the UK and more arrests are expected

year 2002 Top ^

Dec.4   Washington     Bush: Al Qaeda linked to Kenya attacks
  President believes al Qaeda was involved in suicide bombing of an Israeli-owned resort hotel
Nov.15   Washington   Al Qaeda 'plans spectacular hit'
  The 'spectacular attacks' will cause 'mass casualties' and 'severe damage' to the economy
Oct.22   Germany Al Qaeda suspect rejects violence
  Mounir El Motassadeq, 28, is the first person to go on trial accused of being directly involved in September 11 attacks
Oct.17   CIA   CIA chief: Al Qaeda poses new threats
  The terrorist network has reorganized after its ouster from Afghanistan and 'intends to strike us here and overseas'
Oct.9   Kuwait   Al Qaeda linked to attack on Marines
  Pentagon officials said it appears the 2 assailants had been in Afghanistan, where they were trained in al Qaeda camps
Oct.3   Washington   W. Lindh: Al Qaeda spoke of more attacks
  John Walker Lindh believed the September 11 attacks were the first of 3 waves of terrorist strikes against the United States
Aug.3   Italy   Al Qaeda suspect held
  Sanjivan Ruprah, 36, is suspected of having links to arms trafficking and al Qaeda network
Jul.3   Tribal Areas   Al Qaeda suspects killed in shootout
  4 militants have been killed in a shootout with security personnel in the country's remote, semi-autonomous tribal northwest

year 2001 Top ^

Dec.19   West Pakistan   13 Killed in Al Qaeda Prisoner Revolt  Fighters loyal to bin Laden rose up against their Pakistani guards, seized weapons and escaped

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