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Nato raid prompts Pakistan review Dutch PM resigns party leadership   Netherlands: Jan Peter Balkenende resigned as leader of the Christian Democratic Alliance after exit polls projected that his party would lose 20 parliamentary seats PM's group leads in early election results. Baghdad Congress alliance well ahead in election  India: Early counting trends show the ruling Congress-led alliance well ahead of the opposition BJP coalition in India's general election ANC on course for South Africa landslide   The ANC had won around 65 percent of the vote. The opposition Democratic Alliance could be on course to claim control of Western Cape provin...   Extra NATO troops for Afghan poll Map of Strasbourg France   France: NATO has agreed to boost troop numbers to cover the Afghan presidential election, outgoing alliance chief Jaap de Hoop Scheffer has said   Afghan focus for key NATO summit
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1. 2017-02-20 Mike Pence warns Nato it must boost defence spending Brussels
2016-08-06 South Africa local elections: ANC loses in capital Pretoria Pretoria, South Africa
D. 2015-05-10 South Africa opposition elects Maimane first black leader Port Elizabeth, South Africa
E. 2015-04-17 Russian opposition parties form anti-Putin alliance Moscow
F. 2015-01-26 Alexis Tsipras was sworn in as new prime minister Athens
6. 2014-11-21 NATO jets scrambled 400 times this year for Russian intercepts Estonia
7. 2014-10-23 Nato jets 'intercept Russian plane' Estonia
8. 2014-10-04 Pakistan Taliban vow support for IS in Syria and Iraq Tribal Areas
J. 2014-05-05 Syria opposition to open US mission Washington

South Africa opposition elects Maimane first black leader Russian opposition parties form anti-Putin alliance. Moscow Alexis Tsipras was sworn in as new prime minister  Athens: Radical left leader was sworn in after forming a surprise alliance with a small right-wing nationalist party Independent Greeks NATO jets scrambled 400 times this year for Russian intercepts. Estonia Nato jets 'intercept Russian plane'. Estonia Pakistan Taliban vow support for IS in Syria and Iraq. Tribal Areas Syria opposition to open US mission. Washington Afghanistan VP, ex-Northern Alliance commander dies at 57. Kabul   Nearly 500 dead in clashes between rebel groups in Syria   Aleppo: Fighting between an al Qaeda-linked group and a loose alliance of more moderate rebel brigades has killed nearly 500 over the past week Mali leader's party declared winner Tamil party wins north S Lanka vote. Sri Lanka   Netanyahu pledge after narrow win
  Mike Pence warns Nato it must boost defence spending  Brussels: US Vice-President Mike Pence has warned members of the Nato alliance to meet their defence spending targets South Africa local elections: ANC loses in capital Pretoria Map of Pretoria South Africa

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  Governing African National Congress has been defeated by the opposition Democratic Alliance in local polls in the capital Pretoria

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  Jerusalem: Israeli Prime Minister has pledged to form 'as broad a government as possible' after his alliance won a narrow election victory.    The centrist Yesh Atid party came second with ...

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Jul.17  EU committed to Palestinian statehood
May.5  Iraq's two top Shiite blocs merge
Mar.21  Sarkozy's party loses regional election

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Dec.3  Peugeot, Mitsubishi eye capital tie-up
 India poll counting set to begin
May.6  Russia expels Canadian diplomats
   France: The challenges facing NATO in Afghanistan are set to dominate the agenda as leaders of the alliance meet for a day of summit talks

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Dec.28   Pro-India parties win majority in elections
  Kashmir: The National Conference party and the Congress have won enough seats in the state assembly to form a ruling alliance
Sep.26 Chavez reaffirms Russia alliance
. Moscow Sep.16   NATO chief expresses solidarity
   Georgia: Secretary-General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer said the Western alliance will continue its expansion despite Russian opposition
Sep.4     Cheney: Georgia will be in our alliance   U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney said the U.S. firmly backs NATO membership for Georgia Aug.18     Nato holds Georgia crisis summit
   Belgium: Foreign ministers are gathering for an emergency summit to discuss how the alliance should respond to Russia's military action
Aug.14 BA seals alliance with American
  London: British Airways says it has sealed an alliance with American Airlines that will allow the 2 carriers to fix fares, routes and schedules together
Feb.7   NATO dismisses Afghanistan crisis
   Lithuania: Defence ministers have dismissed talk of a crisis over its operation in Afghanistan, saying the alliance was making progress in the country
Feb.6 R. Gates: Afghanistan may split up NATO. U.S. Congress

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Nov.22     29 died as al Qaeda attacks Sunnis, Shiite
  Baghdad: Al Qaeda in Iraq disguised as members of a Sunni alliance council attacked the council's headquarters outside Baghdad
Sep.15 Sadr group quits Iraq ruling bloc. Baghdad Sep.13 Insurgents kill key US ally. Sunni Triangle Aug.18 Rivals look for reconciliation formula
  Baghdad: The leaders of a new Shiite and Kurdish political alliance met with a top Sunni leader, raising hope for a breakthrough to curb factional violence
Jul.30 Iraq to dominate Bush-Brown talks. Washington Jul.4   EU offers Brazil economic alliance
  European Union: The Union offered Brazil a political and economic alliance that could help them settle their long-standing differences in global trade talks

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Dec.7   Chavez promotes S. American gas pipeline
   Brazil: Newly re-elected Venezuelan leader received a bear-hug welcome from President Silva as he began promoting S. American alliance
Nov.28   NATO eyes Afghan handover in 2008   Latvia: At a 2-day summit, Secretary-General de Hoop Scheffer insisted the alliance will prevail in its first mission outside Europe Oct.30 Rally condemns air raid. Pakistan Oct.23     Olmert agrees to alliance with hard-liner  Jerusalem: Prime Minister struck an alliance with Yisrael Beiteinu who has called for stripping Israeli Arabs of citizenship Jun.5 Islamists claim Mogadishu victory Map of Baquba Somalia
   Somalia: An Islamist militia has seized the capital, after weeks of fighting against an alliance of warlords backed by the US
Jun.4   Islamists seize key town   Somalia: Islamic Courts militia has seized a town of Balad from a member of the warlord alliance it is fighting May.8   19 dead as militias battle
   Somalia: Islamic militia and fighters for a s'anti-terrorism' alliance of warlords battled for a second day in lawless capita
Apr.1   Pressure mounts on PM to go  Baghdad: Figures within Shia alliance have for the first time urged Jaafari to stand down to help a unity government form Jan.20   Shiite-led alliance wins election  Baghdad: Most powerful Muslim alliance won the most seats but not a clear majority in the first constitutional parliament Jan.10 First meeting for 'Kyoto rival'
  Sydney: The first ministerial meeting of a alliance promising economic growth with low carbon emissions has opened

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Dec.24   Shias reject Iraq election re-run
  Baghdad: The United Iraqi Alliance has called on Sunni Arabs to end demands for a re-run of the parliamentary poll Dec.20   Sunni bloc rejects Baghdad vote
  Iraq's main Sunni Arab political alliance has rejected the partial results of parliamentary election in Baghdad province
Feb.22   Shia alliance names PM candidate  Baghdad: The United Iraqi Alliance has named Islamic Daawa party leader Ibrahim Jaafari as its candidate for the position Feb.13 Poll winners call for Iraqi unity   Shiite alliance wins plurality
   Iraq: The United Iraq Alliance, backed by Ali al-Sistani fell short of an outright majority. Parties have 3 days to file objections

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Mar.29   Bush welcomes NATO's new seven
  Washington: U.S. President has formally welcomed the addition of 7 new members to the alliance

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Sep.27   Opposition leader Khan dies
  Pakistan: Chief of Alliance for Restoration of Democracy died at the age of 85, a victim of a severe heart attack
Jan.2   'Axis of Good' for Brazil, Cuba, Venezuela
  The first day in office for new president, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, projects the image of a leftist alliance in Latin America

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Jun.24 Karzai swears in cabinet. Kabul May.21 Leading separatist killed. Kashmir May.2   New war grave revealed
  Northern Afghanistan: A grave may contain the remains of Taleban fighters who surrendered to Northern Alliance

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Dec.12 Freedom in exchange for bin Laden. Afghanistan Dec.11 Gains against al Qaeda in mountains. Afghanistan Dec.2 Name of interim Afghan PM proposed. Ruhr Dec.1   N. Alliance pledges candidate list
  Ruhr: Delegation proposed 20-30 members to run the government for 3 months before a loya jirga Nov.28 Alliance opposes multi-national force. Germany Nov.27   NNP and ANC seal alliance
   South Africa: Previously known as the pro-apartheid National Party will return to office at all levels
Nov.26   Alliance fully controls Konduz
  Afghanistan: Taliban forces have retreated to a town to the west Nov.25  Alliance claimed half of Konduz Nov.24  Northern Alliance entered Kunduz Nov.23  Alliance ready to push south Nov.22  Konduz fight rages Nov.21  Taliban to stop fighting in Konduz Nov.20 N. Alliance agrees to talks in Europe. Afghanistan Nov.19  Taleban in Kunduz 'near surrender' Nov.15  N. Alliance under U.S. pressure Nov.13  UN invited to organize government Nov.12   Alliance moves in abandoned Kabul
  Taliban have withdrawn most of their troops from the capital moving along a road to the south
 Opposition edge Kabul Nov.11  Northern Alliance moves on Kabul  N. Alliance take several towns Nov.10  Bush: N. Alliance stay out of Kabul Nov.8  Alliance gaining ground on Mazar Nov.6  N. Alliance capture town of Kisindeh Nov.5  Alliance preparing multi-pronged attack Nov.3  Taliban town taken by N. Alliance   Alliance backs Trimble
  Northern Ireland: The Alliance Party, small, independent party, threw limited support behind Trimble's election as leader of a government Nov.2  B-52s slam Taliban frontline Nov.1  Turk special forces boost alliance Oct.31   U.S. carpet-bombs Taliban  Northern Afghanistan: Navy jets and heavy bombers pounded battle lines between Taliban and Northern Alliance Oct.29  U.S. jets struck Kandahar Oct.27  US bombing error kills 9 Oct.17  Taleban strike Northern Alliance Oct.1  Blair warns alliance poised to strike Sep.29   Afghan opposition backs former king  Kabul: Mohammed Zahir Shah is holding talks in Rome with Northern Alliance to plan a new government Sep.24     Putin pledges support for US  Moscow: Russian President says country will support operations in Afghanistan and widen the cooperation with the alliance Sep.23 Victory for ex-communists. Poland Jul.16 Russia and China sign alliance  Moscow: Presidents Zemin and Putin Good Neighbourly Treaty of Friendship and Co-operation to oppose to the U.S. plans Jun.29   Ruling alliance to hold policy talks
   South Africa: The leadership will meet in August to resolve differences on the economy and privatization

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Nov.27 Chretien won election. Canada
before year 2000
Jun. 4, 1520 Henry VIII and Francis I meet on Field of Cloth of Gold
Map of Balinghem France
   France: Francis attempted to arrange an alliance with Henry VIII of England, despite a lavish fortnight of diplomacy, they failed to reach an agreement.

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