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Iran 'hangs 16 rebels' in reprisal Map of Zahedan Sistan and Baluchesta Iran
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2014 Pro Russian Conflict in Ukraine (229)   Kramatorsk (6)   Ukraine Rebel Success   Bor (9)   Sistan Va Baluchestan (7)

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1. 2017-03-25 Militia fighters decapitate 40 police officers in DR Congo Kasai, Congo
C. 2016-06-05 US journalist and translator killed in Afghan ambush Marjah, Southern Afghanistan
D. 2015-07-18 Algeria attack: Soldiers die in Islamist ambush Ain Defla, Algeria
4. 2014-07-24 Militants 'kill 60' in ambush on Iraq prison convoy Taji, Sunni Triangle
F. 2014-05-13 'Troops killed' in Ukraine ambush Kramatorsk, Donbass
G. 2014-01-05 South Sudan general killed in ambush Bor, Southern Sudan
2013-10-26 Iran 'hangs 16 rebels' in reprisal Zahedan, Sistan and Baluchesta, Southern Iran
I. 2013-09-20 Militants kill 18 Afghan police Badakhshan, Northern Afghanistan
9. 2013-08-31 Suspected sect members in Nigeria kill at least 24 Monguno, Borno, Northern Nigeria

South Sudan general killed in ambush Map of Bor Southern Sudan
Militia fighters decapitate 40 police officers in DR Congo Map of Kasai Congo  Kamwina Nsapu fighters in DR Congo have decapitated about 40 police officers in an ambush in the central province of Kasai, local officials say US journalist and translator killed in Afghan ambush Map of Marjah Afghanistan  Southern Afghanistan: David Gilkey of National Public Radio (NPR) and a translator have been killed in Helmand province in southern Afghanistan Algeria attack: Soldiers die in Islamist ambush   At least 11 soldiers have been killed in an attack by Islamist militant gunmen west of the capital at the start of celebrations marking the end... Militants 'kill 60' in ambush on Iraq prison convoy   Sunni Triangle: Suicide attackers have mounted a bomb and gun attack on a prison convoy in Iraq, killing 51 prisoners and nine police officers, security sources...   'Troops killed' in Ukraine ambush Map of Kramatorsk Ukraine

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  Donbass: Seven Ukrainian soldiers have been killed in an ambush in the eastern Donetsk region, reports say
   Southern Sudan: A South Sudanese army general has been killed in fighting outside the rebel-held town of Bor. A convoy came under heavy fire in an ambush

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  Southern Iran: Sixteen rebels have been hanged in Iran in retaliation for the deaths of at least 14 border guards in an ambush, say Iranian news agencies
Sep.20   Militants kill 18 Afghan police   Northern Afghanistan: At least 18 Afghan police officers have been killed and 13 wounded in a Taliban ambush in Badakhshan province, the interior ministry says Aug.31   Suspected sect members in Nigeria kill at least 24 Map of Monguno Borno Nigeria  Northern Nigeria: Suspected Boko Haram Islamist militants ambush a vigilante group in north-eastern Nigeria, killing at least 24 of its members Aug.19 25 soldiers killed in a Sinai ambush
  Egypt remained a powder keg Monday, with 25 soldiers killed in an ambush and onetime ruler Hosni Mubarak winning acquittal on a corruption charge
Jul.21   Colombia leader vows to fight Farc  Juan Manuel Santos has ordered the army 'not to stop shooting' until the conflict with the Farc rebels is over, after 15 soldiers died in an...   Fifteen Colombia soldiers killed in rebel ambush Map of Arauca Colombia  An ambush by leftist FARC rebels, the country's president said, raising concerns about peace talks launched last year May.26 Gandhi 'devastated' by India ambush   Central India: The president of India's Congress Party, Sonia Gandhi, has said she is 'devastated' by attack on party officials in Chhattisgarh state

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Jun.8   UN soldiers killed in Ivory Coast   Seven UN peacekeepers from Niger have been killed in an ambush in southwestern Ivory Coast near the border with Liberia Mar.10 Islamists al-Shabab ambush Ethiopia troops
. Somalia

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Oct.11 U.N. peacekeepers killed in Darfur
Mar.12 Al-Jazeera journalist killed in Benghazi. Eastern Libya

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Jul.1 Five soldiers killed in ambush
. Thailand Jun.14   10 Mexican police killed in ambush Map of Zitacuaro Mexico  Mexico: An undisclosed number of criminals also were killed and wounded. A prison uprising in the city of Culiacan left 18 dead Apr.6 Dozens police dead after Maoist ambush. Central India

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Mar.22 U.S. files complaint against suspects
. Baghdad

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Oct.18 Soldiers killed in an ambush by separatists   North Caucasus: Russia reports that 2 soldiers were killed and 7 were wounded. Other reports suggested as many as 40 Russian troops were killed Feb.18 Soldiers convicted of killing drug cops
. Colombia Jan.13 Ambush kills 8 soldiers. Thailand

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Jul.18 Troops killed in ambush
. West Pakistan

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Jul.31   Fifteen die in attacks
   Colombia: At least 14 soldiers have been killed in an ambush on their way to investigate reports of an illegal checkpoint
Jul.22   3 Iraqi policemen killed in attack
Map of Baquba Iraq
  A planned ambush in a market in the city of Baquba

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Dec.3   11 Iraqi soldiers killed in ambush   Attackers were wielding small arms and detonating roadside bombs struck near Adhaim, Diyala province Nov.20 Deadly ambush of Marine convoy    Iraq: Gunmen ambushed a U.S. convoy near the western city of Haditha after it was struck by a roadside bomb Oct.10   19 killed in ambush  Southern Afghanistan: Taliban rebels ambushed a convoy of 150 police in southern Afghanistan and killed 19 officers

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Dec.19   Bremer attacked by rebels   Iraq: The American administrator of Iraq escaped unharmed from an ambush in Baghdad Jul.10   Army 'error' led to Lynch capture
   Iraq: An ambush in which 11 U.S. soldiers died and 6 were captured occurred because of mistakes and malfunctions
Jan.27   Group claims credit for ambush
   Kuwait: A statement sent by e-mail to the Saudi daily Al Sharq Al Awsat was signed by Abu Mihjen Al Kuwaiti

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Dec.26   12 die in ambush  Southern Philippines: Muslim rebels ambushed a Canadian company's workers in the southern Philippines Dec.8 Five killed in bus attack  Nepal: Only 5 days after Maoists pledged to drop attacks on non-defense targets, 5 people were killed in a rebel ambush Nov.15 12 Dead in Attack on Israelis in Hebron
  West Bank: At a double ambush, gunmen were attacking first the settlers and then troops who tried to come to their rescue Oct.8   Israeli troops enter Hebron after ambush
Map of Hebron Israel
  West Bank: Hours after 4 Israelis were wounded, armored personnel carriers rolled into the city of Hebron
Sep.30   Bus ambush mars poll  Kashmir: 6 people were killed and 12 wounded in the attack. 50,000 Indian paramilitary forces summoned to Jammu and Kashmir Aug.31 Army hunts ambush gang Map of Papua Indonesia
   Indonesia: Gang is responsible for the deaths of 2 Americans and an Indonesian in the province of Papua
Aug.20   Rebel ambush kills 19 soldiers
  North East India: The attackers are thought to belong to the outlawed National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT)
Aug.13 Gunmen kill 15 in bus ambush
Map of Assam India
  North East India: Suspected militants in Assam opened fire on a truck traveling to a local market
Aug.5   Settlers killed in ambush  West Bank: Palestinian gunmen are killing a man and his pregnant wife and wounding their two children Jul.16   Ambush suspect killed by troops
  West Bank: A Palestinian has been shot dead during a gun battle near the scene of the ambush in which 8 Israelis died

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Dec.12     Israel cuts off contact with Arafat
  Jerusalem: Israeli Cabinet holds him directly responsible for an ambush of a bus
    Israel retaliates for bus ambush  Gaza: 6 bombs were dropped by jets near the compound of Arafat. Force 17 and naval installation also were targeted Aug.8   Battle in Tetovo   Macedonia: 9 soldiers were killed in an ambush by ethnic Albanian rebels. Tanks and artillery were pounding rebel positions

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