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Nato 'in Libya rebel hit apology' China demands apology from Japan  Beijing: China has demanded an apology from Japan following the return of a fishing boat captain who was detained for two weeks in Okinawa MPs apology for Srebrenica massacre
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B. 2016-02-24 1978 Mardi Gras activists get official apology New South Wales, Sydney
2015-07-19 Mitsubishi to make prisoners of war apology Japan
3. 2015-04-19 Poland fury at Holocaust comment by FBI's James Comey Poland
E. 2014-08-25 Clive Palmer makes China apology over 'mongrels' remarks Australia
5. 2014-04-28 S Korea president in ferry apology South Korea
G. 2013-12-22 Al Qaeda in Yemen apologizes for hospital attack Yemen
7. 2013-11-14 Toronto mayor apologizes for graphic remarks Toronto
8. 2013-11-04 Toronto mayor apology over drinking Toronto
J. 2013-09-04 Chile judges apologise for past role Chile

Australia sorry for forced adoptions Nato apology for Afghan boys' deaths   Afghanistan: The Nato-led Isaf force has apologised for the deaths of 2 boys, killed when a helicopter fired on them, mistaking them for insurgents Lance Armstrong apology to staff   Texas: Lance Armstrong has apologised to the staff at his Livestrong Foundation, amid reports that the US cyclist may admit doping in a TV intervie... President issues 'state apology' in police rape case. Tunisia Network apology over TV 'suicide'. Arizona Thalidomide maker issues apology   Germany: Gruenenthal has apologised to the thousands of people born with disabilities as a result of their mothers taking the drug   Obama apology for Koran burnings   Washington: President Barack Obama has apologised to the Afghan people for the burning of Korans by American troops at a US base Nato in Afghanistan Koran apology
1978 Mardi Gras activists get official apology   Sydney: Gay rights activists who were beaten during inaugural Mardi Gras in 1978 have received a formal apology in the New South Wales parliament   Mitsubishi to make prisoners of war apology  Japan: The Mitsubishi corporation is to make a landmark apology for using American prisoners of war (POWs) as forced labour during World War Two   Poland fury at Holocaust comment by FBI's James Comey  Poland has summoned the US ambassador and demanded an apology over comments on the Holocaust by FBI director James Comey Clive Palmer makes China apology over 'mongrels' remarks   Australia: Australian billionaire Clive Palmer has apologised for calling the Chinese government '"mongrels' in televised comments that drew widespread...   S Korea president in ferry apology   South Korea: President Park Geun-hye has apologised over the ferry disaster, in a statement to cabinet shown on national television. Al Qaeda in Yemen apologizes for hospital attack Toronto mayor apologizes for graphic remarks   Another day, another apology from Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, this time for crude comments about oral sex he made Thursday morning Toronto mayor apology over drinking Chile judges apologise for past role France apology in Bolivia jet row. Paris UK government to make Mau Mau apology. London Turkey apology to wounded protesters

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  Deputy PM Bulent Arinc has apologised to protesters injured in demonstrations opposing the demolition of an Istanbul park

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  US Gen John R Allen, the Nato commander in Afghanistan, has apologised over reports foreign troops may have burnt copies of the Koran
 The books were taken from prisoners after the US uncovered a secret Taliban message system. Rumours that a Koran had been burnt led to protests outside the US base. Gen John R Allen said any 'improper disposal' of religious materials was inadvertent

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   Serbia: Serbia's parliament has passed a landmark resolution offering an apology for the massacre in 1995 - the worst incident of the Bosnian War
Mar.22 Apology after soldiers kill 2 students. North Mexico Jan.3 Soccer chief apologizes for Israel greeting. Iran

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Sep.19 SA athletics chief issues Semenya apology
. South Africa Aug.21   Vietnam massacre soldier 'sorry' Map of Columbus USA
  US Georgia: Lt William Calley convicted for his part in the My Lai massacre during the Vietnam War has offered his first public apology
Jul.8 F1 boss's apology for praising Hitler
  London: Jewish groups on Wednesday rejected as inadequate an apology by Bernie Ecclestone for remarks in which he praised Adolf Hitler
Feb.27   Vatican rejects bishop's apology
  The Vatican has rejected an apology by Richard Williamson who denied the full extent of the Holocaust
Jan.10 Prince's apology for racist term
  London: Harry has apologised for using offensive language ('Paki') to describe a member of his army platoon

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Jul.15 LA cardinal offers abuse apology
  Los Angeles: The Roman Catholic Church in LA has apologised to hundreds of people abused by priests after agreeing to a record-breaking settlement

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Sep.17     Pope apology fails to end anger
  Vatican: Pope's apology for comments he made last week on Islam has been welcomed by some Muslims
May.29   U.S. apology sought in refugee killings
   South Korea: A victims' group alleged manipulation of an investigation into the U.S. Army's mass killing at No Gun Ri in 1950
Feb.12   Iran demands apology over cartoons  Iran has rejected accusations that it has inflamed and encouraged violent protests Feb.2     Gunmen shut EU office over cartoons
  Gaza: Palestinian gunmen shut down the EU office, demanding an apology for German, French and Norwegian newspapers

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Sep.22 Basra officials cut ties over raid  Officials in Basra will not cooperate with Britain until the city receives an apology and compensation

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Oct.13 Beckham apology for foul
  England: The England soccer captain admitted getting himself deliberately booked in a World Cup qualifying match
May.7   Rumsfeld apologizes
  Washington: Defense Secretary offered his deepest apology for the abuse of Iraqi prisoners by their U.S. captors

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Oct.2   Sex scandal draws Arnie apology
  Southern California: Schwarzenegger has confessed to behaviour that 'offended people' after LA Times reported that he harassed women

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Dec.15   Sub skipper on Japan apology trip
  Scott Waddle, the former captain of a U.S. sub that collided with a fishing boat laid flowers at a memorial for 9 victims
Jun.13 Bishops' summit makes apology  Texas: Bishop Wilton Gregory, the leader of America's Roman Catholic bishops made a frank apology to victims of predatory priests

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Nov.22   Pope's Web apology over sex abuse  Vatican: John Paul II in first Internet message has apologised to victims of sexual abuse by clergy Sep.27     Arabs demand Berlusconi apology
  Arab Countries: Arab League leader Moussa said Italian PM should either deny or apologise to Muslims
Sep.7   Race summit slavery breakthrough   South Africa: Conference acknowledges slavery as crime against humanity, an apology and offer a economic assistance to Africa Apr.8   China's military demand apology
  Beijing: Defense Minister Haotian said armed forces will not accept U.S. government attempts to evade responsibility
Apr.7   Diplomats meet U.S. fliers
  China: Washington and Beijing are now working on a letter containing a regret for the missing Chinese pilot but not the apology
Apr.5     China questions U.S. crew
  China has welcomed a U.S. regret over the loss of a Chinese pilot but is keeping up calls for an apology
Apr.4     U.S. spy crew destroyed gear
  China: China asked for an apology over the collision. United States has refused to apologize
Apr.3   Jiang demands U.S. apology  Beijing: Chinese President has repeated demands that the U.S. apologize for midair collision

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