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MPs back referendum on bailout Greece crisis: Eurozone refuses bailout extension   Eurozone finance ministers have rejected a Greek request to extend a bailout programme beyond 30 June Greece debt: Crisis meeting over bailout referendum Tsipras tells lenders not to humiliate Greece over debt Greek PM vows 'no third bailout'
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B. 2016-12-22 Italy approves bailout for Monte dei Paschi Rome
C. 2016-05-24 Greece bailout: Eurozone agrees 'breakthrough' debt deal Brussels
D. 2015-08-14 Greece crisis: Eurogroup agrees to third bailout Greece
4. 2015-08-13 Greece MPs debate ahead of key bailout vote Athens
2015-07-22 Greece crisis: MPs pass crucial bailout reforms Athens
6. 2015-07-21 MPs prepare for second vote on bailout reforms Athens
H. 2015-07-17 Greece debt crisis: Bailout talks given go-ahead European Union
I. 2015-07-14 Greek PM defends 'harsh' deal Athens

Polls close in bailout referendum   Millions of Greeks have voted in a crucial referendum on whether to accept the terms of an international bailout Greece debt: Greeks vote in bailout referendum Greece crisis: Mass rival rallies over bailout vote   Tens of thousands of Greeks have attended rival rallies in Athens ahead of a crucial referendum Greece crisis: Tsipras urges 'No' to 'blackmail' IMF payment missed as bailout expires
  Greece crisis: MPs pass crucial bailout reforms  Greece has taken a crucial step towards a bailout after its parliament passed a crucial second set of reforms MPs prepare for second vote on bailout reforms IMF attacks EU over bailout Tsipras faces eurozone deal battle Debt crisis: Eurozone to resume talks on reforms Debt crisis: Eurozone predicts tough talks   MPs back bailout reform plan   Greece's parliament has backed a government package of economic reforms aimed at ending the country's debt crisis and securing a new bailout   Eurozone receives economic reform plan  The Greek government has submitted economic reform proposals to try to secure a further bailout from its creditors Debt crisis: Deadline day for new proposals Debt crisis: Tsipras says voters made 'brave choice'   Debt crisis: Greek voters reject bailout offer

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Dec.22  Rome  Italy approves bailout for Monte dei Paschi
May.24  Brussels  Greece bailout: Eurozone agrees 'breakthrough' debt deal

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Aug.14  Greece  Greece crisis: Eurogroup agrees to third bailout
Aug.13  Athens  Greece MPs debate ahead of key bailout vote
Jul.22   Athens
Jul.21   Athens
Jul.17  European Union  Greece debt crisis: Bailout talks given go-ahead
Jul.14   IMF
 Athens  Greek PM defends 'harsh' deal
Jul.13   Athens
Jul.11   Brussels
Jul.10   Athens
Jul.9   Athens  
Jul.5   Athens
  With almost all the ballots counted, results from the Greek referendum show voters decisively rejecting the terms of an international bailout
 61% of those whose ballots had been counted voting 'No', against 39% voting 'Yes'. Governing Syriza party had saying the bailout terms were humiliating
Jul.4   Greece
 Athens  Varoufakis accuses creditors of 'terrorism'
Jul.3   Athens
Jun.30   Athens
  Greece has missed the deadline for 1.1bn payment to the International Monetary Fund, hours after eurozone ministers refused to extend its bailout

Jun.27   Athens
  European Union
Jun.5   Greece
Feb.27   Athens
  Greece will not need a third international debt bailout when its current programme ends in four months, the country's prime minister has said
Feb.23   Athens Greece unveils eurozone reforms Feb.16   Greece Greek debt deal hangs in balance Feb.8   Athens Greek PM defiant over economic plans Jan.24   Greece Anti-austerity Syriza battles New Democracy

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Mar.26   Poland     Envoy: Ukraine getting closer to deal with IMF
  Poland's foreign minister says Ukraine is close to reaching a bailout deal because its new leaders have the 'determination'

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May.3   Portugal   Portugal to cut civil service jobs
  Portugal is planning to cut 30,000 civil service jobs and to raise the retirement age by one year to 66 as it tries to meet the terms of a bailout
Apr.28   Greece Parliament approves 15,000 civil service job cuts
  The Greek parliament has passed a bill which will see 15,000 state employees lose their jobs by the end of next year
Apr.14   Cyprus Cyprus to ease citizenship rules
  Cyprus is to relax its citizenship rules for foreign investors who lost at least 3m euros under an EU bailout deal
Apr.12   Portugal     Portugal and Ireland to be given more bailout time
  Portugal and Ireland are to be granted an extra seven years to pay back their emergency bailout loans
Apr.11   Ireland Eurozone meeting over Cyprus crisis Map of Dublin Ireland
  Eurozone finance ministers meet on Friday to finalise a bailout for Cyprus amid news that the country needs much more money than first thought
Mar.30   Cyprus Tough Bank of Cyprus terms detailed
  Bank of Cyprus depositors with more than 100,000 euros could lose up to 60% of their savings as part of an EU-IMF bailout restructuring move
Mar.29   Cyprus Cyprus eases some bank restrictions
Mar.28   Cyprus   Cyprus banks reopen with tough curbs   Banks have reopened after a two-week closure amid EU-IMF bailout talks, with orderly queues for cash and strict limits on daily withdrawals Mar.25   Cyprus Cyprus banks closed until Thursday  Temporary measures will be placed on transactions when they reopen despite an EU/IMF bailout deal Mar.24   Brussels   Deal reached in Cyprus bailout talks
  Eurozone finance ministers have agreed on a 10bn-euro bailout to prevent its banking system collapsing and keep the country in the eurozone
  Brussels   Cypriot president in Brussels talks
  Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades is having a series of emergency meetings in Brussels in a last-ditch attempt to finalise a bailout
Mar.23   Cyprus   Cyprus has only hard choices - EU
  Cyprus and must agree terms on Sunday for a crucial bailout for its ailing banks, the EU's commissioner for economic affairs Olli Rehn says
  Cyprus   'Significant progress' in Cyprus
  Cyprus has made 'significant progress' in talks with the EU and IMF aimed at securing a bailout, Cypriot Finance Minister Michael Sarris has said
Mar.22   Cyprus   Coming hours 'to seal Cyprus' fate
  The coming hours will decide Cyprus' fate as it struggles to meet the terms of an international financial bailout, the government spokesman says
Mar.21   Cyprus Cyprus 'scraps bank levy' - new plan
  Political leaders in Cyprus appear to have dropped an unpopular levy on bank deposits in a new bailout plan
Mar.20   Cyprus Cyprus 'to present new bailout plan'
  The president of Cyprus will later present political leaders with a 'Plan B' for funding the controversial bailout, state TV has reported
  Cyprus   Cyprus holds bailout crisis talks
  Political leaders in Cyprus are meeting for emergency talks after its parliament overwhelmingly rejected an international bailout deal
Mar.19  Berlin  Cyprus warned over bailout rejection   Cyprus Cyprus MPs reject divisive bank tax Mar.18  European Union  Euro ministers urge Cyprus rethink Mar.17  Cyprus  Cyprus MPs in bailout crisis session   Cyprus Cyprus leader seeks bailout change   Cyprus   Cyprus delays debate amid bailout fury
  Cyprus's parliament has postponed an emergency session on a controversial bailout deal for the country's banks
Mar.16   Cyprus   Cyprus president defends bailout
  President Nicos Anastasiades has said a big bailout - which has provoked mass public anger - was needed to avoid a 'disorderly bankruptcy'
  Cyprus Shock in Cyprus over bailout levy Mar.15   Brussels Eurozone agrees Cyprus bailout deal
  Eurozone finance ministers have agreed a 10bn euros bailout package for Cyprus to save the country from bankruptcy

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Nov.26   European Union   Eurozone deal on Greece bailout
  Eurozone finance ministers and the IMF have reached a deal on an urgently needed bailout for debt-laden Greece
Sep.12   Germany German court backs euro rescue fund
  Germany's Constitutional Court dismisses a complaint against Europe's permanent bailout fund, known as the European Stability Mechanism
Sep.10   Spain Spain opposes bailout conditions
  Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has said he will not accept outside conditions over a possible bailout
Aug.22   Berlin     Germany and France in Greek talks
  The leaders of Germany and France are set to hold talks in Berlin on whether to give Greece more time to make the cuts required by its debt bailout
Aug.21   Greece   Greece 'needs more time' for cuts
  Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, has called for more time to implement tough spending cuts and reforms, ahead of crucial talks on its EU/IMF bailout
Jun.9   Spain Spanish bank bailout request welcomed
  Spain's decision to request a loan of up to 100bn euros from eurozone funds to help shore up its struggling banks has won broad support Jun.8   Spain Spain bailout talks 'imminent'
  Eurozone finance ministers are to hold a conference call to discuss a bailout for Spanish banks
Jun.6   Spain Spain rejects bailout speculation
  Spain's economy minister has dampened speculation that the country is about to seek a bailout of its bank sector
May.25   Spain Spain's Bankia seeks 19bn euros   Spain's fourth-largest bank, Bankia, asks for a bailout worth 19bns euros ($24bn), and admits that it made a massive loss last year May.9   Greece   Greek far-left ends coalition bid
  Greece's far-left leader abandons efforts to form a government based on rejecting the EU bailout deal, after talks with mainstream parties fail
Apr.26   Washington US bailout fund 'may make loss'
  US taxpayers are unlikely to get all their money back from a $700bn bailout of the country's stricken banking and automotive sectors
Feb.21  Greece  Greece gears up for tough reforms Feb.20   Belgium Fresh bailout for Greece 'agreed' Feb.19   Belgium Greece seeking critical new bailout
  Eurozone finance ministers are due to meet to decide whether Greece has done enough to merit a huge bailout loan
Feb.15   Greece 'Progress' in Greek bailout talks
  Greece has made 'substantial progress' in convincing eurozone nations that it should get fresh bailout funds, but there will likely be no decision until Monday
Feb.12   Greece Amid clashes Parliament approves austerity
  Lawmakers voted to approve another round of austerity measures, sought in return for a new eurozone bailout of the debt-stricken country
Feb.11   Greece   Greek PM gives final euro warning
  Lucas Papademos has warned the nation of a collapse in living standards if MPs fail to pass an unpopular austerity bill demanded in return for a bailout
Feb.9   Greece   Eurozone ministers set new conditions
  The chairman of a meeting of Eurozone finance ministers says fresh conditions will be attached to a 130bn euro bailout for Greece
  Greece   Greece leaders agree bailout cuts  Greek politicians have reached a deal on austerity measures needed for a new 130bn euro bailout, Prime Minister Lucas Papademos says Feb.5   Greece   Greek leaders pause bailout talks
  Party leaders in Greece's ruling coalition have ended talks on backing a proposed 130bn euros EU rescue plan without agreement

year 2011 Top ^

Nov.11   Rome   Italy senate passes austerity law  The senate has adopted a package of austerity measures designed to avoid a bailout of the eurozone's third largest economy Nov.3   Greece   Greek PM backs off plans for referendum
  George Papandreou said that a controversial proposal to hold a referendum on an international bailout for his country would not be necessary   Greece Calls for Greek leader to resign Nov.2   France   Bailout loan withheld from Greece  The next 8bn euros of rescue loans will be withheld from Greece until after its referendum on the eurozone rescue plan, European leaders say Oct.31   Greece Greece to hold bailout referendum  Papandreou: Greece will hold a referendum on a new European Union aid package intended to resolve the country's debt crisis Oct.10   Slovakia   Euro bailout fund faces key vote
  Slovakia will vote later on measures to bolster the powers of the eurozone bailout fund, seen as vital in combating the bloc's debt crisis
Oct.9   Belgium     Embattled Dexia bank will get bailout
  France, Belgium and Luxembourg are to bail out the troubled bank Dexia, following fears it could go bankrupt
Oct.3   European Union   Eurozone delays Greek loan choice
  Eurozone finance ministers have delayed a decision on giving Greece the next instalment of bailout cash
Sep.28   Berlin     Merkel faces test in bailout vote
  German Chancellor faces a major test of her authority, as MPs vote on whether to approve new powers for the EU's main bailout fund
Sep.20   European Union Greece bailout talks 'progress'  Talks to avert a financial meltdown in Greece have made 'good progress', the European Commission has announced Jul.21   European Union Eurozone agrees new Greek bailout  Leaders of the Eurozone countries have agreed a new bailout package for Greece worth 109bn euros ($155bn) Mar.23   Portugal Portugal PM resigns over budget
  Jose Socrates has resigned after parliament rejected an austerity budget. The defeat is likely to trigger a bailout

year 2010 Top ^

Nov.27   Belgium Meeting over Irish rescue scheme
  European finance ministers are to meet in Brussels to discuss the details of a bailout worth more than 85bn euros for the Irish Republic
Sep.30   Ireland Ireland bank bailout could cost $46 billion
  The central bank announced additional capital injections for Anglo Irish Bank and other institutions
Apr.29   Greece Greece seeking aid package worth $160B
  The International Monetary Fund and European Union are demanding further austerity measures as a price for the bailout,

year 2009 Top ^

Oct.21   Washington Plans bailout firm bonus cut
  Firms in the US which received billions of government aid in the financial crisis are to be told to cut the pay of top executives

year 2008 Top ^

Dec.20   Canada Canadian auto industry gets bailout too
  Canada will provide roughly $3.3 billion in aid to its automotive sector, honoring a pledge to provide 20% of what the U.S. government offered
Oct.29   Washington Treasury spends $125 billion on 9 banks Oct.17   Berlin Parliament passes bank bailout
  The Parliament of Germany passes a 500 billion euro ($673.8 billion) bank bailout
Oct.3   New York Stocks slide ahead of crucial bailout vote
  Members of the House of Representatives were set to vote on a revised version of a proposed $700 billion bank bailout plan
Oct.2   New York Bailout vote fails to lift markets Oct.1   Japan   Asian markets dip despite bailout vote
  Asian and Pacific stock markets dropped despite the U.S. Senate's approval of a modified $700 billion bank rescue plan
Sep.30   New York U.S. stocks rebound after bailout failure
  The Dow Jones industrial average rose 236 points in early trading, after a record 777-point fall the day
Sep.29   House of Representatives $700 billion bailout package failed  Democrats and Republicans immediately blamed each other for the failure of the bailout package in the House   Japan Asian markets fall on U.S. bailout failure Sep.28   House of Representatives   Buffett: Bail out or face meltdown
  Billionaire Buffett told congressional negotiators that if they can't agree on a financial bailout, the nation will face 'its biggest financial meltdown'
Sep.26   Washington Bailout talks implode Sep.17   New York Turmoil sends US stocks tumbling   US stocks have plunged to a 3-year low amid continuing financial volatility and despite the bailout of the insurance giant AIG   New York Investors edgy as US stocks fall
  US stock markets sank in early trade on fears the bailout of AIG would not be enough to dispel the gloom engulfing the financial world
Mar.17   New York Markets slump on banking worries

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