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Israel steps up border security  Israel's military has strengthened positions along its frontier with Gaza ahead of a demonstration against the blockade of the territory Gaza embargo 'will not be crisis'  Jerusalem: Prime Olmert has said he will not let his country's blockade of the Gaza Strip turn into a humanitarian crisis Israel to ease blockade. Gaza Police clashes wound 50
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B. 2014-03-11 Libya PM dismissed over tanker row Libya
C. 2013-04-09 Senate to vote on gun control bill U.S. Senate
2012-10-20 Israel intercepts Gaza-bound boat Gaza
E. 2010-09-26 Jewish boat sets sail to Gaza with aid Gaza
5. 2010-07-13 Israeli navy trails Gaza aid ship Gaza
G. 2010-06-21 Israeli plans to ease blockade praised London
H. 2010-06-21 Israel asks UN to shelve ship raid inquiry Jerusalem
I. 2010-06-20 Israel reveals Gaza blockade restrictions Jerusalem
J. 2010-06-13 Red Cross calls for lifting of Gaza blockade Global

  Jewish boat sets sail to Gaza with aid  An aid ship sponsored by Jewish activist organizations around the world set sail from Cyprus to Gaza, despite a blockade to the occupied ter...   Israeli navy trails Gaza aid ship  Israeli navy vessels are shadowing a Libyan-chartered ship, in defiance of the blockade, amid confusion about its final destination   Israeli plans to ease blockade praised  London: Britain's foreign secretary and the U.S. State Department's spokesman have joined the chorus of leaders praising plans to ease Gaza blockade   Israel asks UN to shelve ship raid inquiry  Jerusalem: Israel has asked the UN to suspend attempts to organise an international inquiry into a deadly raid on a ship trying to break the blockade of...   Israel reveals Gaza blockade restrictions  Jerusalem: Israel has given details of its plan to ease the blockade of Gaza, with all civilian goods now expected to be let into the territory Red Cross calls for lifting of Gaza blockade. Global Israeli navy 'shadowing' Gaza aid ship  Israeli naval vessels are shadowing Rachel Corrie, the latest aid ship attempting to break the blockade of the Gaza Strip Israel vows to stop Gaza aid ship. Jerusalem Fishermen lift French port blockades   France: French fishermen suspended their blockade at 3 English Channel ports, allowing ferry traffic and freight to move through after 2 days of dis... EU leaders slam 'brutal' gas blockade  European Union: Frustrated leaders lashed out at the Russian and Ukrainian energy companies whose dispute over natural gas has stopped supplies to Europe PM delivers key speech amid protests   Thailand: Abhisit Vejjajiva delivered the first policy speech of his term at the foreign ministry despite the blockade of Parliament by thousands of p... Fuel embargo blocks UN aid
Libya PM dismissed over tanker row  Libya's parliament has dismissed PM Ali Zeidan after a tanker laden with oil from a rebel-held port reportedly broke through a naval blockad... Senate to vote on gun control bill  U.S. Senate: The Senate is set to hold a crunch vote on Thursday on whether to debate a gun control law, as a conservative blockade of the bill began to splinter   Israel intercepts Gaza-bound boat

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  The Israeli navy has intercepted the Finnish-flagged Estelle, a boat of pro-Palestinian activists trying to break the blockade of the Gaza Strip

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  Gaza: The United Nations is being forced to suspend its humanitarian work in Gaza because of the Israeli fuel blockade


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  Bangladesh: 3-day transport blockade aimed at derailing upcoming elections. Police used teargas and rubber bullets against activists
Jan.6 Bangladesh gripped by blockades

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Oct.2 Moscow maintains Georgia blockade
. North Caucasus Sep.8 Israel ends sea blockade of Lebanon Sep.7 Israel eases blockade of Lebanon  The air blockade was lifted but a naval embargo would remain until a sufficient UN force was in place Sep.6 Israel to lift blockade of Lebanon  Jerusalem: The Israeli government: Israel will lift its sea and air blockade of Lebanon on Thursday evening Aug.30     Annan visits Olmert  Jerusalem: Secretary-General has joined prime minister in calling for the unconditional release. Olmert firm on Lebanon blockade Aug.29     Annan urges Israel to end siege  Jerusalem: UN chief has used talks to demand an end to Israel's air and sea blockade of Lebanon Jul.13   Israel imposes Lebanon blockade
  Beirut: The warships have blocked ports, and Lebanon international airport was closed after Israeli bombing

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Apr.19   US to ease its Falluja blockade  Sunni Triangle: The coalition has announced measures to end the military stand-off in the battle-scarred city

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Feb.24   2 killed after blockade eased
  West Bank: Israel relaxed its blockade of Palestinian leader Arafat. 2 Palestinians have been shot dead
Feb.23     Israel rethinks Arafat blockade
  Jerusalem: Security cabinet are meeting to decide whether to lift the blockade on the headquarters of the Palestinian leader

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Dec.25   Israel to lift Jericho blockade
Map of Ramallah Israel  West Bank: Troops remain deployed in several towns, including Ramallah Jun.18     Arafat: Situation 'extremely grave'
  Palestinian gunmen killed the motorist and wounded another. Arafat said Israel must lift its blockade
Mar.12   Palestinian killed in blockade clash
Map of Ramallah Israel
  West Bank: Clashes were over tightened blockades around the West Bank town of Ramallah

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Dec.18     China could invade Taiwan
  Beijing: A Pentagon report said China could launch an invasion, blockade or strike Taiwan
Dec.8   Israel blockades West Bank
  Violence claimed at least 10 lives

before year 2000
Jun. 24, 1948   Russian blockade of Berlin began
  The Soviet Union blocked the Western Allies' railway, road, and canal access to the sectors of Berlin under Western control
 The Western Allies organized the Berlin airlift to carry supplies to the people of West Berlin

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