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  Taliban admits bin Laden dead  Afghanistan: The Taliban confirmed that the al Qaeda founder had been killed by U.S. commandos during a raid in Pakistan. Militants attack Kandahar Los Zetas: most dangerous drug cartel  Mexico: In the 1990s commandos from the Mexican army deserted and set up a cartel, known as Los Zetas Australian troops kill Taliban commander  Southern Afghanistan: Australian commandos have killed Mullah Abdul Rasheed blamed for numerous attacks on coalition troops   Indian troops storm Jewish center  Mumbai: Indian commandos are storming the center, where gunmen are holding people hostage. Troops abseiled from a helicopter into the building   Forces fight through siege hotels
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1. 2017-01-29 Yemen al-Qaeda: US commandos raid stronghold al-Baida, Yemen
2013-10-05 US forces seize Al Qaeda leader behind 1998 embassy bombings Tripoli, Libya
3. 2011-11-11 Turkish forces end ferry hijack Istanbul
E. 2011-09-09 Turkey says it will escort aid boats to Gaza Turkey
F. 2011-08-06 Taliban 'kill 30 elite US forces' Wardak, Afghanistan
G. 2011-05-07 Taliban admits bin Laden dead Afghanistan
7. 2009-08-06 Los Zetas: most dangerous drug cartel Mexico
I. 2009-01-12 Australian troops kill Taliban commander Southern Afghanistan
9. 2008-11-27 Indian troops storm Jewish center Mumbai

Turkish forces end ferry hijack  Istanbul: Turkish security commandos have shot dead a hijacker who seized a ferry off the coast east of Istanbul. All 24 passengers and crew are safe   Turkey says it will escort aid boats to Gaza  Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan says the country will follow aid ships to Gaza in an effort to stop incidents like raid by Israeli comma...   Taliban 'kill 30 elite US forces' Map of Wardak Afghanistan
Yemen al-Qaeda: US commandos raid stronghold Map of al-Baida Yemen  The US has carried out a commando raid on an al-Qaeda stronghold in central Yemen, killing 14 militants. Three al-Qaeda leaders were among those killed US forces seize Al Qaeda leader behind 1998 embassy bombings Map of Tripoli Libya

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   Libya: In Libya, US commandos captured Al-Libi, an al-Qaeda leader accused of the 1998 bombings of the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania

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  Afghanistan: A US Chinook helicopter crash in eastern Afghanistan has killed 31 US special forces and seven Afghan commandos in Wardak province
 The copter was returning from an operation against the Taliban in which eight insurgents are believed to have been killed


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  Mumbai: Commandos are fighting to clear the last gunmen from 2 luxury hotels, more than a day after a series of attacks across the city.    The Taj Mahal hotel was nearly free of gunmen, but operations continue...

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Aug.19 Israelis carried out raid in Bekaa Valley
   Lebanon: Commandos carried out a raid by an elite unit; IDF clashed with Hezbollah.    Lebanon warns o...
Jun.5 Police impostors kidnap 50
  Baghdad: Gunmen posing as Iraqi police commandos and driving 13 vehicles raided 3 transportation companies May.8     Bodies of missing Iraqi police found  3 commandos kidnapped were found shot to death south of Baghdad, and 6 other bodies were discovered Mar.5 Gunmen kill 3 in mosque attack  Baghdad: Gunmen dressed as Iraqi police commandos attacked a Sunni al-Noor Sunni mosque in a western Baghdad

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Jul.2   Suicide bomber kills 12  Baghdad: Most of those killed were Iraqi police commandos who were outside their base with recruits

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Nov.7 Iraqi commandos seize Falluja hospital
  Sunni Triangle: Iraqi troops backed by U.S. Marines have seized main hospital, the first step in a major push to retake the city
May.30 Gunmen 'killed 22' in Khobar   Saudi Arabia: The 25-hour crisis ended when commandos stormed a complex where militants had been holding dozens of people hostage

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May.14   17 Sahara tourist hostages freed
   Algeria: Commandos freed 10 Austrians, 6 Germans and a Swede kidnapped by a terrorist group linked to al Qaeda

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Oct.8   Pre-election terror sweep  Pakistan: Pakistani commandos and FBI agents have raided a refugee camp, arresting a man linked to a renegade Afghan commander Sep.24   Indian commandos storm Hindu temple  Gujarat: Commandos have stormed a temple to try to flush out several gunmen. One commando and one militant are killed Apr.2   UK marines arrive   Afghanistan: 110 Royal Marine commandos arrived at Bagram airbase. Total will be 1,700 commandos, engineers and support personnel

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Dec.17   Gunman stage coup attempt   Haiti: Commandos stormed National Palace. The attackers were pushed back in an intense exchange of gunfire Dec.5 Commandos en route to Afghanistan. Canada Oct.26 Marines get war on terror role. England Sep.28   Special forces deploy
  Afghanistan: US and UK commandos have been operating within Afghanistan performing scouting and reconnaissance missions

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