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  Egypt opposition backs referendum 'No' vote
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2017-10-23 Communist Party inserts Xi into party constitution
C. 2017-01-15 MPs back new constitution boosting Erdogan's powers Turkey
D. 2016-12-13 Brazil: Clashes as Senate approves 20-year austerity plan Brasilia, Brazil
4. 2016-12-04 PM Matteo Renzi resigns after clear referendum defeat Rome
5. 2016-08-06 Thai referendum: Military-written constitution up for approval Bangkok
G. 2016-03-24 Syria conflict: US and Russia want draft constitution by August Moscow
7. 2016-02-21 President Evo Morales 'loses fourth term bid' Bolivia
I. 2015-09-05 Thailand constitution: Military's council rejects draft Bangkok
J. 2014-05-22 Thai military announces coup Bangkok

PM Matteo Renzi resigns after clear referendum defeat  Rome: Renzi has resigned after suffering a heavy defeat in a referendum over his plan to reform the constitution. No vote leads with 60% against 40% for Yes Thai referendum: Military-written constitution up for approval. Bangkok President Evo Morales 'loses fourth term bid'   Bolivia: Morales of Bolivia has narrowly lost a referendumt. One poll suggests 52.3% voted against the proposal to amend the constitution Thai military announces coup. Bangkok   Tunisia approves new constitution, appoints new government  National assembly approved the landmark new constitution -- its first since the ouster of longtime president Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali   Egypt referendum 'wins 98% support'  Cairo: Egypt's referendum on a new constitution has been backed by 98.1% of people who voted, officials say   Egypt holds vote on new constitution   Egyptians are to vote in a referendum on a new constitution, which could pave the way for fresh elections   Voters back Egyptian constitution  Nearly two-thirds of voters in an Egyptian referendum have supported a proposed new constitution, the election commission has announced   Egypt referendum polling closes  Voting has closed in Egypt in the first leg of a referendum on a controversial new constitution, after a high turnout   Egyptians vote in referendum on constitution
  Communist Party inserts Xi into party constitution Map of Great Hall of the People Beijing China

year 2017 Top ^

  Beijing: China's ruling Communist Party amended its constitution to add President Xi Jinping's name and ideology in an extension of his formidable political sway
Jan.15  MPs back new constitution boosting Erdogan's powers

year 2016 Top ^

Dec.13  Brazil: Clashes as Senate approves 20-year austerity plan
Mar.24  Syria conflict: US and Russia want draft constitution by August

year 2015 Top ^

Sep.5  Thailand constitution: Military's council rejects draft

year 2014 Top ^

May.20  Thai PM plea as martial law imposed
Feb.17  Ukraine opposition seeks constitution change vote
Jan.16  Egyptian voters overwhelmingly back new constitution, official says
Jan.15  'High turnout' in Egypt referendum
Jan.14  Deadly clashes between police, Mosi supporters as Egypt votes on constitution

year 2013 Top ^

Dec.1  Croatians back same-sex marriage ban in referendum
Mar.25  CAR rebels 'suspend constitution'
Mar.15  Zimbabwe votes in key referendum
Feb.20  Pope may change rules for quicker replacement

year 2012 Top ^

Dec.25  Morsi backers urge Egypt unity
Dec.24  Egypt awaits referendum result
Dec.16  Islamists claim victory in 1st round of referendum
  Egyptians are voting in a referendum on a draft constitution that has divided the country and sparked deadly unrest

  Egypt's opposition National Salvation Front has urged supporters to vote 'No' in a looming referendum on a controversial draft constitution
Dec.10   Cairo braced for rival protests
  Egypt's capital Cairo is steeling itself for rival rallies sparked by a referendum on a new constitution ordered by President Mohamed Morsi
 Egypt leader gives army powers of arrest Dec.9 Morsi orders military to keep order. Cairo Dec.5 Clashes in Cairo amid constitution row  Egypt referendum 'will go ahead' Dec.4 Clashes at Egypt anti-Morsi march. Cairo Dec.2   Egypt judges refuse to oversee Morsi referendum   Judges in Egypt have refused to oversee a vote on the country's new draft constitution, to be held in two weeks Dec.1  Egypt to hold December referendum on new constitution Nov.30  Cairo readies for pro-Morsi rally Nov.29   Assembly adopts new constitution    Egypt: Egypt's Islamist-run assembly has backed a draft constitution, including a measure keeping sharia, or Islamic law, as the main source of leg... Nov.28  Assembly rushes to finish constitution Jun.23   No warm welcome for Paraguay's new president   The impeachment have been carried out in accordance with the Constitution, but some Latin American presidents are calling it a coup d'etat Jun.7 Deal on Egypt constitution panel
  Political parties in Egypt have agreed on how to select the panel that will write the country's new constitution, ending weeks of deadlock
May.27   Nepal PM announces new elections
  Baburam Bhattarai has announced elections in six months time after the country's political parties failed to agree a new constitution
Apr.11 Egypt's constitutional group disbanded Mar.28  Coup leaders unveil a new constitution Feb.27  Syria says new constitution approved Feb.25   Syria holds vote on constitution   The Syrian government is holding a national referendum on a new constitution, amid continuing violent unrest and a boycott by the opposition

year 2011 Top ^

Nov.18  Massive demonstration in Tahrir Square Apr.15   Algerian leader promises reform
  President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, who has been in power for 12 years, has promised to amend the constitution to 'strengthen democracy'
Feb.13  Protesters leave Tahrir Square

year 2010 Top ^

Sep.12  Turkish vote gets world backing     Turks approve new constitution  Turkey: Voters have given strong backing to constitutional changes. 58% had voted 'Yes' to amending the constitution Sep.11   Turkey votes on new constitution
  The people of Turkey are voting in a referendum on changing the nation's constitution
Jun.27 Kyrgyzstan approves new constitution Feb.18  Military halts nation's constitution

year 2009 Top ^

Nov.2  Czech court clears Lisbon Treaty Jun.28     President Zelaya forced into exile
   Honduras: Troops have ousted the president and flown him out of the country after a power struggle over plans to change the constitution.    Manuel Zelaya said he had ...
Apr.10  Coup leader restored as PM Jan.25 Bolivians 'back new constitution'

year 2008 Top ^

Sep.28 Correa heads toward charter win
. Ecuador Jul.24   Assembly backs draft charter   Ecuador: A special assembly approved a new draft constitution granting leftist president broad powers, including the ability to dissolve Congress Jun.14 UN hands over to Kosovo Albanians May.10 Cyclone overshadows referendum. Myanmar Mar.7 Setback to reform plan   Bolivia: President Morales has suffered a major setback in his plans to give the country a new constitution to favour the indigenous majority Feb.8 Turks set to ease headscarf ban. Turkey

year 2007 Top ^

Dec.9   Draft charter approved   Bolivia: A special constituent assembly has approved a new draft constitution, despite a boycott by the main opposition party Dec.7  Germany moves to ban Scientology Dec.1   Venezuelans vote on constitution
  President Chavez is facing his toughest challenge in years as voters decide whether to approve changes in a referendum
Oct.18 EU leaders agree new treaty deal. Portugal Oct.16   Chavez reforms go to parliament
   Venezuela: The parliament, made up exclusively of supporters of Chavez, has started to debate his proposed changes to the constitution
Aug.19   Thais approved constitution
   Thailand: Exit poll: A healthy majority of voters approved an army-drafted constitution designed to prevent a repeat of the powerful single party government Aug.15  President Hugo Chavez outlines changes Jul.6 Thai draft constitution approved. Thailand Jun.20 EU to drop idea of constitution. Germany Mar.25 EU leaders call for rapid reforms. Berlin Jan.17 Constitution 'key for EU success'
  Merkel: German Chancellor has warned Europe it faces an 'historic failure' if it does not revive the deadlocked European constitution

year 2006 Top ^

Dec.10  Talabani rejects Baker-Hamilton report Nov.8   Kyrgyzstan curbs president power
  The parliament has adopted a new constitution curbing presidential power and boosting that of legislators
Apr.28 Parliament reopens after 4 years. Nepal Feb.22   Aristide allowed to return
   Haiti: President-elect Preval has said the constitution permits the return of ex-President, now in exile in South Africa
Jan.1   Austria sees constitution on hold
  Fischer, taken over the presidency of the EU, expects no major moves towards an EU constitution this year

year 2005 Top ^

Nov.20   Kenyans vote on new constitution
  The constitution would strengthen the role of the presidency
Oct.25   Draft constitution passes
  Baghdad: The referendum has passed, according to final provisional results issued by Iraqi election officials Oct.24   Fate of charter in balance   Iraq: 2 Sunni-dominated provinces have rejected the draft constitution, according to partial results Oct.22  Diyala province toward 'yes' vote   Sunni area 'rejects Iraq charter'
  Partial results of the vote on a new constitution suggest at least one Sunni province has rejected it
Oct.17   Result delay over fraud fear
  Baghdad: Election officials say the formal result of the vote on a new constitution will be delayed, amid accusations of fraud
  Early vote count points to constitution win
  Baghdad: Election officials slowly counted up to 10 million ballots, with partial results pointing to a clear win for the constitution Oct.15 Polls open for historic vote. Iraq Oct.14 Sunni party offices attacked
  Baghdad: A bomb exploded outside the office of the Iraqi Islamic Party which has dropped opposition to the constitution
Oct.12  Talafar suicide attack 'kills 30' Oct.11   Deal may boost constitution vote
  Baghdad: A deal struck in last-minute talks between a major Sunni Arab party and the Shiite-Kurd coalition
Oct.9   Official: Many Sunnis favor constitution
   Iraq: Iraq national security adviser: The terrorists would consider a 'no' vote in planned referendum to be a victory Oct.5 Iraq reverses vote rule change. Baghdad Aug.28   Committee signs Iraq's draft constitution  Baghdad: The constitutional committee approved a final draft and put it before the National Assembly, despite the Sunni rejection Aug.27  MPs to review constitution Aug.26 No agreement yet on constitution. Baghdad Aug.25 Talks on charter extended. Baghdad  Charter amendments 'agreed' Aug.22 Iraq delays vote on draft constitution. Baghdad  Official: Iraq to draft constitution on time Aug.21 Deadline looms without deal
   Iraq: Deadlocked communities are no closer to agreeing a new constitution with hours remaining until the deadline
Role of Islam in Iraq agreed. Baghdad Aug.18   Ruling party presses constitution changes Map of Harare Zimbabwe
   Zimbabwe: Planned overhaul is ignoring a protest march by 10 singing opposition lawmakers through downtown Harare
Aug.15 Constitution deadline extended. Baghdad Aug.14   Parties fight for final deal  Baghdad: Hard bargaining continues between the political groupings. The Sunnis won't accept a federal Iraq  Last-ditch constitution bid Aug.13  'Progress' on constitution Jul.25   Constitution boycott is over
  Baghdad: Sunni Muslim representatives are ending a boycott of the committee writing a new constitution
Jul.21   MPs approve constitution   Kenya: The parliament has approved a draft which critics say leaves too much power in the hands of President Kibaki Jul.20 Constitution 'on schedule'
   Iraq: Officials have sought to calm fears that the draft will be delayed by the killing of 3 Sunni Muslims
Jul.10   Luxembourg backs EU constitution
  Voters have approved the European constitution with a majority of 56.52% Jun.5  UK shelves EU treaty vote plans Jun.4  Chirac, Schroeder urge EU action Jun.2  Sunni Arabs join Iraq talks  German chancellor for emergency talks Jun.1   Dutch reject EU constitution   Netherlands: 61.6% of voters were opposed to the charter, while only 38.4% approved May.30 Chirac set for government shakeup. Paris May.29   French voters reject EU charter  Paris: By 56% voters have overwhelmingly rejected the European Union's proposed constitution in a key referendum May.28  France begins crucial EU vote May.3     Chirac urges French EU poll 'Yes
   France: President has made a TV appeal to sceptical voters not to reject the EU constitution in a referendum on 29 May
Apr.14 Chirac makes case for EU treaty. Paris Feb.26 Election reform announced. Egypt Feb.20 Voters back EU constitution. Spain Jan.23 Yushchenko takes presidential oath. Kiev

year 2004 Top ^

Oct.29 EU leaders sign new constitution
. Rome Oct.28 EU leaders to sign constitution
  Rome: The leaders are preparing for a lavish ceremony in Rome to celebrate the signing of the new EU constitution
Apr.20  Blair confirms EU constitution poll Mar.22   Cleric warns U.N. on constitution
   Iraq: Sistani urged the United Nations not to recognize the interim constitution as a framework for a permanent government
Jan.4   Loya jirga agrees constitution  Kabul: The document gives the president sweeping powers. It awards parliament the power to appoint of ministers

year 2003 Top ^

Dec.13  Afghans gather for loya jirga Dec.12  Berlusconi warns against bad deal  Tough battle dominates EU summit Oct.3 Talks over European Union's constitution. Italy Sep.26  Powell: Iraqi constitution in 6 months Jun.20  EU leaders welcome constitution

year 2002 Top ^

Nov.3 Landslide win for Islamic party  Turkey: A win allows Justice and Development Party to rule without a coalition and amend the constitution Aug.21     Chavez mulling constitutional reforms
   Venezuela: President was considering reforms to the constitution he helped rewrite after his election more than three years ago
Jul.10     Musharraf sets election date
  Pakistan: President set October 10 for parliamentary elections and expected to unveil a new package of changes to the constitution Jun.27     Musharraf plan to bolster his power
  Pakistan: President has proposed sweeping changes to the constitution to increase his powers following elections in October
Mar.21 Sharia punishments condemned   Nigeria: The government has declared that the strict implementation of Sharia law is illegal under the constitution

year 2001 Top ^

Nov.15   Peace accord sealed
   Macedonia: Parliament adopted 15 constitutional amendments to give better rights to the ethnic Albanians
Oct.5   Georgia bans electric chair
  US Georgia: State's highest court is saying the spectre of excruciating pain violated the state's constitution
Oct.3 Turkey aims for EU membership
  34 changes to the constitution include limiting the death penalty
Feb.6   Army opposes early impeachment
   Indonesia: Military said any hearing against President Wahid must follow the constitution

year 2000 Top ^

Dec.10   No extradition of USS Cole suspects
   Yemen: President Ali Abdullah Saleh said extradition of suspects is not allowed under constitution
Dec.7   Long-serving president replaced
   Ghana: President Rawlings is barred by the constitution from running for another term. None of the candidates won the 50%
Nov.22   President named 11 ministers
  Mexico: Advisors outlined reforms for the army, legislature and constitution

before year 2000
Oct. 5, 1958   Constitution of Fifth French Republic
  Paris: It replaced that of the Fourth Republic dating from 1946. Charles de Gaulle was the main driving force in introducing the new constitution
Nov. 26, 1949   Constitution of India passed
  New Delhi: The Constitution was adopted by the India Constituent Assembly on 26 November 1949, and came into effect on 26 January 1950
Jul. 31, 1919   Weimar Constitution adopted
Map of Weimar Germany
  Eastern Germany: The Constitution of the German Reich was the constitution that governed Germany during the Weimar Republic (19191933)
Mar. 4, 1789   U.S. Constitution takes effect  Philadelphia: Its first three articles entrench the doctrine of the separation of powers, whereby the federal government is divided into three branches

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