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Colombia court blocks US bases deal   High court: Uribe can't run for third term   Colombia: The Constitutional Court ruled against holding a referendum that could have cleared the way for the president to run for a 3rd consecutive term Czech court clears Lisbon Treaty   Czech Republic: The constitutional court has ruled that the treaty is in line with the constitution, clearing the way for President Vaclav Klaus to sign it Czech court to hear Lisbon case   Czech Republic: The Czech Constitutional Court is to begin considering what could be the last legal challenge to the ratification of the EU's Lisbon Treaty   Berlusconi immunity law overruled  Rome: Italy's constitutional court has overturned a law granting Prime Minister immunity from prosecution while in office   Chavez declares victory in referendum   Venezuela: Venezuelan President declared victory in a constitutional referendum that will allow him to run for a third six-year term in 2012   Venezuelans to vote on Chavez 3rd term
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B. 2017-05-14 France inaugurates Emmanuel Macron as new president
C. 2015-11-10 Russia 'peace plan' revealed ahead of key summit UN
D. 2015-03-09 Ferguson court to be taken over by state judge
E. 2014-12-11 Australia PM wants indigenous vote Australia
5. 2014-08-01 Uganda court annuls anti-gay law Uganda
2014-05-07 Thailand court ousts PM Yingluck Shinawatra Bangkok
H. 2013-07-09 Egypt's interim president limits his powers Cairo
8. 2012-12-29 French 75% tax rate struck down Paris
J. 2012-12-21 Egypt votes in second referendum Egypt

Military plans for constitutional referendum. Egypt   Mubarak: I'll step down in September    Egypt: Bowing to 8 days of protests, Egyptian President announced that he will hand over power to an elected successor 'in a constitutional way'   Turkish vote gets world backing  Turkey: The US and Germany have welcomed the result of the Turkish constitutional referendum   Turks approve new constitution
  France inaugurates Emmanuel Macron as new president Map of Elysee presidential palace Paris France  Paris: The president of the Constitutional Council, Laurent Fabius, proclaimed the official result of the vote in a ceremony Sunday at the Elysee presidential palace Russia 'peace plan' revealed ahead of key summit. UN Ferguson court to be taken over by state judge. Missouri Australia PM wants indigenous vote Uganda court annuls anti-gay law Thailand court ousts PM Yingluck Shinawatra  Bangkok: The Constitutional Court has ordered Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and several cabinet ministers to step down Egypt's interim president limits his powers. Cairo French 75% tax rate struck down. Paris   Egypt votes in second referendum   Egyptians have begun voting in a second stage of a constitutional referendum that has sparked weeks of unrest German court backs euro rescue fund. Germany Supreme Court backs Obama health law   U.S. Supreme Court: The US Supreme Court has said President Barack Obama's landmark healthcare reform act is constitutional Egypt's constitutional group disbanded President of Malawi dies after heart attack Five killer whales 'sue' SeaWorld. San Diego Moroccans approve king's reforms. Morocco Morocco votes on constitutional reforms   Moroccan monarch unveils reforms    Morocco: King Mohammed VI has announced proposals for constitutional amendments in a landmark speech   Egyptians approve constitutional changes

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  Voters overwhelmingly approved proposed constitutional amendments that pave the way for parliamentary elections in June

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  Turkey: Voters have given strong backing to constitutional changes. 58% had voted 'Yes' to amending the constitution.    The government wants to bring the constitution more in line with European Union standards. The opposit...


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  The National Assembly has approved a referendum on a constitutional amendment that would allow Chavez to run for a 6-year term in 2012

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Dec.13     Mugabe takes step toward power-sharing   Zimbabwe: President Mugabe published a draft constitutional amendment, paving the way for the agreement reached after election Dec.1   Top Thai court bans ruling party
   Thailand: Constitutional court has dissolved the People Power Party and 2 of its coalition partners for fraud during the last election
 The parties' leaders, including Prime Minister Wongsawat, were banned from politics for 5 years; most of its MPs can keep their seats under another party, and should be able to form another government
Nov.30     Chavez renews reelection ambition   Venezuela: President Hugo Chavez has announced a plan to seek a constitutional amendment to allow him to stand for reelection to remain in power until ... Nov.21   Russia extends presidential term
  Moscow: The parliament approved a constitutional amendment Friday to extend the presidential term from four to six years
 There is speculation that the change is aimed at paving the way for a return to the Kremlin by Prime Minister Putin
Feb.9   Burmese junta sets voting dates   Myanmar: Burma will hold a constitutional referendum in May and general elections in 2010. The opposition NLD called the announcement 'vague'

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Nov.30   Chavez threatens to cut oil if U.S.
   Venezuela: President wrapped up his campaign to push through broad constitutional changes with a broadside attack against adversaries
Chavez urges reform. Venezuela Nov.5 Ex-general breaks with Chavez. Venezuela Oct.22 Teen sent back to jail
   Malaysia: A 17-year-old boy, who was freed in July after serving 4 years for murder, was thrown back into jail after the court ruled that his imprisonment was constitutional
Jun.16   President Kaczynski to debate EU treaty
   Germany: Poland's President is visiting Germany for crucial talks with Chancellor Merkel on the future of a new EU constitutional treaty
May.30   Key Thai party cleared of fraud
   Thailand: The Constitutional Court has acquitted the Democrat Party of violating election laws
May.25 President vetoes vote plan
  Turkey: Ahmet Necdet Sezer has vetoed a set of constitutional changes that would have let the public elect the head of state
May.10 Final vote for Turkish reforms. Turkey Mar.30     Putin rejects call to serve longer
  Moscow: Russia's upper house speaker called for constitutional changes that would allow the President to remain in office beyond 2008

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Nov.12 Cabinet crisis threatens tribunal. Beirut Nov.10     Rumsfeld may face abuse charges
   Germany: Centre for Constitutional Rights has been launched a complaint, representing a Saudi detained in Cuba and 11 Iraqis
Jun.3     Bush calls for gay marriage ban
  Washington: US President in his weekly radio address has called for a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriages May.7 Constitutional Court rules election invalid   Thailand: The court has ruled that the recent general election was invalid, and another must be held Jan.20   Shiite-led alliance wins election  Baghdad: Most powerful Muslim alliance won the most seats but not a clear majority in the first constitutional parliament

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Aug.28   Committee signs Iraq's draft constitution
  Baghdad: The constitutional committee approved a final draft and put it before the National Assembly, despite the Sunni rejection
Jul.25 Arroyo: We need parliamentary rule. Manila

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May.13 Roh impeachment overturned
. South Korea Jan.13   Berlusconi immunity thrown out
   Italy: Constitutional court has thrown out a controversial law granting Prime Minister immunity from prosecution

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Dec.2   Anti-Chavez drive claims success
   Venezuela: Opposition said they had collected 3.6 million signatures, enough to trigger a constitutional referendum on Chavez rule

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Oct.23 Turkey move to ban pro-Islam party
  Constitutional court is being urged to ban and Development Party that is leading opinion polls ahead of the general elections
Aug.22     Pakistan changes 'barrier to democracy'
  President Musharraf wants to develop democracy, but constitutional amendments could make that harder to accomplish
Aug.21   Chavez mulling constitutional reforms
   Venezuela: President was considering reforms to the constitution he helped rewrite after his election more than three years ago
Jul.7     Opposition slams Musharraf changes
  Pakistan: Main opposition party has accused President of strengthening his dictatorial rule by pushing through the constitutional changes

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Nov.15     Peace accord sealed
   Macedonia: Parliament adopted 15 constitutional amendments to give better rights to the ethnic Albanians
Sep.24   Constitutional reform debated
  Turkey: 37 constitutional amendments will qualify country for European Union membership
Aug.28   Congress formally accuses Fujimori
   Peru: Constitutional accusation charged former Pr sident with homicide and forced disappearances
Aug.3     Thaksin acquitted of assets charge
   Thailand: Prime Minister was acquitted by Constitutional Court of charges that he concealed the extent of his assets
Jun.28     Court suspends extradition decree
   Serbia: Constitutional Court has temporarily suspended the decree on the grounds of domestic law
Jun.22 Opposition party banned
  Turkey: The Constitutional Court has banned the Islamic Virtue Party, which had 102 seats in parliament

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Nov.26     Khatami says he is powerless
  Iran: President Khatami accused his hard-liners of constitutional violations and said he powerless to stop them
Oct.7   Kostunica sworn in as president
   Serbia: Coalition of 18 opposition parties and groups calling itself the DOS, rallied around a constitutional scholar

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