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Survivors on raft found after oil rig sinks   Rescue workers have found a raft with up to 15 people aboard near an offshore Russian drilling rig that capsized in the Sea of Okhotsk Russia oil rig capsizes under tow Map of Sea of Okhotsk Russia  Kolskaya oil drilling rig has capsized in freezing seas in the Russian far east, with the loss of two lives and more than 50 people missing   Transocean executives get bonuses  The offshore drilling firm responsible for running the Deepwater Horizon rig, gives its top executives bonuses for its 'best year'" for safe...   Cement flaws 'known before spill'  The firms drilling a BP Gulf of Mexico oil well had tests showing cement used to seal it before it blew out was unstable, US investigators have...   Drilling could resume in rescue Plan B   Officials working to free 33 trapped miners in a collapsed mine said they had cleared a drilling hole that was blocked by a shattered drill ... One rescue operation temporarily halted  Rescue officials had to temporarily stop one of two drilling operations to reach 33 men trapped for more than a month inside a Chilean mine   Drilling to reach miners begins Map of Copiapo Chile
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1. 2015-12-30 North Sea drilling rig evacuated after being hit by big wave North Sea, Norway
C. 2015-05-16 'Paddle in Seattle' Arctic oil drilling protest Seattle
2014-07-15 China moves Vietnam row oil rig Paracel Islands, South Vietnam
E. 2013-10-14 Greenpeace ship captain denied bail Murmansk, Russia
F. 2013-08-25 Greenpeace protest Shell plans as Vettel wins at Spa Spa-Francorchamp, Belgium
G. 2013-08-16 Ecuador approves Amazon oil drilling Yasuni National Park, Ecuador
H. 2013-02-27 Shell halts Arctic drilling for 2013 Beaufort Sea, Alaska
8. 2011-12-19 Survivors on raft found after oil rig sinks Sea of Okhotsk, Russian Far East
9. 2011-12-17 Russia oil rig capsizes under tow Sea of Okhotsk, Russian Far East

  Greenpeace ship captain denied bail   A Russian court has rejected bail requests from the U.S. captain of a ship and 2 other activists involved in a protest against oil drilling in... Greenpeace protest Shell plans as Vettel wins at Spa Ecuador approves Amazon oil drilling   Ecuador has abandoned a conservation plan that would have paid the country not to drill for oil in previously untouched parts of Yasuni National... Shell halts Arctic drilling for 2013 Map of Beaufort Sea Alaska
North Sea drilling rig evacuated after being hit by big wave   Norway's Statoil says a drilling rig in the North Sea has been hit by a big wave, killing one worker 'Paddle in Seattle' Arctic oil drilling protest  Hundreds of people have gathered in kayaks and small boats for a protest against oil drilling in the Arctic by the Shell energy giant China moves Vietnam row oil rig Map of Paracel Islands Vietnam

year 2015 Top ^

Dec.30   Norway
May.16   Seattle

year 2014 Top ^

Jul.15   South Vietnam  
  China says the oil rig that sparked a major diplomatic row with Vietnam by drilling in disputed waters has finished work and is being removed

year 2013 Top ^

Oct.14   Russia
Aug.25   Belgium
Aug.16   Ecuador
Feb.27   Alaska
  Royal Dutch Shell has said that it will suspend its offshore drilling programme in the Arctic for the rest of 2013 in order to give time to ensure safety

year 2011 Top ^

Dec.19   Russian Far East  
Dec.17   Russian Far East
Apr.2   USA  

year 2010 Top ^

Oct.28   Louisiana  
Sep.14   Chile
Sep.6   Chile
Aug.31   Chile
  Drilling has begun as part of an effort to reach the 33 miners who have been trapped underground in Chile for more than three weeks
Jul.24   Libya   BP set to begin Libyan drilling   Oil giant has confirmed it will begin drilling off the Libyan coast in the next few weeks in the Gulf of Sirte following a deal signed in 20... Jun.22   Washington   US Gulf oil drilling ban overturned  A federal court judge has blocked President Barack Obama's six-month moratorium on deep water oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico Jun.17   U.S. Congress   Congress tells BP ignored oil well dangers   Chief executive Tony Hayward has been told by an angry US Congressional panel his firm ignored dangers when drilling in the Gulf of Mexico Jun.8   Louisiana Rig survivors: BP ordered shortcut  The morning the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded, a BP executive and a Transocean official argued over how to proceed with the drilling May.14   London BP chief backs oil drilling  BP's chief executive has said the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster should not mean the end of deep-water exploration May.11   Louisiana   Captain saw black rain before drill rig blast  A 'black rain' of drilling fluid and a roar of escaping gas erupted from the doomed Deepwater Horizon before the explosion that sank the oil... Apr.21   Louisiana Oil spill after blast on oil rig
  A 'catastrophic' explosion aboard an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico engulfed the drilling platform in flames
 At least 11 missing after blast. Massive oil spill is the largest offshore spill in U.S. history and among the largest oil spills in history. The spill stemmed from a sea-floor oil gusher
Mar.29   Falklands Falklands blow for UK oil company  The shares in Desire Petroleum drilling for oil off the Falkand islands halved, after it revealed the existing supply may not be commercially viable Feb.21   United Kingdom   Oil drilling set to start off Falkland islands
Map of Falkland United Kingdom
  A British rig is due to begin drilling for oil in the territorial waters of the Falkland Islands, despite opposition from Argentina

year 2008 Top ^

Jul.14   Washington   Bush lifts ban on offshore oil drilling
  President Bush lifted an executive order banning offshore oil drilling and urged Congress to follow suit
Jun.18   Washington   Bush calls for offshore drilling
  President George W Bush has called on Congress to end a 27-year ban on drilling for oil in coastal waters, to reduce dependence on imports

year 2007 Top ^

Oct.24   Mexico Gulf of Mexico accident kills 18
  7 more were missing after a portable drilling rig crashed into an oil platform during stormy
Jan.5   Alaska Drill ban sought for park
  Legislation has been tabled aimed at making a ban on oil drilling at a wildlife refuge in state permanent

year 2006 Top ^

May.7   Australia Dramatic rescue bid in final phase
  Preparations for drilling through the final section of rock that has trapped 2 miners in a gold mine
Apr.30   Australia Tasmania miner rescue under way
  Rescuers have begun drilling towards 2 gold miners trapped alive for more than 5 days 3,000ft underground
Jan.3   USA West Virginia mine rescue accelerated   Rescuers were drilling 2 holes into the mine in addition to a 6-inch hole for 13 men trapped in a coal mine

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