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ETA halts attacks on elected officials
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Terror Main Event: Spain arrests 9 with susp...
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2010-09-14 Spain arrests 9 with suspected ETA links Basque
2. 2010-08-21 Terror suspect from Spain arrested Ostend, Belgium
3. 2010-02-06 Police seize explosives in central Portugal Obidos, Portugal
E. 2009-04-18 France holds ETA 'military chief' Perpignan, Southern France
F. 2008-07-25 France arrests Basque ETA suspects Dijon, France
6. 2008-05-20 ETA 'political leader' arrested Bordeaux, Southern France
7. 2007-09-01 'Leading ETA bomb maker' arrested Cahors, Southern France
I. 2007-04-08 ETA 'renews peace commitment' Basque
J. 2007-03-10 Madrid rally over ETA man release Madrid

Peace process 'in crisis' ETA says ETA declares permanent cease-fire
  ETA announces permanent cease-fire  The Basque separatist group is declaring a cease-fire a permanent general and verifiable cease-fire as a 'firm commitment towards a process'   Spain arrests 9 with suspected ETA links  Spanish police arrested nine people for suspected links to the Basque separatist group, the first such detentions since ETA declared a cease... Terror suspect from Spain arrested   Luis Maria Zengotitabengoa, an alleged member of the terrorist ETA group, was captured by Belgian police as he checked into a hotel   Police seize explosives in central Portugal   Police seized more than 3,000 pounds of explosives from a house used by the Basque separatist group ETA   ETA suspect seized over 1980s killings  Spanish police arrested Juan Manuel Inciarte Gallardo, 55, a suspected member of the Basque separatist group who is wanted for six killings France holds ETA 'military chief'   Jurdan Martitegi, described as the military leader of the Basque separatist group, has been captured in south-western France France arrests Basque ETA suspects   French police arrested 2 suspected members of the separatist group, just days after Spanish Civil Guards arrested 9 suspects ETA 'political leader' arrested   The suspected political leader of the Basque separatist movement has been arrested in a joint Spanish-French operation 'Leading ETA bomb maker' arrested   Four suspected members of the Basque separatist group, including its leading bomb maker, have been arrested in Cahors, near Toulouse ETA 'renews peace commitment'  The separatist group has said it is ready to make new commitments to peace if Spanish authorities end 'attacks' against it Madrid rally over ETA man release  Tens of thousands of demonstrators have rallied to protest against the release of a jailed Basque separatist Spanish PM suspends Eta dialogue  Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has said he is suspending all moves towards dialogue with the separatist group after a car bomb Madrid bomb shatters ETA cease-fire

year 2011 Top ^

Jan.10   Spain

year 2010 Top ^

Sep.14   Basque
Aug.21   Belgium
Feb.6   Portugal

year 2009 Top ^

Aug.6   Spain
Apr.18   Southern France  

year 2008 Top ^

Jul.25   France  
May.20   Southern France

year 2007 Top ^

Sep.1   Southern France
Apr.8   Basque  
Mar.10   Madrid  

year 2006 Top ^

Dec.30   Spain  
  Spain has blamed a powerful bomb explosion at the country's busiest airport on Basque separatist group
 Spanish PM suspends ETA dialogue
Aug.18   Basque
Mar.22   Basque
  The separatist group has declared a 'permanent cease-fire', raising hopes for an end to 37 years of violence

year 2005 Top ^

Jun.18   Spain  
  Newspaper Gara: The Basque separatist group would no longer attack Spanish elected political officials
May.25   Madrid Madrid rocked by car bomb Feb.9   Madrid Madrid car bomb: 42 injured  Basque separatists claimed responsibility for a powerful car bomb attack near convention center

year 2004 Top ^

Oct.3   France ETA leaders arrested
Apr.10   Basque ETA 'ready to announce ceasefire' Mar.11   Madrid Rail blasts: 200 dead
  A series of co-ordinated bomb attacks on Madrid's commuter trains at the height of the rush hour blamed on ETA
 The attacks took place at the height of rush hour when 3 separate trains were hit by near-simultaneous explosions along the southern part of Madrid's train network. The morning terror strikes at train stations also wounded at least 1,400. The deadliest blast happened on a train entering Atocha station

year 2003 Top ^

Jul.22   Spain Bombs explode in resorts
  10 people, including 4 policemen, have been injured on Mediterranean coast in 2 bomb blasts blamed on ETA Jul.20   Mexico   Basque suspects held
  9 suspected members of the separatist group ETA have been arrested
Jul.13   Basque   Bomb found in Pamplona hotel
  Police have deactivated a powerful bomb they say was placed by the Basque separatist group ETA
Feb.20   Basque   10 more ETA suspects arrested
  33 suspects who have been detained this week, including woman who run pro-independence newspaper

year 2002 Top ^

Sep.16   France   Senior ETA leaders arrested
  Juan Antonio Olarra and Ainhoa Mugica arrested in a joint operation involving French and Spanish police
Aug.26   Basque   Party banned over ETA link
  Top anti-terrorism judge Baltasar Garzon has ordered a three-year suspension of Batasuna party
Aug.6   Spain   Basque party to be outlawed
  The government has moved to outlaw Batasuna, a left-wing party, believed to be linked to the ETA Jul.16   France   'ETA arms cache' found
  6 people have been arrested and an arsenal of weapons and explosives seized
Jun.29   Spain   ETA party banned
  A new law attempts to outlaw Batasuna, party accused of being the political wing of the armed Basque separatist group
Jun.22   Spain Two more bombs exploded
  Attacks came as a summit of European Union leaders was ending. Police blamed on the Basque separatist group ETA
May.15   Madrid ETA summit attack foiled
  The authorities have prevented a terrorist attack ahead of a summit of European and Latin American leaders in Madrid

year 2001 Top ^

Nov.23   Basque   ETA blamed for police deaths
  Armed attackers have killed two police officers who were directing evening traffic
Aug.28   Barcelona   More ETA suspects arrested
  3 suspects, 2 men and a woman, were arrested in Barcelona
Aug.24   Barcelona 6 ETA suspects seized
  Police seized a large quantity of explosives when making the arrests near Barcelona
Jul.27   Barcelona Barcelona bomb injures 3
  Powerful explosion in front of a bank sent glass and debris flying. Telephone caller claiming to represent ETA
Jul.15   Spain   2 killings blamed on ETA
  Conservative town councillor and policeman were killed. Hundreds have held silent protests Jul.10   Madrid Rally against ETA after car bomb
  A policeman was killed and at least 12 injured in Madrid Mar.30   Basque   ETA threatens tourists
  The group warned tourists not to travel to Spain to avoid undesirable consequences
Mar.18   Basque ETA blamed for car bomb killing
  A car bomb that killed a policeman and injured 3 other people
Mar.5   Basque Spain detains ETA suspects
  Police have arrested 15 suspected members of Haika, the youth wing of the Basque separatist organisation.
Feb.22   Basque Chief ETA suspect arrested
  Francisco Gaztelu, 31, was arrested in France near the Spanish border, hours after a car bomb exploded killing 2
Feb.12   Madrid ETA blamed for 2 explosions
  No-one was hurt in the blasts an hour apart in Madrid

year 2000 Top ^

Nov.23   Spain   Million protest minister's murder
  Prime Minister has led a protest against the murder of a former minister, blamed on ETA
Nov.21   Barcelona   Politician shot dead
  Former Health Minister Ernest Lluch was shot dead in Barcelona in an attack blamed on ETA

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