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Eurozone unemployment at new record   The seasonally-adjusted rate for April was 12.2%, up from 12.1% the month before. An extra 95,000 people were out of work in the 17 countrie... Eurozone growth forecasts cut
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  Greece crisis: Eurozone refuses bailout extension  Eurozone finance ministers have rejected a Greek request to extend a bailout programme beyond 30 June Greece crisis: Emergency summit called for Monday Greece seeks EU recognition of economic progress Greece unveils eurozone reforms   Euro crisis is over, says France's Francois Hollande
Greece bailout: Eurozone agrees 'breakthrough' debt deal ECB reveals surprise stimulus moves Greece crisis: Eurogroup agrees to third bailout Greece debt crisis: Bailout talks given go-ahead Greek PM defends 'harsh' deal Tsipras faces eurozone deal battle Debt crisis: Eurozone to resume talks on reforms   Eurozone 'sceptical' of reform pledge  Eurozone finance chiefs are seeking further signs from Greece that it is serious about delivering its promises of reform in return for a debt... Debt crisis: Eurozone predicts tough talks   Eurozone receives economic reform plan  The Greek government has submitted economic reform proposals to try to secure a further bailout from its creditors Debt crisis: Deadline day for new proposals PM Tsipras to present new plan at eurozone summit   IMF payment missed as bailout expires

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May.24   Brussels
Mar.10   European Union

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Aug.14   Greece
Jul.17   European Union
Jul.14   Athens
Jul.13   Athens
Jul.11   Brussels
Jul.9   Athens  
Jul.6   Athens
Jun.30   Athens
  Greece has missed the deadline for 1.1bn payment to the International Monetary Fund, hours after eurozone ministers refused to extend its bailout
Jun.27   European Union
Jun.18   Greece
May.10   Greece
Feb.23   Athens
Feb.11  Brussels  No agreement in Greek eurozone talks
Jan.30  European Union  No 'Grexit' from euro, EU's Moscovici vows
Jan.7  European Union  Eurozone slips into deflation

year 2013 Top ^

Dec.18  European Union  Eurozone ministers agree bank deal
Jun.9   Japan
  French President Francois Hollande has declared an end to the eurozone debt crisis, which has gripped the region for the past four years

May.31   European Union
May.29   European Union
  The OECD has again cut its growth forecasts for the eurozone and called on the European Central Bank to consider doing more to boost growth
Apr.11   Ireland Eurozone meeting over Cyprus crisis Map of Dublin Ireland
  Eurozone finance ministers meet on Friday to finalise a bailout for Cyprus amid news that the country needs much more money than first thought
Apr.2   European Union Eurozone unemployment rate hits 12%  The rate of unemployment in the eurozone hit a record high of 12% in February, official figures have shown Mar.24   Brussels   Deal reached in Cyprus bailout talks
  Eurozone finance ministers have agreed on a 10bn-euro bailout to prevent its banking system collapsing and keep the country in the eurozone
Mar.22   Cyprus Cyprus MPs pass banking reforms   MPs in Cyprus have voted to restructure the island's banks - one of several measures to ease a financial crisis, which has hit eurozone conf... Mar.17   Cyprus     Cyprus leader seeks bailout change   Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades says he is battling against eurozone demands that all bank customers pay a one-off levy in return for a ... Mar.15   Brussels   Eurozone agrees Cyprus bailout deal  Eurozone finance ministers have agreed a 10bn euros bailout package for Cyprus to save the country from bankruptcy Feb.24   Italy   Italy votes in key general election   Italians have begun voting in general elections seen as crucial for the country's effort to tackle its economic problems, as well as for the... Feb.22   European Union Eurozone recession 'to persist'
Feb.14   European Union Eurozone sees recession deepen

year 2012 Top ^

Dec.12   Belgium Eurozone bank union deal agreed
Nov.26   European Union Eurozone deal on Greece bailout Nov.15   European Union Eurozone slips back into recession Oct.31   European Union Eurozone unemployment hits record high Oct.18   Belgium EU in deal on bank supervision   EU leaders have agreed to phase in a single supervisory body for eurozone banks during the course of next year Oct.17   Belgium   EU summit to focus on euro crisis
  EU leaders are due to begin a two-day summit in Brussels that will focus on issues surrounding the eurozone crisis
Aug.2   European Union Euro proposals disappoint markets
  The European Central Bank president Mario Draghi said the bank would come up with ways to help struggling eurozone countries 'over the coming weeks'
Jun.29   Belgium European leaders reach key deal on banks  European leaders reached a 'breakthrough' deal to ease the recapitalization of struggling banks that should help draw the eurozone back from... Jun.28   Belgium Eurozone seeks new growth funds Jun.27   Belgium   Eurozone leaders ready for summit
  European Union leaders are preparing to meet for a closely-watched Brussels summit on the fate of the euro
Jun.24   European Union   Eurozone crisis causes aid cuts to poor
  The European debt crisis has led to cuts in government development aid to poor countries, says a new report by the aid watchdog Data
Jun.15   Greece   Campaigning ends before Greek poll
  Campaigning in Greece has ended ahead of a crucial election on Sunday which could determine its future in the eurozone
Jun.9   Spain   Spanish bank bailout request welcomed
  Spain's decision to request a loan of up to 100bn euros from eurozone funds to help shore up its struggling banks has won broad support Jun.8   Spain Spain bailout talks 'imminent' Jun.1   Ireland   Irish vote backs EU fiscal pact
  Some 60% of voters taking part in the referendum backed the controversial pact, which is aimed at enforcing budget rules in the eurozone
May.24   European Union Eurozone downturn 'accelerating' May.23   Belgium   Europe 'wants Greece in the eurozone'   EU leaders want Greece to remain in the eurozone but to 'respect its commitments', European Council President Herman Van Rompuy has said May.22   Global East Asia 'vulnerable to euro crisis'
  The eurozone debt crisis could harm the growth of East Asian economies, the World Bank has warned
Feb.20   Belgium Fresh bailout for Greece 'agreed'   Eurozone finance ministers have reached agreement on a vital second bailout for Greece, officials involved in the negotiations say Feb.19   Belgium Greece seeking critical new bailout
  Eurozone finance ministers are due to meet to decide whether Greece has done enough to merit a huge bailout loan
Feb.15   European Union   Eurozone calls for Greek scrutiny
  The eurozone requires much tighter oversight of Greece's finances, Jean-Claude Juncker, the head of the Eurogroup has said
  Greece 'Progress' in Greek bailout talks
  Greece has made 'substantial progress' in convincing eurozone nations that it should get fresh bailout funds, but there will likely be no decision until Monday
Feb.12   Greece Amid clashes Parliament approves austerity
  Lawmakers voted to approve another round of austerity measures, sought in return for a new eurozone bailout of the debt-stricken country
Feb.9   Greece   Eurozone ministers set new conditions
  The chairman of a meeting of Eurozone finance ministers says fresh conditions will be attached to a 130bn euro bailout for Greece
Jan.29   European Union   Euro crisis hangs over latest EU summit  The eurozone crisis will dominate an EU summit on Monday, with an emphasis on growth and 'smart' budget discipline Jan.13   European Union EU criticises ratings downgrade
  The EU's top economic official has criticised a decision by Standard and Poor's to downgrade the credit ratings of nine eurozone countries
  New York 9 eurozone nations downgraded by S&P
  Standard & Poor's said Friday that it has downgraded the credit ratings of nine euro area governments, including AAA-rated France and Austria

year 2011 Top ^

Dec.21   European Union   Huge demand for ECB's bank loans
  Eurozone banks have rushed to take out cheap three-year loans offered by the European Central Bank, borrowing 489bn euros ($643bn)
Dec.14   European Union Eurozone 'faces winter recession'
  The eurozone is facing a 'bleak' winter, according to audit firm Ernst & Young
Dec.8   Belgium EU-wide treaty change bid fails   Belgium   EU leaders locked in crisis talks
  The key item on the agenda is a Franco-German plan on budgetary discipline, with automatic penalties for eurozone nations that overspend Dec.6   European Union   New EU treaty 'may not be needed'
  ougher rules to tackle the eurozone debt crisis can be achieved without changing EU treaties, European Council President Herman Van Rompuy says
Dec.5   European Union Ratings agency warns euro nations  Standard and Poor's has put almost the entire eurozone countries, including Germany and France, on 'credit watch' due to fears Nov.28   European Union New warning of European recession
  The OECD has warned that the eurozone and UK could be entering a recession, and has cut its global growth forecast
Nov.15   European Union Eurozone teeters on edge of recession Nov.3   Greece Calls for Greek leader to resign Nov.2   France   Bailout loan withheld from Greece  The next 8bn euros of rescue loans will be withheld from Greece until after its referendum on the eurozone rescue plan, European leaders say Oct.26   Belgium EU leaders reach eurozone agreement
  EU leaders announce a deal on debt crisis measures, including a hard-fought deal with private sector investors to take a 50% loss on Greek bonds.    Banks must raise more capital to protect them against losses resulting f...
  Belgium EU heads locked in talks on debt
  EU leaders are continuing an emergency summit in Brussels aimed at tackling the eurozone debt crisis
  Belgium Debt crisis doubts as Euro leaders meet  EU leaders are gathering for an emergency summit in Brussels aimed at tackling the eurozone debt crisis Oct.25   Belgium EU leaders to finalise euro plan
  European Union leaders are gathering for an emergency summit in Brussels designed to finalise details of a plan to tackle the eurozone debt crisis
Oct.18   New York Goldman Sachs reports $393m loss  Goldman Sachs' trading was 'significantly impacted' by the debt crisis in the eurozone and the wider global economic uncertainty Oct.15   Paris   EU summit 'will be decisive' on crisis  A European Union summit later this month will agree 'decisive' measures to tackle the eurozone debt crisis, the French finance minister has ... Oct.10   Slovakia   Euro bailout fund faces key vote
  Slovakia will vote later on measures to bolster the powers of the eurozone bailout fund, seen as vital in combating the bloc's debt crisis
Oct.9   Berlin   Euro crisis talks 'end in accord'  The German and French leaders will propose 'important changes' to the way the eurozone operates after talks on controlling the debt crisis Oct.3   European Union   Eurozone delays Greek loan choice  Eurozone finance ministers have delayed a decision on giving Greece the next instalment of bailout cash Sep.26   European Union Bank shares rally on rescue hopes
  European bank shares have risen as investors react to the latest attempts to stabilise the eurozone debt crisis
Sep.25   Washington Eurozone rescue plan 'emerging' Sep.24   Global   IMF promises support for economy
  The IMF says it will take decisive action to tackle the eurozone debt crisis and support the global economy
Sep.14   France Eurozone leaders reassure Greece Sep.13   France Moody's downgrades French banks
  Rating agency has downgraded Credit Agricole and Societe Generale whose shares have dived on fears of their exposure to the eurozone crisis
Sep.6   New York US and Europe shares fall further Jul.21   European Union Eurozone agrees new Greek bailout  Leaders of the Eurozone countries have agreed a new bailout package for Greece worth 109bn euros ($155bn) Jul.2   European Union   Eurozone releases more Greece aid
  Eurozone finance ministers have approved the latest tranche of emergency help for the Greek economy
Jun.19   Luxembourg Eurozone 'to approve' Greece loan  Eurozone finance ministers are meeting in Luxembourg, where they are expected to approve a 12bn-euro loan to debt-stricken Greece May.16   Belgium Eurozone talks to focus on Greece
  Eurozone financial ministers are to continue their talks, with discussions now expected to focus on dire state of the Greek economy
May.13   European Union Eurozone's growth rate speeds up Jan.6   London   Osborne urges EU change banking system
  George Osborne, Britain's chancellor, urged Europe to 'put its own house in order', calling on eurozone countries to decisively underpin the euro

year 2010 Top ^

Nov.16   Ireland Eurozone to work to help Ireland
  A meeting of eurozone ministers in Brussels has ended with a promise to work towards further help for Ireland
Oct.28   Belgium EU frames eurozone crisis rules May.21   Berlin Germans approve euro rescue plan
  Germany's parliament has approved the country's contribution to a 750bn euro rescue deal for the eurozone
May.7   European Union Eurozone approves Greece bail-out  Leaders of the 16 EU member states that use the euro have approved an 110bn euro loan to Greece to prevent its debt crisis from spreading Apr.11   Greece Greece is offered 30bn euros loan Mar.25   Belgium Deal reached over Greece debts
  All 16 eurozone countries have backed a financing plan to help debt-laden Greece, which will include IMF money

year 2009 Top ^

Nov.13   Germany Germany leads eurozone out of recession
  The eurozone escaped recession in the 3rd quarter, with Germany's recovery gaining strength, but the rebound was less dramatic than expected
Jan.19   European Union Eurozone economy 'to shrink 1.9%'  he European Commission has forecast that the eurozone economy will shrink 1.9% in 2009 and grow by only 0.4% in 2010 Jan.15   European Union   Eurozone interest rates cut to 2%
  The European Central Bank has cut eurozone interest rates by half a percentage point to 2% to bolster the eurozone economy

year 2008 Top ^

Nov.14   European Union   Eurozone officially in recession
  EU figures showed that the economy shrank by 0.2% in the third quarter, following a 0.2% contraction in the area in the previous quarter Nov.13   European Union   New recession fears ahead of G20
  The EU is expected to release figures which show that the eurozone area is in recession, as world leaders head for a key economic summit
Oct.11   Paris EU chiefs confront markets crisis   The 15 eurozone leaders are to meet to try to establish a common approach to the financial crisis follow up and execute upon a G7 plan

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B. 2016-05-24 Greece bailout: Eurozone agrees 'breakthrough' debt deal Brussels
C. 2016-03-10 ECB reveals surprise stimulus moves European Union
D. 2015-08-14 Greece crisis: Eurogroup agrees to third bailout Greece
4. 2015-07-17 Greece debt crisis: Bailout talks given go-ahead European Union
F. 2015-07-14 Greek PM defends 'harsh' deal Athens
G. 2015-07-13 Tsipras faces eurozone deal battle Athens
7. 2015-07-11 Debt crisis: Eurozone to resume talks on reforms Brussels
2015-07-11 Eurozone 'sceptical' of reform pledge Brussels
9. 2015-07-11 Debt crisis: Eurozone predicts tough talks Brussels

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