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Texas executes Mexican police killer   The US state of Texas has executed Edgar Tamayo, 46, despite objections from the US and Mexican governments   Syria accused of systematic torture   There is clear evidence that Syria has systematically tortured and executed about 11,000 detainees since the start of the uprising N. Korea boasts of removal of 'factionalist filth' after uncle executed North Korea: Leader's uncle executed
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B. 2017-04-24 Arkansas executes murderers Jack Jones and Marcel Williams Cummins Unit, Arkansas, Southern U.S.
2. 2017-02-06 Thousands hanged at Saydnaya prison, Amnesty says Saidnaya, Syria
3. 2016-08-07 Iranian nuclear scientist Shahram Amiri executed for treason Iran
E. 2016-06-13 Canadian man held hostage in Philippines executed by captors Southern Philippines
2016-05-10 Bangladeshi Islamist leader hanged Dhaka Central Jail, Dhaka, Bangladesh
G. 2016-02-10 N. Korean leader Kim had his military chief executed North Korea
7. 2015-11-21 Bangladesh hangs two over 1971 war crimes Dhaka Central Jail, Dhaka, Bangladesh
8. 2015-09-29 Georgia executes woman despite last-ditch appeals Jackson, Georgia, US Georgia
9. 2015-08-03 Pakistan executes Shafqat Hussain Karachi

Texas conducts rare female execution Map of Huntsville Texas
Arkansas executes murderers Jack Jones and Marcel Williams Thousands hanged at Saydnaya prison, Amnesty says   As many as 13,000 people, most of them civilian opposition supporters, have been executed in secret at a prison in Syria, Amnesty International... Iranian nuclear scientist Shahram Amiri executed for treason Canadian man held hostage in Philippines executed by captors Bangladeshi Islamist leader hanged Map of Dhaka Central Jail Dhaka Bangladesh  Motiur Rahman Nizami, 73, was executed for crimes during the war of independence from Pakistan in 1971 N. Korean leader Kim had his military chief executed  North Korean leader Kim Jong Un had Ri Yong Gil, his military chief, executed for corruption Bangladesh hangs two over 1971 war crimes   Opposition leaders Chowdhury and Mujahid have been executed for war crimes committed during the independence struggle against Pakistan Georgia executes woman despite last-ditch appeals Pakistan executes Shafqat Hussain India executes Mumbai bomb plotter Yakub Memon 74 children executed by ISIS for 'crimes' Children executed by ISIS fighters Indonesia executions: Australia recalls ambassador Map of Nusakambangan Island Indonesia  Australia has recalled its ambassador from Indonesia after two Australian men were executed for drug smuggling China executes 'mafia-style' mining tycoon Liu Han   Jordan executes convicted jihadists after pilot's death  Jordan has executed two convicted prisoners, including a female jihadist, following the killing of one its pilots by Islamic State (IS) mili... Iran executed dissident for 'enmity against God' Report: Iran billionaire executed over $2.6B fraud Map of Evin prison Iran

year 2017 Top ^

Apr.24   Southern U.S.
Feb.6   Syria  

year 2016 Top ^

Aug.7   Iran
Jun.13   Southern Philippines
May.10   Bangladesh
Feb.10   North Korea

year 2015 Top ^

Nov.21   Bangladesh
Sep.29   US Georgia
Aug.3   Karachi
Jul.29   India
Jul.2   Syria
May.25   Syria
Apr.28   Indonesia
Apr.23  Indonesia  Indonesia executions: Foreign envoys summoned
Mar.3  Bali  Australian pair moved for execution
Feb.8   Sichuan
Feb.3   Jordan
Feb.1  China  China executes two cult killers

year 2014 Top ^

Oct.8  Kabul  Five Afghan men hanged for rape
Jun.16  Western China  China executes 13 for 'terrorism'
Jun.1   Iran
May.23   Tehran
  Iranian state television says Mahafarid Amir Khosravi at the heart of a state bank scam, has been executed
Feb.5   Texas
  Suzanne Basso, 59, convicted of murder has been put to death, only the 14th time a female has been executed in the US in nearly four decades

Jan.22   Texas
Jan.20   Syria

year 2013 Top ^

Dec.31   North Korea
Dec.12   North Korea
  Jang Song Thaek, an uncle of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, has been executed for trying to overthrow the government
Nov.20   Missouri   US neo-Nazi serial killer executed
  Joseph Franklin, a US white supremacist who targeted black and Jewish people in a nationwide killing spree has been put to death
May.30   Moscow   Father of man FBI shot during probe claims son was executed
  The father of Abdul-Baki Todashev killed in Florida while being interrogated by the FBI about his ties to a Boston Marathon bombings suspect
May.19   Iran Iran executes two men for spying
  Iran has hanged two men convicted of spying for Israel and the US, the authorities there have said
May.9   Ohio Ohio 'kidnapper' could be executed Mar.1   Southern China China to execute drug gang over massacre Map of Yunnan China
  Four men convicted of murdering 13 Chinese sailors on the Mekong River in the northern Thai province of Chiang Rai in 2011 were executed in China
Jan.29   Northern Syria 'Dozens of bodies' found in Syria

year 2012 Top ^

Dec.21   Taiwan Taiwan condemned over executions
  Taiwan has executed six death row inmates, the first use of the death penalty this year
Nov.20   Mumbai   Mumbai attack gunman Qasab executed   Mohammad Ajmal Amir Qasab, the sole surviving gunman from the 2008 Mumbai attacks, has been hanged in an Indian prison Oct.17   Libya   Libyan militias executed dozens, possibly including Gadhafi  Report: Moammar Gadhafi may not have been killed in crossfire during his capture, but instead executed along with 66 others, including one of... Aug.29   Iraq     Iraq: 21 people executed in one day, including 3 women
  They were convicted of terrorism and spent months on death row
Aug.24   Gambia   Nine executed in Gambia
  Amnesty International says it has received 'credible reports' The Gambia executed nine death row prisoners on Thursday
Jul.18   Dallas   Texas debuts one-drug execution
  The state of Texas has executed Yokamon Hearn, 33, its first death row inmate with a single lethal injection of the sedative pentobarbital

year 2011 Top ^

Dec.7   Southern China China executes 'gangland madam' Map of Chongqing China
  Wang Ziqi, the female head of a gangland prostitution ring in Chongqing in south-west China, has been executed
Dec.5   Baghdad Tariq Aziz to be executed
  Iraq's top diplomat under Saddam Hussein will be executed next year after U.S. forces have pulled out of the country
Sep.21   US Georgia   Troy Davis is executed in Georgia   Death row inmate Troy Davis has been executed in the US state of Georgia for the fatal shooting of policeman Mark MacPhail in 1989 Jul.20   Texas Post-9/11 hate murderer executed

year 2010 Top ^

Dec.20  Iran  Iran executed 11 with ties to terrorism Dec.16   Oklahoma     John Duty executed using animal drug
  Officials have executed a prison inmate using a drug cocktail that includes a sedative typically used to euthanize animals
Sep.23   Virginia US woman executed for family murders Jun.19  Iran  Iran hangs Sunni militant leader Apr.5   Saudi Arabia Reprieve for 'sorcerer' sentenced to death  Ali Hussain Sibat who had been condemned by a court in Saudi Arabia to die last week for 'sorcery' has not been executed

year 2009 Top ^

Dec.28   China Mentally ill British man executed
Nov.10   Washington     Washington sniper is put to death  John Allen Muhammad, the man behind the 2002 sniper attacks in and around DC, has been executed after a last-ditch appeal was thrown out Aug.17   Iraq Gay men 'attacked, executed in Iraq' Aug.9   NW Pakistan   Reporter escapes Taliban death sentence   Zarghon Shah came face-to-face with the feared fighters, was ordered to be executed and gained a chilling insight into the mind of a militan... Jul.13   Southern Iran   Iran 'executes Sunni militants' Map of Zahedan Iran
  Iran has executed members of Jundollah, the rebel group blamed for a spate of attacks in the south-east of the country
May.29   Iran Iran executes trio for mosque bombing Jan.28   Japan     4 death-row inmates executed
  All four men were hanged, marking the first set of executions in the country since October 2008

year 2008 Top ^

Nov.25   Shanghai Police killer executed
  A 28-year-old Yang Jia convicted of killing 6 policemen has been executed. He forced his way into a police station and stabbed the men
Nov.8   Indonesia Bali burials being held amid high tension   Indonesia Indonesia 'executes' Bali bombers  3 Islamic militants condemned to death for the 2002 bombings which killed 202 people have been executed by firing squad Oct.19   Kandahar Taliban executed 30 of 50 people Oct.14   Ohio   Double murderer Cooey executed Map of Lucasville Ohio  Richard Cooey is executed at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility, despite his claims that his obesity made lethal injection inhumane Aug.5   Texas Mexican executed after appeal denied Jul.27   Tehran 29 convicts executed May.6   US Georgia   Death row inmate executed
  A convicted murderer William Early Lynd has been executed after the US Supreme Court rejected an appeal
Apr.29   Baghdad     Judge condemns Hussein's execution
  Chief Judge Raouf Abdul Rahman who sentenced Saddam to death has condemned the manner in which the dictator was executed
Feb.29   Baghdad Iraq approves execution of 'Chemical Ali'
Jan.31   West Pakistan CIA kills top al Qaeda terrorist Jan.12   Saudi Arabia Saudis behead Indonesian maid
  The maid was convicted of killing her employer. She was executed in public with a sword

year 2007 Top ^

Dec.4   Baghdad Iraqi leader wants Chemical Ali executed
  Prime minister wants the American military to hand over 'Chemical Ali' and 2 other convicted officials from Saddam's regime for execution Sep.4   Baghdad   'Chemical Ali,' 2 others to be hanged  Judge: Three members of the former Iraqi regime under Saddam Hussein will be executed within 30 days Aug.25  Iraq  Execution, body dumping site found Jul.9   Beijing Official executed for graft
  The former head of State Food and Drug Administration, Zheng Xiaoyu, has been executed for corruption
Apr.22   Mosul Gunmen line up, execute 23 Kurd Apr.17   Baghdad Web: 20 Iraq security forces executed  The Islamic State of Iraq -- a group of Sunni extremists -- claims it carried out the executions Mar.29   Bangladesh Bangladesh executes six militants
  Islamic militants convicted of killing 2 judges during a wave of bomb attacks have been hanged
Mar.19   Baghdad   Former VP Ramadan executed   One of Saddam Hussein's co-defendants, Taha Yassin Ramadan was sentenced to life for his role in killing Shias in the 1980s Jan.14   Baghdad     Saddam half-brother executed   Barzan Ibrahim decapitated during hanging. The former head of Revolutionary Court Hamed al-Bandar also hanged

year 2006 Top ^

Dec.27   Iraq   Hussein loyalists warn against hanging
  The Baath Party is warning there will be 'grave consequences' if former Iraqi leader is executed
Sep.27   China   Organ sales 'thriving' in China
  Organs from executed prisoners are sold to foreigners who need transplants
Aug.6   Sri Lanka Aid workers 'executed'

year 2005 Top ^

Sep.17   Baghdad   Nine Iraqis found executed
  Also an Iraqi soldier was killed in fighting in Baquba
Aug.5   Virginia   Jury rules killer fit to die
  A jury in Virginia has decided that a man with learning difficulties is intelligent enough to be executed
Jun.12   Gaza   Palestinian Authority executes 4 killers
  3 of the convicted men were hanged and the other was executed by shooting
May.16  Baghdad  At least 46 bodies found

year 2003 Top ^

Nov.24   Washington   Sniper to be executed  A jury has decided convicted 42-year-old Army veteran John Muhammed should get the death sentence Sep.3   Florida   Anti-abortionist executed
  Paul Hill, 49, was the first man to face the death penalty in the U.S. for killing a doctor who performed abortions
Apr.11   Cuba Ferry hijackers executed
  3 men were convicted of hijacking a passenger ferry to sail to the U.S. Mar.28   Serbia Ex-Serb president's body found Feb.27   Ivory Coast   Rebels executed police Map of Bouake Ivory Coast
  Main rebel faction executed at least 52 paramilitary police and 8 of their sons in the rebel stronghold of Bouake
Feb.14   Colombia   2 executed near plane wreckage
  The bodies of American and Colombian who had been aboard a U.S. plane have been found a mile from the craft

year 2002 Top ^

Dec.6   Northern Nigeria   State stands firm on Sharia
Map of Zamfara Nigeria
  'Whoever insults any prophet, that person is to be executed,' said Zamfara state commissioner
Nov.14   Washington US executes Pakistani killer
  Aimal Khan Kansi, 38, convicted of the murder of two CIA employees, has been executed by lethal injection
Oct.9   Florida Female serial killer executed
  Aileen Wuornos was executed by lethal injection, 10 years after she murdered 6 men while working as a prostitute
Sep.18   Beijing   10 executed in pre-congress crackdown
  Courts have handed death sentences for rapes and robberies in a crackdown on crime before a Communist Party congress

year 2001 Top ^

Oct.26   Afghanistan   Taleban opponent executed  Taleban say they have executed opposition commander Abdul Haq, one of the guerrilla commanders Jun.27   Washington   China: Harvesting of convicts' organs
  Physician Wang Guoqi, in testimony to U.S. lawmakers has accused Beijing of selling the body parts of executed prisoners
  England Court rules U.S. broke rights laws
  The world court rules that German-born brothers who were executed for murder the international legal rights were ignored
Jun.11   Southern Philippines   Kidnappers: U.S. hostage executed
  Abu Sayyaf in a call to a radio station said kidnappers have killed Guillermo Sobero, an American hostage
  Indiana McVeigh executed  Timothy McVeigh, 33, was responsible for the 1995 attack in Oklahoma City that killed 168 people

year 2000 Top ^

Aug.25   Serbia Ex-president missing
before year 2000
Jul. 12, 1918   Ural Tsar Nicholas murdered by Bolsheviks
Map of Ipatiev House Yekaterinburg Russia
  Nicholas II was executed together with his family. This led to the canonisation of Nicholas II, his wife the Empress Alexandra and their children
Oct. 13, 1815   Southern Italy Joachim Murat, King of Two Sicilies, executed
Map of Castello di Pizzo Calabria Italy  Forces of the king, Ferdinand IV of Naples, arrested him, and he was put on trial for treason. He was eventually sentenced to death by firing squad Jul. 13, 1793   Paris   Charlotte Corday murders Jean Marat
  She was executed under the guillotine for the assassination of Marat, who was in part responsible for the more radical course
Jan. 21, 1793   Paris Louis XVI guillotined
Map of Place de la R%E9volution Paris France
  He was tried by the National Convention, found guilty of high treason, and executed by as a desacralized French citizen known as 'Citizen Louis Capet'
Oct. 29, 1618   London   Sir Walter Raleigh executed  An English landed gentleman, writer, poet, soldier, politician, courtier, spy, and explorer. He is also well known for popularising tobacco in England Feb. 8, 1587   England Mary Queen of Scots executed Map of Fotheringhay Castle United Kingdom  Mary Stuart or Mary I of Scotland, was Queen of Scotland from 14 December 1542 to 24 July 1567 and Queen consort of France Jul. 7, 1535   London     Sir Thomas More executed
  An English lawyer, social philosopher, author, statesman and noted Renaissance humanist. He was also a councillor to Henry VIII, and Lord Chancellor

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