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Government, farmers reach accords  After months of confrontations, the government and its farmers appeared to have made progress toward resolving their differences Afghan farmers give up opium for wheat  Observers have noticed a significant decline in the opium trade, with the number of poppy-free provinces increasing from 13 in 2007 to 18 in... President drops farm tax after protests
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2017-06-06 Five farmers die in shooting at protest rally in India Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh, Central India
2. 2015-07-03 North Korean farmers face dry fields amid drought North Korea
3. 2015-02-23 Gas poisoning in illegal Chinese gold mine kills Songxian County, Henan, China
E. 2013-10-12 Brazil ranchers sentenced for killing farmers Sao Paulo
F. 2010-11-14 Cotton subsidies 'should be cut' West Africa
6. 2009-12-21 Kangaroo 'plague' follows Australian rains Queensland
7. 2009-10-18 Deadly barn collapse kills 10 Renhuai, Guizhou, Southern China
8. 2009-05-03 Farmers protest swine slaughter Cairo
J. 2009-04-17 Mugabe ally implicated in farm seizures Zimbabwe

North Korean farmers face dry fields amid drought  The farmers work to pump underground water into fields. Instead of rice seedlings standing in flooded paddies, the baked earth is cracked Gas poisoning in illegal Chinese gold mine kills Map of Songxian County Henan China  The mine had been abandoned, but local farmers were trying to extract remnants of gold from it with the use of chemicals such as sodium cyanide Brazil ranchers sentenced for killing farmers  A ranch owner has been sentenced to more than 100 years in jail for ordering and taking part in the 2004 killing of five landless farmworker...   Cotton subsidies 'should be cut'  Campaigners working with West African farmers are calling on Europe and the United States to cut the subsidies they pay to their cotton farm... Kangaroo 'plague' follows Australian rains  Farmers in northern Australia say a plague of kangaroos is overrunning their properties, causing tens of thousands of dollars worth of damag... Deadly barn collapse kills 10   An old grain warehouse collapsed, killing 10 people and wounding nine. Farmers were selling sorghum at the barn   Farmers protest swine slaughter  Pig farmers threw rocks at police in Cairo, as health workers gathered the farmers' herds for slaughter as a precaution against the swine fl... Mugabe ally implicated in farm seizures  Farmers are implicating Senate President Edna Madzongwein the latest farm seizures in which Mugabe loyalists take over white-owned farms Farmers find monastery beneath soil
Five farmers die in shooting at protest rally in India Map of Mandsaur Madhya Pradesh India

year 2017 Top ^

Jun.6   Central India
  At least five Indian farmers died after shots were fired during a protest in the central state of Madhya Pradesh

year 2015 Top ^

Jul.3   North Korea
Feb.23   China  

year 2013 Top ^

Oct.12   Sao Paulo

year 2010 Top ^

Nov.14   West Africa

year 2009 Top ^

Dec.21   Queensland
Oct.18   Southern China  
May.3   Cairo
Apr.17   Zimbabwe  
Mar.11   Jerusalem  
  After a group of farmers sought to expand their property in the hills near Jerusalem, they discovered an archeological gem beneath the dirt

Mar.3   Argentina
Feb.3   Afghanistan

year 2008 Top ^

Jul.18   Argentina
  Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner is dropping an agricultural export tax that has provoked months of protests from farmers
  European Union   EU's 'spare 1bn euros' for Africa  The European Commission has backed a plan to give 1bn euros of unspent EU farm subsidies in aid to African farmers to help to boost output Jul.15   Argentina Rallies divide Buenos Aires before tax vote   Zimbabwe Battered farmers seek justice Jul.8   Bolivia At least 46 killed in truck crash Jun.24   Belgium Oxfam: Caution needed on biofuel boom Jun.17   Argentina Fernandez defends grain export tax Jun.15   Argentina Farmers renew protests
  Thousands of farmers protesting grain export tax increases returned to road blockades nationwide, angry over a police crackdown
Jun.4   Argentina Traffic snarls latest bump in farm crisis Map of Cordoba Argentina  Disagreements between the government and farmers over export taxes flared up as drivers used their trucks to snarl traffic May.31   Argentina Farmers say no to tax changes
  Farmers moved quickly to reject President de Kirchner's tax concessions made a day earlier
May.28   Argentina Farmers resume strike against export tax
May.7   Argentina Farmers resume strike
  Farmers decided to resume a strike that cut exports, blocked roads and emptied store shelves last month. The farmers would go on strike for 8 days
Apr.23   Zimbabwe   Anti-Mugabe farmers say they're targeted  Workers were ambushed by militiamen and severely beaten for not voting for Mugabe Apr.19   London   Stinky manure smell engulfs London
  A foul smell permeating parts of England is due to farmers on the European continent spreading manure in their fields
Apr.16   Cuba   President looks to boost food production
  Raśl Castro has moved quickly to boost food production by putting more land into the hands of profit-earning farmers
Apr.6   Zimbabwe     Mugabe warns of white land battle
  President Mugabe has called on its black population to ensure that white farmers do not regain the land seized from them
Apr.2   Argentina   Farmers suspend strike, open roads
  Rebellious farmers are suspending a 21-day strike over government tax hikes, after lifting many of the highway blockades
Apr.1   Cuba Cuba loans unused land to private farmers
  Cuba is lending unused land to private farmers and cooperatives as part to revitalize a floundering agricultural sector
Mar.31   Argentina Striking farmers resume blockades  Farmers seething at export taxes on their crops resumed blockades of rural highways after talks failed to end a 19-day-old strike Mar.28   Argentina Farmers move to end strike
  Argentine farmers lifted roadblocks, easing a 15-day strike that has caused traffic jams and depleted grocery shelves across the country
Mar.25   Argentina Farmers strike leaves shelves bare  A strike by farmers, who are protesting an increase in export taxes for their products, continued for a 13th day with no solution in sight Feb.4   Afghanistan Report urges Afghan farmer boost
  A new report on drugs trade urges more investment to provide alternative livelihoods for farmers
Jan.20   Venezuela     Chavez to farmers: Sell within Venezuela
  Chavez threatened to take over farms or milk plants if owners refuse to sell for domestic consumption and instead seek higher profits abroad

year 2007 Top ^

May.18   Australia   Rain helps ease drought
  Drenching rains have fallen across most of parched southeast, delighting farmers who have endured seven years of drought

year 2006 Top ^

Mar.7   Afghanistan   Fight to stem bumper opium crop
  Hundreds of farmers are tending pale green shoots of chief crop and economic mainstay: opium poppies

year 2005 Top ^

Nov.6   Northeast China Six million birds culled
Map of Liaoning China  Farmers in Liaoning province had co-operated with slaughter, and would be compensated Sep.12   China     Typhoon slams into eastern China Map of Taizhou China
  A typhoon new city of Taizhou after nearly a million villagers and farmers had been evacuated

year 2002 Top ^

Sep.13   Zimbabwe   Farmers, judge held
  12 white farmers have been arrested for defying orders to leave their land to make way for new black settlers
Aug.28   Zimbabwe   54 farm seizures halted
  High Court has cancelled eviction orders against 54 white farmers. Government said the ruling would have no major impact
Aug.17   Zimbabwe Over 80 farmers arrested
  Some charged in court for defying government orders to vacate land targeted for redistribution to landless blacks
Aug.12   Zimbabwe     Mugabe reforms 'threaten disaster'
  Opponents of land reforms are warning of a 'humanitarian catastrophe' after the president told white farmers they must quit land
  Zimbabwe     Mugabe tells white farmers to go
  President has told white farmers defying an eviction order to quit the country
Aug.10   Zimbabwe   Government warns farmers to quit
  Officials have warned defiant white farmers that they face 'appropriate measures' unless they leave their land
Aug.8   Zimbabwe   Farmers defy deadline  2000 whites are awaiting the government's next move after they defied a deadline to leave their land or face eviction   Zimbabwe   Court boost for farmers
  High Court ruled the state could not confiscate land owned by one farmer
Jul.15   Mexico   Hostages freed in airport dispute  Farmers fighting government plans to build a new airport on their land freed 15 hostages at the end of a 4-day standoff Jul.14   Mexico   Farmers soften talk of hostage threats
  1,000 armed farmers who own the land for an airport toned down their threats to kill hostages
Jul.13   Mexico   Farmers take more hostages  A group of farmers, angered by the government's appropriation of land for a new airport, took 4 more hostages Jun.23   Zimbabwe   Whites 'must stop farming'
  The Commercial Farmers' Union says that 2,900 farmers must surrender farms according to recent changes to the law

year 2000 Top ^

Dec.3   Zimbabwe   Mugabe warned whites of expulsion
  President has warned white farmers of expulsion if they continue their court battle against plan to seize farms

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