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Lebanon 'kills Fatah al-Islam leader' Fatah replaces party leadership. West Bank Blast at wedding misses Fatah leader. Gaza Rival factions trade accusations of spying. Gaza   Fleeing Fatah supporters enter Israel Map of Gaza City Israel
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Crime Main Event: Hamas-Fatah announce recon...
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B. 2014-06-01 Israel PM warns against Hamas-Fatah 'terror' cabinet Jerusalem
2014-04-23 Hamas-Fatah announce reconciliation Gaza
D. 2013-01-04 Huge Fatah rally in Hamas-led Gaza Gaza
E. 2011-04-27 Hamas, Fatah reach deal for government West Bank
5. 2010-08-14 Lebanon 'kills Fatah al-Islam leader' Lebanon
G. 2009-08-10 Fatah replaces party leadership West Bank
7. 2009-07-21 Blast at wedding misses Fatah leader Gaza
8. 2009-01-22 Rival factions trade accusations of spying Gaza

Huge Fatah rally in Hamas-led Gaza   Hamas, Fatah reach deal for government
  Hamas and Fatah 'reach agreement' at Cairo talks  The Palestinian group Hamas says it has reached an agreement with rival group Fatah, ending a decade-long rift Israel PM warns against Hamas-Fatah 'terror' cabinet. Jerusalem   Hamas-Fatah announce reconciliation

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  Gaza: Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas have announced a reconciliation deal, saying they will seek to form a unity government in the coming weeks

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  West Bank: The rival movements announced a deal to form a unity government amid international efforts for statehood advanced by Abbas.    The move comes amid international efforts for statehood advanced by Palestinian President Abbas of Fa...

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  Gaza: About 180 pro-Fatah Palestinians seeking refuge from a Hamas crackdown in Gaza City were allowed into Israel.    The Fatah supporters ran to a border crossing after a day of bloody fighting with their bitter rivals Hamas, who control...

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Nov.12   Deadly clash at Arafat rally  Gaza: At least 6 people have been killed in gunfire at a rally organised by Fatah to mark 3 years since the death of Yasser Arafat Oct.10 Hamas ready for talks with rival
. Gaza Sep.2   Army 'in control' of camp   Northern Lebanon: Lebanon's army has taken full control of a Palestinian refugee camp where its troops have been battling Fatah al-Islam militants Aug.24 Truce as women flee camp. Northern Lebanon Jul.25 Lebanon army on 'final assault'. Northern Lebanon Jun.25   Israel to release Fatah prisoners  Prime Minister Olmert said he will release 250 Fatah members in a goodwill gesture aimed at strengthening Palestinian President Abbas Hamas is 'ready to talk' to Fatah. Gaza Jun.16 Fatah gunmen storm parliament. West Bank Jun.14   Hamas 'in full control of Gaza'   Hamas fighters secured the presidential compound after a week of fighting with Abbas's Fatah faction that has left more than 100 dead   Hamas hails 'liberation' of Gaza
  The militants have hailed a series of military victories over rivals Fatah as a new 'liberation' of the territory
 Fighters seized Fatah's Preventative Security building and the intelligence service headquarters, and overran Rafah. An aide to Abbas called the Hamas offensive a coup against the Palestinian Authority. Abbas was likely to dismiss the government and call new elections
Jun.13 Hamas and Fatah 'agree on ceasefire'
. Gaza Hamas bombs, controls compound. Gaza Jun.12   Hamas launches new attacks  Gaza: Militants of the Hamas have begun to attack positions of rival Fatah as levels of violence reach a new intensity Jun.11   14 died in Fatah/Hamas clashes   Gaza: 3 Fatah supporters were killed in a gun battle inside a hospital in the town of Beit Hanoun, despite the declaration of a new ceasefire Jun.5 Lebanese troops pound refugee camp. Northern Lebanon May.24 PM vows to uproot militants  Beirut: Fouad Siniora is blaming Fatah al-Islam militants for using Palestinian refugees as a prop for trying to destabilize the country May.22   Thousands flee refugee battle   Northern Lebanon: Some 2,000 Palestinians have fled a refugee camp near Tripoli amid a lull in the clashes between militants of the Fatah al-Islam Truce broken at camp. Lebanon May.15   Gunmen raid Fatah official's home  Gaza: Hamas unleashed a barrage of rockets at an Israeli town after a day of factional fighting with Fatah rivals that killed 15 people   Fatah boosts police ranks
  Gaza: About 500 loyalists have returned to Gaza from police training in Egypt as factional fighting escalates with Hamas
May.14 Factions 'agree new truce'
  Gaza: Hamas and Fatah, rival Palestinian factions, are reported to have agreed a truce to end fierce fighting
May.6   Palestinian militants attack school festival
  Gaza: The militants attacked a United Nations festival, killing the bodyguard of a Fatah lawmaker
Mar.14   Hamas, Fatah agree on government
  Gaza: Political rivals reached a final agreement on forming a unity government, wrapping up months of coalition negotiations
Feb.7   Hamas, Fatah begin talks
   Saudi Arabia: Palestinian President Abbas and exiled Hamas leader Mashaal, will negotiate a national unity Palestinian government
Feb.3 Hamas, Fatah clashes defy truce
  Gaza: They clashed at Cabinet ministries, universities and security headquarters. 12 people were wounded
Feb.2   24 killed before factions reach truce  Gaza: Fatah and Hamas gunmen battled each other at universities, a radio station and in streets Feb.1 Fatah storms 'Hamas campus'. Gaza Jan.29   Hamas and Fatah agree to cease-fire   Gaza: Foreign Minister Mahmoud Zahar: Rival factions agreed to a cease-fire in a bid to end four days of violence Jan.15     Hamas 'planned to murder Abbas'
  Palestine: The Fatah has accused the Hamas movement of plotting to kill Palestinian leader and other officials

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Dec.19 Schools shut amid 'anarchy'
  Gaza: Several children were among those hurt in a day of clashes between Hamas and Fatah that killed three
Dec.17 Palestinian factions 'agree deal'
  Gaza: Hamas and Fatah have reached a deal to end violence in the Gaza Strip
Dec.16     President Abbas calls for early elections
  West Bank: Palestinian President called for presidential and legislative elections to end the stalemate between Fatah and the Hamas Dec.11   Gunmen kill school children   Gaza: Gunmen have shot dead the 3 sons of Baha Balousheh, an intelligence chief linked to the Palestinian party Fatah Nov.6   Agreement near on unity government  Palestine: Palestinian observer at the UN said that the new prime minister would be from neither the Hamas nor Fatah May.24 Palestinian rivals set for talks. Palestine May.9   Hamas, Fatah agree to end factional fight
  Gaza: Rival Palestinian groups have agreed to end the violence that has raged between them for 2 days
Jan.27   Palestinian groups clash  Gaza: In Khan Younis several were wounded when Hamas activists exchanged fire with members of Fatah   Fatah defeat sparks protest  Gaza: A mob of up to 2,000 Fatah supporters took to the streets, demanding the resignation of Abbas     Abbas urges Hamas to form government  West Bank: Post-election tensions sparked fighting in the town of Khan Yunis between Fatah and Hamas Jan.26   Hamas won elections
  West Bank: Hamas and Fatah supporters scuffled outside the Palestinian parliament building
 Hamas has operated a network of social and charitable organizations for Palestinians. Mahmoud Abbas urged Hamas to keep negotiations moving forward. Israel demanded that the Palestinian Authority disarm the new ruling party and the other terrorist organizations
Jan.25 Hamas slashes Fatah majority. West Bank Hamas open to coalition with Fatah. Gaza Jan.24   Hamas campaign threatens Fatah Party  Gaza: 1.3 million Palestinians will head to the polls in the first parliamentary elections in a decade

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Dec.14   Fatah splits before key election
  West Bank: A dispute within the ruling party has led to a rival faction submitting its own list of candidates
Feb.23 Palestinian PM wins cabinet deal. West Bank

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Nov.6 Palestinians ponder end to Arafat era
. Gaza

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Oct.28     Arafat asks prime minister to stay on
  West Bank: Arafat and his Fatah central committee voted to ask Ahmed Qorei to form a new government
Sep.17     Arafat: Cease-fire is near
  West Bank: Palestinian President has suggested a new cease-fire may be close as Fatah prepares to choose new ministers
Jul.8     Palestinian PM quits key post
  West Bank: Mahmoud Abbas resigns as deputy chairman of the mainstream Fatah movement
Jun.29 Arafat's Fatah joins cease-fire. Gaza Jan.20     Arafat backs new leaders in his party
  West Bank: Arafat said that he is actively pursuing new politicians within Fatah party to take over his post

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Aug.13 Palestinian leader defiant against charges. Tel Aviv

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Sep.8   Israel rockets Fatah building
Map of Ramallah Israel
  West Bank: 2 helicopters hit Fatah's regional headquarters in Ramallah
Aug.20   Killed while making bomb
  Fatah member died while working on a bomb that exploded in his home. Palestinians said he and 2 sons killed by missile attack
Aug.14 Palestinian activist shot dead
Aug.4 Missile attack injures Arafat guard Map of Ramallah Israel
  West Bank: 2 missiles were fired at a car belonging to Fatah movement in city of Ramallah, West Bank
Apr.8   Arafat's Fatah, Gaza homes hit
  Israeli helicopters and tanks fired on the Palestinian-controlled village. 5 homes were damaged

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Dec.31 Kahane's son, Fatah leader killed
Dec.30   Fatah calls for escalated uprising
  Hamas staged a rally praising a bomber who blew himself

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