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Philippines arrest Chinese 'poachers' after reef collision   China has urged the Philippines to 'guarantee the safety and legitimate rights' of fishermen who have been taken into custody for poaching Italian marines due for India trial   Two Italian marines accused of killing two Indian fishermen are on their way back to Delhi for trial, Indian officials say, as diplomatic tensions...   Rescuers search for hundreds still missing in after typhoon   Rescue workers are searching for more than 300 fishermen who have gone missing after a devastating typhoon that tore across the Philippines   Typhoon Bolaven reaches Korean Peninsula   5 Chinese fishermen died and 10 were missing in stormy waters off Jeju Island as Typhoon Bolaven brought howling winds and torrential rain Fishermen lived on clams, seaweed for 10 days   Three shipwrecked fishermen were stranded on an island off Canada's Pacific Coast until a passing sailboat rescued them Chinese fishermen 'stab Koreans' Map of Incheon South Korea
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1. 2016-01-26 40 Russian fishermen rescued from broken ice float Khabarovsk, Russian Far East
2. 2015-11-02 Mexico navy rescues four fishermen 'adrift for 30 days' Chiapas
D. 2015-08-18 Lake Cajititlan: Fish die off in large numbers Lake Cajititlan, Guadalajara, Mexico
E. 2015-05-19 More than 430 migrants have been rescued and taken to Indonesia Simpang Tiga Redelong, Aceh
F. 2014-10-08 17 bodies found after loaded motorboat sank off Indonesia's main island Raas island, East Java, Indonesia
G. 2014-01-18 250 dolphins await slaughter Taiji, Japan
7. 2013-10-01 58 fishermen still missing after typhoon South China Sea, Southern China
I. 2013-08-17 Spanish boats in Gibraltar protest Gibraltar, Spain
2013-08-11 Typhoon batters Philippines; 23 fishermen missing Aurora, Philippines

  17 bodies found after loaded motorboat sank off Indonesia's main island   Rescuers and fishermen have found eight survivors and 17 bodies after searching 2 days for a motorboat lost since its captain reported an engine... 250 dolphins await slaughter   Japanese fishermen rounded up more than 250 bottlenose dolphins in a secluded cove to kill for meat or sell into a lifetime of captivity   58 fishermen still missing after typhoon   Chinese rescuers on Tuesday found 14 fishermen alive and recovered the bodies of two who had died from boats that sank during a typhoon Spanish boats in Gibraltar protest   Spanish fishermen are due to sail out later to protest near the spot where Gibraltar's government has placed 70 concrete blocks   Typhoon batters Philippines; 23 fishermen missing Map of Aurora Philippines
40 Russian fishermen rescued from broken ice float Map of Khabarovsk Russia  A group were airlifted to shore on Tuesday after being stranded on a large chunk of ice that unexpectedly floated away from Khabarovsk region Mexico navy rescues four fishermen 'adrift for 30 days'  The Mexican navy has rescued two Colombian and two Ecuadorean fishermen off the coast of the southern state of Chiapas Lake Cajititlan: Fish die off in large numbers Map of Lake Cajititlan Guadalajara Mexico  Fishermen have been removing thousands of dead fish from a lake near the western Mexican city of Guadalajara More than 430 migrants have been rescued and taken to Indonesia Map of Simpang Tiga Redelong Indonesia

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Jan.26   Russian Far East

year 2015 Top ^

Nov.2   Chiapas
Aug.18   Mexico
May.19   Aceh
  A flotilla of Indonesian fishermen rescued more than 430 migrants who were stranded at sea and brought them ashore to safety Wednesday

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Oct.8   Indonesia  
Jan.18   Japan  

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Oct.1   Southern China
Aug.17   Spain
Aug.11   Philippines
  A powerful typhoon Utor made landfall in the northern Philippines, toppling power lines and dumping heavy rains across mountains, cities

Apr.12   Philippines
Mar.21   New Delhi

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Dec.10   Southern Philippines
Aug.28   South Korea  
May.18   Western Canada  

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Dec.11   South Korea
  A coast guard has been stabbed to death by Chinese fishermen after stopping their boat on suspicion of illegal fishing in the Yellow Sea

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Dec.24   South Korea China seamen in fatal clash freed  South Korea has released three Chinese fishermen following a fatal clash between their trawler and a South Korean patrol ship earlier this m... Dec.13   New Zealand   Search ends for S Korea fishermen  Search crews from New Zealand have called off the hunt for 17 missing fishermen from a South Korean trawler that sank in the Southern Ocean Dec.6   Southern Italy Bodies of missing U.S. balloonists found
Sep.12   Japan Japan 'frees Chinese fishermen' Jun.3   Karachi Pakistan alerts fishermen about cyclone

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Aug.14   Somalia 34 fishermen free months after hijacking
Jul.19   Japan Fishermen brace for giant jellyfish
  Giant jellyfish descend on the Sea of Japan, causing devastation to coastal villages and leaving a trail of destruction and human misery behind
Apr.18   Somalia Dutch navy captures pirates after attack
  Dutch naval forces captured seven pirates and freed 20 captive fishermen after tracking the pirates to their 'mother ship' in the Gulf of Aden
Apr.16   France Fishermen lift French port blockades  French fishermen suspended their blockade at 3 English Channel ports, allowing ferry traffic and freight to move through after 2 days of disruption

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Jun.4   Belgium Fishermen clash with police at EU
  Police have clashed with hundreds of fisherman protesting against the high cost of fuel outside the European Union headquarters May.30   Portugal Europe fuel protests spread wider
  Fuel protests triggered by rising oil prices have spread to more countries across Europe, with thousands of fishermen on strike May.21   Paris   Fishermen clash with police  French fishermen stepped up protests over rising fuel costs. Protesters threw flares and police fired tear gas outside the agriculture minis...

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Sep.6   Nicaragua   Hurricane Felix death toll nears 100
Map of Puerto Cabezas Nicaragua
  Rescuers searched for survivors. The bodies of 25 fishermen were found along Miskito Coast, believed to be from a group of 109 Miskito Indians
 The storm hit land in north-eastern Nicaragua as a maximum strength category five storm.

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May.19   Vietnam 150 seamen missing after typhoon
Map of South China Sea Vietnam  150 fishermen were missing and another 28 have been found dead in the South China Sea

year 2005 Top ^

Jun.6   Kiribati Lucky rescue for Pacific boatmen
  2 fishermen have been rescued after being lost in heavy seas for 8 weeks

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Dec.6   Spain   Ships sent to boost oil spill fight
  Fishermen have accused the government of trying to suppress information showing that the tanker

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Aug.4   Puerto Rico Fishermen stall Navy exercises
  30 fishermen invaded federal waters on 3rd day of ship-to-shore shelling on Vieques

year 2000 Top ^

Nov.29   Southern India   43 fishermen missing after cyclone  Storm moved inland from the Bay of Bengal, ripping up trees and roofs

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