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WHO declares swine flu pandemic
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1. 2014-01-27 Hong Kong culls chickens over H7N9 Hong Kong
C. 2013-04-10 Bird flu fears hit KFC China profits China
2013-04-05 20,000 birds slaughtered as bird flu death toll rises Shanghai
E. 2013-04-03 China reports 4 more cases of unusual bird flu Zhejiang, Southern China
F. 2013-01-12 New York declares flu emergency New York
G. 2013-01-11 US flu outbreak becomes epidemic USA
H. 2012-10-08 Flu strain, not SARS, behind health scare Hong Kong
I. 2012-01-20 Mutant bird flu research halted USA
J. 2011-12-21 HK gathers chickens after bird flu found Hong Kong

First flu death outside Americas
  Hong Kong culls chickens over H7N9  Hong Kong has begun culling 20,000 chickens after the H7N9 bird flu virus was found in poultry imported from mainland China Bird flu fears hit KFC China profits   20,000 birds slaughtered as bird flu death toll rises  Chinese authorities have killed more than 20,000 birds from a live-poultry trading zone in Shanghai after an unusual strain of bird flu China reports 4 more cases of unusual bird flu New York declares flu emergency US flu outbreak becomes epidemic Flu strain, not SARS, behind health scare Mutant bird flu research halted HK gathers chickens after bird flu found Terror fear over bird flu reports Poultry culling after bird flu outbreak H1N1 outbreak in Venezuelan state Former PM Thatcher hospitalized  Margaret Thatcher was admitted to a hospital Tuesday evening after a recent spell of the flu   Jump in number of global swine flu deaths  WHO: The number of swine flu deaths has jumped by more than 1,000 in a week. At least 7,826 people are now known to have died   Flu kills four pilgrims  A teenager and three elderly people for the hajj pilgrimage have died of the H1N1 flu virus H1N1 is now world's dominant flu virus   China set to provide first swine flu vaccine  WHO: China has developed a vaccine for swine flu and is set to become the first country in the world to begin mass inoculations Security chief dies from H1N1 flu President has H1N1 virus Swine flu vaccine for 'half US'   Swine flu threatens Muslim Hajj season

year 2014 Top ^

Jan.27   Hong Kong

year 2013 Top ^

Apr.10   China
Apr.5   Shanghai
Apr.3   Southern China
Jan.12   New York
Jan.11   USA

year 2012 Top ^

Oct.8   Hong Kong
Jan.20   USA

year 2011 Top ^

Dec.21   Hong Kong
Dec.20   USA
Sep.20   India
Mar.23   Venezuela

year 2010 Top ^

Oct.19   London

year 2009 Top ^

Nov.27   Global  
Nov.21   Saudi Arabia
Nov.6   Global
Sep.9   China  
Sep.7   Ecuador
Aug.30   Colombia
Jul.29   USA
Jul.21  China  Group of 22 U.S. students quarantined
Jul.15   Saudi Arabia
  Two Hajj pilgrims from Iran, 57-year-old woman and a 24-year-old man, have contracted the H1N1 virus
Jun.15   Scotland  
  Jacqueline Fleming, 38, with swine flu died, marking the first known death of a swine flu patient outside of the Americas

Jun.11   Global  
  The World Health Organization raised the alert to its highest level, saying the virus has spread to enough countries to be considered a global pandemic
 30,000 cases globally and 141 deaths with figures rising daily. The swine flu virus is spreading in at least two regions of the world with rising cases being seen in the UK, Australia, Japan and Chile
Jun.10   UN UN set for swine flu crisis talks Jun.9   Australia Australia flu 'may tip pandemic' May.22   US Georgia Candidate virus for H1N1 vaccine arrives May.20   Global   Swine flu tops 10,000 cases worldwide
  World Health Organization: The H1N1 worldwide sickened 10,176 people and caused at least 80 deaths, mostly in Mexico
May.19   Global Number of H1N1 cases nears 10,000 May.8   Hong Kong 'Flu' hotel guests free May.6   Philippines 'Pacman' to return home despite flu fears May.5   Texas U.S. marks second swine flu-linked death   San Diego US navy halts aid vessel over flu May.4   Mexico   Mexico to start China flu airlift
  A Mexican plane has gone to collect dozens of Mexicans who have been quarantined because of fears they were infected with swine flu
  Washington 'H1N1 flu no worse than regular flu'   UN   U.N. wary of second wave of swine flu  U.N. health officials that a second wave of the swine flu virus could 'strike with a vengeance'   Mexico Mexico to begin lifting flu curbs May.3   Cairo Farmers protest swine slaughter  Pig farmers threw rocks at police in Cairo, as health workers gathered the farmers' herds for slaughter as a precaution against the swine fl...   Global   WHO: cases of H1N1 virus now at 787
  The number of swine flu cases worldwide now stands at 787 with two additional deaths reported in Mexico.    The pigs may have been infected by a Canadian fa...
May.2   Global   Number of confirmed H1N1 cases soars  World Health Organization: The number of confirmed cases of swine flu across the globe jumped to 615 May.1   Hong Kong   'Flu' hotel sealed off  About 300 people have been placed under quarantine after a guest there became China's first confirmed swine flu case Apr.24   Mexico Mexico bid to contain deadly flu Jan.25   Southern China     China confirms 6th bird flu case this month Map of Guizhou China
  A 29-year-old man in southwest China is in critical condition after testing positive for bird flu, making him the country's sixth confirmed case
Jan.19   China     China confirms 3rd bird flu death this year Map of Hunan China  16-year-old boy, who had fallen ill on January 8, died in the city of Huaihua in the central Hunan province

year 2008 Top ^

Mar.12   Hong Kong     Schools close amid flu fears
  All kindergartens and junior schools have closed early for their Easter holiday, after a flu-like illness killed 3 children

year 2007 Top ^

Feb.5   England Bans on UK poultry amid flu cull
  Russia and Japan banned British poultry imports as UK pressed ahead with a cull of 160,000 turkeys
Jan.27   Texas   Bluesman BB King leaves hospital
  Blues legend has been discharged from hospital after a bout of flu, and his management says he is 'back to his old self'

year 2006 Top ^

Dec.21   England Flu 'could wipe out 62 million'
Jul.26   London Glaxo has bird flu 'breakthrough' Jul.25   Thailand   Thailand records bird flu death  A 16-year-old boy, from the province of Pichit, is the 15th person to die of the virus in the country Mar.16   Mumbai   5 more nations hit by bird flu
  Afghanistan, India and Myanmar had confirmed H5N1 caused recent outbreaks
Mar.15   Sweden   Deadly bird flu strain hits Sweden
  The EU's reference laboratory has confirmed Sweden's outbreak of the deadly H5N1
Mar.12   Myanmar   Burma reports first bird flu case Map of Mandalay Myanmar
  The virus H5N1 was detected after more than 100 chickens died near Mandalay earlier this month
Feb.26   France France vaccinates poultry flocks
  Nearly a million free range ducks and geese in France are set to be inoculated against bird flu
Feb.24   France France confirms bird flu strain
Feb.21   Jakarta   Bird flu tests for death  The woman who died in Jakarta had been in contact with chickens infected with the virus   Hungary   Hungary, Croatia confirm bird flu
  The H5N1 strain was confirmed in Hungary and Croatia as the deadly virus spread around the globe
Feb.20   European Union   EU and India fight bird flu spread
  Europe is stepping up efforts as Indian officials and farm workers cull hundreds of thousands of chickens
Feb.19   Germany   German alarm over bird flu spread
  Chancellor Merkel has termed as serious an outbreak in the north of the country
Feb.18   France   France confirms presence of H5N1
  The deadly strain of bird flu has continued to spread around the world
Feb.17   Egypt   Bird flu cases confirmed in Egypt
  Tests done on dead birds had confirmed an outbreak of the deadly H5N1 strain
Feb.15   Hungary   Crisis meeting as bird flu spreads  Hungary has become the 5th EU nation to detect the deadly strain of in wild birds Feb.12   Nigeria   Fears bird flu has spread to humans
  Nigerian health officials waited anxiously for test results on 2 children feared to be the first Africans infected
Feb.11   Italy   Deadly bird flu spreads in Europe
  The deadly H5N1 strain that has killed at least 88 people around the world has been detected in Italy and Greece
Feb.9   Nigeria Nigeria plans huge bird flu cull  A large-scale cull is being planned at a farm where thousands of chickens have died from bird flu Feb.8   Nigeria   Deadly bird flu found  A highly pathogenic strain of the H5N1 virus has been found in poultry stocks, the first case of the disease in Africa Jan.27   Switzerland Davos: Gates triples TB research funding
  Health experts urged renewed caution against the spread of bird flu
Jan.25   Western China   China bird flu death toll hits 7  A woman in southwestern China has died from bird flu Jan.17   Beijing Donors to boost bird flu effort
  Donor countries meeting are preparing to pledge up to $1.5bn to fight bird flu worldwide
  European Union EU bird flu funding rises to $120m
  The Union is increasing its funding in the battle against a possible pandemic
Jan.16   Global Donors asked for bird flu funding
  Talks are under way at a key conference aiming to raise more than $1bn to halt the spread
Jan.12   Turkey   Pandemic warning as bird flu spreads  Turkey has reported more human cases as the WHO said the threat of a pandemic was growing daily Jan.11   UN UN calls for $1.5bn bird flu fund  The UN has called to help implement programs to fight bird flu and prepare for a pandemic in humans Jan.7   Turkey   Turkish bird flu is deadly strain
  A teenage sister and brother who died of bird flu were infected with the H5N1 strain of the virus

year 2005 Top ^

Nov.21   Global   Global moves to combat flu threat
  China, the US, Canada, Japan and North Korea all taking action to help stop the disease spreading
Nov.17   South Korea   APEC leaders gather amid protests
  Bush and leaders of 20 countries convene with trade, terrorism, bird flu and N. Korea ambitions on the agenda Nov.7   Beijing   Beijing shuts live poultry markets
  China conducted door-to-door searches for chickens and ducks as it toughened its efforts to fight bird flu
  Switzerland   WHO: Human flu pandemic inevitable  The suffering will be 'incalculable' unless the world is ready Nov.1   Washington   Bush unveils pandemic flu strategy  The plan calls for investing in technology for vaccine production and breaking down barriers to bring it quicker Oct.30   Queensland   Australia hosts bird flu summit Map of Brisbane Australia
  Brisbane is hosting a summit from 21 Asia-Pacific states focussing on how to manage a potential pandemic
Oct.27   France   Tourist 'not carrying H5N1'
  A 43-year-old man at first thought to have possibly been infected with the deadly bird flu virus
Oct.19   Thailand   New avian flu death
  A man has died of bird flu, raising Thailand's death toll from the virus to 13
Oct.6   Washington     Official: World not ready for flu  Mike Leavitt, the U.S. secretary of health says the world is 'woefully unprepared' to respond to a pandemic Jul.6   China   Avian flu moves among wild geese
  An outbreak in wild geese has raised fears that the virus responsible could soon spread
May.18   Vietnam   WHO to warn on changing avian flu
  The WHO is to announce that the pattern of the flu in Vietnam is consistent with human-to-human infection
Apr.12   Global   Labs ordered to destroy flu virus  4,000 laboratories in 18 countries have been asked to destroy samples that were accidentally included in testing kits Feb.24   Vatican   Pope back in hospital with flu  John Paul II is suffering a recurrence of the flu that forced him to be hospitalized for 10 days earlier this month Feb.6   Vatican     Sick Pope makes public appearance  John Paul II waved to pilgrims after appearing at the window of his hospital where he is recovering from flu Feb.1   Vatican     Pope John Paul rushed to hospital
  Pope has been rushed to hospital suffering from breathing difficulties brought on by flu

year 2004 Top ^

Feb.3   Rome Urgent bird flu summit  Health experts are meeting as fears rise the illness may have reached Europe

year 2003 Top ^

Dec.13   USA     Flu epidemic fears lengthen vaccine lines
  Before sunrise, thousands across the country had staked a place in lines outside malls, supermarkets and clinics
Mar.15   Southeast Asia     Alert issued as flu fears grow
  The World Health Organisation is issuing an emergency travel advisory amid fears that a virus may be spreading
Mar.13   Hong Kong     First alert over SARS
  Virulent flu and pneumonia has swept through hospitals in Hong Kong and Vietnam
 Health officials have issued a global warning about the flu and pneumonia. The precise origin of the infection is unknown

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