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Jailed Pussy Riot member goes back on hunger strike   Volga Region: Nadezhda Tolokonnikova has gone back on hunger strike in protest at being returned to a grim prison camp in Mordovia Imprisoned Pussy Riot member in hospital Map of Mordovia Russia  Volga Region: Nadezhda Tolokonnikova's requests for parole and a prison transfer denied, a and she was hospitalized amid a hunger strike California to force-feed prisoners  A district court judge has given state authorities permission to force-feed dozens of prisoners who have been on hunger strike for more than...   Hero doc who helped find Bin Laden on hunger strike in prison  Pakistan: On the second anniversary of the raid, Shakil Afridi, who helped the CIA hunt down the Al Qaeda leader is no closer to being freed from pris...   Obama renews vow to close Guantanamo   Washington: US President Barack Obama has pledged a new push to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, amid a growing prisoner hunger strike there US acts over Guantanamo strike Half of Guantanamo on hunger strike More prisoners join Guantanamo hunger strike Hunger strike clashes at Guantanamo Jailed Kurds end hunger strike  Turkey: Hundreds of Kurdish prisoners in Turkey have ended a 68-day hunger strike after jailed ex-rebel leader Abdullah Ocalan urged them to do so Violence, hunger plague South Sudan. Southern Sudan Bahrain refuses to transfer hunger striker to Denmark Hunger Games sets US film record. Southern California Rapper 50 Cent visits impoverished areas. Kenya Anna Hazare ends hunger strike. India India activist makes release deal  New Delhi: Jailed Indian anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare has agreed to a police offer which will permit him to go on hunger strike in a park for 15 days Indian PM blasts hunger striker
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B. 2016-09-13 Chelsea Manning ends hunger strike
2. 2016-07-27 Animals go hungry in Venezuela zoos due to shortages Venezuela
2015-12-29 Worries grow over humanitarian impacts of 'strongest El Nino' Global
4. 2015-11-10 El Nino threatens 'millions in east and southern Africa' East Africa
F. 2014-10-06 British-Iranian woman held at prison goes on hunger strike Evin Prison, Iran
6. 2014-03-18 Malaysia plane hunger strike threat Beijing
H. 2013-10-18 Jailed Pussy Riot member goes back on hunger strike Mordovia, Volga Region
I. 2013-09-27 Imprisoned Pussy Riot member in hospital Mordovia, Volga Region
J. 2013-08-19 California to force-feed prisoners California

El Nino threatens 'millions in east and southern Africa'  East Africa: Some 11 million children are at risk from hunger, disease and water shortages because of the strengthening weather phenomenon, the UN has sa... British-Iranian woman held at prison goes on hunger strike   Law student Ghoncheh Ghavami, 25, held in Evin Prison for 100 days after she tried to attend a men's volleyball game has gone on a hunger st...   Malaysia plane hunger strike threat
  Chelsea Manning ends hunger strike Map of Fort Leavenworth Kansas Kansas  Kansas: The soldier jailed for passing data to WikiLeaks, has ended a hunger strike because the army has agreed to provide her with gender transition surgery   Animals go hungry in Venezuela zoos due to shortages  Around 50 animals in one of Venezuela's main zoos are reported to have died of hunger over the last six months because of chronic food shortages Worries grow over humanitarian impacts of 'strongest El Nino'

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  Global: The strongest El Nino on record is likely to increase the threat of hunger and disease for tens of millions of people in 2016 aid agencies say

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  Beijing: Relatives of the Chinese passengers on the flight have threatened a hunger strike if Malaysia fails to provide more accurate information

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  New Delhi: Manmohan Singh has told parliament that the hunger strike by anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare is 'totally misconceived'
Jun.12 Jailed Iran hunger striker dies

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Nov.16 N Korea facing hunger due to grain deficit
   North Korea: UN: About 5 million North Koreans will continue to face food shortages. The government plans to import only 325,000 metric tons Jul.8   Cuba dissident ends hunger strike
  Cuban dissident Guillermo Farinas ends a long hunger strike after the government announces it is to free 52 political prisoners
Jul.3   Hunger striker Farinas 'close to death'
   Cuba: Guillermo Farinas, 48, a Cuban political dissident, has been refusing food since February to demand the release of ill political prisoners
Feb.23 Prison hunger striker Zapata dies
   Cuba: Leading Cuban political prisoner Orlando Zapata Tamayo, 42, has died in hospital after 85 days on hunger strike

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Sep.24   UN warns over East Africa hunger  More than 20 million people in the Horn of Africa need food aid because of two years of poor rainfall, the World Food Program Aug.27 U.N. seeks $230M to fight Kenya hunger  The 3-year failure of annual rains has reduced crop output, the main source of food for the country of 37 million, and prompted power ration... May.6   Jailed U.S. journalist ends hunger strike  Iran: Roxana Saberi, 32, imprisoned in Iran has stopped her hunger strike after more than two weeks Apr.29 Dad of U.S. hunger striker questioned   Iraq: The father of a journalist jailed for espionage in Iran said he was summoned to court and questioned about his daughter's hunger strike Apr.25 Saberi 'on hunger strike' in Iran  An American-Iranian reporter jailed for eight years on charges of espionage has gone on hunger strike Apr.14   Congress sets date for general elections
   Bolivia: After weeks of enduring cajoling and a hunger strike by President Morales, congress approved a law allowing him to run for re-election Jan.20   Hunger strikers demand end to suffering
   Zimbabwe: 40 public figures in South Africa starting a hunger strike or fast to draw attention to the plight of millions of Zimbabweans

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Aug.25     Suu Kyi refuses to accept food
   Myanmar: The detained opposition leader failed to retrieve food delivered to her home amid speculation she may have launched a hunger strike
Jun.6   Aid ban 'puts millions at risk'   Zimbabwe: United Nations: Millions in Zimbabwe facing economic hardship and hunger are being put at risk by a government ban on relief organizations May.19   Ethiopian millions 'risk hunger'  Unicef: Six million children in Ethiopia are at risk of acute malnutrition following the failure of rains

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Dec.20 Bishop gives up river fast. Brazil Nov.21 Imran Khan released. Pakistan

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Oct.4   Prisoners end protest
   Argentina: A hunger strike by more than 14,000 prisoners demanding swifter trials has ended after 2 weeks
Aug.30   Military 'killed Lanka aid staff'
  Sri Lanka: Truce monitors have accused the military of killing 17 local employees of a French charity Action Against Hunger

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Dec.30   UN concern at Guantanamo feeding
  There are allegations that hunger strikers are being force-fed in a cruel manner
Oct.26   Judge rules on Guantanamo strike
  Washington: Lawyers for scores of terror suspects on hunger strike must be told before detainees are force-fed
Sep.4   Dissident sent back to jail
  Iran: Journalist Akbar Ganji left hospital, where he was recovering from a hunger strike
Sep.1   Hunger strike staged
  Guantanamo: The prisoners are believed to be demanding an immediate trial or release
Aug.22   Dissident calls off fast
  Iran: The journalist Akbar Ganji has ended his hunger strike
Aug.9   President denies hunger claims   Niger: Tanja has accepted there were food shortages but dismissed reports that his country is experiencing a famine

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Jun.9   Children dying of hunger
  Darfur: Hundreds of children have started to starve to death in war-torn province of Darfur

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Aug.31     Government: No proof of hunger strike
   Myanmar: Military government says it is 'confused' by a charge from the U.S. that Aung San Suu Kyi has begun a hunger strike

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Sep.19   Fortuyn accused ends hunger strike
   Netherlands: The animal rights activist Volkert van der Graaf charged with killing populist politician has ended a hunger strike after 69 days
Jul.24   Famine crisis warning
  Southern Africa: Time is running out to tackle the looming hunger crisis, a U.N. World Food Program's official warned
Jul.16   Fortuyn accused on hunger strike
   Netherlands: Volkert van der Graaf, accused of murdering right-wing politician, has been put under medical supervision
Jun.13 Sour end to hunger summit
   Italy: The United Nations World Food Summit has ended with caustic criticism charging it with failing to tackle global hunger
Jun.11 Hunger solution splits UN summit
   Italy: Leaders of developing countries have urged the European Union and the US to remove farm subsidies and open markets
Feb.28   Camp X-Ray inmates win concessions
  Guantanamo: The US to ease conditions slightly at the Guantanamo detention centre after two-thirds of its inmates went on hunger strike
Feb.5   Aid stranded by heavy snow
  Afghanistan: Heavy snow has blocked all routes into the area affected by hunger and no supplies are now getting in
Jan.29   Hunger strike ends
   Australia: A 15-day hunger strike was staged by 240 asylum seekers at a remote detention centre

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May.1 Turkey urged to ease prison crisis
  EU has warned country to resolve a dispute with inmates in which 20 hunger strikers have died Apr.28   Prison hunger strike
  Turkey: The death toll in has reached 20 as protest against transfer from large wards to new prisons
Feb.7   Lockerbie bomber on hunger strike
  Scotland: Megrahi is appealing his conviction which carried a sentence of life imprisonment Jan.21   Immigrants seize church
   Spain: 328 immigrants began a hunger strike to demand the right to live and work

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