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Afghan Koran protests spreading  At least one person has been killed and 18 injured in a third day of protests over the burning of a Koran in the US last month Imam: Koran burning 'would be disaster'  The imam leading efforts to build an Islamic centre near Ground Zero says plans by a church to burn Korans would have sparked 'a disaster' 9/11 anniversary marked amid row Map of Ground Zero USA
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B. 2015-06-23 ISIS reportedly gives away sex slaves as prizes in Koran contest Syria
C. 2013-05-17 Chinese man detained in Kashmir Kashmir
D. 2012-10-28 French Euromillions site hacked France
4. 2012-09-01 Pakistan blasphemy case imam held Pakistan
5. 2012-08-19 Pakistan girl 'desecrated Koran' Pakistan
G. 2012-02-29 Nato 'can overcome Koran setback' Afghanistan
7. 2012-02-22 Six dead in Koran burning protests Parwan, Afghanistan
2012-02-21 Nato in Afghanistan Koran apology Afghanistan

Pakistan girl 'desecrated Koran'  An 11-year-old Christian girl has been arrested after being accused of desecrating pages of a book containing Islamic text Nato 'can overcome Koran setback'   General John Allen, Nato's commander in Afghanistan: Recent protests sparked by the burning of the Koran by US soldiers were a 'setback'   Obama apology for Koran burnings  President Barack Obama has apologised to the Afghan people for the burning of Korans by American troops at a US base Six dead in Koran burning protests   At least six people have been killed and dozens injured after protests spread over the burning of copies of the Koran at a US airbase Nato in Afghanistan Koran apology
  ISIS reportedly gives away sex slaves as prizes in Koran contest  ISIS has a new contest in which female slaves captured in war are given away as 'prizes' to fighters who show the have mastered the Koran   Chinese man detained in Kashmir  A Chinese man in Pakistani-administered Kashmir has been taken into protective custody after he was accused of desecrating the Koran French Euromillions site hacked  The French site of the Euromillions lottery has been hacked, with the homepage replaced by a passage from the Koran condemning gambling Pakistan blasphemy case imam held

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Jun.23   Syria

year 2013 Top ^

May.17   Kashmir

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Oct.28   France  
Sep.1   Pakistan
  Police in Pakistan have arrested an imam accused of planting burnt pages of the Koran on a Christian girl accused of blasphemy
Aug.19   Pakistan
Feb.29   Afghanistan
Feb.23   Washington
Feb.22   Afghanistan
Feb.21   Afghanistan
  US Gen John R Allen, the Nato commander in Afghanistan, has apologised over reports foreign troops may have burnt copies of the Koran
 The books were taken from prisoners after the US uncovered a secret Taliban message system. Rumours that a Koran had been burnt led to protests outside the US base. Gen John R Allen said any 'improper disposal' of religious materials was inadvertent

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Apr.3   Afghanistan

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Sep.12   New York  
Sep.11   Manhattan  
  The U.S. is marking 9 years since terrorist attack on 9/11 amid controversy over plans for an Islamic centre near Ground Zero and a threat to burn the Koran.    In New York relatives read out the names of those who died. ...
Sep.10   Washington     Obama pleads for Koran row calm  US President Barack Obama has made a plea for religious tolerance, amid continuing outrage over a church's threat to burn copies of the Koran Sep.7   Florida Church defiant over Koran burning
  A small US church says it will defy international condemnation and go ahead with plans to burn copies of the Koran on the 9/11 anniversary
 Organiser, Pastor Terry Jones said: 'We must send a clear message to the radical element of Islam'

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Feb.12   United Kingdom   Banned Dutch MP to be sent home  Geert Wilders who called the Koran a 'fascist book' is to be sent back to the Netherlands after attempting to defy a ban on entering the UK

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Mar.27   Netherlands   Dutch MP posts Islam film on web
  Right-wing politician Geert Wilders has posted a controversial 17-minute film critical of the Koran, on video-sharing website LiveLeak

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May.26   Washington Inquiry finds Koran 'mishandling'  The US military has identified 5 incidents in which the Koran was mishandled by US personnel at the Guantanamo May.25   FBI   FBI records detail Koran claims
  An inmate at the Guantanamo Bay prison camp accused US guards of flushing a Koran down the toilet back in 2002 May.11   Eastern Afghanistan Riots over US Koran 'desecration'
  At least 4 people have been killed after police opened fire to break up a protest in eastern Afghanistan

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