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Tikrit: looting and lawlessness follow recapture. Iraq Yemen crisis: Fighting intensifies in Aden Map of Aden Yemen  Houthi rebels try to seize control of the city. Concern is growing over the number of casualties after heavy clashes between local militia and rebels Shia militias 'killing Iraqi Sunnis' US alarm at air strikes on Libya. Washington U.S. captures key Benghazi suspect in raid
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1. 2017-03-25 Militia fighters decapitate 40 police officers in DR Congo Kasai, Congo
C. 2016-10-15 Suicide bomber targets mourning tent in Baghdad, kills 41
3. 2016-02-13 Syria conflict: Turkey shells Kurdish militia Menagh, Northern Syria
E. 2016-01-26 Oregon armed protest leader Ammon Bundy seized in deadly clash Burns, Oregon
5. 2015-04-04 Tikrit: looting and lawlessness follow recapture Tikrit, Iraq
6. 2015-04-01 Yemen crisis: Fighting intensifies in Aden Aden, Yemen
H. 2014-10-13 Shia militias 'killing Iraqi Sunnis' Iraq
8. 2014-08-25 US alarm at air strikes on Libya Washington
2014-06-17 U.S. captures key Benghazi suspect in raid Libya

  Syria conflict: Turkey shells Kurdish militia Map of Menagh Syria  Northern Syria: Turkey has shelled a Kurdish militia in northern Syria and demanded it retreat from territory it has seized, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Oregon armed protest leader Ammon Bundy seized in deadly clash Map of Burns Oregon
Militia fighters decapitate 40 police officers in DR Congo   Suicide bomber targets mourning tent in Baghdad, kills 41 Map of al-Shaab Baghdad Iraq

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  In a second incident, the wife and three children of the leader of the militia, were killed when gunmen stormed his house in the town of Ishaq
  US police have arrested the leader of an armed militia which occupied a wildlife refuge in Oregon, with one person killed in a shoot-out

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   Libya: U.S. forces working with the FBI captured Libyan militia leader Ahmed abu Khattalah, a key suspect in the attack on the American compound
Apr.13 Libyan PM to step down after attack on his family Mar.6 DR Congo warlord faces ICC verdict. Hague Feb.12  CAR leader 'declares war' on militia

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Nov.17  Misrata militia 'must leave' Tripoli Nov.15  Deaths at Libya militia protest Jun.9 Libya army chief of staff 'resigns'
May.20  Syrian rebels target Hezbollah militia May.18  Massacre suspect held in Ivory Coast May.4  Sudan tribal leader killed in Abyei

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Oct.17 Fears for 'disappeared' Syrians
Sep.29  Libyans hand over hundreds of weapons to army Sep.24  Libyan army removes heads of Benghazi militias Sep.21 Protesters storm Benghazi militia Map of Benghazi Libya
  Eastern Libya: At least three people have been killed in the Libyan city of Benghazi after military police and protesters took over several militia bases
Aug.15   UN blames Syria for Houla deaths  Syrian troops and militia were behind the Houla massacre of 108 people in May, UN investigators have found

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Jul.30  Top Libya rebel 'shot by Islamist militia' May.26  Wanted Hutu militia leader captured

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Oct.8 Court orders resumption of war trial
  Hague: The International Criminal Court reversed a decision to release a Congolese militia leader and ordered the resumption of his war crimes trial
Apr.2 Gunmen kill 25 in attack on village   Iraq: 25 people, linked to a militia that opposes al-Qaeda, had been killed in the attack in a Sunni village south of Baghdad

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Jun.21 Riot police out in force in calm Tehran
Jan.26 Lubanga denies forcing children to fight. Hague Jan.25 Warlord Thomas Lubanga in landmark trial   Netherlands: Former Congolese militia leader is due to go on trial shortly at the International Criminal Court (ICC) over the use of child soldiers Jan.21   Rwandan troops for joint operation   Congo: U.N.: Rwandan troops have crossed into the DR Congo to prepare for an operation with Congolese forces against a Hutu militia

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Aug.17 Suicide blast hits Awakening Council
. Baghdad May.3 Iran denies militia backing in Iraq. Tehran Apr.24   2 U.S. soldiers die as fighting continues Map of Tikrit Iraq
  Sunni Triangle: Their vehicle rolled onto its side. Elsewhere, U.S. troops killed four Iranian-backed Shiite militia members
Apr.7 Religious leaders want militia intact   Iraq: Iraq's top Shiite religious leaders have told cleric Muqtada al-Sadr not to disband his Mehdi Army Apr.6 Rocket attacks kill 3 U.S. troops. Sadr City Apr.4   Islamic fighters seize towns
   Somalia: Clashes between Islamist fighters and Ethiopian-backed government forces killed dozens of people, as a militia group took over two towns
Apr.3   Al-Sadr offers to help Iraqi security forces  Shiite cleric offered to help purge Iraqi security forces of militia members and criticized the Iraqi government for denying it sent envoys to... Mar.29   U.S. drops bombs in Basra
Map of Basra Iraq
  U.S. planes dropped 2 bombs on a suspected Shiite militia stronghold. UK artillery engaged an enemy mortar team
  Militia defy call to disarm   Iraq: The radical Shia cleric Moqtada Sadr has defied a call by the government for his powerful Mehdi Army militia to lay down its weapons Mar.25 Iraqi raids anger Shiite militia Mar.21   Iraqi forces battle rogue Shiite militants  Baghdad: Iraqi security forces and Shiite fighters, linked to cleric al-Sadr's Mehdi Army militia, battled in Baghdad and a southeastern provincial c... Feb.22   Al-Sadr extends Mehdi Army cease-fire
  Baghdad: Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr has extended for 6 months the cease-fire he imposed last summer on his Mehdi Army militia

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Aug.29   Muqtada al-Sadr suspends militia
   Iraq: Anti-American Shiite cleric has ordered a suspension of his Mehdi Army militia for up to six months for restructuring Aug.8   Raid, street fighting leave 40 dead  Sadr City: Iraqi and the coalition killed about 30 people in Sadr City, most of them in an airstrike, as they targeted a militia with links to Iran Jul.27 U.S., Iraqi forces battle 'rogue' militia
Jul.19 First S Leone war crime sentences
   Sierra Leone: UN-backed war crimes court has sentenced 3 leaders of a militia for murder, rape and mutilating civilians
Jul.2     Hezbollah helped plan attack
   Iraq: A top special operations officer with Lebanon's militia pretended to be deaf and mute when he was captured in Iraq
Jun.17 Abbas outlaws Hamas militias. West Bank May.30 Coalition: Taliban have Iran arms. Afghanistan May.25 al-Sadr forbids militia to fight Iraqi troops May.22 UN troops 'traded gold for guns'. Congo May.19 Militias start to disarm
   Ivory Coast: Militia groups have started to disarm in accordance with the terms of the country's peace deal
Mar.31 Shia militia 'stood down'   Iraq: President Jalal Talabani says the Mehdi Army has stopped its activities on the orders of its leader, Moqtada Sadr Feb.4 Interior Ministry: 1,000 killed in one week
  Baghdad: The Iraqi Interior Ministry's figure includes members of militia and terrorist groups, civilians and Iraqi security forces.
Jan.13 Kurds train to deploy in Baghdad
  Kurdistan: A Kurdish army brigade in northern Iraq is undergoing intensive combat training as it expected to take on the Shiite militia

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Dec.31   Militia abandon last major stronghold    Somalia: Islamist militiamen have fled the southern port city of Kismayo, their last major stronghold Dec.22 Ethiopian tanks heading to Somalia battle Dec.19   Pentagon: Militia 'has replaced al Qaeda'  Washington: al-Sadr's Mehdi Army has replaced al Qaeda in Iraq as the most dangerous accelerant of the violence Dec.8 Somalia militia fighting Ethiopian troops Nov.12   Militia accused of killings
  Darfur: Pro-government militiamen launched new attacks in volatile region that may have killed at least a dozen people
Nov.10 Nun gets 30 years for aiding genocide
   Rwanda: Theophister Mukakibibi was helping militia kill hundreds of people hiding in a hospital during 1994 genocide
Oct.25 PM disputes U.S. account of raid on militia. Baghdad   Iraq, U.S. forces take on militia   Baghdad: The Shiite cleric al-Sadr's militia attacked U.S. troops. The U.S. and Iraqi forces launched a raid in turf Oct.20   Shiite militia seizes city   Southern Iraq: The militia run by anti-American cleric Muqtada al-Sadr seized total control of the city of Amarah Oct.17   Sudan 'backs' Janjaweed fighters
  The militia in Darfur are fighting with direct support and orders from the government
Sep.25   Islamists will 'defend' Somalia
  The militia that has seized much of Somalia has said it will defend the country from Ethiopia
Sep.21   Iraq torture 'worse after Saddam'
  The UN's chief anti-torture expert: abuses committed by security forces, militia groups and anti-US insurgents
Sep.8   Source: Mullah Omar in Pakistan  The one-eyed Taliban leader, who heads the religious militia, is living in Pakistan Sep.4 Rivals agree on joint army
   Somalia: The interim government and a Islamist militia have agreed in principle to form a national army
Aug.4     Thousands of Iraqis rally for Hezbollah
  Baghdad: Tens of thousands of people marched through the streets , enthusiastically voicing support for Lebanon's militia
Jun.15   'Contact group' urges end to fighting
   Somalia: Diplomats led by the U.S. and Norway called for talks between the interim government and the Islamic militia
Jun.6   Militia 'faces opposition' Map of Mogadishu Somalia
   Somalia: The Islamists that has claimed control of Mogadishu is unlikely to be able to form a new government
Jun.5 Islamists claim Mogadishu victory Map of Baquba Somalia
   Somalia: An Islamist militia has seized the capital, after weeks of fighting against an alliance of warlords backed by the US
Jun.4   Islamists seize key town   Somalia: Islamic Courts militia has seized a town of Balad from a member of the warlord alliance it is fighting May.8   19 dead as militias battle
   Somalia: Islamic militia and fighters for a s'anti-terrorism' alliance of warlords battled for a second day in lawless capita
Mar.6   U.N. troops kill rebels
   Congo: U.N. troops have killed several militia fighters during heavy clashes after a joint operation with the army
Feb.25 Shia-Sunni talks on Iraq killings
Feb.4   Sudan militia 'is targeting Chad'
  Militias based in Darfur are carrying out almost daily cross-border raids on villages in neighbouring Chad
Jan.15 'War going on' in oilfield. Nigeria

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Dec.6   Arrest in killing of U.N. peacekeepers
   Congo: Militia leader Koliba believed to be responsible for the killing of 9 peacekeepers earlier this year
Jul.17 Moqtada Sadr: Resistance 'legitimate' Map of Najaf Iraq
   Iraq: The radical Shia cleric whose militia led uprisings in Najaf has said that armed 'resistance is legitimate'
Jun.8   Iraq leaders back militia group
  Government have publicly supported the Badr Organization charged by many Sunni leaders with the murders

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Oct.10   Weapons handover in Sadr City  The 5-day grace period for militia loyal to rebel cleric Muqtada al-Sadr to hand over medium and heavy weapons starts Aug.30   Cleric Calls Cease-fire
   Iraq: Moqtada al-Sadr has ordered his militia to end attacks on U.S. and Iraqi government
Aug.23   U.S. warplanes slam militia in Najaf
   Iraq: Intensified airstrikes hit targets around the Imam Ali Mosque and a huge fire lit the sky around the Shiite Islam shrine
Aug.19   Fierce fighting seen in Najaf   Iraq: The fighting erupted outside the Imam Ali mosque where, inside, militia loyal to al-Sadr failed to disarm and disperse Aug.18   Al-Sadr agrees to disband militia   Iraq: Radical cleric has agreed to Iraqi demands that he leave the Imam Ali mosque and enter into the mainstream political process Aug.10 U.S. warns militia: Quit or die. Iraq Aug.6 Shia city of Najaf remains on alert. Iraq Jun.29     Powell warns Sudan to end attacks  US Secretary of State has warned to end attacks by Arab militia in Darfur which have exacerbated a humanitarian crisis Jun.10   Police, militia fight in Najaf
   Iraq: Fighting flared in the holy city after local police attempted to arrest 4 suspected thieves
May.29   Najaf fighting continues despite pledge   Iraq: Fighting between U.S. forces and the Mehdi Army continued, 2 days after al-Sadr pledged to withdraw most of his militia May.22 Militia to leave Karbala
   Iraq: Fighters loyal to the radical Shia cleric Sadr, have agreed to withdraw from the centre of the city
May.6   Sudan 'starved Darfur refugees'
  A UN report has accused the government and Arab militia of colluding in the systematic starving of refugees
May.5 Muslim leader: 300 killed
   Nigeria: 300 people, mostly Muslims, were killed in attacks by Christian militia in the town of Yelwa in the Plateau state
Apr.14 Cleric open to disarming, spokesman says. Iraq

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Jun.11 Thousands protest for second night  Iran: Students clashed with militia groups before being dispersed by police. People chanting slogans against Muslim clerics Jan.5 Militia in Baghdad war games
   Iraq: The civilian troops in the province south of Baghdad have been practicing defending the capital, an Iraqi newspaper says

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Jul.30 Rwanda, Congo signed treaty to end war. South Africa Jan.24 Bomb kills former warlord. Lebanon

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Sep.9   Hurricane Erin closes on Bermuda
  Government is setting up shelters and calling out the local militia force
Jun.7 Rwandan nuns guilty of war crimes
   Belgium: Belgian jury finds 2 Catholic nuns guilty of helping Hutu militia butcher thousands of refugees during 1994 genocide
Mar.6  Statues demolition suspended Jan.6  Legislators ambushed by militia

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Nov.27   Kostunica tries to solve NATO row
   Serbia: Yugoslav President is heading for the border area to stop attacks by ethnic-Albanian militia

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