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Iranian nuclear scientist Shahram Amiri executed for treason N Korea's Yongbyon plutonium site likely reactivated says IAEA   Nuclear power plant workers to join strike   Workers at French nuclear power stations are due to down tools on Thursday amid growing industrial action over controversial labour reforms Ukraine marks 30th anniversary of Chernobyl disaster North Korea 'will halt' nuclear tests if US stops S Korea exercises North Korea fires short-range missile into sea, jams GPS signals North Korea nuclear tests: US and China to co-operate Philippines to seize North Korea cargo ship Rock slide kills one at nuclear waste site US nuclear missile damaged in silo by airmen in 2014 Iran nuclear deal: 'New chapter' for Tehran - Rouhani Sanctions lifted after Iran found in compliance on nuclear deal   Iran has completed the necessary steps in a deal to restrict its nuclear program, officials from the EU and the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency... N Korea nuclear: US, Japan, S Korea pledge united response North Korea nuclear test: UN vows new measures North Korea announces hydrogen bomb test
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B. 2017-05-02 North Korea: US bomber flight pushes two countries on brink of nuclear war North Korea
C. 2017-02-02 Mattis warns North Korea of 'overwhelming' response to nuclear use South Korea
D. 2016-09-12 US flies bombers over South Korea in show of force South Korea
4. 2016-09-11 N Korea ready for another nuclear test North Korea
2016-09-08 North Korea claims success in fifth nuclear test Punggye-ri, North Korea
G. 2016-08-07 Iranian nuclear scientist Shahram Amiri executed for treason Iran
7. 2016-06-06 N Korea's Yongbyon plutonium site likely reactivated says IAEA Yongbyon, North Korea
I. 2016-05-25 Nuclear power plant workers to join strike France

  US flies bombers over South Korea in show of force  The US has flown two supersonic B-1 Lancer strategic bombers in a show of force, just days after North Korea carried out its fifth nuclear t... N Korea ready for another nuclear test   North Korea claims success in fifth nuclear test Map of Punggye-ri North Korea
North Korea: US bomber flight pushes two countries on brink of nuclear war

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May.2   North Korea
  North Korea on Tuesday said the United Statesí decision to fly two supersonic B-1B Lancer bombers in the area in a training drill is a provocation

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Apr.2  Washington  Trump ready to 'solve' North Korea problem without China

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Feb.2  South Korea  Mattis warns North Korea of 'overwhelming' response to nuclear use

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Sep.12   South Korea
Sep.11   North Korea
Sep.8   North Korea  
  North Korea announcement on state media came hours after a huge seismic event was detected near its nuclear test site

Aug.7   Iran
Jun.6   North Korea
May.25   France
Apr.25   Ukraine
Apr.23   North Korea
Apr.1  Washington  Nuclear terrorist attack would 'change our world', says Obama
  North Korea
Mar.31   Washington
Mar.5   Philippines
Jan.26   France
Jan.22   Colorado
Jan.16   Tehran
Jan.6   South Korea
  UN Security Council
Jan.5   North Korea  
  North Korea says it has successfully tested a miniaturised hydrogen bomb which, if confirmed, would be its fourth nuclear test since 2006
  5.1 magnitude quake was detected close to its nuclear test site at Punggye-ri
 North Korea  Tremor detected near North Korea nuclear site

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Dec.28   Washington   Iran nuclear deal: Tehran on track, says John Kerry  The US says Iran has taken a 'significant step' towards meeting its nuclear commitments, by sending a large quantity of uranium abroad Dec.2   North Korea   North Korea nuclear test site adds tunnel   Recent satellite images indicate that North Korea is building a new tunnel at its nuclear test site, a respected US think tank has said Nov.12   Moscow Russia reveals giant nuclear torpedo in state TV 'leak'
  The Kremlin says secret plans for a Russian long-range nuclear torpedo - called 'Status-6' - should not have appeared on Russian TV news
Oct.20  England  Xi Jinping to sign Hinkley Point nuclear power deal in UK Sep.5  Northern Japan  Japan reopens radiation-hit Naraha Aug.10   Northern Japan Japan restarts first nuclear power plant since Fukushima Jul.14  U.S. Congress  US conservatives condemn Iran nuclear deal Jul.12   Austria Iran nuclear talks 'in final phase'
  Talks to strike a provisional agreement on Iran's nuclear programme are in the 'final phase', the French foreign minister believes
Apr.28   Ukraine Forest fire breaks out near Chernobyl nuclear plant Apr.16   Jerusalem Netanyahu likens Iran to the Nazis on Holocaust day Apr.9  Tehran  Iranian leaders blast US over nuclear agreement Apr.7  Russia  Russian nuclear submarine fire 'put out' in Arctic dock Apr.5   Vatican   Pope Francis praises Iran deal in Easter peace wish Map of St. Peter%27s Square Vatican
  Pope praised the framework nuclear agreement with Iran as an opportunity to make the world safer, while expressing deep worry about bloodshed
Apr.3   Jerusalem   Netanyahu denounces proposed Iran deal
  Prime Minister blasted the agreement as posing a 'grave danger' by legitimizing Iran's nuclear program
Mar.31   Switzerland   Iran nuclear talks: Russia and Iran claim progress
Map of Lausanne Switzerland
  Negotiations between six world powers and Iran will resume on Wednesday, overrunning a deadline for a deal
Mar.30  Switzerland  Iran nuclear talks enter final day Mar.29  Switzerland  Iran nuclear talks: World powers seek deal Mar.2   Washington     Obama: Iran should halt nuclear work for decade
  President Barack Obama has said Iran should agree to at least a decade-long freeze on its nuclear activity if a landmark deal is to be finally reached
Feb.23   Jerusalem     Israel PM 'differed' with Mossad on Iran
  Israeli intelligence did not share PM Benjamin Netanyahu's view that Iran was a year away from making a nuclear bomb, a leaked cable suggests
Jan.28   Mountain States US nuclear scientist jailed for trying to sell secrets   Pedro Leonardo Mascheroni has been sentenced to five years in jail for attempting to pass nuclear bomb-making secrets to Venezuela

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Dec.26   South Korea 3 workers die at nuke plant construction site Map of Ulsan South Korea
  Wrkers are inhaling toxic gas at a construction site for a nuclear plant being built by South Korea's monopoly nuclear power company
Dec.19   Northern Japan     6 tons of contaminated water leak at Fukushima nuclear plant Map of Fukushima Japan
  Crews were transporting the water to storage tanks when it leaked from pipes at the plant's reactor building number one Wednesday
Dec.3   Eastern Ukraine   Emergency repair reported at Ukraine nuclear power plant Map of Nuclear power plant Zaporizhya Ukraine
  A short-circuit has impaired part of a nuclear power plant, causing power shortages in parts of the country but putting no one in danger of radiation
Nov.23   Austria Iran talks: Diplomats ponder extending deadline   Foreign ministers trying to reach an agreement on nuclear program are considering extending negotiations, as Monday's deadline for a deal lo...   Austria   Iran talks: Diplomats push for Vienna deal Map of Vienna Austria
  Foreign ministers from world powers discussing a nuclear deal with Iran are gathering in Vienna in a bid to reach agreement before Monday's deadline
Nov.21   Austria Nuclear talks: Iran says 'no new ideas' on table Map of Vienna Austria
  Iran's foreign minister has said he heard 'no new ideas' as talks on Tehran's nuclear programme stretched into the evening in Vienna
Nov.19  North Korea  North Korea responds to UN with nuclear test threat Nov.7   UN UN report says Iran is stalling nuclear weapons probe Nov.6  Japan  Japan governor approves Sendai reactor restart Oct.6   Tehran     Explosion at nuclear complex in Iran kills two workers Map of Parchin Iran
  2 workers are dead after a fire and explosion at a military explosives facility thatís part of Iranís Parchin nuclear complex
Jul.18   Iran Iran nuclear talks deadline extended until November
  Diplomats have agreed a four-month extension to the deadline for an agreement between Iran and world powers on Iran's nuclear program
Jul.15   Japan   Japan reactors pass restart hurdle
Map of Kyushu Japan
  Japan's nuclear regulator has given preliminary approval for two reactors at a nuclear plant in the south of the country to restart
  Austria     Kerry: 'Very real gaps' between Iran, West on nuclear program
Map of Vienna Austria  Negotiations on Iran's nuclear program have not yet bridged some 'very real gaps' between the Middle Eastern nation and the West Jul.13   Austria     John Kerry joins world powers for Iran nuclear talks Map of Vienna Austria
  U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Austria on Sunday for talks with five other world powers and Iran on Tehran's nuclear program
Jul.11  Northern Japan  Earthquake rocks northern Japan Jul.7   Northern Japan     Leak at Fukushima nuclear plant threatens meltdown Map of Fukushima Japan
  Trouble is looming at nuclear plant, as a leak has forced the shutdown of a cooling system that could cause temperatures to exceed dangerous levels
Jul.3   Austria Iran, world powers start final nuclear talks round Map of Vienna Austria
  World powers and Iran resumed talks, aimed at reaching a permanent deal on the future of Tehran's nuclear program ahead of a looming deadline
Jun.3   Tehran   Iranian president vows to defend nuclear rights
  On the eve of talks, Hassan Rouhani said that his administration will defend the Iran's nuclear rights and work to end international sanctions May.20   Northern Japan     Fukushima workers fled during 2011 crisis Map of Fukushima Japan
  About 90% of workers at Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant fled at the height of the meltdown crisis in 2011, a Japanese newspaper has reported
Apr.28   Jerusalem Netanyahu links Holocaust to Iran's suspected nuclear ambitions Mar.14  Mountain States  Nuclear site fire 'was preventable' Feb.24   Northern Japan   Some residents to return home to Fukushima disaster zone Map of Fukushima Japan
  Government is to allow some residents around the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant to return to their homes to live for the first time since 2011
Feb.19  Northern Japan  Fukushima leaks radioactive water Feb.18   Tennessee US nun jailed for nuclear break-in Map of Oak Ridge Tennessee Tennessee
  Sister Megan Rice, 84, a Catholic nun has been sentenced to nearly 3 years for damage caused while breaking into a US nuclear defence site
  Austria Iran nuclear talks open in Vienna Map of Vienna Austria
  Iran has begun formal talks with six world powers in Vienna to try to reach a comprehensive agreement to limit its controversial nuclear program
Jan.31   Austria Iran, world powers to hold nuclear talks February 18 Map of Vienna Austria
  Iran and six world powers will hold talks about Iran's nuclear program on February 18 in Vienna, Austria
Jan.28   Mountain States Number of nuclear 'cheats' doubles Map of Montana USA
  The number of US airmen embroiled in a nuclear cheating scandal has doubled to several dozen
Jan.19   Iran   Iran nuclear deal to take effect   An interim deal on Iran's nuclear programme is due to enter into force in a few hours' time Jan.15   Mountain States Nuclear officers 'cheated on exam' Map of Montana USA
  Thirty-four US Air Force officers in charge of launching nuclear missiles have been suspended over accusations they cheated on proficiency tests
Jan.12  Washington  Iran to start scaling back nuclear program January 20

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Dec.4   Mexico   Radioactive truck 'stolen in Mexico'   A truck carrying medical radioactive material has been stolen in Mexico, the UN's nuclear watchdog says Nov.28  Southern Iran  Earthquake strikes town in Iran near nuclear plant Nov.24  Tehran  Iran cheers deal as Israel warns   USA   Iran nuclear deal makes Mid-East safer place - Kerry
  The US secretary of state has said the deal reached on Sunday over Iran's nuclear programme will make Israel and the Middle East a safer place   U.S. Congress US, Iran nuclear deal spurs bipartisan concern in Congress
Nov.23   Geneva Iran nuclear deal agreed at talks
  Iran and six world powers meeting in Geneva have reached a deal on Tehran's nuclear programme, foreign ministers say.    Iran agrees to halt some of its work on uranium enrichment for six months. Negotiators from the UK, US, Ru...
Nov.22   Geneva Powers gather for Iran nuclear talks
  The foreign ministers of six major powers are gathering in Geneva to negotiate a nuclear deal with Iran
  Geneva Kerry to join Iran nuclear talks
  US Secretary of State John Kerry is heading to Geneva to help negotiate a nuclear deal with Iran
Nov.21   Washington     Obama backs Senate rule change
Map of White House USA
  US President has lent his support to a move by Senate Democrats to limit Republicans' ability to block White House nominations
Nov.20   Geneva Iran talks: Controversial plan takes the stage in Geneva
  World leaders will meet to discuss a proposed deal that would loosen economic sanctions in exchange for a suspension of part of its nuclear program
Nov.18   Northern Japan     Fukushima in risky fuel rod removal
Map of Fukushima Japan
  Workers at Japan's stricken Fukushima nuclear plant have begun removing fuel rods from a storage pond at the Unit 4 reactor building
Nov.14   Tokyo   Japan slashes climate reduction goal  Japan is to significantly slash its greenhouse gas reduction target in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster Nov.9   Geneva 'No deal' at Iran nuclear talks   Geneva Hague: Iran nuclear talks making progress
  Britain's top diplomat says talks in Europe over Iran's controversial nuclear program 'have made very good progress', but unresolved issues remain
Nov.8   Geneva Iran talks to continue for third day
  Talks between Iran and world powers on Tehran's nuclear programme are to enter an unscheduled third day in Geneva
Nov.6   Northern Japan Japan to remove Fukushima fuel rods
Map of Fukushima Japan
  A task of extraordinary delicacy and danger is about to begin at Japan's Fukushima nuclear power station
  Geneva U.S. official: Iran wants nuclear deal -- fast Nov.3   South Korea S Korea's Park rules out Japan talks  South Korea's president has highlighted a deep rift with Japan, as the region struggles to rein in North Korea's growing nuclear capability Oct.26   Israel Israel issues warning to Iran over nuclear bomb report
  A new report claiming Iran could produce enough weapons-grade uranium to build a nuclear bomb in less than a month
Oct.16  Geneva  Iran, P5+1 release first joint statement Oct.15   Geneva Upbeat mood at Iran nuclear talks
  Iran has said its proposal to nuclear talks in Geneva has the 'capacity to make a breakthrough'
Oct.14  Geneva  Geneva hosts key Iran nuclear talks Oct.11   Washington US 'to sack' nuclear missile chief
  Maj Gen Michael Carey, the general in charge of the US Air Force's long-range nuclear missiles, is to be sacked due to 'loss of trust and confidence'
Oct.5   Tokyo   Japan PM seeks overseas help on Fukushima leak
  Shinzo Abe says Japan is open to receiving overseas help to contain widening radioactive water leaks at the crippled nuclear plant
Oct.4   Jerusalem   Netanyahu warns of 'immortal Iran'
  Israel's prime minister says Iranians 'deserve better' than their current government and that their lives could get worse if it gains nuclear weapons
Oct.3   Northern Japan   Worker error causes Fukushima leak   Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear plant has a new leak of radioactive water after workers overfilled a storage tank, its operator says Oct.2   Northern Japan New leak at Japan nuke plant due to tank overflow
  Sweden Jellyfish prompt nuclear shutdown Map of Oskarhamn Sweden
  A large amount of jellyfish inhabiting a cooling-water intake at a major Swedish nuclear plant caused operators to manually shut down production
Oct.1   UN Gen. Assembly     Netanyahu: Don't be duped by Rouhani  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused the Iranian president, Hassan Rouhani, of seeking to obtain a nuclear weapon Sep.26   UN High-level Iran nuclear talks at UN
  The highest-level talks on Iran's nuclear programme for at least six years have been held at the United Nations in New York
Sep.25   Iran   Iran wants nuclear deal 'in months'   President Hassan Rouhani says he wants to reach a deal with world powers on Tehran's nuclear program in three to six months Sep.23   UN   Iran to hold nuclear talks at UN
  Iran's foreign minister will meet six major world powers at the UN this week to discuss Tehran's nuclear programme, US and EU officials say
Sep.21   North Carolina US plane in 1961 nuclear 'near miss'
Map of Goldsboro North Carolina
  A four-megaton nuclear bomb was one switch away from exploding over the US in 1961, a newly declassified US document confirms
Sep.15   Japan Japan shuts down last nuclear reactor -- for now
  Japan's only operating reactor will be shut down for maintenance, leaving the country with no nuclear power supply for the second time in 40 years
Sep.11   North Korea   N Korea reactor 'nearing operation'
Map of Yongbyon North Korea
  Steam has been seen rising from North Korea's Yongbyon nuclear facility, suggesting that the reactor has been restarted, a US institute says
Sep.5   South Korea S Korea in Fukushima fisheries ban
  South Korea has banned all fisheries imports from 8 Japanese prefectures, amid concern over leaks of radioactive water from the crippled nuclear plant
Sep.4  Northern Japan  Radiation level spikes further at Fukushima Sep.3  Northern Japan  Japan to spend $470 million to deal with toxic water Sep.1   Northern Japan   Fukushima radiation levels '18 times higher' than thought Map of Fukushima Japan  Radiation levels around Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant are 18 times higher than previously thought, Japanese authorities have warned Aug.27   Northern Japan   Japanese agency labels radioactive leak 'serious' Map of Fukushima Japan
  Japan's nuclear regulator upgraded the rating of a leak of radiation-contaminated water at its tsunami-wrecked nuclear plant to a 'serious incident'
Aug.20  Northern Japan  Japan raising Fukushima leak alert Aug.7   Tokyo Japan PM promises Fukushima action
  Japan's prime minister pledged government action on the Fukushima clean-up, as radioactive water leaks from the nuclear plant
Aug.6   Tehran Iran urges 'serious' nuclear talks  President Hassan Rouhani has called for 'serious and substantive' negotiations with the international community about its nuclear program Jul.31   London   Queen's 'WWIII speech' revealed
  The Queen was expected to urge the people of the United Kingdom to 'pray' in the event of a nuclear war, government documents from 1983 reveal
Jun.28   Iran   Iran nuclear chief dashes hopes of resolution
  Fereydoun Abbasi-Davani said production of nuclear fuel would 'continue in line with our declared goals'
Jun.17   Iran Iran winner vows nuclear openness
  Tehran   Newly-elected Iranian president urges 'path of moderation'
  Hasan Rowhani pledged Monday to follow a 'path of moderation' and promised greater openness over the country's nuclear program
Jun.3   North Korea N Korea reactor Ďnear completioní
Map of Yongbyon North Korea
  North Korea is making 'important' progress on reactivating facilities at its moth-balled Yongbyon nuclear reactor, a US think-tank says
May.8   Tennessee Nun guilty of nuclear site break-in Map of Oak Ridge Tennessee Tennessee  An elderly Catholic nun and two peace activists have been convicted for damage they caused while breaking into a US nuclear defence site Apr.17   Washington     Obama casts doubt on N. Korea missiles
  Barack Obama has said he doesn't believe North Korea can fit a nuclear warhead on a missile, casting strong doubt on an alarming assessment
Apr.9  Southern Iran  Quake strikes Iran, near nuclear site Apr.7  South Korea  North Korea 'preparing nuclear test' Apr.6  Kazakhstan  No agreement at Iran nuclear talks Apr.5   Northern Japan   Japan nuclear plant loses power for hours
Map of Fukushima Japan
  The cooling system for a nuclear reactor at Japan's Fukushima Daiichi plant lost power for hours Friday afternoon but was operational again
  Kazakhstan 'Deadlock' at Iran nuclear talks Map of Almaty Kazakhstan
  Iran has failed to deliver a 'clear and concrete response' to a proposal aimed at ending deadlock over its nuclear programme
Apr.4   Kazakhstan Iran defiant ahead of nuclear talks
  Iran has again strongly defended its controversial nuclear programme ahead of a new round of talks with world powers in Kazakhstan
Apr.2  North Korea  North Korea to restart nuclear reactor Apr.1   North Korea North Korea boosts nuclear programme   North Korea's parliament has endorsed plans to give nuclear weapons greater prominence in the country's defences Mar.23   London   'Hazard' police at Berezovsky house
Map of Ascot United Kingdom
  Police with expertise in environments contaminated with chemical, biological and nuclear material are searching the house of the late tycoon
Mar.20  Jerusalem  Obama, Netanyahu talk Iran in Israel Mar.18   Northern Japan Power failure hits Fukushima plant Map of Fukushima Japan
  A power failure at Japan's tsunami-hit Fukushima nuclear plant has affected cooling systems for spent fuel ponds
  South Korea South Koreans mull nuclear weapons Feb.27   Kazakhstan Iran's nuclear negotiator praises 'positive step' Map of Almaty Kazakhstan
  The European Union's foreign policy chief and the chief Iranian negotiator announced that technical experts would meet in Istanbul on March 18
Feb.25   Kazakhstan Iranian nuclear talks to resume Map of Almaty Kazakhstan
  A new round of talks between world powers and Iran over its controversial nuclear programme are set to open in the Kazakh city of Almaty
Feb.22   Washington State   Washington State nuclear waste tanks leaking Map of Washington State Washington State
  Six underground storage tanks at a nuclear site in the US state of Washington are leaking, authorities say
Feb.12   UN Security Council   North Korea test condemned at UN
  The UN Security Council has promised action against North Korea over its third nuclear test, calling it a clear threat to international security
Feb.11   North Korea   North Korea confirms nuclear test Map of Pyongyang North Korea  Pyongyang said the underground test involved a 'miniaturised' nuclear device and was carried out in a 'safe and perfect manner'   North Korea   Seismic activity amid nuclear test concerns
  Seismic activity has been detected in North Korea, the US and South Korea say, in what could be a sign of a widely anticipated nuclear test
Feb.3   Iran   Iran seeks 'authentic' US talks
  Iran says it welcomes a US offer of bilateral nuclear talks, but wants the US to show an 'fair and real intention to resolve the issue'
Jan.24   North Korea   N. Korea makes new threats against U.S.
  North Korea plans to carry out a new nuclear test and more long-range rocket launches, all of which it said are a part of a new phase of confrontation
Jan.23  North Korea  North Korea 'plans nuclear test' Jan.22  North Korea  N Korea nuclear vow after UN acts

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Nov.6   Canada India settles Canada nuclear deal
Nov.5  South Korea  South Korea shuts down 2 nuclear reactors Oct.26   Northern Japan Fish off Fukushima still contaminated Map of Fukushima Japan
  Radiation levels in fish caught near the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant remain high long after the 2011 meltdowns there, suggesting contamination
Oct.20   Washington   US rejects Iranian talks report
  Washington has denied a report in the New York Times saying that Iran had agreed to one-on-one negotiations over its nuclear program with the US
Oct.2   European Union 'Problems' at European nuclear plants
  Hundreds of problems have been found at European nuclear plants that would cost 25bn euros to fix, says a leaked draft report
Sep.27   UN Gen. Assembly Netanyahu asks U.N. to draw 'red line'
Sep.23   Germany Siemens denies Iran sabotage link
  German engineering company Siemens has denied allegations that it planted explosive devices inside nuclear equipment destined for Iran
Sep.17   Iran Atomic agency 'infiltrated by terrorists' Aug.30   Iran     Report: Iran steps up uranium production
  Iran has re-landscaped one of its military bases in an apparent effort to hamper a United Nations inquiry into the country's nuclear program
Aug.22   Northern Japan   Record radiation found in fish near Fukushima Map of Fukushima Japan
  Cesium measuring 258 times the amount that government deems safe for consumption has been found in fish near the damaged nuclear power plant
Jul.29   Jerusalem   Mitt Romney backs Israel on Iran
  US Republican presidential candidate would respect an Israeli decision to use military force to stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon
Jul.23   Iran Iran arrests suspects in killing of nuclear scientist  Iran has arrested suspects in connection with the July 2011 killing of Daryoush Rezaie, semiofficial media reported, citing Intelligence Min... Jul.21   Northern Japan Japan to probe Tepco 'cover-up'
Map of Fukushima Japan
  The government will investigate a report that workers at the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant were urged to disguise their exposure to radiation
Jul.4  Japan  Parliament releases Fukushima probe report Jun.15   Japan Japan PM orders reactor restart Map of Fukushima Japan
  Japan will restart two nuclear reactors - the first to go back online since all the country's plants were closed following last year's Fukushima crisis
May.28   San Diego Tuna record Fukushima pollution
  Pacific Bluefin tuna caught off the coast of California have been found to have radioactive contamination from Fukushima nuclear accident
May.23   Baghdad Iran nuclear talks enter second day
  Talks in Baghdad concerning Iran's controversial nuclear programme will go into an unscheduled second day after diplomats failed to reach agreement
May.5   Northern Japan Japan closes last nuclear reactor
Map of Hokkaido Japan
  Japan is switching off its last working nuclear reactor, as part of the safety drive since the March 2011 tsunami
Apr.18  India  India launches long-range missile Apr.14   Istanbul Iranian nuclear talks 'positive'
  Key talks on Iran's controversial nuclear program have been described as 'positive' and 'totally different' from the last meeting
Apr.8   North Korea   N Korea moves rocket into place
Map of Punggye-ri North Korea
  North Korea has moved into place a long-range rocket for a controversial launch later this month - amid reports it is also planning a nuclear test
Apr.3   India India to deploy nuclear submarine Map of Vishakhapatnam India
  India is to formally commission $1bn Russian-built Nerpa into its navy, joining an elite group of nations with similar capabilities
Mar.26   South Korea Leaders warn over nuclear threat Mar.19   North Korea   North Korea in UN nuclear offer
  The UN nuclear watchdog says it has been invited to visit North Korea - three years after its inspectors were expelled from the country
Mar.7   Austria Nuclear watchdog: 'Iran is not telling us everything'
  Iran is not open about its nuclear program, but it should be, the head of the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency said
Feb.27   Iran Oil surges after Iran uranium warning
  UN's nuclear watchdog said Iran had significantly increased its production of higher-grade uranium over the past six months
Feb.22   Washington US dismay at IAEA Iranian visit Feb.21  Iran  IAEA experts leave Iran without agreement Feb.20   Iran U.N. nuclear watchdog agency in Iran for talks
  Officials with the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency begin a second round of talks Monday with Iranian officials over the country's nuclear program
Feb.19   Japan Japan trade deficit hits new high
  Japan's trade deficit surged to1.5tn yen ($19bn) in January as a strong yen hurt exports and its nuclear crisis resulted in increased fuel imports
Feb.18   Iran Iran 'may boost nuclear output'
  Iran appears poised to boost its nuclear programme by installing thousands of new-generation centrifuges
Feb.16   Iran     Ahmadinejad offers to resume nuclear talks
  Iran is offering to resume talks over the nuclear program as soon as possible, according to a letter that the nation's nuclear negotiator sent to the EU
Feb.15  Tehran  Iran to install nuclear fuel rods in reactor Feb.13   Northern Japan   Stricken Fukushima nuclear plant 'heating up' Map of Fukushima Japan
  A faulty thermometer is likely to blame for rising temperatures inside a stricken nuclear reactor at the Fukushima-Daiichi plant
Feb.1   Iran   Iran: Meeting with U.N. team 'positive'
  The Iranian foreign minister called talks with the United Nations nuclear team 'a positive forward step' after the delegations' visit to the country
Jan.28   Iran UN nuclear inspectors visit Iran
Jan.23   Iran   Iran dismisses EU oil imports ban  Iran has said an oil embargo adopted by European Union foreign ministers over the country's nuclear programme is 'unfair' and 'doomed to fai... Jan.12   Ecuador   Ahmadinejad defends nuclear program  Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad defended his country's nuclear program Thursday, criticizing the United States for imposing sanctions   Iran   Daily demands revenge for slain scientists
  A newspaper aligned with top cleric called for Iran to respond in kind to the killings of its nuclear scientists, suggesting Israeli officials could be targeted
Jan.11   USA US condemns Iran scientist blast   National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor has condemned the killing of an Iranian nuclear scientist in a car bomb attack in north Teh... Jan.10   Iran Car explosion 'kills nuclear scientist' Map of Tehran Iran  Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan, a university lecturer and nuclear scientist, has been killed in a car explosion in north Tehran Jan.7   Iran   Iran touts Bushehr nuclear plant, centrifuges Map of Bushehr Iran
  Iran's Bushehr nuclear power plant is just weeks from operating at full capacity, the country's top nuclear official said
Jan.4  European Union  Europe moves to ban Iran crude oil

year 2011 Top ^

Dec.31   Iran Iran, world powers to hold nuclear talks
  Another round of talks between Iran and world powers is expected to be held soon, Iran's ambassador to Germany said
Dec.30   Russia Russia nuclear sub fire extinguished
Map of Murmansk Russia
  A fire on a docked Russian nuclear submarine has been fully put out, Russia's Emergencies Minister Sergei Shoigu said
Dec.29  Russia  Nuclear submarine in dock fire Dec.26   Pakistan India and Pakistan hold arms talks Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  Representatives of India and Pakistan on Tuesday will hold the second day of two-day talks on conventional and nuclear weapons
  Northern Japan Fukushima report notes failures Map of Fukushima Japan
  A lack of preparedness for a disaster and failures in the response to it exacerbated the effects of the nuclear accident at Fukushima plant in March
Dec.15  Northern Japan  Japan declares Fukushima stable   Iran Drone was looking at Iran nuclear sites
  The Sentinel drone that crashed in Iran last week was on a surveillance mission of suspected nuclear sites in the country, U.S. military officials said
Dec.10   Japan   Radioactive water leaks in nuclear plant
Map of Kyushu Japan
  Radioactive water leaked inside a nuclear power plant in southwestern Japan, but there was no impact on the surrounding area
Dec.5   Northern Japan   Radioactive water leaking at Fukushima Map of Fukushima Japan
  Workers at Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear facility have discovered a leak of 45 metric tons of radioactive water
Dec.1   European Union   EU agrees new sanctions on Iran
  The European Union has agreed to impose fresh sanctions on 180 Iranian officials and firms over Tehran's controversial nuclear program
Nov.18  Austria  UN 'concern' at Iran nuclear plan   Northern Japan New radiation scare for rice in Japan
  Authorities have halted the shipment of rice from some farms northwest of the nuclear plant after finding higher-than-allowed levels of cesium
Nov.17   Austria IAEA: Iran 'has a case to answer'
Nov.12   South Carolina   Republicans debate foreign policy
  The 8 contenders said they would stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon, but differed over how to do it
Nov.1   Northern Japan   Fukushima cleanup may take decades
Map of Fukushima Japan
  The decommissioning of four reactors at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant will likely take more than 30 years to complete
Oct.25   Texas End of Cold War-era nuclear bomb
  The last of America's most powerful Cold War-era nuclear bombs - the B53 - has been dismantled
Oct.18   Northern Japan Reactors to shut down ahead of schedule
Map of Fukushima Japan
  Engineers may be able to complete the shutdown of damaged reactors at Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant ahead of schedule
Oct.9   Northern Japan   Fukushima children undergo tests
  Japanese health workers have begun checking more than 300,000 children living near the nuclear plant for thyroid abnormalities
Sep.10   Japan Trade minister Hachiro quits over gaffe
Map of Fukushima Japan
  Japan's new trade minister has quit after calling the area around the tsunami-hit Fukushima nuclear plant a 'town of death'
Aug.24  Siberia  Kim Jong-il in rare Russia talks Aug.15   Japan Japan redesigns nuclear safety agency Map of Fukushima Japan
  Nuclear safety agency will be placed under the control of the Environment Ministry, in a move stemming from the meltdown at the Fukushima plant
Aug.3   Japan   Japan dismisses nuclear officials Map of Fukushima Japan
  Three men in charge of nuclear power safety and policy have been sacked amid the ongoing crisis at the tsunami-hit Fukushima nuclear plant
Aug.2   Northern Japan   Workers find ultra-high radiation levels Map of Fukushima Japan
  The operator of crippled nuclear plant has detected the highest radiation levels at the facility since the initial earthquake and tsunami
Jul.29   Washington U.S. labels North Korea talks 'constructive'
  The U.S. State Department described its first direct talks on nuclear issues with North Korea in three years as 'constructive and businesslike'
Jul.23   Tehran Iranian physicist killed in front of his home
Map of Tehran Iran
  An nuclear physicist, Daryoush Rezaie, 35, was killed in an attack in front of his Tehran house by assailants on a motorcycle
Jul.18   Northern Japan   Japan scrambles to protect reactor Map of Fukushima Japan
  Workers in Japan scrambled to build a protective covering over a damaged nuclear reactor ahead of an approaching powerful typhoon
Jul.17  Japan  Japan celebrates World Cup win Jul.15   Japan Ohi nuclear reactor shuts down after fault   Pressure in a safety tank fell, and although it is now back to normal, the plant's operators said they would "give the top priority to safet... Jul.10   Northern Japan   Slow progress at Japan's Fukushima plant Map of Fukushima Japan
  Four months after devastating earthquake and tsunami, operators at the nuclear power plant are still grappling with the crisis
Jul.5   Japan Japan 'plans atomic stress tests' Map of Fukushima Japan
  Japan is to conduct safety tests on all its nuclear plants after an earthquake and tsunami led to a nuclear meltdown at Fukushima Daiichi plant
Jun.30   Mountain States Crews 'beating' Los Alamos fire Jun.28   Mountain States   Raging fire closes Los Alamos lab   One of the top nuclear research facilities in the US will remain closed until as fire fighters battle a wildfire raging at its boundary Jun.27   Northern Japan   Radiation in Fukushima residents Map of Fukushima Japan
  Japanese researchers have found radiation in all 15 people tested last month from the area near the crippled nuclear power plant
Jun.17   Northern Japan   Fukushima water clean-up halted Map of Fukushima Japan
  Operators of nuclear plant have suspended an operation to clean contaminated water hours after it began due to a rapid rise in radiation
Jun.9   UN Security Council Nuclear body refers Syria to UN Jun.6   Japan   Japan confirms nucl. reactors' meltdown Map of Fukushima Japan
  Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant experienced full meltdowns at three reactors in the wake of an earthquake and tsunami in March
May.31   Northern Japan Japan 'underestimated risk' - UN May.29  Berlin  Germany pledges nuclear shutdown May.25   Northern Japan   Holes feared in 2 of nuclear reactors Map of Fukushima Japan
  Two of the damaged reactors at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant may be riddled with holes
May.20   Japan Tepco head quits after $15bn loss
Map of Fukushima Japan
  The president of Tepco, which operates crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant, has resigned as the firm reported a loss of 1.25tn yen
May.13   Japan   Compensation plan for nuclear disaster Map of Fukushima Japan
  The Japanese government announced a compensation plan for the victims affected by the accident at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant
May.4  Northern Japan  Workers enter Fukushima reactor Apr.25   Ukraine Ukraine remembers Chernobyl blast Map of Chernobyl Ukraine
  Ukraine is marking the 25th anniversary of the world's worst nuclear accident - at the Chernobyl power plant
Apr.20   Northern Japan   Japan to enforce nuclear evacuation zone Map of Fukushima Japan
  Japan will begin enforcing an often-flouted evacuation order and keep people out of the 20-km zone around the Fukushima Daiichi power plant
Apr.18  Northern Japan  Japan death toll rises to nearly 14,000 Apr.16   Japan   Nuclear crisis could last 2-3 more months Map of Fukushima Japan
  Expert: Japan will likely need two to three more months to bring an end to the disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant
Apr.15   Northern Japan Japan nuclear plant told to pay evacuees Apr.14   Northern Japan   Possible damage to spent nuclear fuel Map of Fukushima Japan
  Japanese regulators discounted concerns about damage to the still-potent spent fuel from the Fukushima nuclear power plant's No. 4 reactor
Apr.11  Japan  Japan raises nuclear crisis level   Northern Japan   More towns to evacuate around reactors Map of Fukushima Japan
  Japan's government called for evacuations from several towns beyond the danger zone already declared around the nuclear power plant
Apr.9   Japan Japan tightens nuclear backup rules Map of Fukushima Japan
  A brief video clip captures the massive tsunami that crippled Japan's Fukushima Daiichi power plant
Apr.8   England One killed in UK submarine shooting Map of Southampton United Kingdom
  A Royal Navy crewman is killed and another is in a life-threatening condition after a shooting on board nuclear submarine HMS Astute
  Northern Japan   Workers return to crippled nuclear plant Map of Fukushima Japan
  Workers at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station returned to the plant Friday after a strong aftershock forced them to leave a day earlier
Apr.5   Northern Japan Radioactive water leak stopped   Northern Japan   Water radiation millions of times over limit
  An attempt to plug a leak of highly radioactive water from a nuclear reactor has shown a significant difference, despite the material not setting.    Tokyo Electric: an attempt to plug the leak had shown a 'significant difference,' despite the material n...
Apr.3   Northern Japan   Fukushima workers' bodies found
Map of Fukushima Japan
  The bodies of two workers killed by the 11 March tsunami are found in Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, as work continues to seal a leak
Mar.31   Northern Japan   Warning on Japan evacuation zone Map of Fukushima Japan
  UN nuclear monitors have advised Japan to consider expanding the evacuation zone around the reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi plant
Mar.30   Northern Japan Japan to scrap stricken reactors Map of Fukushima Japan
  Japan is to decommission four stricken reactors at the quake-hit Fukushima nuclear plant
  Northern Japan   High radiation levels found in seawater Map of Fukushima Japan
  Radioactive iodine at more than 3,000 times the regulatory limit has been found in ocean water near the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant
Mar.29  Northern Japan  Workers scramble to prevent water leak   Japan   Japan on 'maximum' nuclear alert Map of Fukushima Japan
  Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan has said his government is in a state of maximum alert over the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant
Mar.28   Northern Japan   New radiation leak at Japan plant Map of Fukushima Japan
  Highly radioactive water has been found for the first time outside one of the reactor buildings at quake-hit Fukushima nuclear plant
  Northern Japan   Radioactive water found outside plant Map of Fukushima Japan  Water found in a tunnel at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant has alarmingly high radiation readings Mar.27   Northern Japan   Japan radiation report 'mistaken'
  The operators of a stricken Japanese nuclear plant apologise for a "mistake" in reporting a radiation spike 10 million times above normal
Mar.26  Northern Japan  Sea radiation 1,250 times normal Mar.25   Northern Japan Reactor core might be leaking
Mar.24   Northern Japan   Smoke stops at nuclear plant Map of Fukushima Japan
  One day after black smoke prompted an evacuation, workers returned to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant
Mar.23   Northern Japan Japan nuclear plant work resumes Map of Fukushima Japan
  Engineers have resumed work to restore the cooling system of reactor 3 at Japan's stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant
  New York     $105 oil: 'It's the perfect storm'  Tensions in the Middle East and Libya show no signs of abating. Japan is dealing with post-earthquake rebuilding and major nuclear issues Mar.22   Northern Japan Japan sets new nuclear food ban
  Japan has announced new restrictions on food from areas affected by radiation leaks from its stricken nuclear plant
Mar.21  Northern Japan  Work resumes at Japanese reactor   Japan Japan will overcome crisis - UN watchdog
  Northern Japan   Smoke spews from nuclear plant's reactors Map of Fukushima Japan
  Smoke spewed Monday from two adjacent reactors in the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant
Mar.20   Northern Japan   Cooling efforts at nuclear reactor Map of Fukushima Japan
  Crews resumed spraying water at the quake-damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear facility. Workers have begun to see some success
  Northern Japan Food products limited from nuclear area   Northern Japan   Japan warns on quake deaths rise Map of Fukushima Japan
  Japanese police say 15,000 people may have died in one prefecture alone, as efforts to tackle the Fukushima nuclear crisis go on
Mar.19   Northern Japan Food from farms near plant radioactive Map of Fukushima Japan
  Crews struggling to bring the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant under control had some success as cooling systems were working
 Northern Japan  Power hopes rise at Japan plant Mar.18  Northern Japan  Nuclear plant's power restoration closer   Northern Japan Japan raises threat level at nuclear plant Mar.17   Northern Japan   Japan nuclear plant progress slow Map of Fukushima Japan
  Emergency workers are battling to cool and restore power to reactors at the earthquake-damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant
  Northern Japan   Cable reaches Japan nuclear plant Map of Fukushima Japan  Engineers at Japan's stricken Fukushima nuclear power plant have managed to lay a cable to reactor 2, the UN's nuclear watchdog reports Mar.16   Northern Japan Water dumped on Japan nuclear plant   USA   US alarm over Japan atomic crisis
  Increasing alarm has been voiced in the US about the crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan
  Beijing China freezes nuclear plant approvals
  China has suspended approvals of nuclear plants so safety standards can be revised while Japan grapples with its nuclear crisis
Mar.15  Northern Japan  New fire fuels nuclear fears in Japan  Northern Japan  Staff withdrawn from Japan plant Mar.14  Northern Japan  Radiation fears after Japan blast  Northern Japan  New blast at Japan nuclear plant Mar.13  Northern Japan  Explosion at Japan nuclear plant Mar.12   Northern Japan   Fears for second Japanese reactor
Map of Fukushima Japan
  Technicians are battling to lower pressure in a second nuclear reactor at quake-hit Fukushima power plant where radiation levels are rising
 Northern Japan  3,000 rescued; many more missing Mar.11   Northern Japan Huge blast at nuclear power plant Feb.26   Southern Iran   Iran unloading fuel from Bushehr reactor Map of Bushehr Iran
  In a possible setback to its nuclear program, Iran is unloading fuel assemblies from the reactor at a plant already plagued by delays
Feb.3   Japan   No Fry Japan trip after bomb joke
  Plans for Stephen Fry to film part of a documentary series in Japan have been shelved after complaints about nuclear jokes in his quiz show 'QI'
Jan.25   Moscow Nuclear treaty passes lower house
  Russia's lower house of parliament ratified a landmark disarmament treaty with the United States, the first pact in the post-Cold War era
Jan.22   Istanbul 'Disappointment' over Iran talks
  Foreign powers negotiating with Tehran on its nuclear program say they are 'disappointed' after a round of talks ended without progress
Jan.20   Istanbul Cautious hope for new Iran talks
  Iran and major world powers are gathering in Istanbul, Turkey, for a new round of talks on Tehran's controversial nuclear program
Jan.3   Iran   Iran 'to hold nuclear sites tour'
  Iran has invited foreign diplomats to tour its nuclear facilities, ahead of fresh talks with key world powers over Iran's nuclear program

year 2010 Top ^

Dec.22  Washington  Obama hails nuclear treaty vote Dec.20   Moscow Russia warns US on nuclear treaty
  Russia has warned US lawmakers that any change to the new nuclear arms disarmament treaty between the two countries could destroy the pact
Dec.18  North Korea  Richardson presents proposals to N. Korea Dec.16  Israel  UFO downed over Israeli nuclear plant Dec.9   Myanmar     Concern at Burma 'nuclear sites'  Wikileaks: Burma may be building missile and nuclear sites in remote locations with support from North Korea Dec.5   Iran     Iran delivered domestic uranium
  Iran is set to meet six world powers in the Swiss capital Geneva to discuss its nuclear program
Dec.4   Iran   Iran calls fuel bank 'nuclear apartheid'
  Iran blasted a nuclear fuel bank approved by the world's main nuclear watchdog agency, saying the idea amounts to 'nuclear apartheid'
Dec.2   Tehran Iran arrests over scientist death
Nov.29   North Korea   N Korea makes nuclear plant boast
  North Korea says it has thousands of centrifuges operating at a previously undetected uranium enrichment facility it revealed earlier this month
Nov.20   North Korea US scientist 'saw NK centrifuges'
Nov.18   Washington   Obama says arms treaty must pass
  US President has called the ratification of a new nuclear arms treaty with Russia 'a national security imperative'
Nov.16   Washington US warning over nuclear treaty  Vice-President Joseph Biden has warned that failure to ratify a new nuclear arms control treaty with Russia will 'endanger our national security Nov.7  Germany  Clashes over German nuclear train Nov.1   London UK and France plan nuclear tests
  The UK and France are to sign a treaty agreeing to the joint development and testing of nuclear warheads
Oct.25   Southern Iran   Iran to inject fuel into nuclear plant
Map of Bushehr Iran
  Iran will begin to load fuel into the core of its first nuclear energy plant in the southern city of Bushehr
Oct.18   Washington   China firms 'evade Iran embargo'  The U.S. has asked the Chinese government to do more to stop companies helping Iran with its nuclear programme and missile technology Oct.17   Iran   Ahmadinejad: Iran ready for talks
  Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is taking a hard line ahead of nuclear talks with world powers skeptical of his government's intentions
Oct.16   Iran Nuclear talks may take place in November
  Iran's foreign minister said nuclear talks with world powers could take place in mid-November
Sep.26   Southern Iran Worm affects Iran nuclear plant
Map of Bushehr Iran
  A complex computer worm has infected the personal computers of staff at Iran's first nuclear power station
Sep.22   New York   6 nations wants resumption of Iran talks
  The six world powers trying to negotiate with Iran say they want an early resumption of talks to resolve the standoff over Tehran's nuclear program
Sep.6   Berlin   Germany extends nuclear lifespan
  Coalition government has decided to extend the life span of the country's nuclear power plants by an average of 12 years
Aug.21   Southern Iran Iran's first nuclear plant begins fueling   Iran began fueling its first nuclear energy plant. Western nations have questioned whether the fuel will be used solely for electricity Aug.20   Southern Iran Iran to start up first nuclear reactor
Map of Bushehr Iran
  Iran's first nuclear power station is to be loaded with fuel and declared operational in a ceremony attended by Iranian and Russian officials
 Southern Iran
Aug.5  Japan  Hiroshima brings U.N. call for disarmament Jul.25   Istanbul   Iran offers to restart talks on nuclear fuel  Iran has offered to restart limited talks on a proposed exchange of nuclear fuel after talks with Brazil and Turkey over Tehran's nuclear program Jul.24   Iran Iran launches nuclear fusion program
  The head of Iran's nuclear energy agency announced that the country had launched a 'serious' nuclear fusion research program
Jul.23   North Korea N Korea warns of nuclear response
  North Korea says it will use its 'nuclear deterrent' in response to joint US-South Korean military exercises this weekend
Jul.14   Tehran   Iranian scientist back in Tehran
  Shahram Amiri, a nuclear scientist who claims he was abducted by CIA agents last year and taken to the United States, has arrived back in Iran
Jul.13  Washington  Iran nuclear scientist free to leave US Jul.8   China   U.S. missile subs deployed near China
  Ohio-class submarine for decades carried only nuclear missiles targeted against the Soviet Union
Jun.17   Sweden Sweden to replace nuclear plants
  Parliament narrowly votes to replace nuclear plants, three decades after a referendum decided to phase them out.
Jun.16  Iran  Iran says it's working on new reactor Jun.9  UN Security Council  U.N. votes new sanctions on Iran May.29   Jerusalem   Israel rejects nuclear talks plan
  Israel says it will not take part in a conference aimed at achieving a nuclear-arms free Middle East, proposed at a UN meeting
May.28  UN  UN push for nuclear-free Mid-East May.26   London   Britain discloses full nuclear arsenal
  Foreign Secretary William Hague: Britain has a total nuclear arsenal of fewer than 225 weapons, with 160 currently operational
May.17  Tehran  Iran agrees Turkey nuclear deal May.16   Iraq Hussein's nuclear plants dismantling
Map of Tuwaitha Iraq
  The shell of former Saddam Hussein's efforts to produce a nuclear bomb is being slowly dismantled along the banks of the Tigris River
  Iran Brazil's Lula in Iran for nuclear talks  Brazil's president began talks with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, with international leaders saying they hoped the meeting could lead to a breakthrou... May.6   Beijing   Kim Jong-il 'backs' nuclear talks
  North Korean leader Kim Jong Il has held talks with Chinese President Hu Jintao during Kim's 'unofficial' visit to China
May.3  UN  Clinton faces off with Iran's leader Apr.13  Washington  Obama: 'Real progress' at nuclear summit Apr.12   Washington Obama opens nuclear security summit
  World leaders have heard dire warnings of the danger of nuclear material falling into the wrong hands
  Washington     Obama, Hu meeting focuses on Iran
  President Obama and Chinese President Hu Jintao held a private meeting before the start of a nuclear security summit, with the focus on Iran
Apr.11   Washington Obama hosts summit on nuclear security
  President Obama hosts leaders from 46 countries for a two-day summit that will focus on how to better safeguard weapons materials
  Washington Obama warns of nuclear terrorism
  President Obama has said the biggest threat to US security is the possibility of a terrorist organisation obtaining a nuclear weapon
Apr.9   Iran     Iran has 'mastered' nuclear technology
  President Ahmadinejad slammed 'selfish behavior' by 'arrogant' countries that have tried to negotiate a halt to Iran's nuclear activity
Apr.8   Jerusalem Netanyahu pulls out of US nuclear summit
  Israeli PM has cancelled a visit to the US where he was to attend a summit on nuclear security. Egypt and Turkey are to discuss Israel's nuclear arsenal
Apr.6  Washington  Obama limits US nuclear arms use Apr.2   Washington   Obama to 'ratchet up' Iran pressure
  US President has vowed to 'ratchet up the pressure' on Iran over its controversial nuclear program
Mar.31   Iran Iran nuclear scientist Amiri 'defects to US' Mar.26   Washington U.S., Russia OK nuclear cuts Mar.12   New Jersey Terror suspect worked at nuclear plant
  The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is working with the FBI to determine whether Sharif Mobley had access to any sensitive areas of the nuclear plants
Feb.26   Washington     Barak: Nuclear Iran threat beyond Israel
  Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said that Iran's nuclear program poses a danger that extends beyond Israel
Feb.16   Washington US to build two nuclear power stations   Obama has announced $8bn of federal loan to begin building in the state of Georgia the first US nuclear power stations for 30 years Feb.15   Saudi Arabia FM al-Faisal doubts Iran sanctions plans
  Saudi Arabia's foreign minister: Imposing more sanctions on Iran over its nuclear programme would not be a quick enough solution
Feb.9   Washington   U.S. ready to offer Iran alternative
  In an attempt to call Iran's bluff on its nuclear program, the United States is poised to offer Tehran a way to obtain medical isotopes
Feb.7   Iran     Iran sets new uranium challenge
  President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has asked the country's nuclear chief to begin enriching uranium to 20%
Feb.6   Iran   West questions Iran nuclear claim
  Western powers have responded with scepticism to a claim that a deal to swap enriched uranium for nuclear fuel could now be close
Feb.5  Munich  Iran: Nuclear fuel deal 'close' Feb.3   UN West pushing for sanctions against Iran
  Western diplomats are circulating a discussion paper proposing further UN sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program
Feb.2  Iran  Ahmadinejad accepts nuclear deal terms Jan.14   Chicago 'Doomsday Clock' moves back
  The barometer of nuclear danger for the past 55 years has been moved 1 minute further away from the 'midnight hour' and now stands at 6 minutes
Jan.2   Iran Iran demands reworked nuclear deal

year 2009 Top ^

Dec.28   United Arab Emirates   S. Korea win $20B nuclear power contract
  The Korean-led group of companies has won a contract to develop civilian nuclear power plants , beating French, US and Japanese rivals
Dec.21   Tehran Ahmadinejad denies bomb trigger tests
  President Ahmadinejad has said a document apparently showing that Tehran plans to test a trigger for a nuclear bomb is a US forgery
Dec.10   North Korea   North Korea agrees nuclear 'co-operation'
  North Korea says it will continue to co-operate with the US on ending its nuclear program and agrees that stalled talks need to resume
Dec.1   Iran Ahmadinejad: Russia 'made a mistake' Nov.27  Iran  IAEA urges Iran to scrap nuke facility Nov.1   North Korea N Korea 'ready' for nuclear talks
  North Korea's Foreign Ministry has said the country is ready to return to stalled 6-party negotiations about its nuclear program
Oct.30   Jerusalem   Israel endorses Iran nuclear plan
  PM Benjamin Netanyahu has praised a UN proposal to regulate Iran's uranium enrichment program
Oct.25   Iran UN team 'visit Iran nuclear site' Oct.24  Iran  U.N. in Iran to inspect nuke facility Oct.12   Moscow   Clinton to press Russia on Iran
  US Secretary of State is in Moscow to urge Russian leaders to support a tougher stance towards Iran's controversial nuclear program
Oct.9   Southern France 'Al-Qaeda-link' Cern worker held Oct.4  Iran  U.N. to inspect Iran plant this month Oct.3   North Korea     Chinese premier meets NK leader
  Wen Jiabao has held rare talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong-il. The visit was expected to focus on the reclusive nation's nuclear ambitions
Sep.29   Iran Iran to give IAEA inspection timetable Sep.26   Jerusalem   Israel calls for action on Iran
  Israel says the disclosure that Iran is building a second nuclear enrichment facility proves it 'wants to equip itself with nuclear weapons'
Sep.25   USA   Iran 'hiding underground nuclear facility'  US President: Iran concealed a partially-built second uranium enrichment plant in defiance of calls for transparency over its nuclear plans Sep.24  UN Security Council  Security Council aims for nuke-free world Sep.23  New York  Russia eases over Iran sanctions Sep.22   London Brown move to cut UK nuclear subs
  The prime minister is to tell the UN that he is willing to cut the UK's fleet of Trident missile-carrying submarines from four to three
Sep.17   Iran Iran 'does not need' nuclear arms
  The Iranian president has said his country sees no need for nuclear weapons, while insisting Iran will not abandon its pursuit of nuclear energy
Sep.11   Moscow   Putin warns against Iran attack
  Russian PM has warned against military action targeting Iran or imposing new sanctions to curb its nuclear program
Sep.1   Iran   Iran has 'updated nuke package'
  The country's state-run Press TV: Iran has 'prepared an updated nuclear package' and is ready to hold talks with world powers
Jul.5   Washington   Biden strikes tough note on Iran
  US Vice-President has hinted the administration will not restrain Israel if it decides on military action to remove any Iranian nuclear threat
Jul.2   UN   Nuclear watchdog agency elects new head  Yukiya Amano, of Japan, will replace the current director general, Mohammed ElBaradei, as head of the International Atomic Energy Agency Jul.1   Iran   Iran 'disqualifies' EU from talks
  Maj Gen Hassan Firouzabadi, Iran's chief of staff: The EU is no longer qualified to take part in talks on Iran's nuclear program
Jun.13   North Korea   Defiant N Korea 'to weaponize plutonium'
  North Korea said it would strengthen its nuclear capabilities, a defiant protest against the U.N. Security Council's move to tighten sanctions against it
Jun.12  UN Security Council  U.N. tightens sanctions on North Korea Jun.11   North Korea     N Korea may be preparing for nuclear test
  U.S. official: North Korea may be preparing for a new atomic bomb test a month after its last test
Jun.5   France Nuclear sub to join hunt for jet
  A French nuclear hunter-killer submarine is being sent to help find an Air France jet which disappeared over the Atlantic
May.26   North Korea   N. Korea fires short-range missiles  North Korea fired two short-range missiles from its east coast -- a day after conducting a nuclear test May.25   Iran   Ahmadinejad dismisses nuclear talks
  Iranian President ruled out nuclear negotiations with other nations, saying, 'Iran's nuclear issue is over, in our opinion'
  North Korea   N. Korea conducted second nuclear test
Map of Kilchu North Korea  North Korea announces that it has conducted a second successful nuclear test at an underground facility near Kilchu May.20   Pakistan   Pakistan denies increasing nuke capability
  The information minister denied accusations that his country is expanding its capability to produce nuclear weapons
May.6   U.S. Senate Time short to stop Iran, investigator says
  New York District Attorney Robert Morgenthau: the Islamic republic is 'deadly serious' about developing nuclear weapons and long-range missiles
May.4   Washington Peres: Iran leaders on wrong history side Apr.29   Washington   Torture tape delays US-UAE nuclear deal
  A videotape of a heinous session, where a man is tortured by a member of the royal family, is delaying the ratification of a civil nuclear deal
Apr.14  North Korea  N Korea orders UN inspectors out Apr.13  North Korea  N Korea to boycott nuclear talks Apr.8   Washington   U.S. to join nuclear talks with Iran
  State Department: the United States will join direct talks between U.N. and European powers and Iran over Tehran's nuclear program
Apr.1  London  U.S., Russia announce nuke talks Mar.24   London Nuclear, chemical terror threat growing
  UK: The threat from terrorists using chemical, biological and even nuclear weapons is growing. Advances in technology will enable extremists
Mar.20   Beijing   China pushes N. Korea on nuke talks
  President Hu Jintao reiterated a call for North Korea to resume nuclear talks during his meeting with Premier Kim Yong Il
Mar.10   UN   U.S. ambassador: Iran program 'troubling'
  Susan Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the UN: Findings in a recent U.N. report that the nuclear program has military dimensions are 'troubling'
Mar.1   Washington     Iran's uranium 'enough for bomb'
  Adm Mike Mullen, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff: Iran has enough nuclear material to build a bomb
Feb.24   Syria   Syria set up missile facility at suspect site
  Syria's nuclear chief told the nuclear watchdog agency that his country has built a military missile facility at suspect nuclear site
Feb.21   Iran   Iran sought deal over nuclear program  British diplomat: Iran offered to stop attacking troops in Iraq 4 years ago in an attempt to get the West to accept it's nuclear program Feb.20   Iran   Iran ready to build nuclear weapon
  U.N. nuclear watchdog agency: Iranian scientists have reached 'nuclear weapons breakout capability,' according to a new report
Feb.16  United Kingdom  British, French nuclear submarines collide Feb.6   Pakistan Nuclear scientist freed from house arrest  Abdul Qadeer Khan, the Pakistani scientist who admitted leaking nuclear secrets to North Korea, Iran and Libya, has been released Jan.15   Washington U.S.-UA Emirates sign nuclear deal

year 2008 Top ^

Dec.11   Washington     N. Korean nuclear deal may elude Bush
  The administration signaled that it may not be able to reach an agreement with North Korea on its nuclear program before President Bush leaves office
Dec.9   Paris Group seeks nuclear weapons ban
  Global Zero consists of 100 leading international figures have launched a new campaign to eliminate nuclear weapons
Nov.26   Venezuela     Russia-Venezuela nuclear accord
  During a visit by Medvedev, Russia and Venezuela have signed an agreement to promote the development of nuclear energy for civilian use
Nov.9   Russian Far East   Fire system caused 20 sub deaths
  An accident that killed 20 people on a new nuclear submarine was caused by a malfunctioning fire safety system that spewed out chemicals
Nov.8   Iran   Iran blasts Obama's nuclear criticism
  Parliament speaker has criticized U.S. President-elect for saying that Iran's development of a nuclear weapon is unacceptable
Oct.13   North Korea   NK 'lets monitors into Yongbyon' Map of Yongbyon North Korea
  North Korea has restored UN monitors' access to the Yongbyon nuclear site, including the plutonium reprocessing plant
Oct.4   Austria     Iran leads attack on Israeli atomic program
  A U.N. nuclear conference of 145 nations indirectly criticized Israel for refusing to put its atomic program under international purview
Oct.1   U.S. Senate US approves Indian nuclear deal
  The Senate is ending a three-decade ban on US nuclear trade with Delhi, by the 86-13 vote
Sep.30   North Korea US envoy in crucial N Korea trip
  Christopher Hill, a top US negotiator, will soon arrive in North Korea to salvage a nuclear deal
Sep.28   Venezuela     Chavez interested in Russian nuke help
  President Chavez at a rally, followed a trip to Russia, said he was interested in working with Russia to develop a civilian nuclear power program
Sep.26   Russia Russia to upgrade nuclear systems
  Russian President Medvedev has announced plans to build a 'guaranteed nuclear deterrent system', to be in place by 2020
Sep.24   Washington   N Korea warned over nuclear move
  Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said restarting nuclear program would deepen Pyongyang's isolation
  North Korea Nuclear plant seals removed Sep.18   North Korea   N. Korea preparing to restart reactor Map of Yongbyon North Korea
  South Korean news agency: North Korea is preparing to restart a reactor at the key Yongbyon nuclear complex
Sep.15   Iran     UN nuclear agency criticises Iran
  IAEA has not resolved questions about a possible military dimension to Iran's nuclear program
Sep.5   Washington   U.S. may pull nuclear deal to punish Russia  The administration is poised to withdraw an agreement on nuclear trade as punishment for Russia's military action against U.S. ally Georgia Sep.3   North Korea   North Korea to be rebuilding nuke plant  Kyodo news agency: N. Korea has started reassembling its main nuclear complex in retaliation for U.S. refusal to remove the state from a terror...   North Korea   North Korea to be rebuilding nuke plant  N. Korea has started reassembling its main nuclear complex in retaliation for U.S. refusal to remove the state from a list of states that sponsor... Aug.29   Iran   Nuclear component production confirmed
  Iran's deputy foreign minister: almost 4,000 uranium-enriching centrifuges are now operating at the country's Natanz enrichment facility
Aug.6   Washington   U.S. warns of 'punitive' action on Iran
  Iran may face punitive measures because of its insufficient response to an incentives package offered in return for a cutback in nuclear program
Aug.2   Berlin Honecker's nuclear bunker opens Map of Wandlitz Germany
  A once-secret bunker designed to shield East Germany's rulers from a nuclear attack opens to the public
Aug.1   Israel Israel warns on Iran nuclear aims
  Deputy Prime Minister Shaul Mofaz has warned that Iran is near a breakthrough in its nuclear program
Jul.31   Rio de Janeiro Brazil revives nuclear power plant
  A government-controlled firm Electronuclear is forging ahead with plans to resume expansion of nuclear power program
Jul.30   Iran   Iran has plan to end nuclear enrichment
  Iran has responded to an international offer of incentives for suspending enrichment with its own proposal, which involves another set of talks
Jul.29   Iran   Ahmadinejad: The big powers going down
  Iran's president blamed the U.S. and other 'big powers' for nuclear proliferation, AIDS and accused them of exploiting the U.N.
Jul.23  Pakistan  Pakistan warns of nuclear arms race Jul.22  New Delhi  Indian government survives vote Jul.21   New Delhi   MPs to hold confidence vote  The parliament will hold a vote of confidence in the Congress party-led government that could decide the fate of a nuclear deal with the US Jul.19  Geneva  Iran describes nuke talks as 'constructive' Jul.18   Washington   US set for historic Iran meeting
  William Burns, a senior official is due to take part for the first time in international talks with Iran over its controversial nuclear program
  Iran   Iran sees 'positive' nuclear talks with U.S
  Foreign Minister said that forthcoming nuclear talks in Geneva and the participation of a U.S. diplomat for the first time look positive
Jul.15   Washington US official to attend Iran talks
  Under Secretary of State William Burns is to attend talks aimed at persuading Iran to halt its nuclear enrichment program
Jul.5   Iran   Iran defiant on right to nuclear power  The government reiterated its right to develop nuclear power for peaceful purposes Jul.4   Iran   Iran ready to discuss EU's nuclear offer
  Iran agreed to enter into talks with the European Union about its nuclear program before the end of the month
 Pakistan  Musharraf accused of N. Korea nuke deal Jun.26  North Korea  N. Korea releases details of nucl. Program Jun.25   North Korea   North Korea declaration expected
  There are reports the communist country could hand over a long-awaited declaration of its nuclear activities
Jun.23   North Korea Media invited to nuclear plant blast Map of Yongbyon North Korea
  North Korea is to blow up the plant's cooling tower, a key part of its controversial Yongbyon nuclear reactor
Jun.21   United Arab Emirates     ElBaradei warns against strike on Iran  The U.N. nuclear watchdog chief warned that any military strike on Iran could turn the Mideast to a ball of fire and lead Iran to a more aggressive... Jun.18   Washington   Rice: N. Korea to declare nuclear past
  Secretary of State is saying a deal with Pyongyang to scrap its nuclear ambitions made Asia and the United States safer
Jun.7   UN Security Council     Iran protests threats from Israeli official
  Iran's UN delegation accused the Security Council of 'emboldening' an Israeli official into threatening to attack Iran over nuclear program
Jun.6  Jerusalem  Israel threatens Iran with attack Jun.3   Washington   Israeli warning over nuclear Iran
  Speaking during a visit the Prime Minister has said Iran's nuclear program must be stopped by 'all possible means'
Jun.2  Syria  Syria agrees to nuclear probe May.26  Iran  Iran 'withholds nuclear details' May.8   Washington   U.S. agrees to EU's Iran nuclear plan  The United States has signed off on a European plan that would offer increased incentives for Iran to suspend its uranium enrichment program Apr.30   Washington Eisenhower nixed nuke attack in '58
  President Eisenhower overruled his military commanders, ordering them not to use nuclear weapons against China
Apr.25   UN UN probes US Syria reactor claim Apr.24   Syria Syria 'had covert nuclear scheme' Apr.23   U.S. Congress     U.S. to cite N. Korea-Syria nuclear link
  U.S. intelligence officials will tell members of Congress that N. Korea was helping Syria build a nuclear facility
Apr.19   Washington     Bush, Lee hopeful of swaying North Korea
  President Bush and President Lee Myung-bak said that there still is a chance to make progress on eliminating N. Korea's nuclear weapons programs
Apr.11   Japan   Japan extends sanctions on N. Korea
  Japan extended for 6 months the economic sanctions imposed on North Korea for conducting its first test of a nuclear weapon in 2006
Mar.27   Washington   Pentagon orders nuclear inventory
  Defence Secretary Robert Gates has ordered a full inventory of nuclear arms after parts of ballistic missiles were mistakenly sent to Taiwan
Mar.21   Paris   France to reduce nuclear warheads
  Nicolas Sarkozy has said France will reduce its number of airborne nuclear weapons by 1/3
Feb.25   UN     Iran weapons project 'continued'
  IAEA has been told Iran may have continued secret work on nuclear weapons after 2003, the date US intelligence suggested the work ceased
Feb.23   Iran   Ahm-jad: Nations jealous of nuke progress
  The president of Iran vowed that his country will not be held back from developing its nuclear program
Feb.22   Argentina Latin America nuclear pact signed
  Argentina and Brazil have agreed to build a joint nuclear reactor to address looming energy shortages, to extend defence and energy projects
  Iran   Iran 'nuclear questions remain'  IAEA: Iran has supplied new data about its nuclear program but not enough to prove it is not building a bomb Jan.22   Berlin   Iran nuclear plans under scrutiny
  A meeting of 6 key powers on Iran's nuclear program will show Tehran that it has not yet eliminated international concerns
Jan.12   Tehran   Tehran warns US over nuclear row
  Tehran has warned the United States not to try and use the dispute over the Iranian nuclear program to bring Iran to its knees

year 2007 Top ^

Dec.30   Washington   N Korea 'failing on nuclear deal'  North Korea has failed to provide all the information about its nuclear program it had promised in return for international aid Dec.19   South Korea Seoul poll winner tough on North
  The president-elect Lee Myung-Bak says he will press North Korea to abandon nuclear weapons
Dec.17   Russia   Russia delivers nuclear fuel to Iran
  Russia said it has begun fuel deliveries to an atomic power station in Iran that has been at the center of international concerns
Dec.14   North Korea     N.Korea answers Bush's letter
  North Korea delivered a verbal response to a letter sent to Kim Jong Il earlier this month about the progress of nuclear talks
Dec.8   Iran Iran protests over US 'espionage'
  Iran has sent a formal protest letter to the U.S., accusing it of spying on Iran's nuclear activities
Dec.6   Washington     Bush sends letter to North Korea
  US President, in a personal letter, urged Pyongyang to honour its pledge to reveal all the details of its nuclear program
Dec.5   Iran   Ahmadinejad calls U.S. report a 'victory'
  Iranian President called a U.S. intelligence report that downgraded his country as a nuclear threat 'a declaration of victory' for the nuclear program
Nov.30   Iran EU and Iran in key nuclear talks
  EU foreign policy chief Solana has met Iran's top nuclear negotiator Jalili hours before reporting to the UN on the Iranian nuclear issue
Nov.27   Iran Negotiator cleared of spying
  An Iranian court cleared former nuclear negotiator Hossein Mousavian of charges of spying and possessing secret state documents
Nov.22   Tehran Iran: Middle East security at risk
  Iran's chief nuclear negotiator warned that any threat against Tehran would undermine the stability of the entire Middle East.
Nov.18   Iran Iran eyes nuclear options abroad
  President Ahmadinejad is to discuss with Arab nations a plan to enrich uranium outside the region in a neutral country such as Switzerland
Nov.15   Washington US urges more sanctions on Iran
  The US has vowed to push for further UN sanctions against Iran, following the latest report on its nuclear program
  UN   U.N. losing grip on Iran nuke plan
  The nuclear watchdog admitted it was no longer in touch with how nuclear program was developing, even as Tehran continues its enrichment
Nov.11   Pakistan   Turmoil raises concern for nukes  Global security experts expressed concern that Pakistan's nuclear arsenal could wind up in the hands of Islamic radicals Nov.10   Washington   US and Germany vow Iran diplomacy
  President Bush and German Chancellor Merkel say they will continue to seek a diplomatic solution to Iran's nuclear program
Nov.2   North Korea N Korea nuclear shutdown to start Map of Pyongyang North Korea
  A team of US technicians is due to begin disabling nuclear complex with Pyongyang's permission
Oct.25  Washington  US imposes new sanctions on Iran Oct.23   London   Israel: Iran nukes are world issue
  Prime Minister Olmert said that Iran's controversial nuclear program is 'a major issue for the entire world' and called for stronger sanctions
Oct.20  Iran  Iran's nuclear negotiator resigns Oct.19   USA Airmen punished for nuclear error
Map of Minot Air Force Base North Dakota USA
  The Air Force has relieved several officers of their commands after a B-52 was mistakenly flown across the US loaded with nuclear-armed missiles
Oct.15   Tehran     Putin arrived in Tehran for landmark visit
  Russian President has arrived for a historic visit which will include talks on Iran's nuclear standoff with the West
Oct.14   Israel Israel targeted 'Syrian reactor'
Oct.10   Moscow     Putin, Sarkozy bridge gap on Iran
  Russian President said that Iran must be encouraged to make its nuclear program fully transparent
Sep.25   UN Ahmadinejad slams 'arrogant' powers
  The nuclear issue in Iran is 'now closed' Iranian President said in an address loaded with broadsides against 'selfish and incompetent' powers
Sep.24   New York Iran: 'We are not building A-bomb'
  Ahmadinejad said Tehran is neither building a nuclear bomb nor headed to war with the U.S. in a TV interview
Sep.23   Washington Brzezinski: U.S. in danger of war with Iran
  Former National Security Adviser likened U.S. officials' saber rattling about Iran's nuclear ambitions to similar statements made before the Iraq war
Sep.20   Paris     Sarkozy: Toughen Iran sanctions
  French President said that he will seek tougher U.N. sanctions on Iran for continuing to produce nuclear fuel
Sep.19   Ireland     Rice: IAEA to butt out of Iran diplomacy
  U.S. Secretary of State cautioned the U.N. nuclear watchdog group not to interfere with international diplomacy over Iran's weapons program
Sep.16   Paris France warning of war with Iran Sep.7   Sydney     Bush spars with Roh on Korean war
  President Bush told South Korean President a formal end to the Korean War begins when N. Korea halts its secretive nuclear weapons program
Sep.6   Syria Israeli airstrike targeted nuclear reactor  New York Times: An airstrike targeted a partially built nuclear reactor that was years away from completion Sep.5   USA   B-52 'in nuclear cargo error'
  A bomber flew across the US mistakenly loaded with up to six nuclear-armed missiles Sep.2   Switzerland N. Korea agrees to close nuke facilities   Iran Iran 'reaches nuclear target'
  President Ahmadinejad: Iran has reached its long-sought goal of running 3,000 centrifuges to enrich uranium
Aug.21   Tehran Iran, IAEA see progress on nuclear talks
  Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency both had made progress in talks about Tehran's offer of more transparency
Aug.10   Washington   U.S. assessing Pakistan nukes
  U.S. military intelligence officials are urgently assessing how secure Pakistan's nuclear weapons would be if Musharraf falls
Aug.5   Japan   IAEA experts visit plant
  A team of UN nuclear experts has begun a 4-day inspection of an atomic power plant damaged in a powerful earthquake
Jul.27   Washington   U.S., India reach nuclear deal
  A landmark deal on nuclear cooperation for civil purposes will benefit both countries and strengthen international non-proliferation efforts
Jul.26   Libya   Sarkozy: Trust Arabs with nukes
  After agreeing to nuclear cooperation with Libya, French President said the West should trust Arabs to develop such technology for peaceful purposes
Jul.18   Japan Mayor orders shutdown of nuclear plant Map of Kashiwazaki Japan
  The Kashiwazaki mayor ordered that a nuclear power plant hit by a strong earthquake be shut down until its safety could be confirmed
Jul.17   North Korea N Korea closes more nuclear sites Map of Yongbyon North Korea  Mohamed ElBaradei: N. Korea has shut down all five nuclear facilities at its main Yongbyon complex Jul.16   Japan   Japan investigates 'nuclear leak'
  Officials are investigating the possibility of a 2nd leak from a nuclear plant, following earthquake in central Japan
  Northern Japan Nuke plant leaked after earthquake
  Japan   Nuclear scare after quake
  A 6.8 earthquake in central Japan has damaged a large nuclear power plant causing a leak of radioactive material
Jul.15  North Korea  U.N.: N. Korea reactor shut down Jul.14   North Korea N Korea 'closes nuclear reactor'
  North Korea Nuke inspectors arrive in N. Korea
  U.N. inspectors to monitor the communist country's long-anticipated promise to scale back its nuclear weapons program
Jul.13   North Korea N. Korea receives oil shipment
  North Korea has started unloading the first shipment of oil to be delivered under a key nuclear disarmament deal
Jul.9   Austria IAEA approves N. Korea mission Jun.25   South Korea   S Korea resumes food aid to North  South Korea says will resume food aid, a day after Pyongyang said it would implement a nuclear disarmament deal   North Korea   N. Korea: We'll move on nuke deal
  North Korea said that the standoff over frozen funds had been resolved and it would now start implementing a nuclear disarmament deal
Jun.24   North Korea   N Korea confirms funds transfer
  North Korea has confirmed it has received some $25m of its funds following a row that had hindered progress on a nuclear disarmament deal
Jun.22   North Korea   N Korea reactor 'shut in weeks' Map of Yongbyon North Korea
  US nuclear envoy Christopher Hill: North Korea has agreed to shut down its Yongbyon nuclear reactor within 3 weeks
Jun.16   North Korea Atomic inspectors can return Jun.13   China   N Korea funds transfer 'to begin' Map of Macau China
  The transfer of funds from a bank in Macau ,a key issue in nuclear disarmament talks, is about to begin
May.30   Iran   Iran rejects key demand in nuclear talks
  Iran will not suspend uranium enrichment, Iran's chief nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani
May.24   Iran   Ahmadinejad: Atomic work near peak
  President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad dismissed Western pressure on Iran to halt its nuclear drive
  UN UN warns on Iran nuclear schedule
Apr.26   Turkey Iran, EU 'closer' on nuclear talks
  Iran's top nuclear negotiator: talks with an EU official had brought the 2 men closer to 'a united view' of how to break a deadlock
Apr.18  Iran  Iran nuclear operations confirmed Apr.17   Washington   US doubts N Korea reactor reports
  The US State Department has no confirmation that N. Korea is starting to shut down its main nuclear reactor
  Egypt   'Nuclear spy' arrested in Egypt
  The authorities have arrested an engineer who works at the nuclear energy agency for spying for Israel
Apr.13   North Korea   N Korea reaches nuclear deadline   The deadline is for for closing a key nuclear reactor but it's unclear whether the Yongbyon facility will be shut as agreed Apr.10   Iran   Iran vows to expand nuclear plans
  Iran's Atomic Energy Organization chief, Gholam Reza Aghazadeh said Iran had plans to greatly expand its nuclear program
Apr.9   Iran Nuclear program stepped up Apr.6   North Korea N Korea fund row solution found
  The has found a way to return N. Korean funds frozen in a Macau bank, ending a row that has stalled progress on a nuclear deal
Mar.26   Moscow     Iran high on agenda for Hu, Putin
  The presidents of Russia and China have called on Iran to fulfill the U.N. resolutions over its disputed nuclear program
Mar.22   Beijing N. Korea nuclear talks break down Mar.21   South Korea   Seoul to resume N Korea flood aid
  South Korea will resume emergency aid to flood victims, in the latest apparent reward for its pledge to close nuclear sites
  Iran Iran threatens 'illegal' nuke work
  Ali Khamenei warned to pursue nuclear activities outside international regulations if the U.N. insists it stop enrichment
Mar.18   Beijing   Breakthrough over NK funds
  Envoys worked to negotiate a schedule for dismantling North Korea's nuclear programs
Mar.14   North Korea ElBaradei upbeat on N. Korea talks Mar.13   Iran   Russia nuclear delay angers Iran
  Iran has fiercely criticised Russia for a delay in shipments of nuclear fuel which will put back the launch of nuclear power station
Feb.22   Iran   Iran defiant on nuclear issue
  The Iranian president scoffed at a Security Council demand that the Islamic republic halt its uranium-enrichment program
Feb.20   Iran   Iran 'close to enriching uranium'
  Head of the U.N.'s nuclear watchdog: Iran may be as little as 6 months from being able to enrich uranium
Feb.19  North Korea  North Korea to give up nuclear program Feb.13   Beijing N. Korea agrees to nuclear disarmament Feb.12   Beijing N. Korea agrees nuclear deal   U.S. and Chinese officials: North Korea has agreed to close down its nuclear weapons program in exchange for energy aid Feb.10   Germany   Security meeting to focus on Iran
  The meeting of defence ministers and MPs is to be addressed by Iran's nuclear negotiator
Feb.9   UN U.N. nuclear watchdog slashes aid to Iran
  IAEA suspended nearly half of the technical aid, in line with sanctions for refusal to suspend its uranium enrichment program
Jan.29   Washington   US rejects Iran nuclear 'timeout'
  The US has rejected a call from the UN's nuclear watchdog for a timeout in the showdown with Iran
Jan.27   North Korea NK fury at 'lies' over Iran links Map of Pyongyang North Korea
  North Korea expressed outrage at a report that Pyongyang was sharing its nuclear weapons technology with Iran
Jan.26   Washington   Cognac and iPod ban for N Korea
  The US has banned exports of iPods, fine wines and fast cars as part of the punishment for the nuclear bomb test last year
Jan.7   Jerusalem   Israel denies report it plans to attack Iran
  A British newspaper reported that Israel has drafted plans to strike as many as 3 targets in Iran with nuclear weapons

year 2006 Top ^

Dec.24   Iran Ahmadinejad: U.N. will regret sanctions
  Iran vowed to push forward with efforts to enrich uranium and to change its relations with the nuclear watchdog
 Iranian President insists the West will have to learn to live with a nuclear Iran
Dec.17   Beijing   N Korea warning to 'hostile' US
  N Korea will not halt its nuclear programme unless the US gives up its 'hostile policies'
Dec.11   Germany   Israeli PM in nuclear arms hint  Ehud Olmert appears to have come close to admitting that Israel has nuclear weapons Dec.8   House of Representatives House backs India nuclear bill
  The House of Representatives has voted, 330 to 59, in favour of allowing the export of civilian nuclear fuel to India
Dec.4   London UK nuclear weapons plan unveiled
  Blair has told MPs it would be 'unwise and dangerous' to give up its nuclear weapons
Nov.18   Vietnam   APEC statement on N. Korea pleases Bush  Bush backed Pacific Rim leaders in demanding that the communist regime abandon its nuclear weapons program Nov.16   U.S. Senate   Senate agrees India nuclear deal
  The Senate has overwhelmingly voted to pass a deal to share civilian nuclear technology with India
Nov.15   Moscow     Bush, Putin discuss Iran over lunch
  President Bush is eager for Russian help in ongoing nuclear disputes with N. Korea and Iran
Oct.31  North Korea  N. Korea agrees to return to nuclear talks Oct.28   Tokyo   U.S. may put Patriots near Tokyo
  The U.S. is considering deploying its advanced missile defense system after N. Korea's missile and nuclear tests
Oct.27  Iran  Iran 'fires up nuclear processors' Oct.25   UN Security Council U.N. draft targets Iran's missiles
  European members of the Security Council have proposed sanctions that would target nuclear and ballistic missile program
Oct.20   North Korea   N. Korea not planning second nuke test
  Kim Jong Il told a Chinese delegation that N. Korea was not planning a second nuclear weapons test
Oct.19   North Korea     China pressures N Korean leader
  An envoy has met Kim Jong-il as tensions mount over the North's nuclear test
Oct.18   South Korea   Rice holding 3-way talks in Seoul
  U.S. Secretary of State arrived for meetings to discuss the region's response to North Korea's suspected nuclear test
Oct.17   North Korea   U.S. spies 3 potential nuke sites
  The intelligence community has observed preparations for a nuclear test at at least 3 sites
 North Korea  N. Korea may planning 2nd nuclear test Oct.12   Beijing     Seoul, Beijing debate NK sanctions
  Presidents of China and South Korea met to discuss possible sanctions against N. Korea for its claimed nuclear test
  Beijing   China takes softer stance on North Korea
  China is saying 'punishment is not the purpose' for U.N. sanctions against Pyongyang for its nuclear test
Oct.10   Iran Iran vows to continue nuclear program  Ali Khamenei said country would not retreat from its controversial nuclear program despite international demands   Beijing   China urges UN action on N Korea
  Beijing has called for 'appropriate' action over North Korea's claim to have carried out a nuclear test
Oct.9   North Korea   North Korea claims nuclear test
  Official Korean Central News Agency: North Korea claimed it has performed a successful nuclear test.    South Korean officials confirmed that North Korea performed its first nuclear test. The apparent test was conducted at 10:36 a.m. in Hwaderi near Kilju city. China was given a 20-minute war...
Oct.8   Beijing     China, Japan leaders warn N. Korea
  Japan and China agreed that a nuclear test cannot be tolerated and that Pyongyang should return to negotiations
  North Korea   North Korea may drop nuclear test
  North Korea informed China it may drop the plan if the U.S. holds bilateral talks with the communist country
Oct.6   UN Security Council   U.N. urges N. Korea to cancel nuclear test
  The Security Council urged North Korea to return immediately to talks on scrapping its nuclear weapons program
Oct.5   Moscow Russians 'in N Korea test talks'
  Russia is in direct contact with N. Korea to try to prevent it from carrying out its plan to test a nuclear weapon
  UN U.N. agrees on draft for N. Korea
  A Japanese-drafted statement warns North Korea of consequences if it conducts a nuclear test
Oct.4   Washington Blunt U.S. warning to North Korea Oct.3   North Korea North Korea said will conduct nuclear test Sep.28   Iran Iran considers 'fair' nuclear talks
  President Ahmadinejad insisted that Iran would not be deflected from its nuclear plans
Sep.27   Belgium Ahmadinejad defiant at Iran-EU talks  Iran's president vowed not to give up the right to nuclear technology Sep.23   North Korea   N. Korea speeds up nuclear bomb plan
  A senior North Korean official: N. Korea plans to unload fuel rods from its nuclear reactor
Sep.14   UN IAEA: US Iran report dishonest Sep.9   Austria EU, Iran to continue nuclear talks
  The EU's foreign policy chief and Iran's top nuclear negotiator said their talks had been constructive
Sep.7   Washington   Khatami speaks on nukes, Jews
  Former Iranian President: Dialogue and negotiation are the only ways to resolve the nuclear issue
Sep.6   Berlin   World powers meet for Iran talks
  Senior diplomats to discuss what to do with Iran after it ignored a U.N. deadline to freeze its nuclear program
Sep.1   Iran   President refuses to budge
  Ahmadinejad argued for his country's pursuit of nuclear technology in an address to residents of Maku city
Aug.26   Iran   Nuclear project forges ahead
  President Ahmadinejad has said the new heavy-water plant would serve medical, agricultural and scientific needs
Aug.23   Washington   Iran nuclear offer 'falls short'
  The US: An offer to negotiate on the nuclear programme falls short of UN demands
Aug.18   North Korea   U.S. puzzles over N. Korea n-site Map of Pyongyang North Korea
  It's a possible indication Pyongyang is planning an underground test of a nuclear weapon
Aug.5   Japan Hiroshima rally mourns A-bomb dead
  Tens of thousands of people from around the world urge the world to abandon nuclear weapons
Jul.28   Malaysia   ASEAN: N. Korea spurns nuke talks  N. Korea has spurned calls to return to nuclear talks at an ASEAN forum   Tehran   Tehran faces UN nuclear deadline
  The 5 permanent members of the Security Council are giving Iran until 31 August to suspend uranium enrichment
Jul.26   House of Representatives   US House backs India nuclear deal
  The House of Representatives has approved an agreement to share civilian nuclear technology with India
Jul.20   Iran   Iran remains defiant on nuclear program  Iran has promised to respond next month to a Western package of incentives Jul.11   Beijing   China urges N. Korea to pull back
  President Hu Jintao has urged North Korea to refrain from increasing tensions over its nuclear program
Jul.6   European Union Iran 'serious' about nuclear talks
  Iran's nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani said that Iran is serious about talks with the EU on its nuclear program
Jul.5   Belgium   Iran-EU talks postponed one day
  European Union foreign policy chief Solana will meet with Iran's top nuclear negotiator Larijani in Brussels
Jul.4   Iran   Iran defiant on nuclear deadline
  Iran will issue its reply in August to the Western plan for incentives and talks over the nuclear program
Jul.3   Iran   Iran given deadline on nuke crisis
  Western powers have set July 12 as a deadline to suspend the enrichment and agree to talks on its nuclear program
Jun.29   Moscow   Iran pressed to respond to nuclear offer
  G8 foreign ministers called on Iran to respond next week to a U.N. proposal concerning its nuclear program
Jun.11   Austria Iran urges IAEA to show restraint Jun.6   Washington   Bush encouraged by Iran response
  The President says the initial response to proposals on the nuclear program appear to be a positive step
  Iran   Iran 'positive' on nuclear offer
  Iran chief nuclear negotiator: Incentives contain 'positive steps' and 'ambiguities'
Jun.3   Iran   Ahmadinejad won't give up nucl. Program
  Iranian President: Iran won't abandon its nuclear ambitions under Western pressure
Jun.2   Iran   Nuclear bomb 'in 10 years'
  The top US intelligence chief John Negroponte: Iran is determined to have a nuclear weapon
May.31   European Union   Europeans hail US offer to Iran
  European nations have welcomed an offer of conditional talks to try to resolve the nuclear stand-off
  Washington US to join Iran talks May.26   Baghdad Minister defends Iranian nuclear program May.17   Iran Iran: EU offer 'walnuts for gold'
  President Ahmadinejad has rejected a possible offer for incentives, including a light-water nuclear reactor
May.12   Washington   US rejects Annan appeal on Iran
  The US has rejected an appeal by Secretary-General to talk directly to Iran about its disputed nuclear program
May.11   Indonesia   Ahmadinejad: Iran open to talks
  Iran's president has said he is willing to negotiate with the world powers over his country's nuclear program
May.10   Jakarta Jakarta offers Iran mediation
  President Yudhoyono: Iran is willing to seek a diplomatic solution to concerns over its nuclear program
  Indonesia Ahmadinejad: Nuke program peaceful
  Iran's president dismissed West concerns over its nuclear program as 'a big lie'
May.9   European Union   Incentives plan proposed for Iran
  Britain, France and Germany are cobbling together a UN package to induce Iran to halt its nuclear program
May.8   Washington   US rejects surprise Iran letter
  Condoleezza Rice: A letter to Bush from Iranian leader Ahmadinejad will not solve the growing nuclear dispute
Apr.29   Washington   U.S. rejects Iran inspection offer
  Iran will allow snap inspections of its nuclear facilities if the Security Council does not get involved
Apr.28   UN Security Council     Iran 'fails to heed nuclear call'  Mohammed ElBaradei told the UN Security Council that Iran has failed to co-operate with UN inspectors Apr.25   Ukraine Ukraine remembers Chernobyl blast
  Ukraine commemorates the 20th anniversary of the world's worst nuclear disaster
  Iran   Official threatens to hide nuke program
  Supreme leader said Iran was ready to transfer its nuclear technology to other countries
Apr.18   Moscow   Moscow hosts meeting on Iran crisis
  5 permanent members of the U.N. Security Council and Germany are to meet to try to solve the nuclear crisis
Apr.17   Ukraine   Chernobyl death figures 'too low'
  The health effects of the nuclear disaster 20 years ago have been grossly under-estimated
Apr.13   Washington     US in warning to 'defiant' Iran
  Condoleezza Rice has warned Iran that it must face the consequences of its defiance over its nuclear program
Apr.12   Tehran     ElBaradei puts pressure on Iran  UN nuclear watchdog chief is in Tehran for talks aimed at defusing an international stand-off over nuclear activities Apr.11   Washington   US condemns Iran nuclear advance
  The United States: Iran is 'moving in the wrong direction' after its announcement that it has enriched uranium
Apr.9   Washington Iran 'nuclear option' criticised
  Critics of the Bush are angry at reports the US is considering using nuclear weapons in any pre-emptive attack
Apr.5   U.S. Congress     Rice defends India nuclear deal  Secretary of State has urged Congress to ratify a deal to give India civil nuclear technology Mar.30   Qatar     ElBaradei: Sanctions against Iran bad idea
  UN nuclear watchdog chief: Iran is not an imminent threat
Mar.29   Berlin Crunch talks on Iran nuclear plan
  US Secretary of State is joining foreign ministers from 5 other major powers to discuss a future strategy
 UN Security Council  Iran told to curb nuclear program Mar.23   Japan   Court orders reactor closed
  A court has ordered newest nuclear reactor to be shut down over fears about its safety in the event of a quake
Mar.22   Japan   2 hurt in nuclear plant fire
  Firefighters extinguished a 4-hour blaze that broke out at a power plant in western Japan
Mar.15   Sydney   Rice: Iran 'terror's central bank'
  U.S. Secretary of State urged Iran to resume negotiations over its nuclear program after meeting Downer
Mar.10   Washington   Bush: Iran grave security threat
  U.S. President said he wanted a diplomatic solution to the Islamic republic's nuclear ambitions
Mar.9   UN Security Council   U.N. tackles Iran nuclear crisis
  The 5 permanent members of the Security Council have begun talks over Iran's nuclear program
Mar.8   Washington   US seeks further pressure on Iran
  UN Ambassador John Bolton has called for continued international pressure on Iran to halt its nuclear program
Mar.7   Iran   Iran demands nuclear compensation
  President Ahmadinejad says the West should compensate Iran for its past suspension of nuclear research
Mar.6   Austria   IAEA chief: Iran deal possible  ElBaradei hoped a deal could be reached soon over Iran's nuclear program Mar.3   Austria Iran talks bring no breakthrough  Talks between Iran's top nuclear negotiator and key European foreign ministers ended Mar.2   India   IAEA hails US-India deal  Mohammed ElBaradei has welcomed a nuclear agreement between the US and India   New Delhi India, U.S. agree to nuclear pact  India and the United States have sealed a landmark agreement during Bush's visit Feb.18   Washington   Bush: Work to re-energize nuclear energy
  President hoped to promote greater use of nuclear power both at home and abroad
Feb.13   Iran   Iran restarts uranium work  Iran has resumed uranium-enrichment work at its Natanz nuclear plant Feb.11   Iran IAEA 'winds down Iran monitoring'
  Inspectors have stripped most surveillance cameras and agency seals from nuclear sites as demanded by Tehran
  Iran   Iran threat to revise nuke policy
  Ahmadinejad: it is his country's right to develop nuclear energy, and threatened to revise Nonproliferation Treaty
Feb.6   Iran   Iran tells IAEA to remove cameras
  Iran has told the IAEA to remove its surveillance cameras and other equipment from its nuclear sites by mid-February
Feb.5   Tehran   Tehran: Nuclear talks still possible
  Tehran said diplomacy may still resolve its apparent impasse with the U.N.'s nuclear watchdog
Feb.4   Iran Iran to halt snap nuclear checks
  President Ahmadinejad ordered the country's nuclear agency to end inspections
Feb.1   Austria Nuclear watchdog to vote on Iran Jan.29   European Union   EU hosts last-ditch talks on Iran
  The EU is set to hold talks at Tehran's request to resolve a stand-off over Iran's controversial nuclear program
Jan.25   Beijing   Iran nuclear envoy visits China
  Ali Larijani is visiting for talks expected to focus on international concerns over Iran's nuclear program
Jan.21   Jerusalem Israel warns Iran on nuclear work
  Defence minister Shaul Mofaz has warned that Israel will not accept an Iranian nuclear capability
Jan.19   Syria Syria backs Iran on nuclear plans
  Syria is saying critics have provided no convincing argument to deny Tehran the technology
Jan.18   Iran   U.S., Europe balk at new talks with Iran
  Washington has no interest in negotiating with Iran on its nuclear activities. International leaders are fed up
Jan.17   Jerusalem   PM says Iran must not acquire nukes
  Israeli diplomats departed for Russia to discuss deep concerns about Iran's nuclear facilities
Jan.14   Iran Ahmadinejad lashes back at critics Jan.13   Washington     Bush, Merkel united on Iran nuclear issue
  President said that Iran, 'armed with a nuclear weapon, poses a grave threat'
Jan.10   European Union EU leaders consider Iran action
  Britain, France and Germany may meet to discuss Iran's resumption of nuclear research
  Iran West slams Iran nuclear moves
  Iran after removed U.N. seals from at least one nuclear facility and resumed research work
Jan.9   North Korea Talks hit sanctions snag
  N. Korea sees no point in returning to 6-country nuclear talks because of U.S. sanctions
 Iran  Nuclear research resumed

year 2005 Top ^

Dec.29   Iran Iran calls Russian proposal 'ambiguous'
  Iran needs Moscow to clarify 'ambiguities' in a proposal that Iran enrich uranium in Russian territory
Dec.15   St. Petersburg   Explosion at nuclear plant
  An explosion in a smelter outside St. Petersburg severely injured 3 people, but radiation levels were normal
Dec.9   Norway ElBaradei: World losing patience with Iran Nov.20   Iran   Iran to block U.N. nuclear inspections  Parliament approved a bill requiring the government to block inspections if IAEA refers Iran to the Security Council Nov.16   Iran   Uranium processing resumes
  A new batch of uranium is to convert it to a gas that can be enriched into the material for nuclear bombs
Nov.13   Sydney   Terror accused nuclear link
  Australian police stopped and questioned 3 recently arrested terror suspects near Australia's only nuclear reactor
Nov.6   Iran   Iran seeks to renew nuclear talks
  Iran's chief nuclear negotiator has written to the UK, France and Germany to call for the resumption of talks
Oct.27   North Korea     China's Hu arrives in N Korea Map of Pyongyang North Korea
  President Hu Jintao is for talks to focus on the ongoing row over Pyongyang's nuclear weapons program
Oct.14   UN Iran accused over nuclear plans
  The US ambassador has accused Iran of spending 18 years trying to develop nuclear weapons while lying
Oct.7   Norway IAEA, ElBaradei win Nobel peace prize
Sep.24   UN UN adopts motion on nuclear Iran
  IAEA, has passed a EU motion that sets Iran up for referral to the Security Council
Sep.22   Iran Iran gains reprieve in nuclear standoff
  Diplomats saying the EU had decided to postpone its push to refer Iran to the Security Council.
  North Korea N Korea: U.S. reactors 'essential' Map of Pyongyang North Korea
  North Korea wants the U.S. to provide light-water nuclear reactors to demonstrate Pyongyang's right
Sep.18   Iran   Iran warning on sanctions threat
  Iran has warned the IAEA not to refer it to the Security Council over its nuclear program
Sep.17   England Straw attacks Iran nuclear stance  UK Foreign Secretary has described as unhelpful the assertion that Iran has a right to produce nuclear energy  UN  Iran resolved to pursue nuclear program   UN Gen. Assembly   Annan warns of nuclear spread
  Secretary General has warned of the spread of nuclear weapons and terrorism at the opening of the General Assembly
Sep.16   Beijing   China seeks N Korea breakthrough
  Diplomats are discussing a Chinese attempt to break the deadlock in six-nation talks on nuclear program
Sep.15   Iran   Iran 'may share nuclear know-how'
  Iran's president said his country is ready and willing to give peaceful nuclear technology to Islamic states
Sep.13   New York     Hu, Bush discuss NK's nuclear plan
  U.S. President and his Chinese counterpart have reaffirmed their opposition to a nuclear program in North Korea
  Beijing   NK: Right to peaceful nuke program  North Korea has reiterated demands to maintain a civilian nuclear program. The 6-nation talks resumed Sep.12   South Korea   NK nuclear talks return to table
  Representatives planned to try again to resolve the standoff at six-nation negotiations
Sep.5  Iran  Nuclear weapons 'years away' Aug.26   Iran New nuclear plan 'in a month'
  ran hopes to present a plan to head off EU preparations to refer Iran to the U.N. for possible sanctions
Aug.24   Pakistan   Khan 'gave centrifuges to N Korea'
  President Musharraf has confirmed that disgraced nuclear scientist provided North Korea with centrifuge machines
Aug.11   Austria IAEA urges Iran to stop nuclear activities   Pakistan   Pakistan fires new cruise missile
  The Babur is capable of carrying nuclear and conventional warheads and has a range of 310 miles
Aug.10   Iran   Iran warns US, EU over nuclear impasse
  An Iranian official has warned Europe against 'coercive' measures in the standoff over its nuclear program
  Iran   Iran breaks seals at nuclear plant
  The processing facility is now capable of being fully operational
Aug.9   Washington U.S.: North Korea deal 'uncertain'
   U.S. negotiator Christopher Hill: Prospects for a deal on scrapping nuclear program are uncertain
Aug.8   Iran Iran resumes uranium conversion Aug.6   Beijing   Stalled nuclear talks take recess
  After meeting for 13 straight days, diplomats from 6 powers decided to take a recess from talks
  India India and Pakistan reach key deal
  Nuclear neighbours have agreed to give each other advance notice of future nuclear missile tests
Aug.5   Washington US supports EU Iran nuclear plan
  The US backs a European proposal to allow Iran to develop a civilian nuclear program if it stops its uranium enrichment
  Iran EU puts nuclear proposals to Iran Jul.31   Iran   Iran to resume nuclear program  Iran has announced it will resume its controversial programme in the face of a European Union appeal Jul.30   Iran Iran sets deadline on nuclear deal
  Iran would not resume uranium enrichment and would continue talks with the EU
Jun.28   France   France gets nuclear fusion plant
  The project to build a 10bn-euro reactor is in the face of strong competition from Japan
Jun.26   Iran Iran to maintain nuclear policy
  The newly elected President Ahmadinejad has said his government will continue the country's nuclear program
Jun.8   UN US could support UN nuclear head May.25   Switzerland EU, Iran strive for nuclear deal May.11   North Korea   N. Korea 'boosts nuclear arsenal'
  North Korea says it has finished extracting 8,000 fuel rods from its reactor, which it shut down a month ago
May.9   Iran   Iran 'to resume nuclear activity'
  The move could put talks with Europe in jeopardy
  UN     N. Korea 'may have 5 or 6 nukes'
  The head of the nuclear watchdog says any test carried out by Pyongyang could 'open a Pandora's box'
May.6   North Korea   World 'must stop N Korea testing'  The head of the UN's nuclear watchdog ElBaradei: The world must show zero tolerance to North Korea May.1   New York Call to nuclear powers to disarm  The nuclear powers are set to face calls to speed up disarmament as a conference on nuclear control opens Apr.17   New Delhi   India, Pakistan to work for peace
  Manmohan Singh and Pervez Musharraf have said that peace between the two nuclear rivals is 'irreversible'
Apr.13   Israel     Sharon: Iran near nuke development
  Israeli Prime Minister warned that Iran is nearing a 'point of no return' in developing a nuclear weapon
Mar.17   England IAEA chief: N Korea bigger threat   Israel   Vanunu charged for defying parole
  The charges relate to former Israeli nuclear technician's interviews with the foreign media and defying a travel ban
Mar.12   Iran   Iran: No move towards nuclear arms  President Khatami has said his country is ready to temporarily suspend its uranium enrichment program Mar.11   Washington US in policy shift on Iran trade
  The US will drop its opposition to Iran joining the WTO, to encourage it to give up its alleged nuclear ambition
Mar.10   Washington   Rice: U.S., Europeans near deal on Iran
  The allies could come to an agreement 'soon' on how to jointly proceed with getting Iran to end its nuclear program
  Pakistan   Iran 'given Pakistan centrifuges'
  Pakistan has confirmed that the former head of its nuclear weapons programme gave the centrifuges
Mar.2   Iran Iran nuclear plans under pressure
  EU and the UN joined the US in criticising Iran for not keeping a pledge to suspend uranium enrichment activities
Feb.27   Iran Russia, Iran sign nuclear supply deal
  A nuclear fuel supply deal, opposed by Washington, is paving the way for Iran to start up its first atomic reactor
Feb.24  Slovakia  Bush meets Putin Feb.18   Moscow   Putin: Iran not developing nukes
  Russian President says that Russia will continue cooperating with Iran on its nuclear program
Feb.10   North Korea Shockwaves after NK nuclear claim
  World leaders expressed concern that North Korea will quit talks and will 'bolster its nuclear weapons arsenal'
Feb.9   North Korea N. Korea Admits to Nukes, Out of Talks  North Korea publicly admitted for the first time that it has nuclear weapons and suspending participation in talks Feb.4  London  Rice: Attack on Iran 'not on agenda'

year 2004 Top ^

Dec.24   West Bank   Vanunu held over Bethlehem trip Map of Bethlehem Israel
  Israeli former nuclear technician has been detained trying to enter Bethlehem in defiance of a travel ban
Nov.30   Iran Nuclear freeze 'temporary'
  Iran's top nuclear negotiator: uranium-enrichment program will only be suspended to complete negotiations with Europe
Nov.29   Iran Iran nuclear freeze 'is complete'
  The IAEA has approved a resolution welcoming the suspension of Iran's uranium enrichment activity
Nov.28   Iran   Deal on uranium issue
  Iran has reached a compromise with the 3 European powers and the IAEA to suspend its nuclear program
Nov.18   New York   Iraq errors 'hurt U.S. warnings on Iran'
  Kay: False warnings about Iraq's nuclear capabilities have 'seriously impeded' the US ability to issue warnings about Iran
Nov.1   UN   ElBaradei issues N Korea warning
  The chief weapons inspector says North Korea is presenting a serious challenge to attempts to limit the nuclear weapons
Oct.11   Iraq   Nuclear assets 'vanish'
  UN: Equipment and materials used to make nuclear arms have been vanishing in Iraq since the invasion in 2003
Sep.18   Iran Iran given new nuclear 'deadline' Sep.13   Austria IAEA, Iran face nuclear showdown
  The United States lobbying its allies to have Iran hauled before the Security Council
Jul.15   USA Nuclear lab loses secret data Jun.25   Beijing N Korea talks fail to end impasse
  Negotiators have ended their final day of talks without resolving the impasse over nuclear programme
Jun.24   North Korea   N. Korea makes N-test threat
  North Korea threatened to test a nuclear weapon if the U.S. did not accept proposal for a nuclear freeze
Jun.14   Iran Nuclear watchdog criticizes Iran  International Atomic Energy Agency chief ElBaradei was critical of Iran's cooperation with his agency Apr.21   Israel   Nuclear spy Vanunu released
  A defiant Mordechai Vanunu has walked out prison after serving 18 years for spilling Israeli nuclear secrets
Apr.20   Israel   Vanunu prepared for jail release
  Anti-nuclear campaigners have gathered outside a prison to await the imminent release of jailed nuclear technician
Mar.13   Austria IAEA criticizes Iran over secrets
  The International Atomic Energy Agency has adopted a resolution condemning Iran for hiding nuclear activities
Feb.25   Beijing   US and North Korea hold key talks
  6-nation talks on Pyongyang's nuclear ambitions have resumed
Feb.24   Beijing Mixed hopes at N. Korea nuke talks
  6-nation talks on resolving the nuclear crisis have begun after a flurry of last minute meetings
Feb.20   Malaysia Nuclear scandal: Man 'confesses'
  Police say Buhary Syed Abu Tahir has confessed to helping a top Pakistani scientist sell nuclear secrets and supplies to Libya
Feb.5   Pakistan   President pardons nuke scientist  Musharraf has pardoned Abdul Qadeer Khan who admitted spreading nuclear technology to other countries   Pakistan   Pakistan rejects UN nuclear role
  President Musharraf: Pakistan will co-operate with the IAEA, but will not hand over any documents
Jan.31   Pakistan Nuclear chief sacked
  The founder of nuclear weapons programme Abdul Qadeer Khan has been removed from his post as a government adviser
Jan.26   Libya     US talks break ice with Gaddafi
  Congressmen have held talks with Libyan leader, discussed the issue of WMD and visited a nuclear facility
Jan.23   Pakistan   Musharraf: We will act over nukes
  President has vowed to prosecute any Pakistani nuclear experts who passed their knowledge to other countries

year 2003 Top ^

Oct.7   Japan   Japan, U.S. reject NK talks stance
  North Korean demands that Japan take no part in further talks over Pyongyang's nuclear weapons program
Oct.2   Pakistan   Pakistan kicks-off missile tests
  Military has successfully tested a medium-range Hatf-3 Ghaznavi capable of carrying conventional or nuclear weapons
Sep.26  Washington  US-Russia summit tackles Iran Sep.12   Iran Protest over nuclear deadline  The IAEA has set a 31 October deadline for Iran - triggering a walk-out by Iranian diplomats in protest Sep.8   New Delhi     Sharon visits India
  Pakistan is saying the trip to boost defense cooperation with its nuclear rival could destabilize the region
Aug.26   Iran Iran nukes still a concern - IAEA
  Inspectors have found traces of enriched uranium at a nuclear plant
Aug.5   Japan   World warned on Hiroshima day Map of Hiroshima Japan
  The mayor of Hiroshima has marked the 58th anniversary by criticising the world's pursuit of new nuclear weapons
Aug.2   North Korea N. Korea warning over nuke talks
  North Korea has warned that any bid to bring the nuclear row before the U.N. would derail planned 6-nation talks Jul.12   North Korea   N. Korea reprocessing rods
  U.S: North Korea has begun reprocessing spent nuclear fuel rods, suggesting the intends to produce nuclear weapons
Jul.9   Iran IAEA urges transparency from Iran
  Head of the U.N.'s nuclear watchdog ElBaradei says Iran should open up its nuclear program to tougher inspection
Jun.30   UN U.N.'s nuclear chief to visit Iran
  ElBaradei, head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, will accept an invitation
Jun.20   Moscow   Putin: Iran gave N-power assurance
  Iran assured Moscow that it has no plans to develop nuclear weapons and will fully comply with IAEA
Jun.19   Iran U.S., Iran argue over nuke report
  Nuclear program failed to report some of its sophisticated facilities to the monitors as required by a treaty
  Austria Iran urged to be 'fully transparent'
  The IAEA has urged Iran to allow continued inspections of its facilities and not to enrich nuclear fuel
May.15   Washington   South Korea's president meets Bush  Roh Moo-hyun says that although North Korean alarm may be 'helpfu' in resolving the ongoing nuclear standoff May.5   Pakistan Pakistan offers to go nuclear free
  Pakistan to dismantle its nuclear weapons program if India 'is ready to denuclearize'
Apr.27   South Korea Seoul tells N.Korea to scrap nukes Map of Seoul South Korea
  Seoul: North's declared possession of nuclear weapons is a security threat that broke a 1991 nuclear-free declaration
Apr.24   Beijing   N Korea nuclear talks end in row
  Talks between North Korea and the U.S. have ended amid mutual recrimination
Apr.22   Beijing   North Korea nuclear talks begin
  The 3-day talks are being led by the US Asst. Secretary of State James Kelly, and the deputy director general Li Gun
Apr.18   North Korea   N. Korea 'reprocessing fuel rods'
  Foreign Ministry: North Korea is in the final stages of reprocessing thousands of spent nuclear fuel rods
Apr.16   North Korea   Breakthrough on N Korean talks
  Officials are to meet in Beijing to discuss North Korea's nuclear programme
Apr.5   Moscow Putin urges US arms pact backing
  President has urged the parliament to ratify a key nuclear arms reduction treaty with the United States
Mar.9   Iran 'Extremely advanced' nuclear program Mar.6   U.S. Senate U.S., Russia nuke treaty ratified
  The Senate has ratified a treaty that cutting active U.S. and Russian long-range nuclear warheads by two-thirds
Feb.28   North Korea   'Activity' detected at nuclear site Map of Yongbyon North Korea
  U.S.: Reprocessing facility in Yongbyon could lead to plutonium being reprocessed to produce 5 to 8 nuclear weapons
Feb.26   North Korea   N. Korea restarts nuke reactor Map of Pyongyang North Korea
  5-megawatt reactor has been reactivated, a sign Pyongyang is going ahead with its nuclear weapons program
Feb.25   South Korea     No N. Korea sanctions: Powell
  The U.S. are hoping instead to increase diplomatic and political pressure on Pyongyang to rid it of its nuclear ambitions
Feb.22   Iraq ElBaradei: More Iraqi cooperation needed  The head of the U.N. nuclear watchdog said that 'The world is getting impatient' Feb.20   Iran 'Secret' nuke plant, as probe begins
   A delegation from the International Atomic Energy Agency, headed by ElBaradei, is scheduled to visit a nuclear facility
Feb.16   U.S. Congress   McCain urges China role on N. Korea
  Senator is warning that Pyongyang's threatened buildup could prompt Japan to seek its own nuclear weapons
Feb.13   Washington U.S. to broker N. Korea's deal
  Powell: Bush administration will push for regional diplomacy in response to development of nuclear weapons
Feb.5  North Korea  N. Korea restarts nuke plant Jan.27   North Korea   North Korea lashes out at IAEA
  2 South Korean envoys meet North Korean officials in a bid to resolve the nuclear dispute
Jan.26   North Korea North Korea calls on South for help
  N. Korea is calling for the help against the United States as a nuclear crisis simmers
Jan.24   North Korea   Nuclear work 'has begun' Map of Yongbyon North Korea
  Former U.S. Defense Sec. says North Korea is starting the reprocessing of nuclear material at its facility in Yongbyon
Jan.22   North Korea N. Korea dispute 'to go before U.N.'
  Washington's top arms control diplomat: It is time to refer North Korea's nuclear standoff to the Security Council
Jan.19   North Korea Russia offers N.Korea nuclear deal
  Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Losyukov has given North Korean officials so-called 'package plan'
Jan.16   South Korea   S. Korea makes nuclear plea  President-elect Roh Moo-hyun has urged the U.S. to open talks with North Korea to end the nuclear standoff   Beijing   N. Korea nuke crisis: No quick fix
  U.S. Assistant Secretary of State James Kelly said eliminating nuclear weapons would be a 'slow process'
Jan.15   South Korea   Koreas to hold nuclear talks
  South Korea has agreed to a North Korean proposal to hold talks on the North's nuclear development programs
Jan.9   North Korea   N. Korea pulls out of nuclear treaty  North Korea will withdraw from the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, according to the official North Korean news agency Jan.6   Austria Nuclear chief calls on N. Korea to comply Jan.3   North Korea   N. Korea blames U.S. for nuclear standoff
  North Korea is demanding a diplomatic end to the crisis and the signing of a nonagression pact
Jan.2   Washington   U.S. to host talks on N. Korea
  The U.S., Japan and South Korea will have a trilateral coordination group meeting to discuss the nuclear situation

year 2002 Top ^

Dec.31   Austria IAEA hopes inspectors will return
  The International Atomic Energy Agency views the expulsion of its nuclear inspectors from North Korea with 'regret'
Dec.27   UN N Korea urged to rethink nuclear plans
  The nuclear watchdog IAEA has asked to reconsider decision to expel UN inspectors
 North Korea  Nuclear inspectors expelled Dec.26   South Korea   Wary S. Korea responds to nuke crisis
  Seul has vowed to play a leading role in stopping North Korea's nuclear brinkmanship
Dec.24   Iraq Nuclear scientists quizzed
  IAEA spokesman indicated the one-on-one interviews and questions would be more targeted
Dec.23   North Korea   N Korea 'repairing' nuclear reactor Map of Yongbyon North Korea
  North Korea is taking concrete steps to produce weapons-grade plutonium. Experts are fixing the Yongbyon nuclear reactor
  Iraq   UN questions key Iraqi scientists
  The nuclear agency says its experts are starting to interview key Iraqi scientists with critical information
Dec.21  North Korea  N Korea removes nuclear monitors Dec.12   Iran   U.S. has photos of secret nuclear sites
  Satellite photographs show a nuclear facilities that could be used to make nuclear weapons
  Iraq   Report denies nuclear weapons programs
  The nuclear section of declaration asserts that the Iraqis have nothing to do with nuclear weapons programs
Dec.9   UN Iraq dossier hints at 'dirty bomb'
  Declaration could identify countries or firms that supplied nuclear, chemical and biological weapons programs
Oct.30   U.S. Congress   Bush urged to toughen N. Korea stance
  5 Congressmen are urging President to punish North Korea for continuing with its nuclear weapons program
Oct.28   Malaysia   Japan-N. Korea take row to Malaysia
  Japanese delegates arrived for talks amid growing calls for Pyongyang to drop its nuclear program
Oct.26   Mexico United call for N. Korea to scrap nukes
  U.S., Japan and South Korea call on North Korea to dismantle its nuclear weapons program
Oct.25   Texas   Bush, Jiang agree on North Korea
  Presidents agreed that N. Korea should scrap its nuclear weapons program and pledged to resolve the standoff peacefully
Oct.17   Washington     Rumsfeld: N. Korea may have nukes
  North Korea may have nuclear weapons already after renouncing a 1994 pact to give up its weapons efforts
Oct.16  North Korea  North Korea admits it has nuke program Sep.19   North Korea N. Korea 'to allow' nuke inspections Sep.17   England   N-fuel begins Sellafield journey
  A shipment of radioactive waste rejected by Japan has begun the final leg of its journey a British nuclear plant
Sep.8   United Arab Emirates   U.S. nuke plants considered for 9/11
  Al-Jazeera: Al Qaeda considered striking nuclear facilities and hasn't ruled out nuclear attacks in the future
Aug.24   South Africa   Greenpeace N-plant protest
  Police have detained up to a dozen environmental protesters who tried to scale a nuclear power plant
Aug.13   North Korea   N. Korea threatens to ditch nuclear deal  North Korea has rejected a U.S. demand to submit to nuclear inspections Aug.6   North Korea   Nuclear reactor work begins
  Concrete has been poured to mark the start of construction on a landmark project
Jul.31   U.S. Senate   Defector: Iraq could have nukes by 2005
  Senators opened hearings on a possible U.S. attack on Iraq with testimony from a former Iraqi nuclear engineer
Jul.21   Oceania   Greenpeace chases UK nuclear fuel ships  2 tankers have slipped through a Greenpeace flotilla of protest craft under the cover of darkness Jun.1   Pakistan   Musharraf: Nuclear war unthinkable
  President did not believe either side would fire its missiles. UN has begun withdrawing its staff's families
May.22   Pakistan Nuclear rivals talk tough over Kashmir May.13  Moscow  Russia and US agree arms cuts Mar.9   Washington   US 'has nuclear hit list' Map of Pentagon USA
  US has reportedly ordered the Pentagon to prepare contingency plans for attacking 7 countries with nuclear weapons

year 2001 Top ^

Dec.27   USA   US warns India and Pakistan
  The United States is trying to defuse escalating tensions between nuclear rivals
Dec.15   Afghanistan   Chemical war camp found
  Material from a chemical, biological and nuclear weapons center is being examined
Dec.3   Ireland Nuclear plant challenge rejected
  A U.N. court refused to grant Ireland's request for an injunction to halt the start-up of a mixed oxide fuel plant
Nov.24   Ireland   Anti-nuclear advert
  The full-page advertisement in The Times by Irish Government appeals to UK to close Sellafield nuclear fuel plant
Nov.13   Washington   Bush announces major nuclear cuts
  United States will slash nuclear stockpile by two-thirds over the next 10 years to between 1,700 and 2,200 warheads
 Washington  Putin visits Bush Nov.10   Pakistan Pakistan offers nuclear test ban
  President Musharraf has used UN General Assembly to offer to formalize a nuclear test ban treaty with India
Oct.30   USA US steps up nuclear security
  Government has placed a week-long ban on any aircraft movements within 11 miles of 80 nuclear plants
Oct.25   Pakistan Nuclear scientists interrogated
  Authorities have interrogated 2 leading nuclear scientists about possible contacts with Taliban
Sep.22   Pakistan   Bush ends Pakistan nuclear sanctions
  US President has waived sanctions against India and Pakistan. He said that the sanctions not in the US national interests
Aug.6   Japan Koizumi urges nuclear ban Jul.22   Russia   Bush, Putin agree on missile talks
  Presidents unexpectedly have agreed to tie plans for a missile defence shield to reducing nuclear stockpiles
Jun.23   Moscow   Putin renews nuclear arms warning
  President has repeated his threat of a nuclear build-up if the U.S. abandons Anti-Ballistic Missile treaty May.23   Moscow   Nuclear powers unite against NMD
  China and Russia confirmed their opposition to U.S. anti-missile defence system
May.7   Spain   UK nuclear sub leaves Gibraltar Map of Gibraltar Spain
  A stricken HMS Tireless stranded for a year has set sail from Gibraltar
Mar.29   Germany   Nuclear waste reaches destination
  With 15,000 police protected a convoy of trucks a shipment of nuclear waste has arrived at its final destination
Mar.28   Germany Protesters halt nuclear waste train
  A train with nuclear waste has been halted by 2 people who chained and cemented themselves to the rail track
Mar.26   Germany Police break up nuclear protest
  Protesters were demonstrating over a nuclear waste shipment on the train with the waste from a plant in France
Mar.14   Russia     Khatami praises Russian ties
  Iran's President called on the countries to cooperate in regional security. Russia support for Iranian nuclear program alarms US
Feb.21   North Korea   Nuclear warning to Bush
  Government may scrap an agreement freezing its nuclear program if Bush continues hard line against the country
Jan.20   Spain March in nuclear sub protest Map of Gibraltar Spain
  Thousands have staged a march against a British nuclear submarine in Gibraltar harbour
Jan.17   Netherlands Greenpeace protesters arrested
  Demonstrators protesting against the transport of nuclear waste to a reactor in France
Jan.5   Kosovo   Radiation found in Kosovo
  Radioactivity at 8 Kosovo sites bombed with NATO nuclear ammunition has been found by UN team
Jan.3   Russia   Russia moves nuclear weapons
  Russia has shifted short-range nuclear weapons to Baltic base, U.S. say. Russia's defence ministry denied move

year 2000 Top ^

Dec.15   Kiev Chernobyl down permanently
  Nuclear power station has been officially closed down, 14 years after the explosion
Dec.3   Kiev   Chernobyl victims demand dues
  Victims of the nuclear disaster have marched through the Kiev, protesting their poverty

before year 2000
May. 20, 1956   Micronesia First American hydrogen bomb dropped over Bikini atoll
Map of Bikini Atoll Marshall Islands Micronesia  A nuclear weapon that uses the energy from a primary nuclear fission reaction to compress and ignite a secondary nuclear fusion reaction

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