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Indian rescue helicopter crashes   Eight people have been killed in northern India when a rescue helicopter involved in flood relief efforts crashed near a pilgrimage site   Millions in Mecca start Hajj pilgrimage  Millions of Muslims from around the world were in the holy city for the annual pilgrimage that every able-bodied Muslim is expected to perfo...   Hitler's deputy Hess is exhumed   The grave holding the remains of Adolf Hitler's deputy Rudolf Hess has been destroyed to stop it being used as a pilgrimage site by neo-Nazi...   Flu kills four pilgrims  A teenager and three elderly people for the hajj pilgrimage have died of the H1N1 flu virus Dozens killed in pilgrimage suicide bombing  A bomber killed at least 40 people and injured 70, many of them women, during a Shia pilgrimage in northwestern Baghdad   Bombers, gunmen attack Shiite pilgrimage
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Religion Main Event: 2,411 people died in Ha...
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1. 2016-05-05 Rainstorm kills 7, injures 65 during Hindu pilgrimage Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India
C. 2015-09-29 Hajj stampede: Saudi officials clarify toll Mecca
3. 2015-09-26 Saudi mufti says stampede deaths 'beyond human control' Saudi Arabia
2015-09-24 2,411 people died in Hajj stampede Mina, Mecca
F. 2013-06-25 Indian rescue helicopter crashes Uttarakhand, India
6. 2011-11-06 Millions in Mecca start Hajj pilgrimage Mecca
H. 2011-07-21 Hitler's deputy Hess is exhumed
8. 2009-11-21 Flu kills four pilgrims Saudi Arabia

  2,411 people died in Hajj stampede Map of Mina Saudi Arabia
  Pope Francis on special trip to Portugal's Fatima shrine Map of Cova da Iria F%E1tima Portugal  Pope Francis is embarking on a high-profile pilgrimage to Fatima in central Portugal, a shrine where he plans to make two shepherd children saints Rainstorm kills 7, injures 65 during Hindu pilgrimage Map of Ujjain Madhya Pradesh India  A heavy rainstorm collapsed several tents, sheds and gates at a sprawling pilgrimage site with hundreds of thousands of devotees in central India   Hajj stampede: Saudi officials clarify toll   Saudi officials have denied reports that more than 1,000 people were killed in a stampede near Mecca last week while undertaking the pilgrimage Saudi mufti says stampede deaths 'beyond human control'

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May.11   Portugal  

year 2016 Top ^

May.5   India

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Sep.29   Mecca  
Sep.26   Saudi Arabia
  Saudi Arabia's most senior cleric, the grand mufti, has said the stampede at the annual Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca on Thursday was beyond human control
Sep.24   Mecca  
  Saudi Arabia's King Salman has ordered a safety review for the Hajj pilgrimage after at least 717 people died in a stampede near the holy city of Mecca
 Another 863 people were injured in the incident at Mina. 2 million pilgrims were taking part in the Hajj's last major rite

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Jun.25   India

year 2011 Top ^

Nov.6   Mecca  
Jul.21   Bavaria

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Nov.21   Saudi Arabia
Jan.4   Baghdad

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Feb.24   Iraq
  A suicide bomber killed at least 40 pilgrims and wounded 60 others as the pilgrims are to commemorate one of the holiest days.    A bomber wearing a suicide vest walked into a comfort station for pi...

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Dec.29   Egypt   Gaza pilgrims stranded in Red Sea  Egypt is insisting that they must re-enter Gaza through Aouja. 2,000 Palestinians returning from a pilgrimage to Mecca are stranded on 2 boa... Dec.23   Mecca   Saudi arrests 28 terror suspects  Police have arrested 28 men for planning to attack holy sites around Mecca and Medina during the recently finished hajj pilgrimage Dec.16   Mecca     Muslims gather for Hajj pilgrimage   Millions of Muslims from around the world gathered in Mecca for the start of the annual Islamic Hajj pilgrimage Aug.7   Baghdad   Pilgrimage's history prompts to ban traffic  Vehicles will be banned for 2 days in the capital as one of many security measures being implemented for a Shiite pilgrimage to Baghdad

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Dec.27   Mecca   Muslims begin the Hajj pilgrimage
  An estimated 3 million Muslims have begun leaving for Mecca to begin the annual pilgrimage amid enhanced security Aug.19   Baghdad   Security tight for pilgrimage  Thousands of Shiite Muslims walked to commemorate the death of a revered 8th century imam Musa al-Kadhim Jan.12   Saudi Arabia   Hajj crush police 'not to blame'  Officials have denied that police could have done more to prevent a stampede during the pilgrimage   Mecca   Hajj stampede kills at least 345
Map of Mecca Saudi Arabia
  People have been killed during a symbolic stoning ritual at the annual pilgrimage near Mecca
Jan.7   Mecca   Pilgrims descend on Mecca for Hajj  About 2 million Muslims from around the world were gathering under heavy security for the annual pilgrimage Jan.5   Mecca   76 dead in Mecca hotel collapse
  A hotel in Islam's holiest city collapsed as millions of Muslims arrived for the annual Hajj pilgrimage

year 2004 Top ^

Jan.30   Saudi Arabia   Muslim pilgrimage nears its climax  More than a million people from around the world have begun climbing Mount Arafat for the annual Hajj

year 2003 Top ^

Apr.23   Iraq   Pilgrims flood Karbala on final holy day  Crowds of Shia Muslims chanted and danced in the streets at a pilgrimage suppressed under Saddam Hussein's rule Feb.9   Mecca   Mecca pilgrimage heads for Mina
  2 million Muslim pilgrims jammed the roads after completing the first ritual of the hajj at Mecca

year 2001 Top ^

May.3   Greece   Pope begins controversial tour
  John Paul II is beginning a 6-day pilgrimage. Orthodox Greeks have been referring to him as the anti-Christ
Mar.3   Mecca   Hajj pilgrims flock to Mina Map of Mina Saudi Arabia
  Muslim pilgrims have left Mecca in thousands of cars and buses or on foot for Mina at the start of the annual pilgrimage

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