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Lawmakers passes power-sharing deal   Kenya: The lawmakers unanimously approved a deal aimed at salvaging a country once seen as one of the most stable and prosperous in Africa President pushes peace deal   Kenya: Mwai Kibaki urged the parliament to pass into law a power-sharing deal reached last week aimed at ending the violence Power-sharing era to begin. Kenya Rivals sign power-sharing deal
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1. 2017-04-07 DR Congo: Bruno Tshibala appointed new prime minister Congo
C. 2016-05-07 Democratic Unionists, Sinn Fein keep grip on N.Ireland power Northern Ireland
D. 2014-09-21 Afghanistan election commission names Ahmadzai winner Kabul
2011-11-04 Greece's PM wins confidence vote Greece
5. 2010-12-11 West African states back Ouattara Ivory Coast
G. 2010-11-11 Iraq's power-sharing deal falters Baghdad
H. 2009-01-19 Last-ditch power talks resume Zimbabwe
I. 2008-12-13 Mugabe takes step toward power-sharing Zimbabwe
9. 2008-12-04 Kenya PM calls for Mugabe removal Kenya

West African states back Ouattara   Ivory Coast: The head of a West African group of nations rejects the idea of power-sharing talks in the aftermath of the disputed Ivory Coast election Iraq's power-sharing deal falters  Baghdad: Leaders were thought to have reached a power-sharing agreement, but members of the Sunni-backed Iraqiya List walked out of the parliamentary session Last-ditch power talks resume   Zimbabwe: African leaders are meeting to resolve a long-standing power-sharing dispute between President Mugabe and opposition leader Tsvangirai   Mugabe takes step toward power-sharing   Zimbabwe: President Mugabe published a draft constitutional amendment, paving the way for the agreement reached after election   Kenya PM calls for Mugabe removal  Raila Odinga: Power-sharing in Zimbabwe is dead and it is time for African governments to oust Robert Mugabe Tsvangirai rejects compromise offer   South Africa: After weeks of deadlocked talks over a power-sharing agreement, a mediating group asked both sides to co-manage the police ministry   Fury as Mugabe party gets key ministries   Zimbabwe: Mugabe's political rivals accused him of 'ambush' in allocating key ministries to his own party in defiance of a power-sharing agreement Mugabe's party: Cabinet talks at risk. Zimbabwe Deal a humiliation, says Mugabe. Zimbabwe Tsvangirai: No deal better than bad deal. Zimbabwe Mugabe agrees deal without Tsvangirai. Zimbabwe Odinga named PM in bid to end vote crisis
DR Congo: Bruno Tshibala appointed new prime minister  Democratic Republic of Congo President Joseph Kabila has appointed Bruno Tshibala as the new prime minister of the power-sharing government Democratic Unionists, Sinn Fein keep grip on N.Ireland power  Northern Ireland: Results from the Northern Ireland Assembly election have rewarded the rivals who jointly lead the British territory's power-sharing governme... Afghanistan election commission names Ahmadzai winner  Kabul: The commission named Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai as the winner of the presidential election, hours after rivals sign power-sharing deal Greece's PM wins confidence vote

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  Greece's PM George Papandreou has won a crucial confidence vote after promising to hold power-sharing talks

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   Kenya: President Kibaki named rival Raila Odinga as prime minister, implementing a power-sharing deal after protracted negotiations.    The two leaders had agreed to share power after weeks of deadly violence following the disputed presidential election. Kibaki said in a live TV speech a...

   Kenya: President Kibaki and opposition leader Odinga agreed to form a coalition government after weeks of wrangling
 They were shown on TV sitting together. Former U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan stood behind the men, at times showing a faint smile
Feb.25     Annan threatens to leave talks   Kenya: Former U.N. chief has threatened to leave as mediator in the tense power-sharing talks if a quick agreement is not reached Feb.8   Deal will create joint government   Kenya: Ruling party and opposition have agreed to form a power-sharing government to end weeks of bloodshed Jan.6 Odinga rejects power-sharing offer. Kenya Jan.5     Kibaki hints at power-sharing deal   Kenya: President Mwai Kibaki offerred a way out of a stalemate with the opposition over disputed elections

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Oct.4     Bhutto upbeat over power-sharing
  London: Ex-Pakistani PM has said she is 'optimistic' of a power-sharing deal with President Musharraf Sep.1   Bhutto announces Pakistan return
  London: Pakistan's exiled former Prime Minister said that power-sharing talks with Musharraf had stalled but she planned to return even without a deal.    Bhutto was speaking at a ...
Aug.29   Bhutto: Musharraf to quit as military chief
  Pakistan: President has agreed to step down as the country's military chief during negotiations on a power-sharing deal with former prime minister
Feb.8   Palestinian talks yield power-sharing pact
  Mecca: Rival leaders signed an agreement in principle on a government in Saudi-brokered talks in Mecca
 Palestinian President Abbas, of the Fatah, and Meshaal, leader of Hamas, signed the accord at a ceremony hosted by King Abdullah. The deal will respect previous peace deals with Israel and divvies up Cabinet posts in the new government.

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Jan.13   Harare denial on Mugabe retirement   Zimbabwe: Ruling party has dismissed reports that President would retire as part of a plan to set up a power-sharing government

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Oct.14   Assembly suspended over spy row
  Northern Ireland: Britain has suspended power-sharing government after allegations of IRA espionage threw the peace process into crisis
Oct.12   Trimble slams likely suspension
  Northern Ireland: Suspending power-sharing government over an IRA spy ring would 'undermine the democratic process,' says its First Minister

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Nov.2   Trimble loses key vote  Northern Ireland: Leader of the Ulster Unionist Party has failed in his bid to be re-elected leader of power-sharing executive

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