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Soldiers rampage at Harare bank
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2011 Norway attacks (40)   Oslo (19)   Norway Justice (21)   Belgium Justice (14)   Belgium Indictment

Shooting Main Event: Breivik given 21-year p...
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B. 2017-03-23 ISIS claims responsibility for deadly rampage outside Parliament London
C. 2016-11-28 Ohio attacker Abdul Ali Artan was 'Somali refugee'
D. 2015-10-03 Oregon shooting: Gunman killed himself
4. 2015-10-02 Gunman Chris Harper Mercer had 13 guns
5. 2014-01-15 Brazil killing spree leaves 12 dead Campinas, Brazil
6. 2013-06-07 4 dead in California gun rampage Santa Monica, Southern California
H. 2013-04-24 Teachers on rampage in Mexico Guerrero, Mexico
I. 2013-04-09 Student stabs 14 at Texas college Lone Star College, Texas
2012-08-24 Breivik given 21-year prison term Oslo, Norway

  Breivik: I learned from al Qaeda   Norway: Anders Behring Breivik, who admits killing 77 people in Norway last summer, gave chilling details at his trial Friday of the gun rampage   Breivik claims self-defense Map of Oslo Norway   Norway: The man accused of killing 77 people in a bomb-and-gun rampage claimed as he went on trial for terrorism and murder that self-defense justified his actions U.S. pays $860K to families of Afghan shooting victims  Kandahar: The U.S. gave $860,000 to the families of people killed or wounded in a shooting rampage that is being blamed on U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Robert... U.S. soldier charged with 17 counts of murder. USA   Taliban vow revenge for shootings  Afghanistan: Afghans railed at American forces as investigators combed through villages where a U.S. sergeant is accused of having gone on a weekend rampage Riot as legendary coach sacked. Pennsylvania   Father: Breivik should have killed self   Norway: Norwegian massacre suspect Anders Behring Breivik was 'a little bit surprised' that he was able to pull off a bombing and shooting rampage Post-9/11 hate murderer executed. Texas   Elephants rampage in Indian city   Southern India: Two wild elephants have gone on a rampage, killing at least one person.The animals walked into the city from a nearby forest Loughner ruled unfit to stand trial. Arizona New York knife suspect in court Man 'kills four people' in 28-hour rampage   New York: Ukrainian-born Maksim Gelman, 23, fatally stabbed his step-father, ex-girlfriend and her mother, before running over a pedestrian Troops tell of Fort Hood rampage. Texas American al Qaeda arrested in Pakistan. Karachi Cop jailed over supermarket rampage. Moscow Killer warning: I'm going to give them hell   Germany: The teenager who killed 15 people issued a warning about the attack on the Internet the night before his rampage Police charge suspect with creche killings
  ISIS claims responsibility for deadly rampage outside Parliament  London: The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the terror attack that left four people dead, including the assailant and a police officer Ohio attacker Abdul Ali Artan was 'Somali refugee'   Abdul Razak Ali Artan, 18, who injured 11 people, in a rampage at Ohio State University was of Somali descent and a student on campus Oregon shooting: Gunman killed himself Gunman Chris Harper Mercer had 13 guns Map of Roseburg Oregon Oregon  Oregon: The gunman who killed nine people in a shooting rampage at a college in Oregon had 13 weapons, federal agents said Brazil killing spree leaves 12 dead   A 5-hour killing rampage that left 12 people dead is being investigated amid claims it may have been sparked by the earlier death of a police... 4 dead in California gun rampage. Southern California Teachers on rampage in Mexico Student stabs 14 at Texas college   Breivik given 21-year prison term Map of Oslo Norway

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   Norway: Anders Behring Breivik, the man who killed 77 people in a bomb attack and gun rampage a year ago, was judged to be sane by a Norwegian court
 Breivik was charged with voluntary homicide and committing acts of terror in the attacks in Oslo and on Utoya Island

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   Belgium: Authorities have charged a 20-year-old Kim D. with murder and attempted murder in a stabbing rampage at a nursery school

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   Zimbabwe: Dozens of troops have run amok in the capital after losing their temper while queuing up to withdraw cash at a bank
Nov.26   Scores killed in rampage
  Mumbai: In a brazen series of coordinated attacks, gunmen struck 10 sites across the city, killing scores of people and taking hostages in 2 luxury hotels
 87 reported killed and another 185 wounded that day. (Later reported At least 188 people were killed and at least 293 were injured in the attacks). 9 attackers killed. Fighting was reported in the Taj Mahal Hotel, the Hotel Oberoi and Colaba Market
Aug.18   Florida braced for tropical storm
  The state is braced for the storm Fay, which is thought to have claimed dozens of lives on its rampage through the Caribbean
Jul.2   Bulldozer terrorist kills 3 in rampage
  Jerusalem: 30-year-old Palestinian resident rammed his bulldozer into several cars and buses, killing 3 people before Israeli police shot him dead.    Dozens of people were hurt, at least 7 critically, in the rampage on Jaffa Road. The m...
Jun.9 Knife frenzy suspect warned: It's time  Tokyo: Tomohiro Kato arrested after 7 people died in a knifing rampage in Tokyo foretold the mayhem in a series of messages posted to the Internet

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Dec.7   Gun rampage teen note released
  U. S. Midwest: Police have released a suicide note written by Robert Hawkins, 19, who shot dead 8 people in a shopping centre
Dec.5 Shoppers killed in gun rampage Map of Nebraska USA
  U. S. Midwest: A gunman has opened fire in a shopping centre in the state of Nebraska, killing 8 people before fatally shooting himself.    A further 5 people were wounded - 2 critica...
Nov.11 Fans rampage after killing Map of Lazio Italy
  Rome: Football fans have reacted violently inside and outside stadiums following the police shooting of Gabriele Sandri, 26, a Lazio supporter
Oct.13     Elephant rampage frightens villagers   North East India: About 100 wild elephants have converged on a river island, demolishing homes, feasting on sugarcane and panicking residents May.11   Virginia Tech students graduating
  The university where 32 students and staff members were killed in a gun rampage is holding its annual graduation ceremonies
Apr.23   Virginia students return to class
Map of Virginia Tech Virginia
  A balloon has been released for each of the victims killed in rampage at Virginia Tech University
Apr.17 World mourns Virginia's victims. India Apr.16   Anger over shooting warnings
  Virginia: Survivors of the worst shooting rampage in US history have criticised authorities for waiting too long to alert people of a gunman War crimes trial opens for ex-minister
   Macedonia: Former Interior Minister Ljube Boskovski, police official on trial for killing Albanians during a 2001 police rampage in Ljuboten

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Jul.9   Gunmen kill 40 Sunnis in rampage
  Baghdad: Gunmen, mostly 'young reckless teenagers', killed unarmed Iraqis as soon as they identified them as Sunnis Feb.13 Rampage over cartoons
. Pakistan

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Nov.6 Unrest reaches French capital
. Paris Aug.3   Gangs rampage in Khartoum   Sudan: Tear gas has been used and a helicopter is flying low over the city center Jun.18 8 troops die in rampage
   South Korea: 22-year-old soldier Kim Dong-min who suffered bullying has killed 8 of his comrades and injured 2 others
Apr.2   Killers hunted in massacre
  Rio de Janeiro: 2 suspected in the rampage killing of 30 people in the poor suburbs of Nova Iguacu and Queimados

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Sep.6   Filipino man with iron bar injures 14 Map of Zurich Switzerland
   Switzerland: A 32-year-old went on the rampage in a village near Zurich, before being subdued on a bus
Jun.9 Riot after World Cup defeat. Moscow

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Oct.29   Several die in gun rampage
Map of Tours France
   France: A railway employee has opened fire at random on passers-by and killed 4 people in the city of Tours
Sep.27   Gunman kills 14 in assembly   Switzerland: Man, disguised as a police officer, gone on the rampage in a regional parliament before committing suicide Jun.7   8 children dead in school rampage  Japan: Man wielding a knife-like object killed 5 and injured 24, most first- and second-graders. May.2   Macedonia riots alarm EU
  Ethnic Slavs went on the rampage following the deaths of 8 soldiers. Javier Solana has expressed his deep alarm

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