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Republican letter urges party to cut Trump's funding   Republican security experts rail against Trump  Washington: An open letter signed by 50 Republican national security experts has warned that the nominee 'would be the most reckless president' in US hi... US election: Anti-Trump floor vote fails at convention. Ohio   Trump nomination divides Republicans   Top Republicans are divided on whether to support Donald Trump after the businessman all but secured the party's presidential nomination Republicans debate without Donald Trump Map of DES MOINES Iowa Iowa  Iowa: Donald Trump quit the event in a row with Fox, and is holding a charity rally nearby Republicans spar in fiery 2016 presidential debate   Colorado: Republicans have traded blows in a heated presidential debate in Colorado that featured several angry exchanges Obama to press ahead on immigration, amid Republican anger. Washington US leaders pledge to work together. U.S. Senate Republicans win control of US Senate
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B. 2018-04-11 US House Speaker Paul Ryan to retire House of Representatives
C. 2017-07-17 Republicans oppose healthcare to leave party without majority U.S. Senate
D. 2017-05-05 Senate Republicans doubtful of American Health Care Act U.S. Senate
E. 2017-02-14 Flynn-Russia calls: Republicans calls for investigation Washington
F. 2016-08-08 Republican security experts rail against Trump Washington
6. 2016-07-18 US election: Anti-Trump floor vote fails at convention
H. 2016-05-01 Obama breaks out one-liners at White House correspondents' dinner White House, Washington
8. 2016-02-06 US election 2016: Republicans in New Hampshire TV debate New Hampshire
2016-01-28 Republicans debate without Donald Trump

Republicans oppose healthcare to leave party without majority  U.S. Senate: 2 more Rep. senators have said they oppose their party's replacement for Obamacare, making it impossible for the bill to pass in its current... Senate Republicans doubtful of American Health Care Act. U.S. Senate Flynn-Russia calls: Republicans calls for investigation   Washington: Leading members of the US Republican Party have joined calls for a wide investigation into the former national security adviser's links with...   Senior Republicans condemn Trump's lewd comments about women
US House Speaker Paul Ryan to retire

April 2018 ... more > Top ^
Apr. 11
  House of Representatives: Ryan will not run for re-election this year, in a big blow to Republicans with mid-term elections looming

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year 2016 Top ^

  In the video, posted by the Washington Post, Mr Trump is heard telling TV host Billy Bush 'you can do anything' to women 'when you're a star'

May.1  Obama breaks out one-liners at White House correspondents' dinner
Mar.30  Trump steps back from Republican support pledge
Feb.13  Trump and Cruz trade blows ahead of Republican debate
Feb.6  US election 2016: Republicans in New Hampshire TV debate
Jan.5  US Republicans attack Obama gun control moves

year 2015 Top ^

Oct.20  Paul Ryan will run for House Speaker if party unites
Mar.5  Top lawmakers urge Obama to send weapons to Ukraine
Jan.6  John Boehner survives House rebellion in US Congress

year 2014 Top ^

Dec.6  Republican Louisiana victory boosts Senate majority
  U.S. Senate: The Republican Party has won control of the Senate in the mid-term elections, increasing its power in the final two years of Obama's presidency
Republicans make early Senate gains Jun.11  Republicans reeling after Eric Cantor primary loss Jun.10 Eric Cantor loses Virginia Republican Party primary Jun.1 US parties clash over prisoner deal. Washington

year 2013 Top ^

Nov.15  House Democrats help pass Republican-led healthcare bill Oct.15 Obama snubs proposed US House fiscal plan
. Washington Oct.10   Republicans make debt ceiling offer   House of Representatives: US Republicans have offered President Barack Obama a short-term debt limit increase to stave off default Oct.8   Obama: Republicans using 'extortion'   Washington: US President Obama has said he is willing to hold budget talks with Republicans, but not until they agree to lift 'threats' against the econ... Oct.2 Obama warns of US default danger. Washington Oct.1 Obama: Republicans demand ransom. Washington Sep.27  US braces for possible shutdown Sep.25 Senator in second day of health law speech. U.S. Senate Jun.4 Obama warns Republicans on nominees
  Washington: US President has nominated three lawyers to a top federal appeals court in Washington DC, while daring Republicans to defy him
Apr.5 Obama 'offering to cut US pensions'
. Washington Feb.26 Hagel confirmed as defence secretary  U.S. Senate: The Senate has confirmed former Senator Chuck Hagel as the new Pentagon chief, after 4 Republicans joined Democrats to approve his nomination Feb.14 Republicans halt Hagel Pentagon vote. U.S. Senate Jan.14   Obama takes stand on debt fight
  Washington: America is 'not a deadbeat nation', US President has said, as he warned Republicans unconditionally to approve a rise in the US debt ceiling

year 2012 Top ^

Dec.30 Obama presses Republicans on deal. Washington Dec.20 US shelves 'fiscal cliff' vote. House of Representatives Aug.28     Republican convention to choose Romney
Map of Tampa Florida  Florida: US Republicans are set to begin the first full day of their re-organised national convention, after a one-day delay because of Tropical Storrm Isaac Jul.5     Republicans reap $100m bonanza
  Mitt Romney and the Republicans raised a combined $100m in June, setting a one-month record for any of the party's campaigns
Apr.16 Senate blocks Obama Buffett Rule
  U.S. Senate: Senate Republicans have blocked the Buffett Rule, President Barack Obama's proposal to raise tax rates for top earners to at least 30%
Mar.13   Republicans in Deep South showdown  Alabama: Counting is under way in the US Republican primaries in Mississippi and Alabama, with Rick Santorum taking an early lead in both states Feb.22   Rick Santorum under fire in Arizona debate   Republican presidential contenders are taking each other on at a debate in the state of Arizona days before two states hold key primary elec... Feb.13   Obama budget plan to tax the rich
  Washington: US President has proposed to raise taxes on the wealthy in his 2013 budget, prompting an election year spending showdown with Republicans
Feb.4 Nevada holds Republican vote Jan.31 Republican rivals in Florida vote Jan.26     Republican rivals spar in debate   Florida: Presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich clash sharply in the last TV debate before a crucial primary election in the state of ... Jan.23     Republicans face off in Florida   Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich are facing off in a national debate in the US state of Florida, ahead of that state's primary vote Jan.10   US Republicans in fresh contest
  New Hampshire: The race to take on President Obama in November's election has hit New Hampshire, the first primary in the Republican nomination process
Jan.4 Republican rivals focus on New Hampshire Jan.2 Republicans in final Iowa push Jan.1   Vote nears for Iowa Republicans
  Republican White House hopefuls are making their final pitches to voters as they enter a last day of campaigning ahead of Tuesday's caucus

year 2011 Top ^

Dec.28   Republicans turn up heat on Ron Paul
  Rising Republican presidential candidate has come under attack from his rivals as campaigning intensifies days before Iowa's caucus
Dec.26   Republicans in final push in Iowa
  Republican presidential candidates are preparing to make their final pitch to voters with just days left until the first nominating contest in Iowa
Dec.22 House Republicans retreat on payroll tax. House of Representatives Dec.19 US Republicans object to tax deal
  House of Representatives: House Republican leaders have said they will reject a bipartisan package on a short-term tax break for workers, in Congress' latest budget stand-off
Nov.22   National security focus at TV debate  Washington: The eight Republican presidential hopefuls are facing off in their 10th TV debate, with key national security concerns on the agenda Nov.12   Republicans debate foreign policy
  South Carolina: The 8 contenders said they would stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon, but differed over how to do it
Nov.9 Republican rivals spar on economy. U. S. Midwest Sep.14   Republicans win key New York seat
  President Obama has been dealt a double setback after Republican wins in two seats, including one billed as a referendum on his economic policies
Sep.12   Obama jobs plan eyes taxes on rich   Washington: US President is proposing to pay for his $447bn jobs plan with taxes on the wealthy. Republicans objected to the proposal Aug.9  Republicans survive key challenge Jul.29 Republicans scramble to save debt bill. House of Representatives Jul.27 Boehner pushes House on debt plan  House of Representatives: Speaker John Boehner is urging Republicans in the House of Representatives to back his plan to cut the US budget and raise the debt limit Jul.26 Republican debt plan under fire. Washington Jul.15 Obama seeks end to debt showdown. Washington Jun.13 Republican 2012 hopefuls face off. New Hampshire Mar.9   Republicans remove bargaining rights  Wisconsin: Republicans in the Wisconsin Senate vote to remove collective bargaining rights from state employees separate from the budget Jan.19 House votes to repeal health law  House of Representatives: Republicans in the House of Representatives have passed a bill to repeal Obama's healthcare overhaul in a symbolic move Jan.5   Republicans take charge of House  House of Representatives: New House Speaker John Boehner struck a humble tone in his opening address. Republicans have are pledging to cut government spending

year 2010 Top ^

Dec.7 Obama pushes tax cut deal passage
  Washington: US President has defended a proposed deal with Republicans to extend tax breaks for the wealthy, as well as middle class Americans Nov.3 Republicans to fight Obama agenda
. U.S. Congress Nov.2 Republicans build up Senate seats Sep.14   Tea Party surges in US primaries
  New York: The conservative Tea Party movement has won several victories over mainstream Republicans, ncluding the race to stand for New York governor
Apr.28  Republicans allow financial reform debate Apr.26 Senate bars bank reform debate
  U.S. Senate: Republicans have blocked moves to start debating a bill to introduce the most significant reforms to financial regulations for 60 years
Mar.21  Debate under way in on healthcare bill Jan.19   Republicans win key US Senate election  Massachusetts: Republican Scott Brown has won the race for the Senate seat in the state of Massachusetts left vacant by Edward Kennedy's death

year 2009 Top ^

Nov.3   Republicans win key elections  New Jersey: In Virginia, Republican candidate Bob McDonnell won by a comfortable margin, while Chris Christie, ousted the Democrat governor in New Jerse... Sep.5   Embattled Obama adviser resigns
  Washington: Van Jones, adviser on green jobs has resigned in a row about crude remarks he made about Republicans, and over his signing of a 9/11 petition
Feb.10 US Senate approves stimulus plan. U.S. Senate Jan.27 Obama to hold stimulus plan talks. Washington Jan.25 Republicans cool on economy plan. U.S. Congress

year 2008 Top ^

Sep.29   $700 billion bailout package failed
  House of Representatives: Democrats and Republicans immediately blamed each other for the failure of the bailout package in the House Sep.28 US lawmakers publish rescue deal  U.S. Congress: The move, backed by both Republicans and Democratics, allows the Treasury to spend up to $700bn buying bad debts from ailing banks Jan.29     McCain wins key primary   Florida: John McCain has beaten Mitt Romney by a slim margin in a key battle for Republicans seeking to run for president in November

year 2007 Top ^

Oct.9 Republicans clash over tax cuts
  U. S. Midwest: Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney, have clashed over tax and spending cuts during a tv debate in Michigan Jun.19   Bloomberg quits Republicans
  New York: Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a long-term Democrat, has left the Republican Party and changed his political status to unaffiliated Jun.5   Republican rivals go head-to-head
  New Hampshire: 10 Republicans hoping to represent their party in the 2008 presidential elections have held a live TV debate in New Hampshire
May.24 Congress backs Iraq funding bill  U.S. Congress: Both houses have passed a bill allocating $100bn, a compromise measure between Republicans and Democrats without any timetable for a withdra... Feb.5 Republicans block Iraq war debate. U.S. Senate

year 2006 Top ^

Nov.6   Parties poised for poll battle
  The Republicans and Democrats are gearing up for a final day of campaigning before the mid-term elections
Sep.30 Congress OKs 700 miles of Mexico fence. U.S. Congress Jul.22   Hearings set on Bolton's U.N. posting
  U.S. Senate: Senate Republicans scheduled a confirmation hearing on John Bolton, who is serving on a presidential appointment
Feb.2  House Republicans pick Boehner as leader

year 2005 Top ^

Oct.30     Bush urged to revamp White House
  Washington: Senior Republicans have urged him to revamp his team after a traumatic week that saw his lowest ratings
Jun.20   Vote on Bolton delayed again
  U.S. Senate: Republicans failed for the 2nd time to move the Senate toward a vote on Bush's nomination of the UN ambassador May.18 US mulls ban on women in combat
  House of Representatives: Republicans in the Congress are trying to pass legislation which would keep women out of combat
Jan.20   Lavish inauguration night balls  Washington: Bush has been attending a string of balls as Republicans celebrate the start of the president's second term

year 2002 Top ^

Nov.5 Congress falls to Republicans
  House of Representatives: Republicans to hold onto control of the House, apparently win in 2 gubernatorial races and closer toward control of Senate

year 2001 Top ^

Sep.30   US backs former Afghan king
  86-year-old Mohammed Zahir Shah met the congressmen, both the Democrats and Republicans

year 2000 Top ^

Aug.2     Republicans pick Bush, Cheney
  Philadelphia: Republican convention picks Texas governor as presidential candidate; Dick Cheney for VP spot

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