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  Dozens killed near Sayyida Zeinab shrine   Damascus: At least 50 people have been killed in blasts near the Shia shrine of Sayyida Zeinab, south of the Syrian capital Damascus, state media say UN condemns attack on Saudi embassy in Iran. UN Security Council Iranian diplomats given 48 hours to leave Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia breaks off ties with Iran after al-Nimr execution   Saudi Arabia says it has broken off diplomatic ties with Iran, amid a row over the Saudi execution of a prominent Shia Muslim cleric Iran: Saudis face 'divine revenge'   Saudi Arabia will face 'divine revenge' for its execution of a prominent Shia cleric, supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has warned Anger at execution of top Shia cleric
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1. 2017-03-11 Damascus twin bombing kills 40 Iraqis
C. 2016-06-20 Iran warns Bahrain after Shia cleric stripped of citizenship Iran
2016-05-12 Top Hezbollah commander Badreddine killed
E. 2016-05-01 PM Haider al-Abadi orders arrest of parliament protesters Baghdad
F. 2016-04-30 Iraq Shia protesters camp out in Green Zone after storming
G. 2016-04-30 Iraqi Shia protesters storm Baghdad parliament Baghdad
7. 2016-01-31 Dozens killed near Sayyida Zeinab shrine Sayyida Zeinab, Damascus
I. 2016-01-03 Iranian diplomats given 48 hours to leave Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia

PM Haider al-Abadi orders arrest of parliament protesters   Baghdad: Iraq's Prime Minister has ordered the arrest of Shia Muslim activists who stormed parliament in Baghdad on Saturday Iraq Shia protesters camp out in Green Zone after storming. Baghdad   Iraqi Shia protesters storm Baghdad parliament
Damascus twin bombing kills 40 Iraqis   Top Hezbollah commander Badreddine killed Map of Damascus airport Syria

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Jun.20  Iran warns Bahrain after Shia cleric stripped of citizenship
  Damascus: Mustafa Amine Badreddine has been killed in an Israeli operation in Syria, the Lebanon-based Shia militant organisation says
  Hundreds of Shia Muslim activists have stormed Iraq's parliament in protest against ongoing deadlock in approving a new cabinet

   Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia's execution of prominent Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr has sparked anger and protests in Shia communities across the region

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Nov.27 Suicide attack hits Nigeria Shia march. Northern Nigeria Jun.29  Yemen capital Sanaa hit by car bomb attack Jun.26 Kuwait Shia mosque blast death toll 'rises to 27' May.22   Islamic State claims Shia mosque bombing
Map of al-Qadeeh Qatif Eastern Saudi Arabia   Saudi Arabia: The Islamic State (IS) group says it was behind a suicide bombing on a Shia mosque in Saudi Arabia that killed at least 21 people May.13 Pakistan gunmen kill 45 on Karachi Ismaili Shia bus Apr.8 US warns Iran over 'support' for Yemen Houthi rebels. Washington Apr.5   Houthi rebels make gains in Aden Map of Aden Yemen   Yemen: Shia Houthi rebels have made more gains in the city of Aden, despite air strikes by a Saudi-led coalition Apr.4  Tikrit: looting and lawlessness follow recapture Apr.3  Houthi rebels pushed back in Aden Mar.26  Tikrit push 'no longer led by Shia militias' Mar.25   Saudi Arabia launches military operation in Yemen  Saudi Arabia has launched a military operation - including air strikes - against Houthi Shia rebels, the Saudi ambassador in the US has said Feb.7 Baghdad bomb blasts kill more than 30 Feb.6  UN warns Houthi rebels in Yemen Jan.20   Yemen rebels attack president's home Map of Sanaa Yemen
  Shia Houthi rebels in Yemen's capital Sanaa have shelled the Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi's home, shattering a ceasefire

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Oct.19 Deadly attack on Baghdad mosque
Oct.15 Saudi Shia cleric Nimr al-Nimr 'sentenced to death' Map of Riyadh Saudi Arabia
   Saudi Arabia: A court in Saudi Arabia has sentenced the Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr Baqir al-Nimr to death, his family says
Oct.13 Shia militias 'killing Iraqi Sunnis'
  Shia militias have kidnapped and killed scores of Sunni civilians in recent months, a report by campaign group Amnesty International has said
Sep.21 Yemen PM quits amid rebel clashes
Jul.9     Fifty bodies found south of Baghdad Map of Hamza al-Gharbi Babil Iraq
  Iraqi security forces have found the bullet-riddled bodies of 53 men in a mainly Shia area south of Baghdad
Jun.13 Iraq cleric issues Shia call to arms Feb.15 Radical Iraqi cleric Sadr 'retires'
  Iraq's radical Shia cleric Moqtada Sadr has announced he is retiring from political life, in a handwritten note posted on his website

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Oct.20   Baghdad café hit by suicide bombing
  At least 37 have been killed by a bombing in the capital. At least another 42 people were injured in the attack in the mainly Shia Amil district
Oct.19 Lebanese ex-hostages home from Syria
. Beirut Oct.5 Attack kills dozens of Iraq pilgrims Map of Adhamiyah Iraq
  Baghdad: An attack on Shia pilgrims in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, has left at least 51 people dead and more than 100 injured, an interior ministry official says
Sep.21 More than 60 killed at Iraq funeral. Sadr City Sep.3   Deadly bombs hit Baghdad Shia areas Map of Husseiniya Baghdad Iraq
  At least 60 people have been killed in a series of car bomb attacks and shootings in mainly Shia districts of Iraq's capital Baghdad, officials say
May.25  Hezbollah promises Syria 'victory' May.15 Series of deadly attacks strike Iraq
  Baghdad: At least 23 people have been killed in a series of deadly bomb attacks in Shia districts of the Iraqi capital Baghdad
Mar.3 Double blasts killed 25, wound dozens in Karachi  Back-to-back blasts in the mainly Shia Muslim area of Abbas Town destroyed several buildings and set others on fire Jan.23 Many dead in Iraqi mosque bomb
. Northern Iraq Jan.12 Crisis talks after Quetta blasts Map of Quetta Pakistan
  West Pakistan: Pakistani officials are holding crisis talks with Shia protesters, who are demanding protection after bomb blasts killed nearly 100

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Nov.23 Pakistan suspends mobile networks
  Pakistan's authorities are suspending mobile phone services in major cities to prevent sectarian violence during key Shia Muslim commemorations
Oct.11   Hezbollah admits to Israel drone
   Lebanon: The leader of Lebanese Shia militant movement Hezbollah has said that his group was behind the launch of a drone shot down over Israel last week
Sep.17 Lebanon's Hezbollah in anti-film rally
Sep.16   Hezbollah urges new film protests
   Lebanon: The leader of the Shia Muslim militant group has called for fresh protests in Lebanon on Monday over a film deemed offensive to Muslims

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Jul.1     Bahraini Shia party to join talks
  Talks between the government and opposition are scheduled to being, as the king tries to placate the majority Shia community
Feb.18     Shia opposition rejects talks
   Bahrain: The Wefaq bloc, Bahrain's main Shia opposition group has rejected King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa's offer of national dialogue
Jan.6   Rowdy welcome for cleric Moqtada Sadr Map of Najaf Iraq
  Southern Iraq: Anti-US Shia cleric Moqtada Sadr has received an enthusiastic welcome in the Iraqi city of Najaf

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Dec.4  Baghdad bombs hit Iran pilgrims Nov.11     Maliki reappointed as Iraq's PM  Baghdad: Newly re-elected Iraqi President Jalal Talabani has reappointed Shia leader Nouri Maliki as prime minister

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Dec.26   Shia pilgrims flock to city for Ashura
Map of Karbala Iraq
  Hundreds of thousands of Muslims have gathered in the city of Karbala for the climax of the religious festival of Ashura
Dec.3 Bus explosion kills, wounds dozens
   Syria: An explosion killed or wounded dozens of passengers in a bus in the capital in the neighborhood that is home to a shrine for Shia Muslims
Jan.10   Sunni-Shia clashes leave 17 dead
Map of Hangu Pakistan
  West Pakistan: 30 wounded in clashes between Sunni and Shia groups in villages in the Hangu District in northwest Pakistan
Jan.6 Women banned from shrine
  Baghdad: Iraqi authorities have closed a major shrine in Kadhimiya area to women amid security concerns as a Shia religious ceremony reaches its climax
Jan.4  Dozens killed in pilgrimage suicide bombing

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Dec.17 15 arrested over 'terror plot'
   Bahrain: 15 people were arrested for what government officials said was a plot to detonate explosives during a series of Shia Muslim observances
Dec.5 Peshawar hit by deadly blast
Oct.2  Baghdad shaken by suicide attacks May.9     Cabinet condemns Hezbollah 'coup'
  Beirut: Lebanon's cabinet has said the seizure of most of western Beirut by the Shia group was 'a bloody coup'
  Hezbollah takes over west Beirut
  Gunmen from the Shia militant group have seized most of western Beirut, driving out supporters of the Western-backed government Apr.29   28 militants killed during battles
  Sadr City: The deaths in the Sadr City come during intensified fighting between militants loyal to Shia cleric Moqtada Sadr and US and Iraqi forces
Mar.30 Moqtada Sadr calls off militias. Basra Mar.29   Militia defy call to disarm
  The radical Shia cleric Moqtada Sadr has defied a call by the government for his powerful Mehdi Army militia to lay down its weapons
Mar.28  Iraq extends militiamen deadline Mar.25 Unrest spreads around Shia Iraq   Iraq forces battle Basra militias
Map of Basra Iraq  Heavy fighting has been raging as thousands of Iraqi troops battle Shia militias in the southern city. British forces carried out air strikes Jan.18 Iraq on alert for Shia festival Jan.1  Suicide bomber hits funeral

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Dec.1   Militants kill 14 Iraqi villagers
Map of Baquba Iraq
  At least 14 Shia civilians have been killed in an attack by al-Qaeda militants on a village near the city of Baquba
Oct.29 US hands over Karbala to Iraqis Oct.6 Shia leaders sign truce deal  Moqtada Sadr and Abdul Aziz al-Hakim, 2 of Iraq's most influential Shia leaders, have signed a deal to try to end violence between their gro... Sep.15 Sadr group quits Iraq ruling bloc. Baghdad Jun.12 Blast hits key Shia shrine
Map of Samarra Iraq  Sunni Triangle: The 3 minarets of the al-Askari, one of the holiest sites in Shia Islam, have been damaged by an explosion in Samarra Apr.8   Sadr supporters set for protest Map of Najaf Iraq
  Thousands of supporters of the radical Shia cleric are converging on the holy city of Najaf to demand the withdrawal of coalition troops
Mar.31 Shia militia 'stood down'
  President Jalal Talabani says the Mehdi Army has stopped its activities on the orders of its leader, Moqtada Sadr
Jan.27  Suicide bombers strike

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Jun.22     US accuses Iran over Iraqi Shias
  The US military commander Gen George Casey has accused Iran of providing covert support to Shia extremists
Jun.21 Lawyer for Saddam Hussein found slain
. Baghdad Jun.16  'Shoe bomber' hits mosque May.19  19 killed by bomb Apr.21 Shia bloc names PM choice. Baghdad Apr.1   Pressure mounts on PM to go  Baghdad: Figures within Shia alliance have for the first time urged Jaafari to stand down to help a unity government form Feb.28 Blasts kill at least 35. Baghdad Feb.22 Shrine blast sparks protests  Protests across Iraq after a bomb attack heavily damaged one of the holiest sites in Shia Islam Feb.21 Blast damages Shia shrine Map of Samarra Iraq
  Sunni Triangle: A bomb attack has damaged one of the Muslim world's holiest shrines, sparking demonstrations outside.    Thousands have gathered at the al-Askari shrine in Samarra where 2 men blew up the famous golden dome. The shrine is one of Samarra's 2 tombs for revered Shia imams. G...
Jan.28 Shop attack leaves 10 dead Map of Iskandariya Iraq
  The bomb had been planted outside a shop in Iskandariya, a Shia town about (25 miles from the capital

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Sep.18   Iraq forces on alert in Karbala
  Hundreds of thousands of Shia pilgrims gather in the holy city for a major religious festival
Aug.31 Prime Minister defiant after stampede
  Baghdad: Ibrahim Jaafari has dismissed calls for government ministers to resign over the deaths of 1,000 Shia pilgrims
Aug.30 Shia pilgrims killed
  Baghdad: At least 3 people have been killed and 36 injured in a mortar attack in the north of the capital
Aug.26 No agreement yet on constitution. Baghdad Aug.11   Shias call for more autonomy  A senior Shia leader: Shia majority should be granted an autonomous federal state in the south Jul.17 Moqtada Sadr: Resistance 'legitimate' Map of Najaf Iraq
  The radical Shia cleric whose militia led uprisings in Najaf has said that armed 'resistance is legitimate'
Apr.16   Iraq raid to free Shia hostages
  Iraqi and US troops have launched an operation in the town of Madain, where Sunni rebels are holding hostages
Apr.7   Shia leader Jaafari named prime minister  Baghdad: Outgoing Prime Minister Allawi has resigned. Ibrahim Jaafari has up to a month to name his team Apr.3   Parliament elects speaker
  Divided interim parliament chose Hajim al-Hassani, a Sunni Arab, and picked a Shia Muslim and a Kurd as his deputies
Feb.22   Shia alliance names PM candidate  Baghdad: The United Iraqi Alliance has named Islamic Daawa party leader Ibrahim Jaafari as its candidate for the position Feb.19  Violence mars Shia festival Feb.13  Poll winners call for Iraqi unity

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Oct.9 Shia rebels agree Baghdad truce
  Sadr City: Fighters loyal to radical cleric Moqtada Sadr have agreed a deal to end clashes in restive Sadr City district
Oct.4  Sadr City 'targeted by US forces' Sep.7  Dozens killed in Baghdad fighting Aug.27  Najaf militants surrender shrine Aug.25  Al-Sistani to unveil peace plan Aug.11  US troops 'poised to storm Najaf' Aug.6  Shia city of Najaf remains on alert Aug.5   Shia cleric urges truce Map of Najaf Iraq
  Radical cleric Sadr has called for a truce to be restored after a day of heavy fighting between his militias and US in Najaf
May.31  Musharraf vows to quell violence May.22 Militia to leave Karbala
  Fighters loyal to the radical Shia cleric Sadr, have agreed to withdraw from the centre of the city
May.7 UK troops clash with Basra gunmen
Apr.17   Sadr aide warns of Najaf clashes
  A spokesman for radical Shia cleric says there is little hope for a peaceful end to the stand-off in the Iraqi holy city
Jan.16  US downplays rift with Iraq Shia

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May.9   Exiled Shia leader returns
  Ayatollah Mohammed Baqr al-Hakim has returned home after more than 23 years in exile
Apr.23  Pilgrims flood Karbala on final holy day
before year 2000
Sep. 22, 1980   Iran–Iraq War starts
Map of Khuzestan Iran
  Southern Iran: Iraq invaded Iran via air and land after a history of border disputes, and fears that the Iranian Revolution would inspire insurgency among Shia

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