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Stranded kayaker rescued after crocodile attack. Queensland Aurora Australis: Antarctica icebreaker passengers rescued 40 Russian fishermen rescued from broken ice float. Russian Far East Fifty dead and thousands stranded as cold snap hits East Asia. Taiwan Stranded Cuban migrants to be allowed passage to the US. Costa Rica   Hungary's closed border leaves many stranded Map of Csongr%E1d Hungary  Hundreds of migrants are stranded at the Serbia-Hungary border after the Hungarian government closed the frontier with a new fence   Greece acts over Lesbos 'explosion' fears   The Greek government and the UN refugee agency have brought in extra staff and ships to deal with some 25,000 stranded migrants on the islan... Migrant crisis: Hungary PM to meet European leaders Climbers rescued from Canada's highest peak huddled in snow. Western Canada Ships rush to rescue thousands of stranded migrants. Libya More than 430 migrants have been rescued and taken to Indonesia   Aceh: A flotilla of Indonesian fishermen rescued more than 430 migrants who were stranded at sea and brought them ashore to safety Wednesday Thailand moves away stranded migrant boat   Southern Thailand: A boat carrying about 300 Rohingya Muslims that was stranded off the coast of Thailand for a week has been moved away by Thai officials Rescuers refloat 66 stranded pilot whales. New Zealand Nearly 200 pilot whales stranded on New Zealand beach   2 dozen of the 198 whales that were found beached have already died. The animals stranded themselves on a famous spot for whale beachings   Italy rescuing more migrants in Mediterranean   Southern Italy: The Air Force is rescuing hundreds of migrants stranded on the Ezadeen, a cargo ship, abandoned in rough seas by smugglers Italy ferry fire: Evacuation hampered by winds Map of Corfu Greece   Greece: One person died while attempting to escape a blazing ferry stranded in the Adriatic Sea. Gale-force winds and choppy seas hampered the evacuation Snow strands motorists in Alps. Southern France Father, 2 sons found alive after 10 days stranded in wilderness. Australia Search ends for Nepal survivors Most stranded trekkers rescued, official says. Nepal Weakened Odile heads over Mexico toward Arizona. North Mexico   Syrian Kurdish fighters rescuing stranded Yazidis
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B. 2017-06-14 Power outage hits Brussels airport, causing many delays
2017-02-09 Race to save 100 stranded whales on New Zealand beach Farewell Spit, New Zealand
D. 2017-01-28 US judge temporarily halts deportations New York
E. 2016-08-08 Delta: Power cut strands thousands of passengers USA
5. 2016-08-06 Stranded kayaker rescued after crocodile attack
6. 2016-02-25 Aurora Australis: Antarctica icebreaker passengers rescued
7. 2016-01-26 40 Russian fishermen rescued from broken ice float Khabarovsk, Russian Far East
I. 2016-01-24 Fifty dead and thousands stranded as cold snap hits East Asia Taiwan
J. 2015-12-28 Stranded Cuban migrants to be allowed passage to the US Costa Rica

US judge temporarily halts deportations  New York: A judge has issued a temporary halt to the deportation of visa holders or refugees stranded at airports following President Trump's executive... Delta: Power cut strands thousands of passengers
Power outage hits Brussels airport, causing many delays   A power outage has hit Florence Muls of Brussels, delaying departing planes and leaving hundreds of people stranded outside the terminal Race to save 100 stranded whales on New Zealand beach Map of Farewell Spit New Zealand

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  Volunteers in New Zealand are racing to rescue survivors after more than 400 pilot whales beached themselves

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  USA: Thousands of air passengers around the world have been left stranded after a power cut forced the US airline Delta to suspend flights


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  Northern Syria: Fighters have been rescuing Yazidis from the mountain, transporting them into Syrian territory to give them first aid, food and water
Aug.4 Many Russians stranded as tour firm Labirint fails
  European Union: As many as 27,000 Russian tourists are stranded abroad after a Russian tour firm, Labirint, suspended operations
Jul.9 2 whales die along Puerto Rico's southwest coast   Government officials in Puerto Rico are investigating the deaths of 2 of 3 pilot whales that stranded themselves in the island's southwest r... Jun.13 NZ Navy rescues dog stranded at sea after storms
Map of Great Barrier Island New Zealand
   New Zealand: One lucky dog --left floating on a piece of driftwood after a huge storm near Great Barrier Island-- got a royal lift from the Navy
May.15 Galapagos in 'emergency' over stranded petrol tanker. Ecuador Jan.7     Antarctic ships escape from ice trap   Antarctica: The Russian research ship Akademik Shokalskiy and Chinese icebreaker Xue Long have broken free from ice where they had been stranded Jan.3   Chinese vessel 'may now be stuck in ice'
   Antarctica: The Chinese ice-breaker that helped rescue passengers stranded on the Akademik Shokalskiy vessel in Antarctica may now itself be stuck
Jan.2 All 52 passengers rescued from ship trapped in Antarctic ice
   Antarctica: After 10 days stranded far from home, all passengers from a ship stuck in ice have now been transferred by helicopter to an Australian icebreaker.    The Russian-flagged MV Akademik Shoka...

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Dec.29 Weather halts Antarctic ship rescue    Antarctica: A ship stranded in East Antarctica since Tuesday remained stuck as the latest rescue efforts were thwarted by fierce winds and poor visibili... Dec.4 Ten pilot whales die and dozens more beached
Map of Everglades National Park Florida  Florida: Ten whales have died and as many as 30 more are stranded after a pod beached off Florida's Everglades National Park Nov.20 Polar storm grounds Prince Harry ahead of South Pole trek   Antarctica: Bad weather is keeping Britain's Prince Harry and a team of UK veterans stranded in South Africa, their take-off point to Antarctica Jun.25 Tourists await rescue on Canadian Arctic ice floe Map of Baffin Island Canada
  Canada: Police say a group of tourists on an ice floe in the Canadian Arctic will likely be stranded there until early Wednesday morning
Jun.19   Pilgrims stranded by floods in India, deaths could rise   Monsoon that has stranded thousands of people and caused landslides has killed almost 120 people, and the toll could rise substantially Jun.18 120 killed in India monsoon floods   Military helicopters carried out emergency food drops for thousands of people stranded by flash flooding from early monsoon rains Jan.31 Navy to cut up ship stranded on reef Map of Tubbataha Reef Philippines
  Southern Philippines: A 224-foot-long U.S. warship will have to be cut into smaller pieces to get it off a Philippine reef where it grounded two weeks ago, Navy officials said

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Oct.13   34 stranded after Lake Erie ferry hits sandbar
Map of Lake Erie Ontario Canada
  Canada: A ferry that stranded 34 people for 24 hours after it ran aground on a Lake Erie sandbar has been pulled out by a tugboat
May.18   Fishermen lived on clams, seaweed for 10 days Map of Hecate Strait Canada
  Western Canada: Three shipwrecked fishermen were stranded on an island off Canada's Pacific Coast until a passing sailboat rescued them
Apr.1 Russian ice-floe anglers rescued
Map of Sakhalin Russia  Russian Far East: More than 600 anglers stranded on an ice floe in the Russian far east have been rescued. The operation to airlift involved 2 helicopters and 11 ships Feb.27 Boat reaches stranded Costa ship. Seychelles

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Nov.7 Hundreds rescued from Mt. Everest
. Nepal Oct.30 Qantas ordered to end labor dispute   Sydney: An Australian workplace relations tribunal ordered Qantas to end a labor dispute that has left tens of thousands of passengers stranded worl... Oct.17   Stranded American researcher evacuated Map of South Pole Antarctica
   Antarctica: After weeks of waiting, Renee-Nicole Douceur, 58, who suffered a suspected stroke while working at the South Pole has arrived in New Zealand
Oct.9 NZ races to empty oil spill ship. New Zealand Aug.13   Cable car in mid-air rescue drama
  Bavaria: A helicopter has plucked to safety 20 people stranded in mid-air on a cable car after a paraglider collided with the cables

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Dec.28 Thousands stranded, fog closes airport
Map of Chengdu City Sichuan China  Sichuan: Heavy fog forced authorities in southwest China to shut down a dozen highways and a regional airport   US struggles after snow storms  New York: The north-eastern US is trying to get back to normal after blizzards left tens of thousands of air passengers stranded and many without powe... Dec.4 Air traffic controllers return to work. Spain Nov.9 Cruise ship stranded w/o power after fire
  North Mexico: A U.S. Navy aircraft carrier is resupplying a crippled Carnival Splendor that is slowly being towed to San Diego
Aug.2 Pakistan battles flood aftermath. NW Pakistan

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Dec.22 Weather causes travel chaos in Europe  European Union: Severe winter weather continued its stranglehold as travelers battled heavy snow, airlines canceled flights and motorists were left stranded

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Dec.4   Cruise ship strikes ice, stranded on coast
   Antarctica: The Ushuaia, carrying 89 passengers and 33 crew members, was stranded on the coast of Antarctica after striking ice Nov.23   Whales trucked to beach in rescue    Australia: Australian wildlife officials have returned 11 pilot whales to sea, the part of a pod of 64 mothers and calves found stranded the day before Sep.11   Fire breaks out in channel tunnel
   France: Thousands of passengers and truckers are stranded in France and England after a fire broke out in the undersea tunnel linking the two countries Jan.30   Stranded take buses anywhere
  China: Crowds at some of major train stations thinned slightly as thousands took advantage of a break in the nation's worst weather for 50 years
Jan.5   Stranded boat crew finally rescued
Map of Kamchatka Russia
  Russian Far East: 11 fishing boat crew had been stranded since October off the Kamchatka Peninsula were sheltering nearly 3 months at an abandoned military base

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Dec.29   Gaza pilgrims stranded in Red Sea
   Egypt: Egypt is insisting that they must re-enter Gaza through Aouja. 2,000 Palestinians returning from a pilgrimage to Mecca are stranded on 2 boats
Jun.20 Israel to let in stranded Gazans

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Sep.1   'Desperate SOS' for city
  New Orleans: Mayor Ray Nagin has issued a 'desperate SOS' for thousands of people stranded at the city's convention center Aug.11 Thousands stranded by air strike
. London

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Aug.2 Flood aftermath compounds misery  Bangladesh: Disease is adding to the misery of millions of people still huddled in shelters or stranded in their flooded homes Mar.6 Dramatic rescue of North Pole 12
. Arctic

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Sep.6   Stranded Romanian seaman head home
   Dominican Republic: 7 sailors and their captain stranded in a Dominican port for two years left for home
Jun.24   Icebreaker ship readies for rescue   Argentina: Almirante Irizar prepared to leave on a mission to rescue 107 people aboard a ship stranded off Antarctica Feb.5   Aid stranded by heavy snow
  Afghanistan: Heavy snow has blocked all routes into the area affected by hunger and no supplies are now getting in

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Sep.13   Australian airline shuts down
  Ansett collapsed under huge debts. Travellers have been left stranded in Australia and New Zealand
Aug.28 400 Afghan refugees stranded    Australia: Asylum seekers stranded on a freighter at sea off the territory of Christmas Island Jul.20   Flood crisis deepens Map of Orissa India
  India: 39 people have been killed and a million people remain stranded in the state of Orissa after heavy monsoon rain
May.13   Starving seals stranded on ice
   Arctic: Warmer weather is increasing their chances of escaping to areas with more food
May.7   UK nuclear sub leaves Gibraltar
Map of Gibraltar Spain   Spain: A stricken HMS Tireless stranded for a year has set sail from Gibraltar

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